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Oh! sweet enchantress! bither fly,

Mark, dear Eliza, the resplendent Sun To meet the sons of Harmony!

On all around him beaming life and light, Within these groves, Oh! come and see Yet haply ere his daily course be run Those who delight to dwell with thee.

Yon heavy cloud may veil him from our sight. Hark! bark! she comes ! Angelic sound So transient now the joy that glads my heart, Puurs upon the enraptur'd ear;

Soon, soon the clouds of sorrow intervene, The breathing instruments around

And when night's barbinger bids day depart Proclaim th' inspiring goddess near. Full many a shower of tears shall fall uuseen.

Behold the rose that bloom'd so fair this morn,

Why fade its leaves, why droops its languid HAPLESS KATE.

head? In the arms of wealth reclining,

Alas! 'tis by the sheltered insect torn, Little dream the sons of ease,

And all its former gaiety is Aed. How, with cold and hanger pining.

Come then, oh! Friendship! gently soothing Sadly glide my cheerless days.

maid, Strangers scora my simple tale,

Destroy the worm that preys upon my heart; Careless of au Orphan's fate,

Chear the lora breast where sorrow would Whilst, alas! each passing gale

jovade, Seems to sigh for hapless KATE!

And blunt fraternal sorrow's keenest dart. Ouce a father's darling treasure, By a mother once caressid,

THE SLAVE. All my days were crowu'd with pleasure,

Why call me Slave? and say that I All my nights with balmy rest:

No feelings have like white man's son. Till for brighter worlds than this

Yet, ah ! 'tis true, I'd sooner die Death exchang'd their earthly state;

Than do those things which thou hast done, Ab! the bour that brought them bliss, Why tell me there's a God on high, Brought despair to hapless KATE!

Whose heavy judgments fall on those

W'ho dare despise lis searching eye, Some of falsehood oft accuse me,

While every act of guilt be knows. Some a worthless blessing give, of the morsel they refuse me,

Oh! think'st thou not he sees thee, when E'en the painper'd dogs receive.

With bleeding strokes thou makest me toil Oft the meuial's baughty voice

He's God of mercy! surely then

He Spurns me from his master's gate;

cannot, will not bless the soil. All, intent on selfisb joys,

Affliction's tears will reach bis throne, Mock the woes of hapless KATE!

Though flowing from a Negro's eyes,

My wants, my cares, he'll make his own, Cruel mortals ! deaf to sorrow!

Heal my deep wounds, and busb my siglas, Scorners of my grief, adieu !

My tender parents mourn the fate, Something whispers, “ Ere to-morrow

Tbat doum'd their child thy Slave to be, KATE will be more blest than you !"

But though oppression's iron weight
Hov'ring on yon golden beam,

Has bound my limbs, my soul is free.
Lo! my parents' spirits wait;
Hark! their angel tongues exclaim,

Is free to seek a happier alate,
" Welcome, welcome, bapless KATE!" A purer world wbere mercy reigns,

Where Negros fear no planter's hate,

Nor scourges dy'd in crimson staius.
In thy sweet solace, Friendship, heavenly fair,

Fain would my heart awhile forget its wões;

Here lies Fain would I lose remembrance of each care,

In truth you'll find beneath this ground
And in thy bosom seek a short repose.

One who ne'er yet in truth was found:
Oh, deep concealed within this acbing breast; Yet none ou eartb poor Tom deceir'd
Still dwells the guaw-worm that destroys iny For, always lying, none believ'd.

But, strange!
And cheerfulness short liv'd yet welcome guest, || By fate dispatch'd withont his fill,
But hides the woe that cannot, will not cease. Below the dog is lying atill,




MAY, 1811.



capes, made to meet in front, and fitting the EVENING DRESS.

shape with the most minute exactness, confin

ed to the waist with elastic bands, made on A robe and petticoat of white satin, with short sleeves, trimmed with green or yellow the same plan as the glove-tops were formerly,

and fastened with cope de perle clasps; pelisses chenille; over which is worn a light green | also in black or white lace, or soft mull musdrapery of crape, fastened on the left shoulder with an amber or corrielian brooch; folded lins, lined with pale primrose or celestial blue over the left side of the figure in front, nearly muslim lined, or of

' sarsnet or white satin, are

sarsuets, are much approved. Spensers in concealing the waist on that side;' the hind part of the drapery is simply bound in at the scarcely less esteemed by the fashionable fair: bottom of the waist, and confined underneath wise by our more youthful belles. Mantles,

the lined muslin pelerines are much worn likethe drapery in front, entirely grnamented extremely short, bardly exceeding the bounds round with yellow chenille. With this dress

of a large tippet, made to set plain on the is worn a Turkish turban of green ciape, with back, and confined in to the waist behind, and trimming to correspond, with plume on the lace cloaks with a small satin under tippet, so right side. The bair in small round curls, formed as to cover the neck and shoulders, divided on the right side.. Amber or corneliav

which would otherwise be too much exposed necklace. Gloves of white kid. Shoes of

to the sun and air, make up the list of the green kid, or silk.

several varieties which we have to offer in this

class of dress.“ PEARL ORNAMENTS.

