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ANECDOTE OF THE CELECRATED MIRA half of white sugar, and an equal quantity of BEAU.--Mirabeau, whose tigure and counte syrup. The residue serves for rum or aqua narice were ugly even to deformity, was aç çused || vitæ, and after having extracted all the sacand tried for seduction. He was bis own charine and spirituous matter it contains, counsel, and addressing the Court, said, there still remains a refuse most excellent for “Geullemen, bave the goodness to put my feering cows. Beet besides bas leaves of a portrait to the bar, and then decide upon my very large size, which are in much request for innocence or guilt." Notwithstanding his cattle. plainness, however, a lady of distiuction was SINGULAR CALCULATION.-The National so madly in love with him, that having vowed Debt, funded and unfunded on the 5th of never to survive the loss of his affection, she | January, 1910, was £811,898,081, which are was true to her oath, and perished by the equal to 773,236,267 guineas, which, at 5 fumes ofcharcoal, wbich she purposely iuhaled, dwts. 8grs. each guinea, weigh 6312 tons, 7 upon the desertion of her faithless lover. cwt. 2 qrs. 17 lbs. 7 oz. 7,0486 drs. or exacily

INTERESTING ANECDOTE.--Extract of a 17133028,169312 lbs. avoirdupoise. — Now, letler from an Officer on board the Barfleur, supposing a waggon and five borses to extend now stationed off Lisbon :-os I cannot con in lengtlı 20 yards, and to carry 2 ] tons of the clude this lelter (says the Officer) without said guineas, the number of teams necessary mentioning an extraordinary circumstance to carry the whole, would extend in length 28 which happened here the other morning. A miles, 23 yards nearly. To count the debt iu sailor of ours on waich, by some accide ut fell shillings, at the rate of 30 shillings in a minute, over board the sea running very high at the for 10 hours a day, and 6 days in a wecks time, prevented i be poor fellow from catching would take 2469 years, 306 days, 17 hours, 30 any of the ropes which were thrown to him, minutes nearly. Its height in guineas, supand upset two huals which put off to his as posing 29 guineas in thickness an inch, wonld sistance; every body was now on deck, the be 610 miles, 339 yards, 9 iuches; and supposman sinking, and nubudy able to afford bim ing each guinea an ineb in diameter, they the least relief; when a comrade of his, struck would extend in a right live 12,203 miles, 150 by the supplicating countenance of the miser yarde, 7 inches. Moreover, the said guineas able man now on the brink of destruction, would cover 348 acres, 2 roods, 200 yards cried out suddenly—“ by heavens, Tom, il nearly. And lastly, in shillings, each an inch can't bear that look; I'll save you or go with in diameter, would cover 7919 acres, 1 rood, you!" All eyes were directed to the man who 349 yards ! spoke; but whai was ous astonishment when STRAMONIUM.Sereral extraordinary inwe beheld bim plunge into the merciless waves, stances of the good effects of stramonium gain bois comrade, and seize him wilh his left (thorn apple) in relieving persons severely, arm, while, with his right, he supported both afflicted with asthmatic complaints, has tend. hinself and the man through the buffettings ed to raise both the reputation and price of the of the high running sea, and thus gave time plant in all the markets of the metropolis. It for another and more fortunate boat to rescue is the root only and lower part of the stem them both from the extended jaws of an uns wbich possess the anti-asthmatic virtue; I bese timely death." -Mr. Dibdia has made this in should be cut into small pieces and put into a teresting anecdote the suloject for the Song introduc. common tobacco pipe and the smoke, as well ed into this Nunzber of' LA BELLE ASSEMBL.CE. as the saliva, swallowed together. The paticut

