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and particularly by the brilliant Part which they bore in the Repulse of the Enemy at Buzaco.

We can assure Your Royal Highness, that You may rely on our enabling You to continue the most effectual Aslistance to the brave Nations of the Peninsula, in the Support of a Contest which they manifest a Determination to maintain with unabated Perseverance; being fully persuaded, that the best Interests of the British Empire must be deeply affected in the Iffue of this Contest, on which the Liberties and Independence of the Spanish and Portuguese Nations entirely depend. **We acknowledge with all possible Thankfulness, the Goodness of Your Royal Highness, in informing us, that Discussions are now depending between this Country and the United States of America; and we participate in Your Royal Highness's earnest Wish that You may find Yourself enabled to bring them to an amicable Termination, consistent with the Honour of His Majesty's Crown, and the Maritime Rights and Interests of the United Kingdom.

We beg to be allowed to express to Your Royal Highness, how deeply we are impressed with the Convi&tion that the most anxious Wish of Your Royal Highness's Heart is to be enabled to restore into the Hands of His Majesty unimpaired, the Government of His Kingdom; and we most earnestly join in the Prayers of Your Royal Highness, that the Almighty may be pleased in His Mercy to accelerate the Termination of a Calamity so deeply lamented by the whole Nation, and so peculiarly afflicting to Your Royal Highness,


His ROYAL HIGHNESS's most Gracious


MY LORDS, I THANK you for this very loyal and affectionate Address.

Such a Proof of dutiful and loyal Attachment to His Majesty, and of Confidence in Myself, is, at a Moment like the present, peculiarly gratifying to Me.

I RECEIVE with Satisfaction the Asurances of your Asistance and Support, as they must contribute most essentially, under the Blessing of Divine Providence, to promote My anxious Endeavours for the Safety, Welfare, and Prosperity of His Majesty's Dominions.









Signed at Rio de Janeiro, the 9th February 1810.


Em Nome da Santissima, e Indivizivel Trindade. CUA Magestade El Rey do Reino Unido da U Grande Bretanha e Irlanda, e Sua Alteza Real O Principe Regente de Portugal estando Convencidos das Vantagens, que as Duas Corôas tem tirado da perfeita Harmonia e Amizade, que entre: Ellas subsiste ha quatro Seculos, de huma maneira igualmente honroza á Bôa-Fé, Moderação, e Justiça de Ambas as partes, e reconhecendo os importantes, e filizes effeitos, que a Sua mutua Alliança tem produzido na prezente Crise, durante a qual Sua Alteza Real, O Principe Regente de Portugat (firmemente unido á Causa da Grande Bretanha, tanto pelos Seus proprios Principios, como pelo exemplo de Seus Augustos Antepassados) tem constantemente recebido de Sua Mageftade Britannica omais generoso, e disinteressado Soccorro, e Ajuda, tanto em Portugal, como nos Seus outros Dominios, Determinárão, em beneficio de Seus respectivos Estados, e Vassalos, fazer hum folemne Tratado de Amizade, e Alliança ; para cujo fim Sua Magestade : El Rey do Reino Unido da Grande Bretanha, e. Irlanda, e Sua Alteza Real O Principe Regente de Portugal, Nomeară o por Seus respectivos Com. missarios, e Plenipotenciarios, isto he, Sua Mages. tade Britannica ao Muito Illustre, e Muito Excele, lente Senhor Percy Clinton Sydney, Lord, Vis."


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