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tbat of a fatal confidence. In this manner, how. thus the means of communicating to their ever, was I introducedivtoi he palace and beuse- busbands, the grandees of the kingdorns the huid of the king; and to the satisfaction of same attachment to their royal pretectors. inyself, no, less than of my father, became The Spanish fidelity, their loyalty persevering the favourite companion of Don Carlos. My ! through every obstacle, have been long celelong and early friendship with this young brated, and it is to this very cause, perhaps, Prince, enables me to render bin a tribute of that it must be chiefly imputed. Philip himjustice, even that of boldly proclaining his selfis much indebted to this prejudice. innocence. I do not hesitate, therefore, to bear The court of the Infanta was dever more this testimony to bis unfortunate virtue; for spleudid than in the period of my narrative, I again repeat, that his fate is only to be im The imagination of a poet has seldom con. puted to bis unusual merit. The King was ceived a scene of more dazzling magnificence, jealous of a successor whose qualities, so su an assemblage of more perfect beauties than perior to whai himself possessed, made bis | what composed this brilliant circle. In this long reign a subject of regret to his oppressed multitude there was one who appeared to dominions. To a mind like that of Philip, to excel her companions. The name of this hate is to destroy. Nature in vain inade her | lady was Donna Seraphina, a daughter of the appeal to bis iron breast; the fatlıer was lost house of Medina, andthe leisess of their ample ju the tyrant! To such passions was Donwealth. The beauty of this lady well merited Carlos sacrificed. Cau history regard the the general adoration it procured. The ani. Flemish cruelties with surprise, when that of mation of her manners, the sparkling vivacity the murder of Don Carlos salutes ber eye! ll of her wit, a quality at that time more culti• But tu return to my narrative. I was novated than possessed, were so many concur. rooner thus introduced into the palaee, thaurent circumstances to render her beauly the friendship of the king to iny father ap- irresistible. That brilliancy of talent, which peared communicated to myself. He seemed might have given lorelimiss to deformity, could do bear an affection to me scarcely less ani- l not fail to raise the effect of charms like those mated than what be at that time felt for his of Donna Seraphina. Her companions, thay own son, and you will perceive in the sequel each of whom, in the absence of Seraphina, it of my narrative, that the result of his fond would have been thought impossible to proness was equally similar. Don Carlos was duce models of more finished perfection, were murdered, and my own life was merley spared, either overlooked in ber presence, or only as prolonging my existence, after the cala- | served as foils to sbew her superior form and mities of which he was the cause, was but an graces. Accomplishments like these miglit act of a greater and more effectual cruelty. have inspired vanity in the possessor of less Such is this tyrant.

humility, but the modesty of Seraphina was For some length of time did I continue to not exceeded by any other of her natural or enjoy an equal affection from the King and acquired excellencies. She appeared to have Prince. An event, however, soon changed the no consciousness of ber superior merit. colour of my life, and exposed me to all the 1 The beauty of Seraphina had indeed been united malignant passions, which bate ever attended by its usual effects ; she was sur. found a residence in the buman breast. The rounded by a multitude of lovers, and the Jelation of this circumstance will appear in noblest youtbs in Spain solicited her hand. Of credible, but my name and known honour of these suitors none bad a greater ardour of my house will be sufficient pledges for the passion than myself. I did not hesitate to authenticity of the narrative.

avow my love, though with all the timidity, The household of the Infanta, and inere which a first and doubting passion inspires. particularly the ladies of her confidence, is Seraphima received it with all the ingenious. romposed of the daughters of the most noble mess natural to her character. I cuntinued houses in the Spanish monarchy. The policy my assiduilies with a never-ceasing anxiety; of ļbe court, no itss tban the dignity stihe the sincerity of my love gave an unusual royal establisbment, is the origin of this li warmth to any power of expression, and the custom ; for the ladies of these noble families honesty of my sentimeats was evident by the being ibus educated, and as it were domesti. manner in wbicb iny language en forced them.

cated in the royal palace, contact a more It is to this appearance of my great sincerity · lively affection towards the family of their that I must attribute the preference I obtained