SUGAR -M. de Granvog!, of Munich, has will find relief on smoking the first pipe. established at Augsburg a manufactory of Grog.–An old British publication contains. sugar,from teet root, which succecds extremely the following anecdote of Admiral Vernon : well, and promises the most importani results. which, if true, was the origin of the word grog: le manufactured during last year 20,000 The British sailors bad always been accustompounds of sugar, and the quantity this year ed to drink their allowance of brandy or run will be five times as much. The price of this clear, till Admiral Vernon ordered those under sugar is 20 per cent. lower than that of the bis command to mix it with water. The insugars from cane, and at the same tiine is novation gave great offence to the sailors; superior to it io quality and sweetness. All and, for a time, rendered the Comniander very pound of sugar from beet root is equal to two unpopular among them. The Adiniral at that pounds and a quarter of sugar from grapes. It time wore a grogram coat; for whicis reason js besides much less expensive, because an he was nicknamed old grog. And heuce, by acre may produce from 300 to 600 quintals of degrees, the mixed liquor be constrained them beet root, and each quintal twenty pounds of tv drink, wiversally obtained among them juice, which will produce three pounds and a

the name of grog:



Thursday, March 14.-His Majesty continues The following are the daily bulletins issued nearly in the same state in which he has been from Windsor Castle, of his Majesty's health, during the last fons days. since our last :

Sunday, March 17.-His Majesty continues Monday, Feb.18.-His Majesty continues much much the same as he has been through the last the same.

week. Tuesday, Feb. 19. –His Majesty proceeds fa

(Signed) R. H. REYNOLDS, tourably to his recovery.

W. HEBERDEN, Wednesday, Feb. 20.- His Majesty is going on


R. WILLIS. kerg' favourably, although his indisposition admiti of little variation from day to day. Thursday, Feb. 21.-His Majesty's' progress

THE PLUNDER OF THE MARQUIS OF HEAD. confirms oor opinion of his recovery.

FORT.-Two persons have been committed to Friday, Feb. 22.-His Majesty goes on satis

Newgate by the magistrates of Union-Hall, Southfactorily. - Saturday, Feb. 23 --His Majesty goes on' in the wark, upon a charge, founded on the oath of

James Karmer, of feloniously stealing and carrymost satisfactory manner. Sunday, Feb. 24:–His Majesty cošitinues to go together with several other bills, the property of

ing away five bills of exchange, for £500 each, on well.

the Marquis of Headfort. The circumstances of Monday, Feb. 25.-His Majesty continues to

this curious case are as follow :-The Marquis of adrance regularly in recovery.

Head fort being desirous of raising a suin of money Tuesday, Feb. 26.-His Majesty is going on

on securities, and invited by the spacious profesmost favourabły.

Wednesday, Feb. 27.-His Majesty's indispo- sions of an advertising money-lender, made ansition is in every respect dechoing.

plication, and was introduced to one of the above Thorsday, Feb. 28.-His Majesty continues to persons, who passed as a Swedish Pobleman, and go on most favourably.

who was aptly dressed for the part he was to act, Friday, March 1.-The King remains in the Thc Marquis was assured by the other person, same state in which he was yesterday.

who was the medium of introduction, that the Saturday, March 2.His Majesty goes on well. Count was a man of large property; and that

Sunday, March 3.-His Majesty remains in the although he could not inmediately furnish the same state in wbich he has been during the last money to the extent required, yet that his paper few days.

was perfectly negociable to any amount, and that Monday, March 4.-His Majesty continues to the Noble Marquis might be accommodated by go on well.

exchanging the Count's negociable paper for lis Tuesday, March 5.-His Majesty is nearly in Lordship’s. The Marquis, it appears, was not the same state to-day in which he was yesterday. much in the habit of negociations in this way;

Wednesday, March 6.-His Majesty continues ' he, however, gave his own bills, payable at difto go on favourably.

ferent dates, to the extent of £13,000, in exchange Thursday, March 7.-His Majesty goes on 81 for such negociable bills as the Count found it tisfactorily.

convenient to give his Lordship. The bills of Friday, March 8.-His Majesty contiones in Lord Headsort were iinmediately transferred to the same state in which he was yesterday. other hands, through the medium of the two other

Saturday, March 9.-His Majesty has made partners, who are still at large. Lord Headfort considerable progress in bis recovery, and is found out too late that he had been duped. The going on favourably.

