Education, Band 36

New England Publishing Company, 1916

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Seite 351 - I wish to make is this: McKinley gave Rowan a letter to be delivered to Garcia; Rowan took the letter and did not ask, "Where is he at?
Seite 277 - One who never turned his back but marched breast forward, Never doubted clouds would break, Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph, Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, Sleep to wake.
Seite 309 - A school or schools shall be established in each county by the legislature for the convenient instruction of youth, with such salaries to the masters paid by the public as may enable them to instruct youth at low prices: And all useful learning shall be duly encouraged and promoted in one or more universities.
Seite 242 - Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye tithe mint and anise and cummin, and have left undone the weightier matters of the law, justice, and mercy, and faith : but these ye ought to have done, and not to have left the other undone.
Seite 66 - Secondary schools in the States of Central America, South America, and the West Indies. Anna T. Smith. No. 27. Opportunities for foreign students at colleges and universities in the United States.
Seite 168 - Homer ruled as his demesne ; Yet did I never breathe its pure serene Till I heard Chapman speak out loud and bold : Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken ; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He stared at the Pacific — and all his men Look'd...
Seite 589 - The emancipation of women, which occurred in many countries during the latter part of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th.
Seite 407 - Soviets' propaganda and subversion, their threats and their pleas, their boasts and their offers are designed to make us abandon our policy of deterrence and ourselves destroy its very foundation — our military strength. Indeed, military strength is not an end in itself, but it Is an indispensable means in protecting our heritage until a truly lasting peace can be assured. Our goal is a world in which all peoples will have the opportunity to choose for themselves the political and economic conditions...
Seite 368 - If a teacher, no matter how unfit, cannot be dropped from the list without the approval of a board or committee after they have heard from her friends and sympathizers, she will remain indefinitely in the service. This means a low tone in the teaching force and desolation in the work of the schools. If the superintendent accepts the situation, he becomes less and less capable of developing a professional teaching service. If he refuses to accept it, he is very likely to meet humiliation. Dismissal...
Seite 351 - By the Eternal! there is a man whose form should be cast in deathless bronze and the statue placed in every college of the land. It is not book-learning young men need, nor instruction about this and that, but a stiffening of the vertebrae which will cause them to be loyal to a trust, to act promptly, concentrate their energies: do the thing— "Carry a message to Garcia.

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