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JULY, 1811.



a long rosette in front, edged with lace pearl, A blue satin robe, worn over a slip of white

or in the long Mango shape, intersected withe satin, let in at the bosom and sleeves (which wbite gymp, with a cord and tassels sus-, are short) with silver Moravian net work. A pended from one side; and caps in every tunic of Egyptian brown sarsnet or crape,

fanciful intermixture of satin or ribband, ornaconfined on the shoulders with diamond studs, mented with ostrich feathers; they are made and trimmed round the bottom with silver fiat on the head, raised from the forehead, and net, separated in small divisions by spangled in the long Grecian shape. opeu work balls. A chaplet wreath of green

Flowers were not at all worn at the Prince's foil, placed twice round the hair, which is dis.

Fete, cords and tassels terminated the dra. posed in long irregular ringlets. Earrings of peries, and gave an air of graceful vegli. silver open work, studded with brilliants, re gence to the figure: feathers were universal, sembling in form the bell of a child's coral. much of the Spanish costume prevailed; the Shoes of brown satin, bound and sandalled sleeves were worn very short, the bosoms very with silver braiding. Long gloves of white kid.low, the backs rather high, trains of a mo

derate length. The tunic in crape or lace, No. 2.-WALKING Dress.

embroidered in silver, was displayed upon alA round robe of white jacconot muslin, with

most every female of rauk and taste; this a buddice of violet sarsnet, trimmed with rieb

form of dress will of course descend to the silk Brandenburgs of Austrian green, a half morning habit, and will doubtless relieve the

stomacher of much of that formal appearauce pelisse of fine transparent mụslio, with Bishop's sleeves, fancifally tied with green

which at present distinguishes it, and the ribband. A Hymen bat. of purple brocaded effect will be extremely graceful. All lace ribband and lace, ornamented with a green

worn on this magnificent occasion was of the military plume; a Chinese parasol of purple which we hope will be universally followed in

manufacture of this country, a noble example, sarsnet, shot with green; gloves and shoes

all ranks of life. Honiton lace, as most reof York tan.

sembling Brussel's point, beld the preference.

The ornaments in jewellery were either GENERAL OBSERVATIONS. of diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, or


The prevailing colours, pink, blue, yellow, Our observations for the present month will aod buff. be uecessarily much curtailed to leave room for the insertion of the splendid and elegant THE PRINCE REGENT'S FETE. dresses worn at the Fete given by the Prince

This Palace of Enchantment was opened on Regent, at Carlton-House, to which cvery Wednesday night, June 19, to the numerous perthing else must appear very subordinate. Muslin pelisses, lined with pink, blue, or

sonages of distinction who had been honoured

with cards of invitation. Soon after nige o'clock yellow sarsnet, are still very prevailing, as are spensers of like colours ; lace scarfs alone

the company began to arrive, and although the ut. seem to have the preference, either in black

most orderand regularity were observed, it was beor white lace: mantlets are by no means con

tween twelve and one o'clock before the whole sidered as inelegant. Satiu tippets, trimmed assemblage was formed. The illustrious Family of with lace, are very becoming to a light figure. the Houseot Bourbon entered through the gardens White satin spensers, mautles, and pelisses about ten, when they were ushered into the are in a high degree of estimation. Small Council Chamber, where the Prince Regent was, caps formed of brocaded ribband, fiuisbed with il sitting Kuder a crimson canopy of statę, gura No. XX. Vol. III.--N. S.



