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Saxon lineage.

LAVINIA COUNTESS OF SPENCER, the rose superior to their enmity, and in 1598 subject of our present biography, is a lady he was sent back with the dignity of Marno less distinguished for the family she has shal of Irelaud and General of Leinster. He married into than for that from which she only left a daughter; but his rauk and is descended. The ancient stock of Bing-l power enabled him to provide for a broham was seated in England long before ther, the ancestor of the object of our prethe Normau conquest, and is of undoubted sent biography.

Unlike families of later George Bingham was Governor of Sligo, date, though still of remote autiquity, they

where he was accompanied by his brother did not derive their name from their lands Sir Richard; but a discontented officer but to these lands, their original seat in having delivered up the castle to O'Donnel Somersetshire, they gave the patronymic | and a party of Irishi rebels, the two brothers

, designation of Sulton Bingham. On the with a few faithful adherents

, were obliged removal of the elder branch into Dorset- to cut their way through the Curlew shire, soon after the Norman accession, the mountains in the county of Ruscommon. family custom was still preserved, and their His son, Sir Henry Binghan, of Castlebar, newly acquired possessions assumed the was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in name of Bingham's Melcombe.

1632 by Charles I.; and his son, Sir George, Iu the reign of Heury I. Sir John de the second Baronet, having married to his Bingham was knighted by that monarch; secoud wire a daughter of Sir Hugh Middleand after a long and respectable descent, 101, to whose enterprizing spirit the city of we meet, in the reign of Elizabeth, withi | London is indebted for its present copious Sir Richard de Bingham, who was the first supply of one of the first necessaries of life, founder of the Irish brauch. He is describ- had a younger son, George Binghain, whose ed not only as the most emivent person

son, Sir Jolin, became the fifth Baronet; he hitherto of his family, but as one of the best

was appointed Governor of the county of officers of his time; and having been sent

Mayo, aud was also elected its representaby the Queen into Ireland in 1586, he was

tive in Parliament. He by his marriage not highly instrumental in quelling some of the only brought a claim to the Lucan title into most powerful and rebellious chieftaios. Iu the family, but also gave it a descent from all ages we find that superior werit has royalty, his wife being Aune, daughter of met with a superior degree of envy; it is Agmondesham Vesey, Esq. and Lady not surprizing, therefore, that Sir Richard's Charlotte Sarsfield, sole daughter of Wilenemies should have succeeded so far as to iam Earl of Lucan, and Mary, a natural procure his recal; bis virtues, however, daughter of Charles II.

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This Sir John, in consequence of ins and of whom there is this curious and conmarriage, became the adherent of the Stuart scientious fact on record, that he was so family, and we are told by cotemporary just and honest, and of so pious a disposi. historians, that his military skill and address tion, that in his will he requested his ex. at the siege of Limerick obliged King Wil ecutors to recompense every one that could liam to raise the siege, and thus led to the lawfully, prove, or could make oath, that ratification of the Articles of Limerick. He || Sir John had injured him in any manner was, shortly after this, killed at the battle | whatever; to this he added, that he had no of Landau, in Flanders; but his second || injury done to another in his remembrance, son, Sir Charles, was the seventh Baronet, but that he had rather charge their souls and he having very patriotically discarded than his own should be in danger! His the prejudices of his ancestors, was elevated son was Sir Robert Speucer, the first Peer, to the dignity of the Peerage of Ireland, of whom a cotemporary author declared :by the title of Lord Lucan, in 1770. By “ Spencer (like the old Roman chosen his lady, Margaret, daughter and coheir of | Dictator from his farm) made the country James Smith, Esq. of Cannon's Leigh, ) a virtuous court, where his fields and flocks Devonshire, he had several children, and brought him more calm and happy conhis eldest daughter was Lavinia, the sub- || tentment than the various and mutable disject of our present biography.

pensations of a court can contribute; and The Hon. Lavinia Bingham even in her when he was called to the senate, was more earliest youth gave ample promise of future vigilant to keep the people's liberties from excellence, and though we can say nothing being a prey to the enervating power of further of hier juvenile days than that they | monarchy, than his harmless and tender were occupied in acquiring every elegant | lambs from foxes aud ravenous creatures." accomplishment both of the heart and | From him came Henry, the third Lord head, in the circle of domestic felicity, and Spencer and first Earl of Sunderland, who under the shade of parental propriety, yet || married Lady Dorothy Sidney, daughter it is not irrelevant to observe, that these of the Earl of Leicester, and the celebrated very circumstances marked her out as the | Sacharissa of the poet Waller. From this object of choice to a young nobleman who, | marriage with a lady so distinguished for in addition to his own inestimable qualities, | uncommou beauty, virtue, merit, and acmay justly consider much of his respecta- || complishments, was descended Charles the bility in life as arising from the propriety of third Earl of Sunderland, who married This early choice. Having said that this Lady Anne, daughter and co-heir of the pair were expressly fitted for each other, || great Duke of Marlborough: the third son we shall not intrude on the modesty of of this marriage inherited his father's title, female feeling by expatiating further on and also that of the Duke of Marlborough; 'her Ladyship's mental excellencies, but and the fourth son, John, who was first prove and elucidate them by a sketch of that Viscount Althorpe, iuherited from his congenial mind to which she is united. grandmother, Sarah, the famous Duchess,

