The London journal of arts and sciences (and repertory of patent inventions) [afterw.] Newton's London journal of arts and sciences

William Newton

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Seite 459 - ... specification, and to the effect set forth in the said letters patent and specification, to the loss, injury, and damage of the pursuers?
Seite 145 - Act incorporated therewith, for the purpose of publishing any bye-law or penalty, or shall obliterate any of the letters or figures thereon, he shall forfeit for every such offence a sum not exceeding five pounds, and shall defray the expenses attending the restoration of such board.
Seite 430 - THE first part of these improvements consists in removing the yellowish tint of pictures taken on calotype and other photographic paper, which has been prepared with a solution of nitrate of silver, by plunging the picture into a hot bath, composed of hyposulphite of soda, (or any other soluble hyposulphite,) dissolved in ten times its weight of water, and heated to nearly the boiling point; the picture should remain in the bath about ten minutes, and be then washed in warm water, and dried. By this...
Seite 52 - Secondly, by the position of the metal composing the axle, since the comparative strengths of axles are as the cubes of their diameters, and their comparative weights only as their squares, — consequently, with less weight, there must be increased strength : and thirdly, that the vibration has a free circulation through the length of the axle, no part being subject to an unequal shock from the vibration, and the axle would, therefore, receive much less injury from this cause. In conclusion, it...
Seite 20 - A float h, is suspended from the cross-bar i, of the vessel a, for the purpose of diminishing the surface of size exposed to evaporation; and beneath the bottom of the vessel is an...
Seite 390 - Taunton, for improvements in apparatus for regulating the inclination of vessels, for the purpose of drawing off liquids contained therein, in the construction of casks and such like vessels, and in the means of drawing off liquids ; part of which improvements are applicable for regulating the inclination of looking-glasses and other articles.
Seite 397 - Lancaster, cotton-spinner, for certain improvements in machinery or apparatus for preparing cotton and other fibrous substances for spinning...
Seite 367 - ... with a stick ; an attendant boy, who has previously placed another mould in a water trough by the side of the moulding table, takes the mould just filled, and carries it to the floor, where he carefully drops the brick from the mould on its flat side and leaves it to dry ; by the time he has returned to the moulding table and deposited the empty mould in the water trough, the brick-maker will have filled the other mould, for the boy to convey to the floor where they are allowed to dry, and are...
Seite 125 - It was laid on in a thickness of f ths of an inch, upon roofing boards jths of an inch thick, with canvas nailed on them ; with an entire fall of only 9 inches, there was not any appearance of leakage. Mr. Davison had caused a school-room to be floored with asphalte, four years ago, and up to the present time there was no symptom of wearing down, although the stones, which were let into the floor, for supporting the desks, &c., were considerably abraded. He believed that the only failures of the...
Seite 279 - journies," — a single journey weighing 15 Ibs., and containing 701 sovereigns. The officers of the Mint are allowed 12 grains plus in every pound-weight of metal, for the irregularities incidental to working it into coin, but they usually work to within half that allowance, which is technically called

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