The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Band 3

G: Bell and sons, 1883

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Seite 235 - graunt mercy of youre loore, But nathelees, as touchyng Daun Catoun, That hath of wysdom swich a greet renoun, Though that he bad no dremes for to drede, By God, men may in olde bookes rede Of many a man...
Seite 245 - And so bifel that, as he caste his ye, Among the wortes, on a boterflye, He was war of this fox that lay ful lowe. No-thing ne liste him thanne for to crowe, But cryde anon, "cok, cok," and up he sterte, As man that was affrayed in his herte.
Seite 238 - And certes, in the same book I rede, Right in the nexte chapitre after this, (I gabbe nat, so have I joye or blis...
Seite 125 - And eek also, wher-as he saugh thimage Of Cristes moder, had he in usage, As him was taught, to knele adoun and seye His Ave Marie as he goth by the weye.
Seite 256 - And keep it al-so clenly as thou may; Al-though his cage of gold be never so gay, Yet hath this brid, by twenty thousand fold, Lever in a forest, that is rude and cold, Gon ete wormes and swich wrecchednesse.
Seite 90 - Thanne peyne I me to strecche forth the nekke, And est and west upon the peple I bekke, As dooth a dowve sittynge on a berne. Myne handes and my tonge goon so yerne That it is joye to se my bisynesse.
Seite 248 - The gees for fere flowen over the trees; Out of the hyve cam the swarm of bees; So hidous was the noyse, a! benedicite! Certes, he Jakke Straw, and his meynee, Ne made never shoutes half so shrille, Whan that they wolden any Fleming kille, As thilke day was maad upon the fox.
Seite 249 - Lo, swich it is for to be recchelees And necligent, and truste on flaterye. But ye that holden this tale a folye, As of a fox, or of a cok and hen, Taketh the moralite, goode men.
Seite 233 - O herte dere, What eyleth yow, to grone in this manere? Ye been a verray sleper, fy for shame!' And he answerde and seyde thus, 'madame, I pray yow, that ye take it nat a-grief: By god, me mette I was in swich...
Seite 266 - Crist, and to the regne of glorie./ Of whiche weyes, ther is a ful noble wey and a ful covenable, which may nat fayle to man ne to womman that thurgh synne hath mysgoon fro the righte wey of Jerusalem celestial;/ and this wey is cleped Penitence...

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