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My Lords, and Gentlemen, We are commanded by His Royal Highness to declare to you, that it is the most anxious Wish of His Heart, that He may be enabled to restore unimpaired into the Hands of His Majesty the Government of His Kingdom; and that His Royal Highness earnestly prays, that the Almighty may be pleased in His Mercy to accelerate the Termi. nation of a Calamity so deeply lamented by the whole Nation, and so peculiarly afflicting to His Royal Highness Himself.




The Lords Spiritual and Temporal,

in Parliament assembled,




On Thursday, February 14, 1811.






Die Martis, 12° Februarij 1811.

WE, His Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Sub

jects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled, beg leave to approach Your Royal Highness, and to return our most humble Thanks for the gracious Speech which Your Royal Highness has commanded to be made to both Houses of Parliament.

We affure Your Royal Highness that we feel deeply sensible of the personal and filial Affliction with which You lament the great National Calamity which has been the Occasion of imposing upon Your Royal Highness the Duty of executing, in His Majesty's Name, the Royal Authority of this Kingdom.

We entertain the most firm Conviction, that, under the great Difficulties which must attend the important Trust reposed in Your Royal Highness, You may look with the most perfect Confidence to the Zeal and Exertions of Parliament, and to the Attachment of a loyal and affectionate People, for the most effectual Assistance and Support; and we are fully fenfible that Your Royal Highness will, on Your Part, exert Your utmost Endeavours to direct the Powers with which You are invested, to the Advancement of the Prosperity, Welfare, and Security of His Majesty's Dominions.

We beg to be permitted to offer to Your Royal Highness our sincere Condolence for the Loss which His Majesty, Your Royal Highness, and the Royal



Family, have sustained by the Death of Her late Royal Highness the Princess Amelia. "

We return Your Royal Highness our most sin, cere Thanks for informing us of the Events which have occurred during the last Campaign, and which have afforded fresh Opportunities for displaying the Valour and Skill of His Majesty's Forces both 'by Sea and Land; that the Capture of the Islands of Bourbon and of Amboyna had still further reduced the Colonial Dependencies of the Enemy; that the Attack upon the Island of Sicily, which was announced to the World with a presumptuous Anticipation of Success, had been repulsed by the persevering Exertions and Valour of His Majesty's Land and Sea Forces; and that the judicious Arrangements adopted by the Officers commanding on that Station, derived material Support from the Zeal and Ardour which were manifested during this Contest by the Inhabitants of Sicily, and from the Co-operation of the Naval Means which were directed by His Sicilian Majesty to this Object.

We have learnt with great Satisfaction, that in Portugal and at Cadiz, the Defence of which constituted the principal Objects of His Majesty's Exertions during the last Campaign, the Designs of the Enemy had been hitherto frustrated; that the consummate Skill, Prudence, and Perfeverance of Lieutenant General Lord Viscount Wellington, and the Discipline and determined Bravery of the Officers and Men under his Command, had been conspicuously displayed throughout the whole of the Campaign, and that the Effect of those difstinguished Qualities, in inspiring Confidence and Energy into the Troops of His Majesty's Allies, had been happily evinced by their general good Conduct,


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