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VII. HISTORY OF THE USEFUL ARTS. In giving an account of the application of science to the Arts of Life, the Editors are sufficiently conscious of the importance and difficulty of their task. The various machines and processes, perpetually obtruded on our notice, are not unfrequently the copies of useless and forgotten inventions; and, even when distinguished by novelty or genius, they are seldom intelligible to the general reader. I'he studied obscurity and conciseness of the patentee, and the inability of iHiterate mechanics to communicate their sentiments and plans, otherwise than in the dark and technical phraseology of their profession, have rendered uninteresting a branch of science, which has the most immediate influence on the happiness and advancement of our species. In detailing, therefore, the annual progress of the Useful Arts, the Editors will select from the shapeless mass which has accumulated during the year, and will describe only those machines which are ingenious and useful, and those processes in Agriculture and Manufactures which have received the sanction of observation and experiment. By thus concentrating the loose materials which are dispersed through the pages of periodical works, and by endeavouring to obtain Original Communications from the Inventors themselves, many valuable discoveries may be rescued from oblivion, while the ingenious and unfriended artist is honoured with the reward of national gratitude

VIII. HISTORY OF THE ATMOSPHERE, or Progress of Meteorology. The present imperfect state of Meteorological Science will render this department of our Work peculiarly interesting and useful. A judicious collection of atmospherical phenomena, is the sole foundation for a sober and lasting theory, and can only be obtained from the enthusiasm and diligence of ingenious observers. By marking, therefore, the density, temperature, and humidity of our atmosphere ;-by noting the variations of the tides, the temperature of springs, and the force and direction of the winds ;-by recording the more brilliant and terrific changes among the elements, which issue in the thunderbolt and the meteor ;-by recording these and other aërial phenomena, we may expect a rich harvest of discovery, and contribute to give form and stability to an infant science.

IX. COMMERCIAL, FINANCIAL, AND STATISTICAL TABLES; comprehending Prices of Stocks, Grain, and general Merchandise. Concerning these articles, the Editors can only promise their utmost endeavours to render them at once accurate and comprehensive.

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