As a consciousness of a virtuous and ho- | the office of Ranger and Keeper of Windsor nourable ancestry must always be consi- || Great Park, the only place which by her dered as a powerful stimulus to moderu will he could accept. His charaoter was virtue, our readers will excuse us for going || highly honourable to his descendants, and back to the origin of the family of Despen- || we are told that his death was justly lacer, which was of voble degree in Nor- mented as a national loss, for his private mandy long before the Conquest. Robert munificence and his steady adherence to Despencer was steward to William Duke the real interest of his couutry, having of Normandy, an honourable post in those constantly concurred in the senate with days, and always lield by the first nobility; those who endeavoured to promote its he accompanied hiin in his claim to the liberty and welfare. He married Lady English throne, and from him in an ho- Georgina ('arolise, daugbter of Joha Car. noarable descent was Sir John Spencer | teret, Earl of Granville, and his son was the who was knighted by King Henry VIII. \ first Earl of Spencer in 1765. He married

Margaret Georgiana, daughter of Stephen | beaked and legged or; the supporters, Poyutz, Esq. of Midgham, Berkshire, a added on the elevation to the Peerage, are lady whose taste for the fine arts induced two wolves rampaut azure, collared and her to patronize Flaxman in his elegant chained or; and the family motto Spes mea works illustrative of the Iliad and Odyssey, Christus, “ Christ is my hope ;" but these a patronage highly honourable to the sex, ordinaries are not borne by her, the shield and to which the learned world are much only being impaled along with the martial indebted. Of this marriage was George arms of Spencer. We have already preJohn, the present Earl of Spencer, born in mised that the allusive and figurative mean1758, and also a daughter, the late admiredings supposed to be attached to the first Duchess of Devonshire.

assumption of any particular coat of arms, When Viscount Althorpe, his Lordship || by the first founder of a family, cannot be was much distinguished even in early youth considered as having an absolute reference for the excellence of his private character, to all his descendants; it will, however, and we are told that he did not give in to serve at least to amuse, to compare these the dissipation of the times, a circumstance allusions with their descendants, our cowhich most probably induced him to make temporaries, and to investigate what may an early marriage. With equal propriety be called an armorial physiognomy. Let has it been said that it was also peculiarly us then examine it in the present case. fortunate for his Lordship that his choice The blazon of the shield is allusive to jvas fixed on one of the most amiable young beauty, sweetness of disposition, * and women of the age, the Hon. Lavinia Bing- : vobleness of mind. The blazon of the ham, to whom he was united in 1781, and by 1 ordinaries of the field is the most noble of wbom he has three sons and one daughter. metals and superior to the colours; it is

The public and private life of his Lord- il the emblem of faith, and therefore in strict ship are too well known to require our consonance with the motto ; it is also the eulogium. His conduct when First Lord emblem of gentleness, clemency, and humi. of the Admiralty rendered him highly po- lity, and therefore in appropriate consonpular in the service, and her Ladyship was ance with the disposition of the fair bearer; no less so, from the politeness and urbanity need we add also constancy, purity of inwhich always distinguished her conduct tention, and rectitude of heart? for of all towards those Officers who were the par

these it is a symbol. takers of his Lordship's official hospitality.

But our fair readers will recollect that A line of battle ship has been called after | there is not only a simple, but also a comhis Lordship, and a frigate, the Larinia, pound allusion in the union of metals and alter Lady Spencer; and it is rather a colours; so that azure accompanied by or, whimsical circuinstance that so great and as in the present instance, signified “joyful so rapid was the increase of the navy un in riches, and pleasant in conversation." der his Lordship's administration, that it | The bend is to prompt the inclination of was difficult to find names for the new the bearer to study the virtues of their ships, so that six of our finest frigates, built aucestors; and the cross seems to have and launched at the same time, actually li been assumed either at the period of the received their nomenclature, as we are told, Crusades, or perhaps at the first conversion from six of her Ladyship's favourite spa- of the family to Christianity, to which it niels! an incident as complimentary to her evidently alludes, as the family is known Ladyship as the cause of it was honour

to be of Saxon desceut. able to the official character of her Lord. We thus complete our task for this

Ilaving initiated our fair readers iuto the mouth, both as genealogists and heralds; Freemasonry of heraldry, a sketch of the and as that task is the recording of virtue, armorial bearings of the timmily of this Lady

shall resume it with redoubled pleasure in will not be out of its place. The original

successive Numbers. shield is azure, a bend cotized between six

* By referring to Nos. 13, and 14, our fair crosses pattee or; the crest a hawk with

readers will see that we do not exaggerate for the wiugs expanded proper, ou a mouut vert, I sake of dartery.

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