The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer: With an Essay Upon His Language and Versification, an Introductory Discourse, Notes, and a Glossary, Band 3

W. Pickering and R. and S. Prowett, 1822

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Seite 21 - Allas! the shorte throte, the tendre mouth, Maketh that est and west and north and south, In erthe, in eir, in water, men to-swinke To gete a glotoun deyntee mete and drinke! Of this matere, O Paul, wel canstow trete: " Mete un-to wombe, and wombe eek un-to mete, Shal God destroyen bothe,
Seite 197 - I dar wel leye a grote, That ye shul have a fevere terciane, Or an agu, that may be youre bane.
Seite 201 - And eek the hostiler so sore engyned, That thay biknewe hir wikkednesse anoon, And were an-hanged by the nekke-boon. Here may men seen that dremes been to drede.
Seite 214 - Ne made never shoutes half so shrille, Whan that they wolden any Fleming kille, As thilke day was maad upon the fox.
Seite 207 - But sodeinly him fil a sorweful cas; For ever the latter ende of joye is wo. God...
Seite 188 - And on a day befell, that in that houre, Whan that his mete wont was to be brought, The gailer shette the dores of the toure ; He hered it wel, but he spake right nought. And in his herte anon ther...
Seite 205 - Now let us speke of mirthe, and stinte al this; Madame Pertelote, so have I blis, Of o thing god hath sent me large grace; For whan I see the beautee of your face, Ye ben so scarlet-reed about your yen, It maketh al my drede for to dyen; For, also siker as In principio, M-ulier est hominis confusio; Madame, the sentence of this Latin is — Womman is mannes joye and al his blis.
Seite 15 - Of patriarkes, and bishoppes I shewe; And in Latyn I speke a wordes fewe, To saffron with my predicacioun, And for to stire men to devocioun.
Seite 62 - Twyes a day it passed thurgh his throte. To scoleward and homward whan he wente ; On Cristes moder set was his entente. As I have seyd...
Seite 219 - Bare of thy body (and dweltest maiden pure) The creatour of every creature. Assembled is in thee magnificence With mercy, goodnesse, and with...

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