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concerned with one French, in stealiug peas. i, inquired if her husband came home the even. French was taken up on suspicion, and helling before ; she replied no, and that she was ynabsconded; but having received information that der the utmost anxiety and terror on that account. French had been tried and acquitted, he returned | Your terror, said he, cannot equal mine, for last to Sudbury. From that time till the latter end of night, as I lay in bed, quite awake, the apparis the last year, he remained in that neighbourhood, tion of your husband appeared to me, shewed me eluding the vigilance of the police, and boasting | several ghastly stabs in his body, told me he had that he had escaped from seyeral parties of

been murdered by such a person, and his carcase soldiers, who had been sent to take him. At Sud

thrown into sych a marle-pit. The alarm was bury be built himself a house, well calculated for

given, the pit searched, the body found, and the secretion or escape, in case of an attempt being

wounds answered the description of them. The made to take him. This house is situated on the

man whom the ghost had accused was apprebanks of the Stour, into which, being a remarkable

hended, and committed on a violent suspicion of good swimmer, he has thrown himself, when pur

murder. His trial came on at Warwick, before sued, any has got into the adjoining county of

the Lord Chief Justice Raymond (probably about Essex. He, however, was apprehended on sus

the year 1730), wben the Jury would have con. picion of stealing wheat in sacks, out of a barn in

victed, as rasbly as the Justice of Peace had com an adjoining parish. A search-warrant was granted, but tbe sacks and corņ were not found on

mitted him, had not the Judge checked them. He Harris's premises. He, however, during search,

addressed himself to them in words to this purjumped out of a window and ran off. The next

U pose : " I think, Gentlemen, you seem inclined morning he was taken into custody as he was

to lay more stress on the evidence of an apparition coming out of his own apartinent.--Many cir

than it will bear. I cannot say that I give much cumstances appeared, amounting to a moral cer- ||

credit to these kind of stories; but be that as it tainty of his guilt, and he was cominitted to Hal- || will, we have no right to follow our own private sted house of correction for further examination, opinions here ; we are now in a Court of Law,and but the evidence not being snfficient to be laid must determine according to it; and I know not before a Grand Jury, he was detained as a de- of any law now in being which will admit of the serter. A party was sent from Colchester to take || testimony of an apparition; nor yet if it did, doth bim to Chelmsford, on his way to Pendennis the ghost appear to give evidence.-Crier,” said Castle. A second party took him forward from he, “call the ghost,” which was thrice done, to Chelmsford. This party, by his insinuating Il no manner of purpose. Jt appeared not." Gen. manners, and his generosity in treating them at tlemen of the Jury," continued the Judge, “ the different public houses on their way, he lolled into prisoner at the bar, as you have heard by uudenia security of his not attemptiug to escape, pre-able witnesses, is a man of a most uoblenished vailed upon them to take off his handcuffs, and character; nor hath it appeared, in the course of in the dusk of the evening, whilst he was treat- || the examination, that there was any manner of ing them at a public-house in Billericay, ran off quarrel or grudge between bim and the party deand left them in the lurch. The next day he was ceased. I do verily believe him to be perfectly seen at Sudbury, but was so subtile in his move-l innocent; and, as there is no evidence against ments, as to avoid all attempts to take him, li him, either positive or circumstantial, he must be though several houses were searched for that acquitted. But, from many circumstances which purpose. He was at length taken throngh | have arose during the trial, I do strongly suspect the sedulous exersions of Dr. Maclean, the

that the gentlenian who saw the apparition was Mayor of Sudbury, and the personal activity, himself the murderer ; in which case he might perseverance, and public spirit of Mr. Bran

easily ascertain the pit, the stabs, &c. without any white Oliver, assisted by some young men in supernatural assistance; and on such suspicion 1 the town. lle is now lodged in Bury gaol. shall think myself justified in committing him to

close custody till the matter can be further inWARWICKSHIRE.

quired into.”—This was iminediatledy dove, and REMARKABLEL DETECTION OF A MUR.

a warrant granted for searching his house, when DENER.-A fariner, on bis return from the mar- l such strong proofs of guilt appeared against him ket, at Southam, in this county, was murdered. ll that he confessed the murder, and was executed A man went the next morning to his wife, and at the next assizes.



11 not grant; notwithstanding, being determined on SWINDLING.-Lately a man succeeded in a || going, they accordingly, after all the family had most dexterons manner in swindling the landlady

retired to rest, got up, and went off, accompanied of the King's Head Inn, Appleby, in this county,

by two young men, we believe, fellow-servants. out of £20. This man was, from appearance,

Next morning the girls were missed, on which a about thirty-five years of age ; and after dining

| very general and minute scarch was, made for at the King's Head, a poney, belonging to a

them through the country ; one of them was miller, attracted his attention, which he instantly

found in a ditch strangled with her own handpurchased for £14. and gave the waiter of the

kerchief; the other, we are sorry to say, conld inn a £20. bill to cash, purporting to be drawn

not be found. Suspicion having been attached hy John Harrison and Co. of Carlisle, op !! to the young men who left their master's house Messrs. Masterman and Co. Bankers, London. with them, they were taken into custody and

The bill being cashed, he set off on the poney, to confined in a house, from which one of them wards Penrith, but did pot travel more than four

made his escape by leaping out of a window, but miles on the north road, until he dismounted,

the other has been safely lodged in Lifford gaol. gave a boy two shillings to take the poney to the

It is generally supposed that the villains' intenmiller again, and instead of pursuing his journey

tions were to debauch the girls, and not being to Penrith, went to Brough under Stainmore that

able to effect their purpose without force, they night, and next day took the mail for London. preferred committing murder rather than fail in The bill turned out to be a forgery. We under I accomplishing their wicked designs. The other stand the man bad with him a greyhound and a girl it is supposed, las been also murdered, and pointer dog when he left Appleby.

thrown into some hole or river, where she still remains undiscovered.

