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Scurvy, remarks on, as observed in Surgery, a system of, by Prof. J. M.
Cumberland and the southern parts

Chelius, bib. noice of,

of Scotland, by H. Lonsdale, M.

Sugar, detection of, in the expecto-

624 ration of patients affected with
Scurvy, composition of the blood in. 636 diabetes,

Serous effusion in the theca of the Sugar in the fluid of ascites in a dia-
medulla spinalis, case of, by Dr.

betic patient,

H. T. Child,
664 Suicides in France,

Sea-water, gases in,

78 Sulphuric ether, Ellsworth on the
Secret of success in medical practice, 256 discovery of the effects of, 51
Ship fever,

351, 410, 439, 551 Sulphuric ether, inhalation of, 290
Shiplever, practical observations on, Sulphuric ether in surgical opera-
by Dr. L. Turnbull,
528 tions, Dr. Bryan on,

Ship fever at Bellevue Hospital, 615 Sulphuric acid, arsenic in,

Shoulder, dislocation of,

49 | Sulphate of quinia, note on the ex-
Sickness at Algiers,

78 hibition of, by Dr. Donovan, 583
Side, pain in the,

254 Sulphate of quinine in aneurism of
Sick and disabled seamen,

the aorta,

Simpson's principles and treatment Surgery and medicine, free trade in, 140
of placental presentations,

517 Swift on wounds from fire arms,
Society, Massachusetts medical,

without ball,

blessings and benefits of, by a

Swist, Dr., note from,


52 | Sydenham Society's works--the
Society, Massachusetts medical, 693 works of William Hewson, F. R.
South-western Medical Advocate,

S., edited with an introduction
edited by Dr. Cross, bib. notice of, 531

and notes, by G. Gulliver, F. R. S.,
Spontaneous amputation in a new

bib. noiice of,

born child,

455 Sydenham Society's works on the
Springs, Grayson, Yandell's notice injuries and diseases of bones,

205 &c., by Dr. F. Le Gros Clark,
Southee on the internal use of the

M. D., bib. notice of,

nitrate of silver,
700 Sydenham Society,

Small pox, influence of vaccination Sydenham Society-works of Wm.
in diminishing the mortality from, 142 Harvey, M. D., &c., translated

265 from the Latin, with a life of the
Small pox and typhoid fever, M. author, by R. Willis, M. D., &c.,

bib. notice of,

Spina bifida, two cases of,

67 Synovial cavities, on the origin of
Spinal cord, functions of,

633 solid bodies in, by Dr. Bidder, 583
Spotted child,
317 Synchisis, pathology of,

Spontaneous dislocations of the knee, 637 Syrup of hydrocyanic acid, 578
Strangulated umbilical hernia, re- Syphilis, relative value of different

marks on, by A. J. Wedderburn, medicines ordinarily employed in, 578
M. D.,

129 Syphilis, preservative against, 635
Strangulated femoral hernia, case of,

successfully treated by opium, by Temperature of Kenhawa salt wells, 624
C. Mayo, Esq.,

619 Tetanus, on the nature of, caused by
Strangulation, internal, operation of strychnine, by Prof. Meyer, 1 580

gastrotomy for the relief of, 25+ Theatrical performances at the New
Strangulation, internal, of an intes- York state lunatic asylum, 259
618 | The Annalist,

Starvation, death from,

376 Thom on the effects of large doses
Statistics of suicides in Paris

635 of the sulphate of quinine, 217
Strychnine, on the nature of, tetanus Thompson on the exhalation of the

caused by, Prof. Herman on, 580 bicarbonate of ammonia, by the
Strictures of the urethra, Dr. Bryan



737 | Thyroid gland, a case of enlarge-
Stone, extraction of, by the lateral ment of, treated by seton, by Dr.
operation, by R. Haywood, M. D., 85 Kennedy,

Stillé, Dr., on medical instruction Tommasini, Prof., funeral of, 256

in the United States, bib. notice of, 26 | Tobacco, acids contained in, 394
Sugar, Dr. Rees on a source of fal- Transactions of the college of physi-
lacy in testing the urine for

