The London journal of arts and sciences (and repertory of patent inventions) [afterw.] Newton's London journal of arts and sciences

William Newton

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Seite 47 - England is now used and that a seal in Scotland after the union be always kept and made use of in all things relating to private rights or grants which have usually passed the great seal of Scotland and which only concern offices grants commissions and private rights within that kingdom...
Seite 370 - Lancaster, manager of the Waterside Works, for improvements in machinery or apparatus for preparing cotton and other fibrous substances, — parts of which improvements are applicable to machinery used in weighing.
Seite 198 - One of the points of enquiry to which their attention was specially directed, was to ascertain the sort of bursting produced by a gradual increase of pressure ; and, after several decisive experiments, they came to the conclusion that all the circumstances attending the most violent explosions may occur without a sudden increase of pressure within a boiler. — This gradually increased pressure may result from the accidental failure of the apparatus intended to relieve it, or from this being intentionally...
Seite 299 - Manager. for Certain improvements in machinery or apparatus for preparing and spinning cotton and other fibrous materials, and also improvements in the preparation of yarns or threads, and in the machinery or apparatus for weaving the same.
Seite 265 - Middlesex, merchant(i/br improvements in the construction of the bearings of railway engines, and railway and other carriages now in use.
Seite 195 - appointed to examine into the causes of the explosions of the boilers used on board of steam-boats, and to devise the most effectual means of preventing the accidents, or of diminishing the extent of their injurious effects...
Seite 41 - ... of an inch thick, and about thirty inches in length, with a few inches at one end of each ingot gradually reduced in thickness in the manner of a wedge. I also cast tin either into similar ingots of the same, or nearly the same, dimensions, as the aforesaid ingots of lead, or the tin may be cast into long thin strips of nearly the same width as the aforesaid ingots of lead, and between...
Seite 136 - Judge declined to nonsuit, and directed a verdict for the amount claimed to be entered for the plaintiff, with leave to the defendant to move to enter a nonsuit or verdict.
Seite 156 - William Edward Newton, of the Office for Patents, 66, Chancery Lane, in the county of Middlesex, civil engineer, for a certain improvement or improvements in the construction of wheels, — being a communication.
Seite 47 - And be it enacted, that the great seal of Ireland may, if his majesty shall so think fit, after, the Union, be used in like manner as before the Union, except where it is otherwise provided by the foregoing articles, within that part of the united kingdom called

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