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Abortion and sterility, Dr. White- Anatomy, human, general and spe-
head on the causes and treatment

cial, a system of, by E. Wilson,
of, bib. notice of,
753 M. D., bib. notice of

Abscess of the liver, treated by Andral's' lectures on general patho-
644 logy,

Account of a new and fatal epidemic Anderson on the differences of opin-
that prevailed recently in Missis- ion as to the cause of scurvy,

sippi and Tennesse, by D. S. Hicks Anencephalous birth,

and Taylor,

505 | Aneurism, observations on the em-
Account of a physical sign of pneumo- ployment of compression in, by
nia of the apex of the lungs, by W. Dr. Bellingham,

159, 465
M. Boling, M. D.,

558 Announcement, second annual, of the
Acid, sulphuric, poisoning by 251 medical institute of Cincinnati, bib.
Acids contained in tobacco, 394 notice of,

Address to the class of the medical Announcements, annual,

college of Georgia, at the session Annuaire de therapeutique, &c., by
of 4816247, bib. notice of 88 Dr. A. Bouchardat,

Address to the graduates of Geneva Appointments, medical,

medical college, by C. A. Lee, Army surgeons,

M. D., bib. notice of
256 Arsenic in sulphuric acid,

256 Arsenic, antidotes of,

Adynamic fever, affection of Peyer's Association, new medical,

glands in
262 | Asiatic cholera in Persia,

Adulteration of drugs,
763 Asiatic cholera,

Affections, nervous, a new cure for 635 Ascites, sugar in the fiuid of, in a
Albuminous urine, production of, by diabetic patient,


Alkaline urine in health, on the fre- Bartram's observation on the oxalic

quent occurrence of, and the errors diathesis, and the influence of the
of diagnosis, consequent on a want rhubarb plant in its production, 38
of knowledge of this fact, by Dr. A. Barry's case of doubtful sex


579 Beck on the effects of mercury on
Almshouses and hospitals in France, 265 the young subject,

Albany medical college,

231 Belladonna and atropia, on the effica-
Algiers, sickness at,

78 cy and mode of administration of,
American Medical Almanac for 1818, by W. R. Wilde, M. D.,

bib. notice of,

761 Bellingham's observations on the em-
Amputation, case of double, by M. ployment of compression in aneu-


Amputation, spontaneous in a new Bennett's practical treatise on inflam-
born child,

455 mation, ulceration and induration
Anatomy, handbuch of human, by Dr. of the neck of the uterus, &c., bib.
A. Von Behr, bib. notice of, 34 notice of,

Anatomy of the circulating system, Bennett on exudation and its deve.
Chinese ideas respecting the, 201 lopement,

Analysis of gun-cotton,

265 Benzoate of ammonia in gout 578

and on


Bibliographical notices, 20, 89, 149, 220, Case of carotid aneurism, in which

278, 331, 403,460 531, 589, 674, 753 galvanism was applied to the blood
Bidder on the origin of solid bodies in the sac by means of acupunc-
in synovial cavities,

583 ture, by Dr. J. Hamilton, 53
Binoxide of mercury in skin diseases 578 Case of remarkable coloured secre-
Blakeman's two cases of croup cured tion from the skin, by C. D. Pur-
by cauterising the larynx with ni- don, M. D.,

trate of silver,

315 Case of extirpation of a tumour from
Blindness cured by the use of sulph. the antrum maxillare, &c., by C.
quinine, by J. McKean, M. D., 121 Aston Key,

Blood, composition of, in scurvy, 636 Case of complete closure of the va-
Bone, on porous rarefaction of the, gina, with subsequent conception

consequent upon gout, by A. Ure, and safe delivery at the full period


of utero gestation, by R. P. Sim-
Bouchardat's Annuaire de therapeu-

mons, M. D.,

tique, bib. notice of,

403 Case of pulsating veins, by Sir H.
Bouchardat's remark on phthisis, Marsh,

its physiological treat- Case of enlargement of the thyroid

440 gland, treated by seton, by H. Ken-
Bouchardat on poisons and counter- nedy, M. B.,

poisons, therapeutically consider- Case of idiopathic tetanus, treated

561 successfully by strychnine, by E.
Braithwaite's retrospect of practical Vanderpool, M. D.,

medicine and surgery, bib. notice Case of traumatic tetanus, successful-

519 ly treated, by 0. H. Costill, M. D., 274
British and Foreign Medical Re- Case of doubtful sex, by W.J. Barry,

M. D,

Brodie's lectures on distortion of the Case of pregnancy and parturition

spine, not connected with caries, 183 during the existence of cancer of
Bryant, Dr., on the congenital the uterus, by J. A. Eve, M. D., 312

obstruction of the colon in an in- Case of poisoning, from swallowing

276 percussion caps, by T. W. Foster,
Bryan on false anchylosis of the knee

joint, treated with steel springs, 398 Case of double amputation, by M.
Bryan, Dr., on otorrhæa,
523 Brouzet,

