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Fatty matter in the human lungs, Griffith's medical botany, &c., bib.
variations in the quantity of, rela- notice of,

tions to jurisprudence,

712 Griffin's medical problems, 387
Fever, typhoid, considerations on the Gun cotton,

treatment of, by M. Gendrin, 213 Gun cotton and paper, M. Pelouse
Fever in Ireland,

Fever, ship, 351, 410, 439, 554, 680 Gun cotton, analysis of,

Fever, ship, at Bellevue hospital, 615
Femoral hernia, case of strangulated, Hæmaturia, Hughes' case of, the

successfully treated by opium, by result of injury, treated success.
C. Mayo, Esq.,
649 fully with gallic acid,

Fever, tpphoid, history of, as it pre- Hake's simple treatment of prolapsus
vailed near Geneva, New York in

the fall and winter of 1846-7, by Hair, wool, rags and thread expelled
G. C. Hay, M, D.,

in a mass from the rectum,

Fever in Liverpool,

457 Half-yearly abstract of the the medi-
Fever, increase of, in Ireland, 457 cal sciences, W. H. Rankin, M.
Fever, yellow,

551, 680
D., bib. notice of,

Fever, the Irish immigrant's 681 Hamilton's case of carotid aneurism
Fetus with the left arm partly am- in which galvanism was applied to

putated by the funis coiled round the blood in the sac, by means of


Fitch's six lectures on the uses of Hare on electrical theories,

the lungs, bib. notice of, 278 Harvard university, new professors
Fistula, utero-vesical,-novel means in,

of relief for,

709 Hartshorne on water vs. hydro-
Flagg on the treatment of young per- pathy, bib. notice of,

manent teeth that require plug- Harvey, Dr. William, works of,


translated from the Latin, with a
Foreign bodies in the eye, by Dr. life of the author, by R. Willis,
169 M. D., bib. notice of,

Foramen ovale, premature occlusion Heart, dilatation of the, consequent
of the, &c.,

177 on teetotalism, by R. Chambers,
Franklin medical college,
230 M. D.,

France, the concours in,

552 Heart, malformation of the, in which
France, suicides in,

699 death resulted from obstruction of
France, election by concours in, 699 the trunk of the pulmonary artery,
Free trade in poisons,

Peacock's case of,

French medical students,

70 Health of the army on the Rio
Fuch’s lehrbuch der speciellen noso- Grande,

logie, und therapie, bib. notice of, 601 Heart, malformation of the, 179
Functions of the spinal cord, 633 Heart, diseased,

Fungus tumour of the bone, by Prof. Heart, infant's, possessing only one
189 auricle and ventricle,

Fulminating mannite,

631 Heart, softening of the. in a person
Funis, artificially shortened, with who was believed to have died
rupture before delivery, Dr. Jew- of starvation and exhaustion, by

B. G. Darley, M. D.,

Funeral of Professor Tommasini, 256 Hemp, Indian, on the extract of, by

A. Robertson, M. D.,

Gasses, in sea-water,
78 Heroism, medical,

Gastric juice,

577 Hewson, William, the works of,
Genital organs, excision of the whole edited with an introduction and

of the, Dr. Beck's case of, 560 notes, by G. Gulliver, F. R. S.,
Gout, benzoate of ammonia in, 578

bib. notice of,

Gordon's case of delirium tremens Homeopathy,

induced by the inordinate use of Honours conferred on medical men, 255

623 Hospital, New York, letheon at the, 75
Gland, thyroid, Kennedy's case of Hospitals and almshouses in France, 265

enlargement of the, treated by Hunter, Dr. John, monument to, 391
250 Hydrocele, treatment of,

Green's case of tumour of the mam- Hydrophobia,

m, spontaneously cured, 117 | Hydatids of the lower lip,


ell on,





Hydrocyanic acid, syrup of, 578 Lecture, introductory, by C. D.

Meigs, M. D., bib. notice of, 99
Idiot, rape on an,

71 Lecture, introductory to a course on
Idiopathic tetanus, treated success- obstetrics and the disease of wo-

fully by strychnine, by E. Van- men and children, by G. S. Bed-
derpool, M. D.,


ford, M. D., bib. notice of, 99
Ileus, case of—a portion of intestine Lecture, introductory, to the course

discharged by stool, by Dr. Nagle, 650 on the principles and practice of
Insanity in Egypt,

64 surgery in the medical department
Intermittent fever, leeches in, 136

of Pennsylvania College, by D.
Inhalation of sulphuric ether to pre- Gilbert, M. D., bib. notice of, 100

vent pain during surgical operations,231 Lecture, introductory, before the
Iodide of potassium, easy method of class of the Baltimore College of

