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THE GREAT AMERICAN REBELLION—the second War for our Indepen

dence and in behalf also of the Liberties of Mankind, is now happily ended,

and Patriots and Philanthropists here and throughout the world, rejoice

at its beneficent close.

The conflict, though not long in comparison with most of the great wars of History, has, neverthelees, been attended with losses, sufferings and

privations, and with changes for the common good, rarely equaled.

At the opening of the great contest, we began to record its most impor

tant events, and have, from time to time, corrected the record from official

and authoritative sources.

We have taken time. It was not our ambi

tion to issue the first History of the war, but to wait the full development

of particular events before we recorded them.

During the four years of conflict, numerous and very significant events have transpired. They have passed rapidly, and been observed with eager


We could not dwell upon them; we were engrossed with pas-,

sing and coming events. The smoke from one field had scarcely risen, be

fore our vision was clouded by that from another. But now the obscurity and din of war being over, we can clearly and calmly survey the field.


To loyal Americans that survey is of engrossing interest, in view of the

awful sacrifice of blood, the vast expenditure of treasure, and the benefi

cent results flowing, and yet to flow from the contest. There will be few

households in our land, into which a History of its great events will not

find its way. In this work we have aimed to meet the great popular

want; to make it full and complete in matter, neat and substantial in

style, and moderate in price,-in size all that the people have time to

read, and in cost, within their means to purchase.

Military movements are best explained by the aid of Maps and Dia

GRAMS, of which we give a large number, in immediate connection with

their descriptions. ACCURATE PORTRAITS impress upon the reader's mind

true images of the distinguished men of the times, and very many of

those are also given.

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