Bryan on strictures of the urethra, 737 | Cases observed by S. H. Dickson,
Bulletin of Medical Science,

Bullit's introductory lecture before Case of enlargemert of the thyroid

the class of the medical depart- gland, treated by seaton, by H.
ment of the St. Louis University, Kennedy, M. D.,

bib. notice of,

98 Case of softening of the heart, in
Bursal disease of the knee-joint, treat- person who was believed to have

ment of, by J. Richard, M. D., 68 died of starvation and exhaustion,
Burnett's disinfecting fluid,
637 by B. G. Darley, M. D.,

Burmah, sketch of, and medical sci- Case of protuse hæmaturia, the re-

ence among the Burmese, by Dr. sult of injury, treated successfully
J. Dawson,

651 with gallic acid, by J. S. Hughes,

F. R. S. C.,
Calculus, nephritis from, simulating Case of ileus-a portion of intestine
cancer of the stomach,

695 discharged by stool, by Dr. Nagel, 650
Cancer of pylorus--obscurity of Case in which death was the cause

symptoms--suppuration of gall- of eating rice, by Dr. Howell,

66 Cases of organic diseases of the
Cancer, treatment of,

637 womb, and its appendages, by W.
Canstatt's manual of clinical medi- H. Channing, M. D.,

cine, bib. notice of,

600 Case of ligature of common carotid
Carson's illustrations of medical for removal of parotid gland,

botany, &c., bib. notice of, 331 Case of excision of the whole of the
Cases of presentation of face to sa- genital organs, by C. W. H. Beck,
crum, successfully treated without

turning, by Dr. Van Valzah, 14 Case of strangulated inguinal hernia
Case of retention of foetal bones in reduced on the new method recom-

the uterus, during four years, by mended by Dr. Buchann, by A. W.
Dr. J. B. Ellis,
15 Mackie, M. D.,


M. D.,

M. D.,

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M. D.,

Catalogues of medical schools, 158, 479 Convention, national medical, 36, 349,
Catamenia source of the discharge 475, 552.

of, by George King, M. D., 449 Convention, national medical, pro-
Cataract, operating for, under the ceedings of,

influence of mercury,

714 Convention, national medical, dele-
Chambers on the dilatation of the gates to,

38, 157, 290
heart, consequent on teetotalism, 63 Controversies, medical,

Charge to the graduates of Jefferson Congenital imperforation of the

Medical College, by Prof. Dungli- urethra the whole depth of the
son, bib. notice of,

288 glands, Dr. Whitehead on, 700
Chester county medical society, 479 Congenital obstruction in the colon
Chemistry, elements of, including of an infant, Dr. Bryant's case of, 276

the history of the imponderables, Copland's dictionary of practical
and the inorganic chemistry of the medicine, bib. notice of,

late Edward Turner, M. D., and Cotton, gun,

the outlines of organic chemistry, Correspondents and publishers, 38
by W. Gregory, M. D., with addi- Cold plague, or malignant bilious
tions, by J. B. Rogers, M. D., bib. pneumonia, Dr. Rivers on, 267
notice of,

519 Cours de microscopie, Dr. Donné's,
Chelius' system of surgery, bib. no- bib. notice of,

tice of,
595 Civiale's statistics of lithotrity,

Child, Dr., vaccine report of, 86 Clinical medicine, Dr. Latham on
Children, convulsive affections in, 610 subjects connected with, bib, notice
Children, erysipelas of new-born, by of,

Prof. Trousseau,

182 Cramps in the lower extremities, a
Children, diarrhea of,

637 simple remedy for, by D. S. A.
Chinese ideas respecting the anatomy Bardsley,

of the circulating system,
201 Correction,

Child's case of serous effusion in the Croup, two cases of, cured by cau-

theca of the medulla spinalis, 661 terising the larynx with a solution
Cholera, progress of,

139 of silver, by W. Blakeman, M.D., 345
Cholera, Asiatic, in Persia, 142 Coffee in poisoning by acetate of
Cholera, Asiatic,
631 morphia,

Chronic laryngitis, application of Crisp's treatise on the structure, dis-

remedies to the inflamed surface eases and injuries of the blood

229 vessels, with statistical deductions,
Churchill on the diseases of females, bib. notice of,

including those of pregnancy and Cross's South-western Medical Ad-
| child-bed, bib. notice of,

vocate, bib. notice of,

College, Jefferson medical, 230 Criticism and controversies relating
College, Franklin medical,

230 to the nervous and muscular sys-
College, Pennsylvania medical, 230 tems, by B. Dowler, M. D., bib.
College, Albany medical,

notice of,

College, Hampden Sydney, 412 Clark on the injuries and diseases of
College, Indiana medical, regula- the bones, &c., bib. notice of,
tions of,

624 Cauliflower excrescences, cases of, 495
College of physicians, transactions Clinical mediciue, lectures on sub-
of, bib. notice of,

35 jects connected with, by P. M.
Cod-liver oil,

579 Latham, M. D., bib. notice of, 470
Cook's case of prodigious fæcal accu- Craniotomy, turning a substitute
mulations in the rectum,
134 for,