Hats ju straw, nearly in the same form as A complete suit of Pearl Ornaments, invent

those worn by genilenen, slouched, and the ed and manufactured by Mr. J.H. Barlowi i rims deep: in front, trimmed with one or more certainly far surpasses any thing of the kind ostrich feathers, the stalks of which are fastwe ever remember to have seen.-We under ened into a small rosette of white satin ribstand it is this gentleman's intention to pre

baud, unconfined by strings; cottage bonnets, sent the fashionable world with a succession | trimmed round the edges with plaited ribband, of novelties every month; and, from the speci.

or in satin finished with lace net, and raised men given in this Number, we have no doubt from the face with a small bunch of primroses, he will meet with a patronage corumcusurate

blue bells, apple or other blossoms, with a large with his taste and ingenuity:

square black lace veil' thrown over the head. Caps in the long Grecian form, brought very forward on the temples, raised above the ears,

and projecting behind so as to admit the GSNERAL OBSERVATIONS

hair, and tapered in the form of a barrel,

composed of lace and broad satin ribbaud FASHION AND DRESS.

eitber wbite or primrose. A new satin has

lately been produced wbich has the appearance, Notwithstanding that the weather has been of being crimped small, or ribbed, this has a in some measure ingenial, Fashion has now

very pleasing effect when made up into bondecidedly set i ut on her spring career, aud nets, and is of the newest invention. It must with a spirit and emulation of novelty which not be forgotten that the deep lace veil has promises the production of an intimide variety entirely superseded the small ones, and that of all that can contribute to splenduur, ele i tbe bead-dress, of whatever composed, must gance, and gaiety.

be made entirely flat on the head, so as to give For the outdoor costume, short pelisses in the appearance of length, as we before obserø. carsnet, trimmed witb Mechliu lace, with lace ed in the Greciau furm.


[graphic][merged small]

Engrared for the 28." Jumber of the Yew series or La Belle lisemble, May 11-191.

The parasols have also undergone some va deep, set on full White satin, pink, jonquille, or riation; in addition to the Chinese, or dome lilac, when worn wi!: a small antique lace, or crowns, they are now vandyked at the edges, Moravian worked apron, are highly esteemed; and these left unconfined are played by the air, the stomacher of the apron should be fastened and thus communicate a refreshing coolness in the centre with a richly set ornament of either wbich contributes not less to the beauty tban amethyst, emeralds, or pink topaz, with dia. the comfort of the lovely bearer; the sticks are mouds or pearls. Yellow crape over white of polished steel, which are si formed as to satin, but if for caudle-light, in order to be pull out to the length of a walking cane, or, becoming, the yellow should be deep ; white on being compressed, into the length of a fan. lace over lilac or primrose, with white figured

Moming and walking dresses are made high gauze afford an elegant and appropriate in the neck, with collars, in the form of a variety for full dress. Siiver or coloured foil pelisse,"buitoned from tạe throat to the feet, wreathes ; bands or twist of beads, terminating with small raised buttons, möcb intermixed with large tassels on one side, either io beads with Jace; these dresses are deservedly much or gilver, and worn exceeding forward over approved, as, in addition to their simple and the temples, but raised above the ears; a gracefal form, they possess all the convenience small lace handkerchief worn quite on the and answer every end of the pelisse, by the back of the head, brought under the chin, and trifling addition of a silk pelerine ur handker- confined at one ear by a knot of pearls, with chief; others are made high in the neek, with two rows of beads twisted round the bead, and out collars, in the Romau form; the skirts worn forward on the face ; a rich piece of are made of one entire widtb of muslin, cut joining lace thrown over the back of the head, bias. These dresses are short, buttoned down and pendant like lappets, finished with pearl the bosom, the skirt left uncontined, and tassels, and handsome bead orvament over the trimmed entirely round with pale lilac of prim- forehead, or double row of large pearls termi. rose ribband, woven in a scollop at one edgevating on one side with tassels of smaller only; the petticoat must correspond; and pearls; long Grecian heads of white satin, Roman sandals of white Morroco, should be with raised fronts, worn with one or two white worn with it. Striped muslius seem to be ostrich feathers, so placed as to fail much most admired. A cap fancifully formed at the back, and white satin Highland caps with apback, the front made of a small half square of propriate plumes, are all that we have observed lace, the point falling lightly and negligently worthy of communicating since our last. ou the hair on one side the face, the opposite

Twilled silks are no loyger even candidates side raised above, the ear by a small wbite for approbation, it is so generally allowed that satin ribband cockade, is the favourite head. they cast a shade over the complexion which dress of a military lady justly celebrated not make them extremely unbecoming. It is a less for ber taste ihan rank and beauty; we singularity, however, worthy of remark, that, think it stands unrivalled by any present for this last fortnight our younger belles have mode of dress for ils elegant simplicity, and declined the aid of any ornament whatever, is peculiarly calculated to give an air of ele. neither necklace, earrings, brooches, bracegant spirit to a delicate countenance.

lets, or eveu combs have appeared upon For home, or dinner dresses, mull or striped them. muslios, plaiu sarunets, Opera nels, figured The hair is worn dressed in full fat curls gauzes, are the most appropriate; and the over the face, twisted behind, the ends brought form either high in the neck, after the costume forward and blended with the front hair. of the Romans, or low in the back, nearly In respect to jewellery, fancy necklaces are stripped off the shoulders, and cut round and by no means considered as elegant; plain moderately bigh on the bosom. The small strings of pearl, or rows of emeralds, ameJace tippet, witbout a collar, is a pleasing thysts, garnets, diamonds, &c. continue to be apology for the handkerchief, which should alike woru ; the earrings are still in the top not be too unceremoniously or indiscrimi. and drop fashion, nor have we noticed any pately discarded.

new device ; brooches display all the taste of In full or evening dress, the bosome of the the jeweller in the formation of different flowers dresses are cut something lower, the back and after nature; watches are still getting smaller, shoulders, we are sorry to add, still more ex and pearl chains are advancing into favour. posed, tbe sleeves are worn invariable short and The gloves are worn very sbort; the faus plain ; the necks are either trimmed with a are increasing in size ; trajus are more laid simple cheville trimming, or beads; but if with aside through convenience than fashion. face, it must be Mechlin, and full iwo nails The prevailing colours for the season are

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