394 Dental Surgery, session of 1816-7,
Intra-uterine dropsy,

393 by A. Westcoit, M. D., bib. notice
Ink, for marking linen, without the of,

use of a mordant,

451 Lectures on distortion of the spine
Influence of quinine on the volume not connected with caries, by C.
of the spleen in ague,
697 B. Brodie,

Ireland, fever in,

255 Lectures on the uses of the lungs,
Irish immigrant's fever,

681 by Dr. S. S. Fitch, bib. notice of, 278

Lectures on the comparative anato-
Jefferson medical college,

230 my and physiology of vertebrate
Jewellon artificially shortened funis, 207 animals, by R. Owen, F. R. S.,
Jone's principles and practice of

bib. notice of,

ophthalmic medicine and surgery, Lectures on subjects connected with
bib. notice of,

clinical medicines, comprising
Johnstone, Dr., on a source of fallacy diseases of ihe heart,bib. notice of, 316
in testing the urine for sugar,

385 Lectures on general pathology by
Prof. Andral,

Krukenberg on the frequent occur- Lectures on subjects connected with

rence of alkaline urine in health, clinical medicine, by P. M. La-
and the errors of diagnosis occa- tham, M. D., bib. notice of,

sioned by a want of knowledge of

Lectures on the principles and prac-
this fact,

579 tice of physic, by T. Watson, M.
D., bib. notice of,

La Lancette Canadienne, 157, 412 Lee's address to the graduates of
Labour, inhalation of ether in, by J. Geneva medical college, bib.
Clark, M. D.,
589 notice of,

Laryngitis, chronic, application of Leeches in intermittent fever,

remedies to the inflamed surface in, 229 Letheon at the New York hospital, 75
Lecture on practical education in Letheon, patent-Jackson and Mor-
medicine, and on the course of in- ton's specification of,

struction at the New York hospi- Letters from N. S. Jarvis, surgeon, 29-1

tal, by J. Watson, bib. notice of, 92 Lexington Medical Society, prizes
Lecture introductory, delivered be- offered by the,

fore the class of the medical de Literature, medical, a new and
partment of the St. Louis Univer- original curiosity of,

sity, session 1816-7, by H. M. Lithotrity, Civiale's statistics of, 203

Bullit, M. D., bib notice of, 89 Lithotomy, Prof. Dudley's opera-
Leeture, introductory, on the reci-


procal obligations of the medical Lecture, introductory to the course
profession and society, by J. P.

the theory and practice of
Harrison, M. D., bib. notice of, 98 medicine, by W. Darrach, M. D.,
Lectnre, introductory, to the course

bib. notice of,

of matera medica and pharmacy Liver, abscess of the, treated by
in the medical department of Penn- puncture,

sylvania college, by H. S. Patter- Lisfranc, death of,

413, 452
son, M. D., bib. notice of, 98 London University College,
Lecture, introductory, delivered be-

fore the class of the Jefferson Malgaigne's operation for the remo-
Medical College, Nov. 5, 1816, by val of vicious consolidation of
R. M. Huston, M.D., bib. notice of, 99 fractured bone,




Mackie's case of strangulated ingui- Medical botany, illustrations of, &c.,
nal hernia, reduced on the new bib. notice of,

method recommended by Dr. Medical problems, by W. Griffin,
701 M. D.,

Magendi, attempted bribery of, 453 Medical student's vade mecum, Dr.
Magnetism, novel method of detect- Mendenhall's, bib. notice of, 407

ing a needle by means of, by R. Medical colleges, catalogues of, 158, 479
T. Gill, M. D.,

71 Medical society, Chester county, 479
Malignant bilious pneumonia, or Medical appointments,

613, 679
cold plague, Dr. Rivers on, 267 Medical science among the Burmese,
Malformation of the heart,

179 and sketch of Burmah, by Dr. J.
Malignant disease, a brief notice of,


by Dr. Pearson,
437 Medical heroism,

Mal-practice, prosecutions for, 502 Medical classes in Philadelphia, 764
Marking ink, for marking linen with- Miasmatic fever, statistics of cases

out the use of a mordant, by Mr. of, treated in 1816, by G. L. Up-

shur, M. D.,

Malformation of the heart, in which Midwifery practice, etherization in, 649

death resulted from obstruction of Missouri, epidemic cerebro-spinal
the pulmonary artery, by T. Pea- meningitis in,

cock, M, D.,

574 Moorman on the Virginia springs,
Massachusetts Medical Society, the with their analysis, &c., bib.
blessings and benefits of, by a notice of,

52 Monument to John Hunter,

Materia medica and therapeutics, Morphia, means of recognising the

including preparations of the phar- presence of, in cases of poisoning
macopæias of London, Edinburg, by that substance,

and Dublin, by J. F. Royle, bib.
notice of,
155 Nævus, raspberry-like,

Materia medica, manual of, by Dr. Nasty notices,

C. G. Mitscherlich, bib, notice of, 403 Nature and sources of the contents
Manual of clinical medicine, by Dr. of the fætal stomach, G. Robinson,
Canstatt, bib. notice of,