rounded by the Officers of his Household, who, toe original calculation. Along the centre of the on their approach, immediately rose to receive' table, about six inches above the surface, a canal them. The French Sovereign was introduced by of pure water continued flowing from a silver the Earl of Moira as Cointe de Lille, and her fountain, beautifully constructed at the head of Royal Highness the Duchess d'Angouleme by the the table. Its faintly waving, artificial banks, Duchess of York, and the French Princes by

were covered with green moss and aquatic Lord Dundas. They were received not only with flowers ; gold and silver-coloured fish, were, by a the ulmost respect, but with every mark of affec- mechanical invention, made to swim and sport tionate regard. The amiable daughter of Louis through the bubbling current, which produced a the XVIth naturally attracted his chief attention, pleasing murmur, where it fell, and formthe exhilirating effect of which was clearly dis- ed a cascade at the outlet. At the head of the cernible on her woe-worn, but interesting counte- table, above the fountain, sat his Royal Highnance. From this grand ceremonial the illus

ness the Prince Regent, on a throne of crimson trious strangers retired into the sky-blue satin velvet, trimmed with gold. The throne comroom that adjoined; the expensive suite of cus-manded a view of the company. The most partains of which were of the same colour, lined withi ticular friends of the Prince were arranged on white silk, massily enthroidered with gold fringe, each side. They were attended by sixty serviteurs; leaves, and tassels, and heautifully decorated with seven waited on the Prince, besides six of the fleur-de-lisma marked and delicate compliment King's, and six of thc Queen's footmen, in their to the illustrious visitors. The Prince Regent state liveries, with one man in a complete suit of now passed through into the Grand Saloon, ancient armour. At the back of the throne apwhich was most brilliantly illuminated, and is peared Aureola tables, covered with crimson draconfessedly, in every respect, the finest room in

pery, constructed to exhibits with the greatest Europe. Here his Royal Highness now paid his effect, a profusion of the most exquisitely wrought respects to the Noblesse, &c. crowded and as

silver gilt plate, consisting of fountains, tripods, sembled in the most graceful and truly fascinat. epergnes, dishes, and other ornaments. Above ing manner. The company were for some time the whole of this superb display appeared a royal naturally lost in amazement at the coup d'æil,

crown and his Majesty's cypher, G. R. splenwhich the views through two distinct suits didly illumined. It is almost unnecessary to add, of apartments $0 magically presented. It

that his Royal Highness gave all the grandeur would be a difficult task to describe, in terms and honour of this brillant Fete to his Royal Paadequate, the effect produced by the profusion rent. The lesser wax lights in silver, placed on of magnificent objects, which, at every glance, the table, were correspondent with the whole conveyed an exalted idea of princely state, na

mass of elegance. The sides of the Conservatory tional grandeur, and the fine arts, cherished

were hung with variegated lamps. The arches in a state of perfection.

The apartments

were also splendidly illuminated with lamps were decorated with splendour perfectly new.

springing from the pillars. Down the centre The Palace was a scene of enchantinent, and

from the roof were suspendend several beautiful every elegant female, clad in the attire of her

chandeliers and lustres, and the whole raised in native country, appeared the Armida. The Con

the minds of the spectators the most exalted ideas servatory was one of the most distinguished ob

of the Prince's taste and liberality. jects in the splendid arrangement. The build

At three o'clock supper was announced by the ing, of the Gothic order, appeared to be the striking up of three bands of grand martial music most perfect and beautiful specimen of that!

stationed in the gardens. The supper was the style, executed in modern time. It presented, at one glance, the time effect of a lofty aisle in an

most superb in spectacle arrangement that perancient cathedral. Between the pillars, candela- | baps ever was exhibited in this country. The

state table of the Prince Regent was ranged along bras were suspended twelve feet above the ground, each presented foar brilliant patent

the Conservatory, the west end of wbich (being burners, which spread a breadth of ligbt not easy

the head) was bung semi-circularly with a crime ta describe. The interior struck the beholder

son silk ground, covered with transparent muslin, with astonishment. The grand table extended the

drawn into a variety of apertures, for the splendid wbole length of the Conservatory, and across Carl

display of numerous gold vases, urns, inassy salton House, to the length of two hundred feet.-.

vers, &c. embossed by admirable workmanships Two feet of space was allotted for each guest in, and the whole surmounted by a most superb an.

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