385 cians of Philadelphia, bib, notice of, 35

Small pox,

Serres on,

Transylvania university,

231, Uterus, retroversion of, &c., 65
Traumatic tetanus, case of, success- Uterus, rupture of, two cases of,

fully treated by 0. H. Costill, M. Uterus, laceration and protrusion of,

274 and prolapsus of the vagina, 200
Traumatic tetanus, administration of Uterus, Eve's case of pregnancy

ether in a case of, by Dr. Brough- and parturition during the exist-
450 ence of cancer in the,

Treatment of bursal disease of the Uterine polypi, cases of, removed by
knee-joint, by J. Richard, M. D., 68 ligature,

Treatise, practical, on inflammation, Utero-vesical fistula, case of, novel
ulceration and induration of the means of relief for,

neck of the uterus, &c., by J. H.

Bennett, M. D., bib. notice of, 101 Vaccination, influence of, in dimin-
Treatment of hydrocele,

266 ishing the mortality from small
Treatment of cancer,


Treatment of young permanent teeth Vaccination, report on the protec-
that require plugging, by Dr. tive powers of,


665 Vade Mecum, the medical students,
Tumour, extirpation of, from the by Dr. Mendenhall, bib. notice of, 407

antrum maxillare, with removal Vagina, complete closure of the,
of the superior maxiliary bone, with subsequent conception and
including the palate plate, by C. safe delivery, by R. P. Simmons,
Aston Key, M. D., &c.,

M. D.,

Tumour of the mamma, spontane- Vagina, prolapsus of, laceration of

ously cured, reported by A. B. the unimpregnated uterus, and
Greene, M. D.,
117 protrusion of the uterus,

Tumour fungus of the bone, by Prof. Vagina, bitid,

189 Vagina, obliteration of,

Tumour, ovarian, cases of, 499 Van Valzah’s cases of presentation
Tumour, tubercular, of the vertebræ

of face to sacrum,

opening into the esophagus, 613 Varices, on the radical cure of, dedu-
Typhoid fever, considerations on the ced from the proximate cause, by
treatment of, by M. Gendrin, 243 Dr. T. Rima,

Typhoid fever, history of, as it pre- Variola and scarlatina, observations

vailed in Geneva, New York, in on the co-existence of, with re-
the fall and winter of 1816-7, by marks on the co-existence of other
G. C. Hay, M. D.,

370 eruptive fevers, by J. F. Marson,
Typhoid fever, M. Serres on mercu- surgeon,
rial treatment in,

617 Variations in the quantity of fatty
Typhoid fever and small pox, M. matter in the human lungs-rela-
Serres on,
701 tions to jurisprudence,


Velpeau's new elements of operative
University, Buffalo,
412 surgery, bib. notice of,

University of Pennsylvania, 412 Vesico-vaginal fistula, Prof. Pan-
University, Transylvania,

coast on the cure of,

Upshur's statistics of cases of mias- Vesico-vaginal fistula, case of, reme-
matic fever, treated in 1816, 113

died by caustic, by E. W. Harris,
Upshur's case of retention of urine,

M. D.,

a sequel of scarlatina, successfully

Vertebræ, tubercular tumour of the,
w treated with strychnia,


opening into the @sophagiis, 643
l'pshur's case of retention of a dead Virginia springs, with their analy-
ovum in utero for six months,

sis, and some remarks on their
without putrefaction,


character, &c., bib. notice of,
Urinometer, Ruschenberger on,

Vinegar, Dr. David's case of poison-

Ure, Dr., on porous rarefaction of

ing by,
the bone, consequent upon gout, 575 Vogel, Julius, on the pathological
Urine, retention of, a sequel of scar- anatomy of the human body, bib.


notice of,
latina, Upshur's case of,


Von Behr's handbuch of human ana-
Urine, albuminous, productions of,
by cantharides,

576 tomy, bib. notice of,
Use of the salivary secretion, by M.