Sovereign. The advantage of their rank and over all the youths of tbe court. The oature the splendour of their introduction, intro of Seraphina was too open and generous ta duces them to the first alliances, aud they are conceal lier favourable sentiments, She bgd pothing of that culpable vanity so usual witbll tent of his possessions both in Spain and the her sex, that of suspending a declaration in new world, have inspired him with this purfavour of one suitor, that she might continue pose; aud as the Duke of Alva seconds liis in the enjoyment of tbe attentions of many. effort, be does not despair of its accomplish. My addresses, tberefore, had no sooner pro meut. This purpose is no other than the duced their desired effect, than she resolved union of Don Carlos and myself. You may to confirm my happiness by a full avowal. Av conclude from this the necessity of prescut opportunity was not long wanting. Au enter secresy. Should my father discover our aftainment was given in the gardens of the tection, he would not hesitate, though under a Escurial, where the court of the lufanta were pretence differeot from bis real motive, at to be considered as the guests of tbat of the once to disinherit we of bis wealth, and to re. Prince. Serapbina and myself were both thus

venge bimself, upon you, by pointing at you present, and when the cuippany divided into the united indignation of Pbilip and Alva. Be. parties, I found myself by the side of my l bold, Signor, the test of your love." mistress. I did not fail to avail myself of this

“I rejoice," said I, “my Serapbina, that opportunity to plead the interests of my pas. || the profession of my love is not without its sion, and my pleasure was equal to my sur-\| danger, as it thus presents a test to my since prise, when Serapbina acknowledged that she rity. Yes, my Seraphina," continued I "I was not insensible to my love. The first mo. I will risk for you the united anger of ments which succeeded this confession were Philip and Alva; though I know the one to those of rapture aud mutual extacy. The be a merciless tyrani, and the other to be timid modesty of Seraphina, and her superior Il a ready instruinent. Let uut this, ther, be delicacy of sentiinent, recalled her first to any obstacle to our love." moderation and tranquillity, and she endea. Il « But let it be a motive," concluded she, voured, though for some moments in vain, to “ for our present silence. And to prevent any moderate my greater transports. Nly feelings || suspicion of our sentimepļs, or the subject of submitted at leugth to her efforts; and being our discourse, let us al present separate. The recovered from the raptures of passiou tu the eyes of the court are upon us, and we are dictates of our cooler reason, we proceeded tv l both in a situation to apprehend the eflects of consult upon our future conduct. “My situ- misreprescutation.-- Don Zamboga, farewell! ation,” said Seraphina, is singular; “I must | Be prudent, and fear nothing." put your sincerity to an inmediate test."- Saying this, she retired to her female com" Ab! Seraphiua !” replied I; “ command il panions, who with the polite impertinence so me to die!"-No;" added she, with a smile usual in courts, were already advancing to of inaffable beauty; “ this, indeed, would be break in upon our interview. The natural a singular test; it would be destroying a thing vivacity of Seraphina, who had little of the to try its soundness. No; Don Zambog a, I Spanish reserve, in some degree parried offibose am not yet so weary of your love, that I can il suspicions, which a conversatiou so long as command you to die, in order to release mysel: what had passed, night have reasonably excited of it; my test is of another kind; and if your in minds thus disposed to malevolence. It was passion be of less sincerity than I believe, it tous that Seraphina and myself escaped witb. will sink beneath the trial." " Ah, no!" re. out discovery, though not without that dull plied I; “though death itself should be its raillery of which the Spanish phlegni was certain consequence. Speak, my Seraphina ; || capable, and to wbich we paid but little your silence is an injustice to my love, as it !. regard. seems to reproach me with unwillingness to From this day the love of Seraphina and obey it."