Lately, two prisoners, who bad been confined WALES,

in the county gaol of Cork, effected their escape Died. At Bala, Merionethshire, aged 84, il from that prison under most hazardous circumą Mrs. Jennet Roberts. She resided forty-five years stances. They succeeded by some means in on a small farm in the neighbourhood of Bala, getting to the top of the outer wall, which is in great distress, but for nine years preceding thirty feet high, when they made an effort te June, 1809, she received relief from the parish of jump into a tree in Mr. Walker's demesne, at Llanddervel; about that time, with the assist-|| the west end of the prison, in which one of them ance of some friends, she commenced a suit in succeeded, but the other was unable to effect bis Chancery against the executors of the late Robert

object, and had his back broken from the vioJones, Esq. (an eminent brandy-merchant) of St. Jence of the shock.

lence of the shack. The other prisoner, who

The other pris Mary Hill, to whom she was first cousin, and escaped without any injury, very humanely took next of kia. After the delay which the law is the disabled man on his back, until he lodged subject to, shc obtained about six months ago, a him in a cabin, at a village at some distance, decree from the Chancellor, which put her in where he was discovered the next morning, and the possession of a moiety of the estate, amount

brought back to the prison, but in such a daning to npwards of £150,000.

gerous stat.' that he is not expected to recover ;

the other effected his escape, and has not since IRELAND.

been apprehended. The unfortunate man who

has been injured, was confined on a charge of a SHOCKING MURDER.-Two female servants, belonging to a farmer who resides near to

rape; the other, who has escaped, was charged

with stealing gunpowder from the manufactory, Castlefin, asked leave nf their mistress to go to a

of Bellincollig. dance in the neighbourhood, which she would

London : Printed by JOHN BELL, Southampton-street, Strand. April 1, 1811.





FOR APRIL, 1811.

A Pew Seriese

EMBELLISHMENTS. 1. Three PORTRAITS representing the Two Junior Princes of Spain, now Prisoners in

France, and their Sister, MARIA ISABELLA. 9. Mr. West's Picture of CHRIST HEALING THE SICK IN THE TEMPLE, 3. The TRUMPETER, by GERARD Dow. 4. The Young HOUSEWIFE, by Ditto. 5. A WHOLE-LENGTH FIGURE in the FASHIONS of the SEASON, COLOURED. 6. A Complete Suit of PEARL VANAMENTS. 7. CONVERSATION between the Old Pensioners MALPLAQUET apd. HOCKSTET, on

our recent Successes in Spain and Portugal; an Original Song for the Harp and Piano-forte, composed by Mr. DiBDIN, expressly and exclusively for this Work.


BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF ILLUS. || Letters on Mythology; translated from the TRIOUS CHARACTERS.

French of Demoustier .............. 193 Francis Paul Antonio, and his Brother,

|| The Mirror of Fashion; in a series of let. junior Princes of Spain, with their

ters from a Gentleman of rank and sister, Maria Isabella ................ 171

taste, to a Lady of quality ............ 196 New system of Botany, with practical

illustrations of the “ Philosophy of ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. Flora," &c. &c.—The Lily and Hya. Hymenæa in search of a Husband...... 372 ||

cinth ..........

............. 197 Remarks on the pronunciation of the II The Elephant ........................ 400 English language, and on Mr. John

Essays on the efficacy of Baths in preKemble .......

serving Health and restoring Beauty;

............. 175 Oakwood House; an Original Novel.... 177

hy a Physician ..........

....... 801 Historic Romance History of Don Zam.

Change of certain expressions among the boga and Seraphina ......

bon ton at Paris defended ............. 205 The Spanish Character .............. Infernal Machine .................... 187

FINE ARTS. The Dancing-master.................. 189 Mr. West's Picture of Christ Healing the ANECDOTES.--Tbeir present Majesties

Sick in the Temple ................... 206 Frederick King of Prussia--Madame du ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE GRAPHIC ART; Dersand and President Ht naull-Sir C.

| The Drunkard. The Young Housewife 207 B , Bart.-Mithridates the Second 190





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PROVINCIALS. An Evening Dress ...

......... 212 Pearl Ornaments .......................

|| Election of Chancellor of the University

of Cambridge .... General Observations and Reflections ou

..... 220 Dreadful Mistake ..........

..... 221 Fasbion and Dress ..., Imperial Cradle for the young Napoleon 214

Daring Robbery .....
Deaile of Sir William Addington ........

Trial of the Rev. Robert Bingham, for

sending a threatening letter, and setting Essays to illustrate the present state of fire to his own house ................ ib.

the Drama ........................ 214 || Trial of James Whitehead, at the York Works in the Press ................... 216! Assizes, for attempting to murder his

= Sweetbeart ................

...... 223 INCIDENTS NEAR LONDON. Horror and Mystery ............. ...... 294 State of bis Majesty's health .......... 217

Trial of James Farrell, at the Cloonell Communication from her Majesty's Coun. Assizes, for the murder of Michael Decil respecting the state of his Majesty's

...... ib. bealth ........

... ib. Supplementary Advertisements for the Richard Armitage ........


lany .....


ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS, on all interesting suljects, are now admitted into the New Series of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, if written in a chaste and elegant style. Authentic accounts of Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Provincial Intelligence, possessing any peculiar character,will hereafter meet with the most respectful attention, and a reason will be assigned in the next successire Numbers for whaterer articles may be omitted; but it is requested that all Letters be sent free of Postage.





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