first of his Lordship's bills that became dae was Sunday, March 10.-His Majesty goes on well. for £200, which his Lordship, by the advice of

Tuesday, March 12.-His Majesty is much the his friends, refused to pay. How to oblige him. same as he was on Sunday.

to pay was the point to be contrived, and a deep

the bill;

and notable stratagem was hit on. A letter was name of the gentleman forged upon, for his sent to his Lordship, signed with the name of a banker's book; requesting at the same time that person who conjured and entreated his Lordship, it might be made up to the last moment, and confor the sake of his own character, and for the tain all the checks which had been paid, as the honour of his name, bis children, and his family, ll gentleman (mentioning the name of the proprieto pay the bill, as otherwise it must inevitably be tor of the book) was about to leave town, and was put into a course of suit against him; that in desirous of seeing the state of his account. The this case the writer having been unfortunately || request was complied with, and the swindler got implicated in a charge of a horrible nature, with || possession of the forged draft, which no doubt he an old man, belonging to the Bank, who was ex immediately destroyed, as the surest means of preecuted in the Old Bailey two years since, his || serving his own life in the event of detection and name would appear on the back of the bill, which, apprehension. coupled with bis Lordship's, would go forth to Elopement.-A young lady, nineteen years the public, and blast his Lordship's character for of age, the daughter of a gentleman at Brompton, ever; and to avoid this disagreeable circumstance || eloped with a young Student at Law, early on there was no alternative but paying the bill. The Wednesday morning, March 13th, but they we

were Noble Marquis, alarmed at this insinuation, paid pursued and overtaken at Reading, the same day.

but on communicating the circumstances The lady escaped by the window of the first floor to his friends, he was advised to have the writer back room, and the fugitives were conveyed to apprehended, and prosecuted criminally. The Reading in one of the morning Bath coaches. person whose name was signed to the letter was, Her friends, however, were so early apprized of in consequence, apprehended; but denied all her conduct, that she was surprised in alighting knowledge of the transaction. Under these cir from the coach, by her father's servant. cumstances it was deemed adviseable to have the Suicide.-Tuesday, March 5, an unfortunate two persons, and their two partners, apprehended, female, whose appearance spoke the capacity of as well on suspicion of being concerned in this respectable servitude, was found hanging to the stratagem, as for the fraud in the other way; and iron rails of Devonshire-place, Paddington. A the officers, on apprehending one of them, found gentleman who was returning home first saw and in his pocket a copy of the aforesaid létter. cut her down, and after three hours' exertion, as

FORGERIES. A forgery has been practised on sisted by an apothecary in the neighbourhood, a respectable house in the city, under singular succeeded in restoring animation. On Wednes. circumstances. A man having taken part of a day, she was quite sensible, and assigns for a reafurnished house in Francis-street, Bedford-square, son her extreme poverty: she had journeyed from without giving any reference (he haring offered Hereford on foot, without money, and on that to deposit three months rent in advance, and made day had walked nineteen 'miles without subsista great shew of money), hired a servant the Dext day, who had advertised for a situation, and sent DIED.In the 76th year of his age, his Grace him immediately with a check to the banking the Duke of Grafton. He is succeeded in his house for £2090, the signature to which was so titles and estates by his son George Henry, Earl well counterfeited, that it was paid without hesi of Euston.-The Right Hon. Charles Marsham, tation. He, of course, on receiving the money, Earl of Romney. His Lordship was born in the look leave of his lodgings; and, from bis not year 1744, and in 1776 married Lady Frances being known either there or to the servant whom Wyndham, daughter of the late Earl of Egre. he hired, except by merely seeing him, he has mont, by whom he has left one son and three hitherto eluded the vigilance of the police. | daughters. Mr. Henry Hope; he bas left beAnother case of forgery has occured lately in the || bind him a property, in the funds and other secu: city, which in point of art and dexterity, we pre rities, to the amount of nearly a million sterling, same, has no parallel in the annals of swindling. besides the most extensive collection of pictures The party having succeeded in procuring cash in the possession of any individual in Europe. at a banking-house to the amount of £1000, for a He was at the head of the form of the house of forged check, in the course of the same day, sent | Hope in Amsterdam, which he quitted at the com a person to the banking-house in question, in the mencement of the Freuch Revolution.