myself was increasd by the mutual persuasion, “Well,” replied she, attend. You need || that what was felt by the one, was likewise not be told, that I am the daughter and only shared by the other; and the gaieties and frechild of the Duke of Medina Coeli; and, there quent entertainments of a court seldom left fore, the heiress of the almost boundless | us without an opportunity of interview. We wealth of my family. You are not, however, were each happy in the fixed confidence of the so well informed of the character of the regard of the other. The satisfaction of Duke, my father. With the pride of a Casti | Seraphina seemed to appear in the increased lian, he has the ambition of a courtier. Our animation of her charms, Every eye could situation requires that there should be no re. pot but perceive the brilliant effect, though serve of confidence. Know ther, that the the cause as yet escaped their penetration. aim of my father's ambition is no less than an | Such was our mutual bappiness in these first Alliance with the royal house itself. The days of our love-llow short, alas! was the duration of this happiness! and into how I am thus commanded to attend. I must not much misery was it as suddenly changed! however, entrust a secret so dangerous to the Cruel, perfidious Philip, thou hated tyrant! slender security of a letter. Our ruin would what guilt of mine could compel thee to an be complete should it fall into the band of our act like this? But tby private vices are not enemy.-Yes, Zamboga, we have an enemy, Jess hateful than thy public crimes-less hate. and an enemy against whom every effort must ful, do I say ; alas! they are more so, as be incffectual. There is a masquerade this treachery concurs with cruelty, and murder evening in the apartments of the Infanta; is aggravated to yet greater guilt, by the ad I shall appear in the mask and habit of dition of lust and perfidy!

Diana; do you be present in that of Apullo, I have mentioned that the happiness of Sera The coufusion of the surrounding inultitude phina and myself were so great as to be visible will give us the desired opportunity of an ioto the whole conrt. This satisfaction, how terview. Be prudent, however, for our lives ever, was of short duration. The appearance would be sacrificed to revenge, and a still of Serapbina suddenly changed. She had a baser passion, should any accideyt betray our look of embarrassment, and even of terror, secret to our powerful enemy.--Yours, which was equally evident with her former

« SERAPHINA." pleasure. Her eyes were filled with tears, and Il “P.S. I sball endeavour to slip a letter her whole air was that of despair and appre | into your hands myself._Trust no one, for bension. It is scarcely possible to conceive the advantage of betraying us would be too what I felt upen what I thus beheld. I was great a temptation to the fidelity of your most equally confounded with the nature and sud approved coufidant. Beware!" denness of the change.-To what circum It is scarcely possible to conceive my mingled stances could it be imputed !Had ber senti. | emotions upon the perosal of this letter ; nor ments changed with regard to inyself? In the can I say myself which of the jarring pasfirst moments of my grief I was disposed to sious was at that moment most predominant. attribute it to something of this mainre. But I was at once the prey of the whole multitude I was soon persuaded that it was an error. of the most painful feelings which can torHer reception of my love, and its usual at. | ture the mind of a perplexed lover, Jealousy, tentions, appeared to have more tenderness; however, prevailed over its rival emotions. and thougl she refused to make me the confi Tu the confused style of Seraphina's billet, I dant of her secret grief, I saw no cause of ap thought that I could penetrate her secret. prehension that her affections had been trans “ She has already mentioned," said I to myferred. By some means, whether from chance, li self, “ that the foible of her father is his exor, as I afterwards suspected, from design, travagant ambition, and that the purpose and though this change of manner was now of the aim of his life is the union of his daughter duration of some days, we had as yet no op- | with Don Carlos. This then," said I, " is the portunity of our usual interviews. We saw secret with which she (hus labours. Don each other only in the middle of the court Carlos, and the King himself, lave been at circle. Seraphina appeared eqnally desirolls length informed of the wishes of his Miniof an interview with myself. She at length sters ; le bas consented, perhaps, to reward contrived to slip a billet into my hands, the their fidelity with this return. Strapbina is contents of which were these :