M. D., on,

Massachusetts Medical Society, 690 National medical convention, ar-
Medical Instruction in the United rangements for the meeting of the, 292

States, Stillé on, bib. notice of, 23 National medical convention, dele-
Medical schools, New York, 236 gates to,

Medical topography of Texas, re- National medical convention, 349, 475,

marks on, and on the diseases of 5.52
the army of invasion, by G. John- National medical convention, pro-
son, M. D.,
303 ceedings of,

Medicine and surgery, free trade in, 140 National medical convention, report
Medical court martial,

69 of the committee appointed under
Medical students, French,
70 the 6th resolution of,

Medical literature, a new and origi- National medical association, report
nal curiosity of,

141 of the committee on the organiza-
Medical controversies,
255 tion of,

Medical men, honors conferred on, 255 National medical convention, report
Medical practice, secret of success of the committee appointed under

256 the fourth resolution of, which as-
Medical appointments in the regular sembled in New York in May,

army in the United States, 259 1816,
Mercury, effects of, on the young

National medical convention, ap-
subject, by J. B. Beck, M. D., 121 pointed under the fifth resolution
Mercury, binoxide of, in skin disea- adopted by the national medical

578 convention of Nay, 1816, 354
Mercurial treatment in typhoid Negrier on the constitution and
fever, by M. Serres,

6.17 functions of the cervix vteri, 201
Medical Botany, or descriptions of Nephritis from calculus, simulating
the more important plants used in cancer of the stomach,

medicine, with their history, pro- Nervous affections, a new cure for, 635
perties and mode of administra- New medical association,

tion, by R. Egglesfield Griffith, New York Pathological society, 203
M. D., bib. notice of
331 New York Annalist,




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New York Medical and Surgical Re- Ovarian tumour, cases of,


412 | Owen's lectures on the comparative
New professors in Harvard Univer-

anatomy and physiology of the

291 vertebrate animals, bib. notice of, 281
New Jersey Medical Reporter, and
transactions of the New Jersey Pain in the side,

medical society,

679 Pancoast, Prof., on the cure of vesico-
Nitrate of silver, on the removal of vaginal fistula,

stains made in linen by,

327 Pancoast, Prof., removal of the
Nitrate of silver, on the internal parotid gland by,

use of, by Mr. R. Southee, 700 Pancreas, tuberculous abscess in
Northern medical association of the,


158 Pathological anatomy of the human
Note from Iatros,

277 body, by Julius Vogel, M. D.,
Novel method of detecting a needle bib. notice of,

by means of magnetism,

71 Patent letheon-Jackson and Mor-
ton's specification,

Observations on the oxalic diathesis

Patliology of elephantiasis,

and the influence of the rhubarb Pathology of synchisis,

plant in its production, by J. S. Parotid gland, ligature of common
Bartram, surgeon,
58 arcotid for removal of,

Observations on two forms of dys- Paris, statistics of suicides in, 635

menorrhæa, by H. Oldham, M. D., 235 Pearson's brief notice of a highly
Observations on the condition of

malignant disease,

asphyxia, on insensibility induced Pelouse on gun-cotton and paper,

by the inhalation of ether, and of Pennsylvania Medical College, 230
the indications to be fulfilled in

Pennsylvania, University of, 412
the treatment of its mal-adminis-

Peyer's glands, affection of, in ady.
tration, by C. Searle, M. D., 381 namic fever,

Observations on aneurism, and its Peoria district medical society, 557

treatment by compression, by Pharmaceutical notices, by W. Proc-
O'Brian Bellingham, M. D., bib.

ter, Jr.,

notice of,

465 | Phosphorescence of the human body, 70
Observations on the co-existence of

Philosopher's stone, the subject of a
variola and scarlatina, with re- patent in the 14th century,

marks on the co-existence of other Phthisis, a few remarks on, and on
eruptive fever3, by J. F. Marson, its physiological treatment, by
585 M. Bouchardat,


351 Pneumonia of the apex of the lungs,
Obituary notice of Dr. Washington, 612 Bolling's account of a physical
On the entrance of coal and other

sign of,

insoluble substances from the in- Plague, alleged presence of the, in
testinal canal into the blood, by the metropolis,

Prof. Oesterlen,

618 Polypus of the rectum, M. Guer-
Operation for the removal of vicious

consolidation of fractured bone, by Polypus of the rectum, by R. Burns,
Dr. Malgaigne,
50 M. D.,

Operation of gastrotomy for the re- Polypus of the rectum, Syme on,

Tief of internal strangulation, 251 Polypi, uterine, removed by liga-
Operation for stone, by lithotomy, ture,

Prof. Dudley's,

263 Poisoning by sulphuric acid, 251
Operative surgery, new elements of, Poisoning from swallowing percus-

by Prof. Velpeau, bib. notice of, 285 sion caps, Foster's case of, 332
Operations, surgical, on the employ- Poisons, free trade in,

ment of ether in, by the editor of Poisoning by acetate of morphia,
the London Medical Gazette, 321

coffee in,

Operating for cataract under the in- Poisons and counter-poisons, thera-
tluence of mercury:

714 peutically considered, by M. Bou-
Osteo-sarcoma, excision of the infe-


rior maxillary bone for, by W. H.