vonnan of the name of Coveney, was led by a ACCIDENT.-A melancholy accident occurred halter into one of the rooms, and sold to the lately in Carrick Roads, Falmouth :-A trans highest bidder with her five children, a horse and port's boat was going off from the town to the cart, and all her household furniture. A man at Roads about nine o'clock, with the master of a || Newington was the purchaser, for the sum of ten transport

seamen, five soldiers of the pounds!

FURIOUS BULL.-As some of the Cadets were nith regiment (some of whom had been sared from the wreck of the John and Jane transport, run

playing at the back of the Cadet Barracks, at down by the Franchise), in all, fifteen persons on

Woolwich, a short time since, one of them struck board. In passing through the fleet, the boat

a bull, that had the day before been driven from went too near the head of one of the vessels, and

Smithfield market, on its way to Chatham, and was overset by the rising of the cable, occasion. was possibly rendered furious by the cruel treated by the motion of the vessel in a rolling sea.

ment which these poor animals are obliged to Before assistance could be afforded the whole endure in being conveyed from one place to were drowned.

another. The blow só enraged him, that be ran LUNATIC. A short time since, Anu Prowse, a after one of the Cadets some distance, wbo findpauper of the parish of Burgan, in this county, l ing the animal gain upon him, threw himself Hat who had for some time been confined in a state upon the ground, which completely prevented of derangement, contrived to make her escape

the bull from goring him. Disappointed of bis from the persons who had charge of her, and to revenge, he immediately ran after another Cadet, set fire to two dwelling houses at Burgan, both

of the name of Rogers, and coming up to him beof which were consumed; the unfortunate wo

fore he was aware of the animal, he gored the man then hung herself. She was found hand poor youth in the lower part of the back, and onffed, and the chains by which she had been

drove his horn nearly through the body, tossing fastened were on her person.

bin at the same time some height above the

ground. The animal after this laid himself close GLOUCESTERSHIRE:

down by poor Rogers, and the other Cadet inCONJUGAL PUOILIST.-At the late Glouces

mediately ran for assistance. A gun was soon ter Quarter Sessions, Esther Harding was found procured, and the animal killed by firing twice at guilty of beating her husband, and sentenced to

him. Rogers was theu conveyed to the Cadet be imprisoned until she finds sureties to keep the

Hospital with very little hopes of life. He conpeace.

tinued in great agony for some time, when a morFATAL ACCIDENT.-Lately, while Mr. Dowle, tification came on, and he died the next day. jun. of Oxenham, an Officer in the Local Mi.

LINCOLNSHIRE. lítia, was out shooting, in passing through a'

DREADFUL ACCIDENT. A few days since, bedge, with the but-end of his gun advanced be

two tine young children, twins, sons of a cottafore him, something caught the trigger, when

ger, named Richardson, residing at Ewerby, the piece exploded, and the whole of the charge

near Sleaford, in this county, were drowned in a entered his breast, some of it passing through the

pit near their father's dwelling. The poor chil. back part of his shoulder. Although so dread

dren were remarkably attached to each other, fully injured, he contrived to walk home, where

and never happy when separated. It is supposed surgical assistance was procured, and he under

that one of them ventured upon some rotten ice went a very painful operation for the extraction

which covered the pit, which gave way, when the of the shot. lle lingered, however, in excru

other, in trying to save his brother, slipt in, and ciating pain for a few days, when he expired.

they both sunk together. KENT.