summoned to the apartment of the Infanta to “ Need I speak of the misery which cannot receive the addresses of the Prince. Her anyescape your siglit. The embarrassment ofbition, perhaps, prevails over her love, and my countenance but faintly expresses the Don Zamboga, the son of a Minister, must be great perplexity of my inind. It is but a few sacrificed to Don Carlos, the beir of the days since that we considered ourselves as King." happy beyond the reach of fortune. You may In a manner thus ingenious, did I endearemenzber that you then reproached my tears ivour to add to the misery of a mind already as un seasonable. Alas! bow short a season too miserable. These suspicions, however, has justified my apprehenions! Yes, Zam yielded to cooler reflections. The effects of buga, there is now no further hope! and our my jealous apprehensions were then dissi. future love can produce but future misery!-- pated; but tbey departed only to leave me in Our hopes must now be succeeded hy despair! | increased perplexity. my tears prevent me from continuing. I ini The interval between tlie hour in which I teudeul to explain myself in this billet, but I had received this billet, and that of the masam summoned to the apartment of the In-ll querade, was consumed in this conflict of con. fanta. it is not, however, by berself that 1 | tending emotions ; my mind was filled with a thousand conjectures, and each appeared serve bis reputation and the decorum of maequally probable The hour at length arrived ; 11 jesty, to destroy all those who had been the I assumed my habit, and departed towards the witnesses of his excesses. But I had a cause scene of the preparing action. In my way to- of terror still more menacing, and which, inwards these apartments I happened to meet | deed, has not missed its effect, for it is the the King. He commanded me to follow bim, | origin of my present fate. and immediately turned into a more private The King, after this acknowledgment that gallery. I could not hesitate to obey. The li my fidelity suited the office of the accomplice King, as I walked by his side, regarded me of his amours, was proceeding to a further for some time in silence. He had an air of explanation of the service he at present experplexity very unusual to the composed gra- 1 pected of me, when he was interrupted by the vity of his countenance. After we had pro approach of the Duke of Alva. It is ibe ceeded sume steps in this mutual silence, he || kuown character of Philip, that he never at length deigned to remark my habit, and del transgresses the stately decorum of his rank. manded of nie for what reason I had assumed He departed therefore with Alva, and if my it?-“Apollo," said he," was a pimp to suspicion was not unjust, he was not without

some alarm, that the Duke inight bave peneracter and insignia to shew your readiness to trated into the subject of our interview. exercise his talents?"-"His talents of pimp-|| I now proceeded to the apartmeots of the ing, Sire!" repeated I, somewhat surprised at Infanta, in which the masques were already this air of raillery, in a man of the austerity assembled. Iu vain, however, did my eyes of Philip." Yes," replied hie; " should a wander in search of Seraphina! Ju vain did I Jupiter deigo to require your assistance in 1 traverse the rooms, and with an impertinance bis pleasures, would you hesitate to cum- | which excited the indignation of its objects, ply"_“Not at all," returned I; “let a examine every mask whose person bore any Jupiter command, aud au Apollo must obey." | resemblance to that of my mistress. My _" Then, in ove word,” said he, “behold search was fruitless, and I was about to retire a Jupiter, one who is wearied with the in despair, when my mistress addressed me. cares of empire, and acknowledges the power Her sudden appearance produced an emotiou of love !-Yes, Don Zamboga, I have not in my mind which vented itself in an expresa seen the ladies of my court without be- ! sion of rapture. Seraphina, with looks of coming sensible to the power of beauty. To alarm, checked this exclomation._“Is this one of them I intend to dedicate the softer | the prudence you promised!" said she.-- Behours of my leisure; I shall employ you as ware, Don Zamboga, or we are discuvered !-my confidant, Your fidelity merits and suits Why are you tous un rasked ?--The King the office."

has entered the apartments ; resume your As I had not lived so long in the court, and mask, we are lost if you are discovered?” I immediately about the person of the King, hesitated not to obey the command of my without having learned his character, I was li mistress, though I could not understand its not surprised at this conversation, and as my cause." What have we to fear from the morals were those of a courtier, I did not King ?” said I, as I resumed my mask.hesitate to promise iny services, and under “ Ruin and death !" replied she.--" Froin took the proposed office. To confess a truth, wbat cause?” said I.-“ From revenge," reI even considered myself as honoured by this I plied she.-" What has be to revenge?” added disgraceful employ, and congratulated myself | 1.-" Injured pride, and disappointed love!" upon the attainment of it as an unexpected returned she.-"Yes, Don Zamboga, that is cast of good fortune." I am now," said I, the cause of my tears and my lost happiness.--“ in the road to preferment !- In the distribu- || The King loves mi-loves me, do I say tion of courtly bounties, tbe most libcral share Alas! the tyrant is incapable of a passion is that of tbuse who promote the pleasures of so generous-he solicits me, however, to his their master. A general or admiral may be purposes, and such is the confidence witb passed over into the list of invalids; the mini which bis rank bas inspired him, that be docs ster to the private amusements of bis So. not admit a doubt of his success Confess vereign is never forgotten.”

now, that my tears are not without cause; cona lo this manner did I reflect upon the ho. fess that our love is now without hope !--- But nourable eminence to wbich I was thug raised. beware, your exclamations may discover and Alas! I little thought how much greater

ruin us !” cause I had for apprehension than for hope.

