Computational Molecular Biology

Sorin Istrail, Pavel Pevzner, Ron Shamir
Gulf Professional Publishing, 2003 - 177 Seiten
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This volume contains papers demonstrating the variety and richness of computational problems motivated by molecular biology. The application areas within biology that give rise to the problems studied in these papers include solid molecular modeling, sequence comparison, phylogeny, evolution, mapping, DNA chips, protein folding and 2D gel technology. The mathematical techniques used are algorithmics, combinatorics, optimization, probability, graph theory, complexity and applied mathematics.

This is the fourth volume in the Discrete Applied Mathematics series on computational molecular biology, which is devoted to combinatorial and algorithmic techniques in computational molecular biology. This series publishes novel research results on the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of the inherently discrete aspects of computational biology.

Key features:

. protein folding
. phylogenetic inference
. 2-dimensional gel analysis
. graphical models for sequencing by hybridisation
. dynamic visualization of molecular surfaces
. problems and algorithms in sequence alignment

This book is a reprint of Discrete Applied Mathematics Volume 127, Number 1.


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Point matching under nonuniform distortions
Dynamic maintenance and visualization of molecular surfaces
Point placement on the line by distance data
On the consistency of the minimum evolution principle of phylogenetic inference
Algorithm for statistical alignment of two sequences derived from a Poisson sequence length distribution
Recognizing DNA graphs is difficult
boosting iterated dynamic programming using locally suboptimal solutions
Aligning two fragmented sequences
The algorithmics of folding proteins on lattices
Approximate protein folding in the HP side chain model on extended cubic lattices

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