Select Miscellaneous Productions, of Mrs. Day, and Thomas Day, Esq., in Verse and Prose: Also, Some Detached Pieces of Poetry

T. Jones, 1805 - 255 Seiten

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Seite 150 - But happy they ! the happiest of their kind ! Whom gentler stars unite, and in one fate Their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend. 'Tis not the coarser tie of human laws, Unnatural oft and foreign to the mind, That binds their peace, but harmony itself, Attuning all their passions into love ; Where Friendship...
Seite 19 - Of liberty, which yet they ne'er must taste of. They say, by them our hands are free from fetters, Yet whom they please they lay in basest bonds...
Seite 9 - When all the noblest gifts which Heaven e'er gave Were centred in a dark untimely grave. Oh, taught on Reason's boldest wings to rise And catch each glimmering of the opening skies, Oh, gentle bosom ! Oh, unsullied mind! Oh, friend to truth, to virtue and mankind, Thy dear remains we trust to this sad shrine, Secure to feel no second loss like thine.
Seite 15 - Or, glistening, rushes down the mountain side, But thither, with the morning's earliest ray, Fancy has wing'd her ever-mazy flight, To hymn wild carols to returning day, And catch the fairest beams of orient light. Proud of the theft she mounts her lucid car, Her car the rainbow's painted arch supplies ; Her swift-wing'd steeds unnumber'd loves prepare,.
Seite 15 - With her the kindred powers of harmony, The deep recesses of the grove shall trace, And hang with flowers each consecrated tree. Blithe Fancy too shall spread her glittering plumes, She loves the white cliffs of Britannia's isle, She loves the spot where infant Genius blooms, She loves the spot where Peace and Freedom smile.
Seite 14 - Nature wove, Nor wanton Summer yield one garland more To grace the bosom of the nymph I love ? .For she shall come ; with her each sister grace, With her the kindred powers of harmony, The deep recesses of the grove shall trace, And hang with flowers each consecrated tree.
Seite 6 - Marks the proud nymph's disdainful face. Health's rosy bloom upon thy cheek, Eyes that with artless lustre roll, More eloquent than words to speak The genuine feelings of the soul. Such be thy form! thy noble mind By no false culture led astray ; By native sense alone refined In reason's plain and simple way. Indifferent if the eye of Fame Thy merit unobserving see; And heedless of the praise or blame Of all mankind, of all but me.
Seite 6 - ... hail, ye long-expected joys Of calm tranquillity! At least in this secure retreat, Unvisited by kings, Has virtue fix'd her halcyon seat, And freedom waves her wings. O gentle Lady of the West, Whose charms, on this sequester'd shore, With love can fire a stranger's breast; A breast that never loved before ! O tell me, in what silent vale, To hail the balmy breath of May, Thy tresses floating on the gale, All simply neat thou deign'st to stray! Not such thy look, not such thy air, Not such thy...
Seite 7 - Of all mankind, of all but me. O gentle Lady of the West ! To find thee, be my only task ; When found, I'll clasp thee to my breast No haughty birth or dower I ask. Sequester...
Seite 17 - Illusive visions ! O, not here, — not here, Does spring eternal hold her placid reign, Already Boreas chills the altering year, And blasts the purple daughters of the plain. So fade my promised joys! — fair scenes of bliss, Ideal scenes, too long believed in vain, Plunged down and swallow'd deep in Time's abyss ! — So veering Chance, and ruthless Fates ordain, Thee, Laura, thee, by fount, or mazy stream, Or thicket rude, unpress'd by human feet, I sigh, unheeded, to the moon's pale beam ; Thee,...

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