Poisoning by vinegar, Dr. David's
Deaderick, M. D.,

case of,

Otorrhæa, Dr. J. Bryan on, 523 Potassium, iodide of, casy method
Ovarian dropsy, treated by tapping of preparing,

and injection of solution of iodine, 459 ' Principles and practice of ophthal-

sant on,



mic medicine and surgery, by T. the nitrate of silver, Dr. Hera-
W. Jones, F. R. S., bib. notice path's remarks on,


153 Removal of the parotid gland, by
Principles of treatment in placental Prof. Pancoast,

presentations, by J. Y. Simpson, Remedy for cramps in the lower ex-
M. D.,

517 tremities, by Dr. S. A. Bardsley, 456
Prizes offered by the Lexington Remarks on scurvy, as observed in
Medical Society,

371 Cumberland and the southern parts
Practical observations on ship fever, of Scotland, by Henry Lonsdale,
as it prevailed in Philadelphia, M. D.,

and its environs, in the months of Report of Dr. Child, vaccine physician,86
June, July, and August, 1847, by Report of the committee appointed
L. Turnbull, M. D.,

528 under the 6th resolution of the
Practice of medicine, Wood's trea- national medical convention, which

tise on the, bib. notice of, 541 assembled in New York, May,
Prolapsus ani, simple treatment of 1816,

by Dr. Hake,

373 | Report of the committee on the or-
Prosecutions for mal-practice, 502 ganization of the national medical
Progress of quackery-Hahnemann association, as ordered by the
and Holloway,

national medical convention, held
Purdon's case of remarkable colour- in the city of New York, in the
ed secretion from the skin, 67 month of May, 1816,

Pylorus, cancer of, &c.,

66 Report of the committee appointed

under the fourth resolution of the
Quackery, progress of-Hahnemann national medical convention, which
and Holloway,

710 assembled in New York, in May,
Quinine, remarks on the use of, in 1816,

intermittent and remittent fevers, Report of the committee on prelimi-
by L. A. Dugas, M. D.,


nary education, appointed under
Quinine, sulphate, blindness cured the fifth resolution adopted by

by the use of, by J. McLean, the national medical convention
M. D.,
121 of May, 1816,

Quinine, effects of large doses of the Retroversion of the uterus-reten-

sulphate of, Dr. W. A. Thom on, 217 tion of urine for fifteen years-
Quinine, note on the sulphate of, by fatal inflammation of the bladder, 65
Dr. Donovan,

583 Resignation of Prof. Warren, 293
Quinine, sulphate of, in aneurism of Rice, death caused by eating,

the aorta,

644 | Rima on the radical cure of varices,
Quinine, influence of, on the volume deduced from the proximate cause, 666
of the spleen in ague,

697 | Robertson on the extract of Indian

Ranking's half-yearly abstract of the Robinson on the nature and sources

medical sciences, bib. notice of 475 of the contents of the fætal sto-
Rape on an idiot,


Raspberry-like nævus,


245 Royal college of surgeons of Eng-
Rectum, polypus of the, M. Guer-


sant on,

48 Royle's materia medica and thera-
Report on the protective powers of peutics, including the preparations

39 of the pharmacopejas of London,
Rectum, prodigious fæcal accumula- Edinburgh, and Dublin, bib. notice
tions in the, by S. A. Cook, of,

134 Rupture of the uterus, two cases of, 198
Rectum, polypus of the, by R. Burns, Rushenberger on the urinometer, 13
146 Rushenberger, Dr.,

Rectum, polypus of the, Syme on, 253
Regulations of Indiana Medical Col- Salivary secretion, M. Bernard on

the use of,

Remarks on the use of quinine in in- Sanitary measures in Egypt, 699
termittent and remittent fevers, Schools, western,

by L. A. Dugas, M. D., 107 School, New York medical, 230
Remarks on the medical topography Scurvy, epidemic of, in Edinburgh, 381

of Texas, by G. Johnson, M. D., 303 Scurvy. Anderson on the differences
Removal of stains made in' linen by of opinion as to the causes of, 703

M. D.,

M. D.,

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