Warren, Prof., resignation of, 293
Uteri, cervix, on the constitution and Washington, Dr., obituary notice of, 612

functions of the, by M. Negrier, 201 Water vs. hydropathy, or an essay



on water, and its true relations to Wilson, Dr. E., on diseases of the
medicine, by E. Hartshorn, M. D., skin, bib. notice of,

bib. notice of,

409 Womb, organic diseases of, and its
Watson's, Dr. J., lecture on practical appendages, Dr. Channing's cases
education in medicine, and on the of,

course of instruction at the New Wood's treatise on the practice of
York hospital, bib. notice of, 92 medicine, bib. notice of,

Watson's, Dr. Thomas, lectures on Wood's dispensatory of the United

the principles and practice of States of America, bib. notice of, 603
physic, bib. notice of,

599 Wood's quarterly retrospect of Ame-
Western schools,

206 rican and foreign practical medi-
Whitehead's case of congenital im- cine, bib. notice of,

perforation of the urethra the Wounds from fire-arms, without ball,
En whole depth of the glands, 700 Dr. P. Swift on,

Whitehead on the causes and treat- Wunderlich's handbuch der pathalo-

ment of abortion and sterility, bib. gie und therapie, bib. notice of, 602
notice of,

Wilde, Dr., on the efficacy and mode Yandell’s notice of the Grayson
of administration of belladonna springs,

and atropia,
72 | Yellow fever,

554, 680
Wilson's human anatomy, general Youаtt on the dog, edited with addi-
and special, bib. notice of, 106

tions by E. J. Lewis, M. D., bib.
Womb, fibrous body in the,

notice of,








Remarks on the Urinometer. By W. S. W. RUSCHENBERGER,

M. D., U. S. N.

[ocr errors]

New York, December 5th, 1846. MY DEAR SIR,-Those members of the profession who may be engaged in investigating the changes induced in the constitution of urine by disease, may be led into error by using a gravi. meter or urinometer, manufactured in Philadelphia, and known as Prout's, for ascertaining the specific gravity of the fluid. The instrument to which I allude consists of a copper ball, surmounted by a graduated stem of box-wood, balanced below by a brass wire and pea.

The point at which the stem floats in distilled water is marked at zero, and the point at which it stands in a saturated solution of common salt, forms the opposite extremity of the scale, the interval being divided into sixty degrees.

If placed gently in a fluid under examination it will stand, say for illustration at 30°, but immerse the instrumeut entirely, so as to completely wet the stem, it will rise and fall, and become quiescent at 20°. I have repeated the experiment very frequently with the same result, in the same fluid, after wiping the stem dry, and in different fluids. I have also compared the specific gravity of fluids ascertained by this gravimeter, with the specific gravity of the same fuids ascertained by an accurately made specific gravity bottle, and found the result different in every instance, and without any corresponding ratio of difference.


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Supposing it possible that the error might be confined to the particular instrument in my possession, I submitted it to the manufacturer for adjustment, and took the opportunity to compare it with four other instruments then on sale in his shop. We found that no two of the five instruments corresponded in their respective indications of specific gravity; and further, that every instrument varied from 6 to 10 degrees in its indication of specific gravity, according as it was gently permitted to subside into the fluid, or entirely immersed so as to wet the whole stem or scale. The price of the instrument with the case is seven dollars; its value for practical purposes is not a cent. The indications by it are too uncertain and too irregular to be even proximative to accuracy.

This instrument was exbibited at the fair of the Franklin Institute in 1845, but whether it received approval or not I do not remember. The objections to it might possibly be removed, if, instead of box-wood, metal were used for the gratuated scale or stem of the instrument.

The hydrometers of Beaumé and Gay Lussac are almost equally fallacious. After very numerous experiments the corclusion arrived at is, that the only true way of arriving at the specific gravity of urine or other fluid, is by means of the thousand-grain bottle and counterpoise.

If you consider the above information of any interest, it may be worth a place in the Medical Examiner.

Very respectfully,

W. S. W. RUSCHENBERGER. Professon R. M. Huston, Philadelphia.


Three cases of presentation of the Face to the Sacrum, successfully treated without turning By T. VAN VALZAH, M.D., of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Shively, on the 12th day of February, 1823, sent for me in great haste, on account of a very profuse hemorrhage. When I entered the room, I found her lying on her back near the bedside. With as little delay as possible I made an examination, and found the face low in the hollow of the sacrum. Under these unfavourable circumstances, according to the directions of Dr. Dewees, I determined on turning and delivering by the feet. So without changing her position, I directed an assistant to support her left knee, and supporting the right one myself, I introduced my right hand into the vagina, and placing two fingers on each side of the nose, having the forehead in the hol

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