Combe, Dr. Andrew,

Contributions to the natural history Death by strychnine-report on the

of the alligator, by Bennet Dow- case of the late Dr. W. C. War-
ler, M. D.,

Congestion and Congestive, remarks Death from starvation,

on the use of the terms of, by T. Death of Lisfranc,

413, 452
C. Brown, M. D.,
120 Diarrhæa of children,

Condie on the diseases of children, (*Dictionary of practical medicine, Dr.
bib, notice of,

Copland's, bib. notice of,

Convention, national medical, ar- Diabetes, detection of sugar in the

rangement for the meeting of expectoration of patients affected
292 with,




M. D.,

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324, 380

Dislocation of the shoulder, 49 Epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis
Diploma of the college of Surgeons in Missouri,

obtained under false representa- Ether, sulphuric, on the inhalation

458 of, by J. B. Flag., M. D., 17
Diseased heart,

80 Ether, sulphuric, the discovery of
Diseases of children-Condie's prac- the effects of, by P. W. Ellsworth,
tical treatise on, bib. notice of, 286

Diseases of females, including those Ether, sulphuric, inhalation of, to

of pregnancy and child-bed, by prevent pain during surgical ope-
Dr. Churchill, bib. notice of, 409


Disease of the ear, causing death, 393 Ether vapour, fatal effects of, on ani-
Diseases of the eye, Dr. Lawrence's mals,

treatise on, bib. notice of, 317 Ether, sulphuric, inhalation of, 290
Diseases of the skin, Dr. Erasmus Ether, on the employment of, in

Wilson on, bib. notice of, 674 surgical operations, by the editor
Disinfecting fluid, Burnett's, 637 of the London Medical Gazette, 321
Dispensatory of the United States of Ether vapour, fatal effects of, in a

America, by Pro's. Wood and case of lithotomy, by R. Nunn,
Bache, bib. notice of,

M. D.,

Dislocation of the knee, spontane- Ether, sulphuric, in surgical opera-
637 tions, by Dr. J. Bryan,

Dog, the, by W. Youatt, edited with Ether, inhalation of, Dr. Searle's

additions by E. J. Lewis, M. D., observations on the condition of
bib. notice of,
105 asphyxia induced by the,

Donné's cours de microscopie, bib. Ether operations, fatal results of, 394
notice of,

224 Etherization,
Dowler's contributions to the natural Etherization in midwifery practice, 649
history of the alligator,

33 Ether, administration of, in trauma-
Dowler's criticisms and controver- tic tetanus, by Dr. Broughton, 450

sies relating to the nervous and Ether vapour, a new application of 457

muscular systems, bib. notice of, 678 Ether, on the inhalation of, in labour,
Dropsy, intra-uterine,
393 by J. Clark, M. D.,

Dugas, Dr., address to the class of Ether, alleged rape perpetrated on a

the medical college of Georgia, 88 female while under the influence
Dunglison's charge to the graduates of,

of Jefferson medical college, bib. Ether, action of, injected into the
notice of,
288 arteries,

Dysmenorrhæa, observations on two Exhalation of bicarbonate of ammo-
forms of, by W. Oldham, M. D., 235 nia by the lungs, Dr. L. Thomp-

son on,

Ear, disease of the, causing death, 393 Excision of a fatty tumour without
Editorial remarks, 35, 157, 229, 290, pain, by Dr. Johnstone,

319, 410, 475, 552, 601, 679, 762. Excision of the inferior maxillary
Egypt, insanity in,

61 bone for osteo-sarcoma, by W. H.
Egypt, sanitary measures in, 699 Deaderick, M. D.,

Ellis' case of retention of fætal bones Extraction of a large stone by the

in the uterus during four years, 15 lateral operation, by R. Haywood,
Electric spark, hy A. W.,

M. D.,

Elements of chemistry, including the Exudation and its developement, by

history of the imponderables, and John Hughes Bennett, M. D., &c., 513
the inorganic chemistry of the late Eye, foreign bodies in the, by Dr.
Edward Turner, M. D., &c., and Jacob,

the outlines of organic chemistry, Eye, diseases of the, Dr. Laurence's
by W. Gregory, M. D., &c., with treatise on, bib. notice of, 347
additions by J. B. Rogers, M. D., Eye, new muscle in the,

bib. notice of,

Elephantiasis, pathology of, 697 False anchylosis of the knee-joint,
Election by concours,

699 treated with steel springs, &c., by
Electrical theories, Dr. Hare on, 715 J. Bryan, M. D.,

Epidemic of scurvy in Edinburg, 381 Fatal ether operations,

Epidemic, account of a new and fatal, Fatal effects of ether vapour in litho-

that recently prevailed in Missis- tomy, Dr. Nunn's case of, 327
sippi and Tennessee, by Drs. Hicks Fatty tumour, excision of, without
and Taylor,

pain, by Dr. Johnstone,


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