The Prologue, the Knightes Tale, the Nonne Preestes Tale

Clarendon Press, 1907 - 266 Seiten

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Seite lviii - In felawshipe, and pilgrims were they alle, That toward Caunterbury wolden ryde; The chambres and the stables weren wyde, And wel we weren esed atte beste.
Seite 4 - Ther was also, ful riche of excellence. Discreet he was and of greet reverence — He semed swich, his wordes weren so wise.
Seite lxii - And to ben holden digne of reverence. But, for to speken of hir conscience...
Seite lx - With lokkes crulle, as they were leyd in presse. Of twenty yeer of age he was, I gesse. Of his stature he was of evene lengthe, And wonderly deliver, and greet of strengthe. And he had been somtyme in chivachye, In Flaundres, in Artoys, and Picardye, And born him wel, as of so litel space, In hope to stonden in his lady grace.
Seite 13 - Now is nat that of God a ful fair grace, That swich a lewed mannes wit shal pace The wisdom of an heep of lerned men?
Seite 10 - Up-on his feet, and in his hand a staf. This noble ensample to his sheep he yaf, That first he wroghte, and afterward he taughte ; Out of the gospel he tho wordes caughte...
Seite 12 - His nose-thirles blake were and wyde. A swerd and bokeler bar he by his syde; His mouth as greet was as a greet forneys. He was a janglere and a goliardeys, 560 And that was most of sinne and harlotryes. Wel coude he stelen corn, and tollen thryes; And yet he hadde a thombe of gold, pardee.
Seite 18 - He may nat spare, al-thogh he were his brother; He moot as wel seye o word as another. Crist spak him-self ful brode in holy writ, And wel ye woot, no vileinye is it. 740 Eek Plato seith, who-so that can him rede, The wordes mote be cosin to the dede.
Seite lxii - Hir nose tretys; hir eyen greye as glas; Hir mouth ful smal, and ther-to softe and reed; But sikerly she hadde a fair forheed; It was almost a spanne brood, I trowe; For, hardily, she was nat undergrowe.
Seite 116 - And Malkin, with a distaf in hir hand; Ran cow and calf, and eek the verray hogges So...

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