HONESTY.-A poor widow woman, named EXTRAORDINARY SALE.-A few days sincé, | Bonner, who lives in George-street, Stamford, the fo:lowing extraordinary circumstance took discovered a leather purse, containing twenty. place at the White Hart, Sittingbourne :--A five guineas, a dullor, and a one-pound note, be

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hind an old mat, in a room adjoining the one in and three thousand. Thus augmented in strength, which she slept. With a spirit of honesty which they shortly evinced a determination to adopt is not always evinced, she immediately set about measures of violence, and parties proceeded to finding the rightful owner of the discovered enter the houses and destroy the frames of setreasure; and on inquiry ascertained that it pro- several of the manufacturers. The cause assigned bably belonged to one Jordan, a porter, to whom for these afflicting outrages was the extreme she let the room in which the money was secreted distress suffered by themselves and families, in about five years ago, and who ended his days consequence of the stoppage of work. With there. Not having itin her power, therefore, to any further particulars we are at present unreturn it to its original possessor, she paid it to acquainted, but we have to express our sincere John Jordan, his son, who presented her with hopes that these mistaken men must have been two guineas and a crown piece, as a small re soon made sensible that by the destruction of the compence

for her conscientious behaviour. property of others, they not only could not alle. MARRIED.-- At Lincoln, Mr. W. Moukly, a riate their own misery, but that, on the contrary, blind pepsiyner, aged 48, to Miss C. Hales, aged | they must materially increase it. sixteen.


CASUAL AND SHOCKING ACCIDENT. A FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THE ACCIDENT || poor but industrious woman, Hannah Sawyer, AT NEWARK.-The following account has been met with an untimely death at the Burntwood published of the accident by which a gentleman || Colliery, near Hanley, in the Potteries ; whilst of Newark was poisoned :-"As several state in the act of assisting to lower into the pit the ments have gone abroad respecting the accident coal embers lamp, the boards or landing whereon which occasioned the death of Mr. Bland, of she stood, suddenly broke, and she was preciNewark, we are authorised to state, that several || pitated to the bottom, a depth of seventy yards, gentlemeu who lately partook of the same wine, and was instantly killed. This poor woman had in its upmixed state, and in a larger quantity than performed the work of a collier for some years, the previously debilitated sufferer, are in good and froin her own labour sustained herself and a health. It was necessury to break the bottles in young family of three children, who are unfororder to ascertain in which particular bottle the in- tunately left to deplore the loss of an endeará gredient was contained, and at the bottom of one ing mother.--Coroner's verdict, Casualty. only was it found firinly attached; which bottle is supposed to have been brought from the coun

SUFFOLK. try, in exchange for a bottle of port.--The fol INTREPID Robber.—The conversation of Sudlowing is a copy of the Jury's verdict:--- That bury and the neighbourhood has for some time the said William Bland came by his death turned very much npona map,sho bas for several in consequence of drinking a certain quantity of years set the justice of the country at defiance. port wine mixed with water, which said wine | This man, whose real name is Thomas Harrison, had, without the knowledge, consent, or contriv

but who bas been long known by the appellation of ance of any person or persons whomsoever, be- || Jingles Harris, worked for many years as a bargecome impregnated with some corrosive ingre inan upon the river Stour; in this capacity he dients, by having been accidentally, casually, obtained the character of a shrewd active fellow. and by misfortune, put and kept in a bottle, to After he quitted this employment, he lived with: the bottom of which such corrosive ingredient out any obvious means of support, yet had al. had adhered'."

ways money at command, and made himself a ALARMING DISTURBANCES.-It is with the great favourite with people of his own walk in deepest regret we have to communicate the oc-life, by treating them in public houses. Decurrence of alarining disturbances and outrage- || predations to a considerable extent bare for ous excess in the neighbourhood of Notting- || several years been committed in the night. ham. Letters from that place state, that on Such as stealing grain of different descriptions Tuesday, March 12, the workmen, to the num out of barns. Barley, in particular has been ber of one thousand, assembled in the market. || stolen, and afterwards privately maited, and then place, and from thence proceeded in a body to sold at a price scarcely amounting to the duty. Arnold, a distance of about five miles, when He had a cart and three horses, which were sel. their opinbers were increased to betocen two dom employed but in the night. In 1806 he was

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