Transactions of the Session of the Medical Society of the State of California, Band 8

J. Anthony & Company, Printers., 1878

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Seite 245 - Presidents, when called upon, shall assist the President in the performance of his duties, and, during the absence, or at the request of the president, one of them shall officiate in his place.
Seite 248 - Librarian must constitute a part, shall have charge of preparing for the press, and of publishing and distributing such of the proceedings, transactions, and memoirs of the Association as may be ordered to be published.
Seite 243 - State, county and district medical society entitled to representation shall have the privilege of sending to the Association one delegate for every ten of its regular resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half that number...
Seite 173 - Davy. Previous to the administration of the gas he inserted a small pocket thermometer under the tongue of the patient, as he was accustomed to do upon such occasions, to ascertain the degree of animal temperature, with a view to future comparison.
Seite 100 - The greatness of it therefore, at the foundling hospitals, may justly be laid to the account of institutions which encourage a mother to desert her child, at the very time when of all others it stands most in need of her fostering care. The frail tenure by which an infant holds its life will not allow of a remitted attention, even for a few hours.
Seite 174 - ... of its benign influence throughout his whole body : the opportunity was too tempting to be lost; Davy cast an intelligent glance at Mr. Coleridge, and desired his patient to renew his visit on the following day, when the same ceremony was performed...
Seite 247 - States generally, during the term of their service. " The Committee on Surgery shall prepare an annual report on all the important improvements in the management of surgical diseases effected in America during the year.
Seite 69 - He thinks, as just now stated, "that it begins as a local disease, and develops afterwards into a general one; and that, moreover, the general infection is kept up by the local one.
Seite 247 - The Committee on Practical Medicine shall prepare an annual report on the more important improvements effected in this State in the management of individual diseases, and on the progress of epidemics ; referring, as occasion requires, to medical topography, and to the character of prevailing diseases in special localities, during the term of their service.
Seite 252 - ... the titles of the institutions which they represent. 3. The calling of the roll. 4. The election of officers. 5. The reading of minutes. 6. The reception of members not present at the opening of the meeting, and the reading of notes from absentees. 7. The reception of members by invitation. 8. The reading and consideration of the stated annual reports from the standing committees.

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