It was not without reason that Seraphina It was the cruel policy of this tyrant to pre. I thus admonished me to restrain my emotions,

It is impossible to describe my terror and in- || fusion, I will," replied he. In the same modignation upon this discovery. I knew ibat ment he removed his mask, and you may our destruction was inevitable ; for Philip conceive my terror and astonishment, when I would no soover find a resistance to his pas. || beheld the face of the King! sion, than his love would be converted into “ Don Zamboga,” said be, with a grin of inhatred.--" Alas !” said I, “ though your || fernal malice, which could only have belonged virtue may oppose his love, what can elude to bimself or a demon" are you satisfied ?" lis revenge. He is a tyrant whom no laws, "I am,” replied 1 !-You offered your no sense of justice or mercy can restrain from life for this discovery-wbat if I insist upon any act of cruelty. Our condemnation is the price?"-" I expect to pay it,” replied l; therefore already inevitable; nor have we any " and therefore am ready!"_" I have no thing to dread from a discovery; the cruelty of pity, no retuorse," said Philip, with a sneer of our tyrant is as boundless as his power! He blended malice and revenge." My mind is as has nothing of human nature but the form ; dark and as hateful as my couotenance."" his soul cannot be equalled by that of the acknowledge my words," repeated I; “ I blackest demon !- He has no pity, no re neither expect pardon, nor of thee will I' morse! His mind is as dark and hateful as stoop to solicit it. I have one revenge, his countenance!"

I bowever, of which you cannot deprive I was proceeding in this passionate invec. me."_" What is that?” said Philip.-" Tbe tive, when I was interrupted by a motion of love of Seraphina," replied I." And to that the arra of Seraphina, who, with looks of the love," rejoined Philip, “ you must fall a greatest alarm directed my attention to the victim. But farewell; return to Serapbioa, corner of the apartment. In the course of ll and tell her that you have proved yourself the conversation I have just related, Sera- | the best runner. Farewell, Don Zamboga. phina and myself bad insensibly retired My cruelty is as boundless as my power.-I fron the surrounding company, and gained a have nothing of manhood but the form.-Go, more private part of the apartment. We were farewell, Don Zamboga." now in a recess of one of the less public ! With these words, aud a sneer of malignity, rooms, when my mistress ihus summoned my ll did the King take his leave; and I retired to regards to an object, which had hitherto seek Seraphina. There is a fortitude which escaped the observation both of her and my despair inspires.-Such was the resolution 1 self. This was the mask of a Satyr, in the now felt. I was conscious that I had nothing darker corner of the recess. The apprehen to bope. The malignity of Philip was too sion of Seraphina was justified by the manner tixed, and his black passions were too furiof this mask, who appeared to bave heard ously awakened to Icave any hope of safety; I the whole of our preceding conversation : and must fall either beneath the band of the assas. who, perceiving himself discovered, eode: - sin, or be condemned by some of the instruvoured to escape. Irritated at the dan ments of bis tyramy, and become the victim gerous curiosity of this impertinent, and

of uppression, under the name of justice. with some bopes, perhaps, of preveut These reflections passed through my mind ing the effects of bis discovery by making |

with the rapidity of my former passions. The the offer of a bribe, or other advantage,

i certainty of my approaching fate bad sumI resolved to opposse bis purpose, and at. moned up all the powers of my soul, and tempted to confine him to the recess. He triomphed, as it were, in my superiority to had the dexterity, however, to elude this ai. the tyrant who menaced me. With these sentempt; but I still continued to pursile, con timents I left the presence of the King, and scious of the danger of thus perunitting his departed in search of my mistress. My search escape. He slipped from my grasp several | was for some time fruitless, as the multitude tines, but I at length caught him in my | of company wası now so great as to intercept arnis. He continued to wrestle with me all sight. At length, however, I succeeded, with strength and perseverance, but I inain | and found her in the alarm in which I had tained my hold.-"I will see your face,” | left her when I departed in pursuit of the said I, “though it cost me my life!"-"You! King. sball be satisfied,” said he;" but remember, it shall be at that expence!"-" I care not,"

(To be continued.) replied I; “ unmask!”_" To your con

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