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jesty's Illness, should be committed to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, together with the sole Direction of such Portion of His Majesty's Household, as shall be deemed requisite and suitable for the due Attendance on His Majesty's Sacred Person, and the Maintenance of His Royal Dignity; and that, for the better enabling Her Majesty to discharge this, important Trust, it is also expedient, that a Council should be appointed to advise and assist Her Majesty, in the several Matters aforesaid, and with Power, from Time to Time, as they may fee Cause, to examine upon Oath the Physicians and others, attending His Majesty's Person, touching the State, of His Majesty's Health, and all Matters relative thereto.

ORDERED, That the Lord President and the Lord Privy Seal do attend His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, with the several Resolutions agreed to by both Houses of Parliament, for the Purpose of supplying the Defect of the personal Exercise of the Royal Authority during His Majesty's Illness, on the Part of the Lords; with Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Secretary Ryder, Mr. Robert Dundas, and the Master of the Rolls, appointed to attend His Royal Highness on the Part of the Commons.

Die Veneris, 11° Januarij 1811. THE Lord President reported, That he, and the

Lord Privy Seal, had (according to Order) waited on His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, with the Resolutions of both Houses of Parliament; and that His Royal Highness was pleased to return the following Answer:

My Lords and Gentlemen,
I RECEIVE the Communication which the Two

Houses have directed you to make to me of their joint Resolutions on the Subject of providing for

The Exercise of the Royal Authority during His " Majesty's Illness," with those Sentiments of Regard which I must ever entertain for the united Defires of the Two Houses.

With the same Sentiments I received the expressed “ Hopes of the Lords and Commons, that, from my " Regard for the Interest of His Majesty and the “ Nation, I should be ready to undertake the weighty “' and important Trust proposed to be invested in 6 me," under the Restrictions and Limitations stated in those Resolutions.

Conscious that every Feeling of my Heart would have prompted me, from dutiful Affection to my beloved Father and Sovereign, to have shewn all the reverential Delicacy towards Him inculcated in these Resolutions, I cannot refrain from expressing my Regret that I should not have been allowed the Opportunity of manifesting to His afflicted and loyal Subjects that such would have been my Conduct.

Deeply impressed, however, with the Necessity of tranquillizing the Public Mind, and determined to submit to every personal Sacrifice, consistent with the Regard I owe to the Security of my Father's Crown, and the equal Regard I owe to the Welfare of His People, I do not hesitate to accept the Office and Situation proposed to me, restricted as they are, still retaining every Opinion expressed by me upon a former and similar distressing Occasion.

In undertaking the Trust proposed to me, I am well aware of the Difficulties of the Situation in which I shall be placed ; but I shall rely with Confi


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[7] dence upon the constitutional Advice of an enlight. ened Parliament, and the zealous Support of a generous and loyal People. I will use all the Means left to me to merit both.

My Lords and Gentlemen, You will communicate this my Answer to the Two Houses, accompanied by my most fervent Wishes and Prayers that the Divine Will may extri. cate us and the Nation from the grievous Embarrassments of our present Condition, by the speedy Restoration of His Majesty's Health.





By the Lords Spiritual and Temporal,

and Commons,






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