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pockets drawn and ornamented with white; found it impossible to render them polite. An satin ribband, have an exceedingly elegant and ordinance was therefore published according to novel effect, and are much to be preferred to their notions of breeding, which, as it is a the ridicule so long in vogue.

curiosity, we shall give our readers :For the Opera, blue or white satin short 1. The person at whose house the assembly pelisses, trimmed with dead silver or gold; with || is to be kept, shall signify the same by hang. massy gold chains and bracelets, broocheding out a bill, or by giving some other public with emeralds or amethysts, and crosses to cor- | notice, by way of advertisement, to persons of respond ; and gold or silver bands or nets for both sexes. the hair, which is dressed iu full, large, round 2. The assembly shall not be opened sooner curls over the face, and divided on one side by than four or five o'clock in the afternou, nor a diamond, pearl, or ornamental comb. continue longer than ten at vight. Hair knots are just introduced, in embroi

3. The master of the house shall not be dered Jace, with gold or silver thread, form obliged to meet his guests, or conduct ing a light rosette, to be disposed among them out, or to keep them company.; but the hair accordiog to fancy.

thought he is exempt from all this, he is to Short dresses, or draperies of coloured net

find them chairs, candle, liquor, and all other worn over wbite satin, embroidered with co

necessaries the company may ask for; he is Joured silk, silver, or gold thread, form very | likewise to provide them with cards, dice, and pretty fall, or dancing dresses.

every necessary for gaming. Long sleeves are as general as ever 3


4. There shall be no fixed hour for coming, neck is always shaded by lace or satin tip

or going away, it is enough for a person to pets, trimmed with gold.

appear in the assembly. In respect to jewellery, the most fashionable

5. Every one shall be free to sit, walk, or combs are made in gold set with lope de pêrle; gaine as he pleases, nor shall any one go, bands for the hair are made in the same, set in about to hinder him, or take exceptions af. gold, as are necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and

what he does, upon pain of emptying the great earrings. Garnet rings are much admired, set eagle (a piut bowl full of brandy). It shall ju gold after the antique. Watches are worn likewise be sufficient, at entering or retiring, very small, thickly and richly embossed; in

to salute the company. short, nothing is admitted to be novel in

6. Persons of distinction, noblemen, su. jewellery that was not worn some hundred | perior officers, merchants, and tradesmen of

note, head workmen, especially carpenters, The prevailing colours are lavender, faded and persons employed in chancery, are to have riolet, silver grey, purple, pluio, and crim- liberty to enter the assemblies, as likewise their

wives and children.

7. A particular place shall be assigned the RUSSIAN ASSEMBLIES.

footmen, except those of the house, that there When Catharina Alexowna was made Em- | may be room enough in the apartments depress of Russia, the women were in a state of signed for the assembly. bondage, but sbe undertook to introduce 8. No ladies are to get drunk upon any premixed assemblies, as io other parts of Europe; tence whatsoever, nor shall gentlemen be drunk she altered the women's dress by substituting before nine. the fashions of England; instead of furs, she 9. Ladies who play at forfeitures, questions, brought in the use of tafeta and damask, and and commands, &c. shall not be noisy or riot. cornets and commodes instead of caps of ous; no gentleman shall attempt to force a sable. The women now found themselves no kiss, and no person shall offer to strike a longer shut up in separate apartments, but woman in the assembly, under pain of future saw company, visited each other, and were exclusion. present at every entertainment.

Sucb are the statutes upon this occasion, But as laws to this effect were directed to a whicb in their very appearance, carry an air of savage people, it is amusing enough, the man. ridicule and satire. But politeness must enter ver in which the ordinances run. Assemblies every country by degrees, and these rules re. were quite unknown among them, the Czarina semble the breeding of a clown, aukward, but was satisfied with introducing ibene, for she sincere,

years back.


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