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public, is believed to belong to that class of teachers, who, " though dead,” ought to be permitted to “speak” for the good of survivors, and of souls yet to be born. His sermons are thought to possess characteristics, which fit them for permanent usefulness. They will bear repeated perusal—an invaluable quality, for which the scriptures of truth are preeminently distinguished. Familiarity with them will not detract from the reader's estimate of their worth ; on the contrary, the more frequently these sermons are read, the more will their excellencies be developed, and the more highly will they be prized. Such, at least, has been the effect on the superintendents of this publication, of those repeated perusals which the collation and printing of its contents rendered unavoidable. Their high character as compositions, it is hoped, will gain for them a degree of attention from a class of persons, who bore no sympathy in the sentiments of the departed preach

The church, whose members were best qualified, from their relation to the author, to appreciate his discourses, early took measures to secure the publication of this volume; and it is not doubted that their conduct, and the judgment on which it proceeded, will receive the hearty sanction of the religious community ;-to whom and God's blessing it is confidently commended.


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