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in account current with the State of Michigan.

July 10. By paid Charles Fox, chaplain of

the prison, for one quarter's sa-
lary, to May 24, 1840, at $100
per annum,

$25 00 Sept. 11. do do to August 24, 1840,

25 00

Balance to 31st October, 1840,

$50 00 44 13

$94 13

[In compliance with “sections 11 and 20, of act No. 65," laws of 1840.)

To E. P. HASTINGS, Auditor General, Michigan :

David Adams, agent of the state prison at Jackson, respectfully reports the following accounts as due to the convict department of said prison: 1840. Oct. 31. William Daly, mending shoes,

$00 18 David Beeman, boots and shoes,

5 00 John S. Holmes, mending shoes,

50 James C. Bradt, do

62 Edward B. Miller, boots, shoes, &c.,

5 39 Robert Blain, do

10 47 John Tyler, do

14 92 Geo. W. Woodworth, do

24 00 Tomans Johnson, balance of account, 1839, 37 Joseph S. Ward, rent of house, $9 00 i pair of pistols,

7 00 1 trunk,

2 00

18 00 United States, for the support of

the following prisoners, viz: Henry White, Abner Johnson, Peter Loomis, Silas S. Doty, Sam'l D. Foster and Sol. W. Newman,

764 38

$843 83

To E. P. Hastings, Auditor General, Michigan :

SIR—In compliance with the requirements of section No. 17, of “ An act to amend · An act to provide for the government and discipline of the state prison,'” I respectfully submit the following statement of expenses incurred in transporting Vol. 1.


prisoners to the said prison, from the 20th April to the 31sı October, 1840.

DAVID ADAMS, Agent State Prison. State Prison Office, Jackson, Oct. 31, 1840.

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April 20. In conveying prisoner Walter Johnson, from

Macomb county, to state prison, viz: paid
C. S. Madison, deputy sheriff

, his expen-
ses, together with stage and railroad fare
for self and said prisoner,

$22 75
Paid do for five day's services at $3, 15 00
25. In conveying prisoners, Philander R. Myers,

Geo. W. Norton, Jos. Rogers and Henry
Van Volkenburg, from Adrian, Lenawee
county, to said prison, viz: paid Wm. H.
Monroe for use of team, self and attend-
ant, together with expenses on road,

8 00
Paid by David Adams, sundry charges for
meals, &c.,

7 39 May 21. In conveying prisoners, Isaac Stoddard, Ne

hemiah Houghton, Henry Hopkins, from
Washtenaw co. to said prison, having use
of the state team and teamster, viz: paid
expenses of team on the road, also for
meals, &c.,

7 38 June 11. Conveying prisoner, Louis Genereau, from

Kent, Kent co., to said Prison, viz: paid
Sherman Eastman, his expenses for stage
fare to Kent; also expenses incurred for
himself and prisoner therefrom, to the said

41 63 June 21. In conveying prisoners, Squire Green and

Mary Conlick, from Monroe, and Ansel
Witherell, from Adrian, to state prison, viz:
paid expenses, state team, on the road, and
at said places, together with expenses of

meals, &c., for D. Adams and prisoners, 20 00
27. In conveying prisoner, Daniel Bowker, from

Kalamazoo, to said prison, viz: paid D.
Adams' expenses for stage fare, for self

and prisoner, together with meals, &c., 17 25 July 9. In conveying prisoner, “Jim,” alias “ Neit,”

alias “Assinima,” (Indian,) from Kalama-
zoo to state prison, viz: paid stage

$12 00

Carried forward,

Brought forward, other expenses on road,

8 00 Ira Burdick, sheriff, 3 days' services, 6 00

26 00 Sept. 16. In conveying prisoners, Alvah Allison, Wm.

Hill, John Hill, Benjamin W. Hawkins,
Wm. Jackson, David Murdock and Pat-
rick Kelly, from Detroit to state prison,
having the use of the state team and team-
ster, paid expenses of team, &c., on road,
with David 'Adams and Sherman East-
man's expenses, in all,

27 69 Oct. 19. In conveying prisoners, Royal Parcher and

Josiah C. Mitchell, from Lenawee county
to state prison, paid D. Adams' expenses
on road, &c.,

12 13

$205 22

Inventory of the real estate, work shops and other buildings on

the prison ground; also, of the tools, furniture and other effects under the direction of the agent, and belonging to the state of Michigan, the whole on hand the 31st day of October, A. D. 1840, made in pursuance of section 32, of "An act to provide for the government and discipline of the State Prison."

Houses without the Prison inclosure. One large frame house, for the use of the agent; one smaller frame house, occupied by the deputy keeper; one other frame house, rented to guards.

Within the Prison inclosure-Mess room. One stove, and 40 feet of pipe; pine tables, and benches therefor; 83 blankets.

Kitchen. Three tables; two barber chairs; kit of barber's tools; two stools; one cauldron kettle; two five pail kettles; one three pail kettle; one one pail kettle; one six quart kettle; one tin oven; one brick oven; two coffee boilers; two bread troughs; one meat ough; one clock; one closet, furniture for forty men, i. e. tin cups, tin plates, knives and forks and spoons; twenty tin baking dishes; four wood and one tin pails; one pair and-irons; eight tin lamps; three shovels; one pair tongs; brooms; one scraper; one thirty gallon oil tank; one three

gallon oil can; one lamp filler; one gallon measure; one apothecary's closet, with sundry drugs, medicines, bottles, &c.

Clerk's Office. Furniture; sundry books and papers; iron safe; stove, and eight feet pipe.

Within the Cells. One hundred and sixty-two blankets; thirty straw pillows; fourteen iron bedsteads; eighteen wood bedsteads.

Lock Shop Two vices and bench; one lathe and tools; one screw punch press; sundry files and tools; brick forge; one crucible; one pair scales and weights; six casting flasks; moulding table; seven sheets iron; bar iron, weighing three hundred pounds; one bar zinc; one old stove; two pair tongs; one bar rod iron.

Tailor's Shop One bench and drawer; one tailor's iron; three pair shears; one chisel; pine box and padlock.

Shoe Shop Seven work benches; three kits tools; forty lasts; set boot trees; one pair crimps: four pair claips; cuiting bench; box stove, and twenty feet pipe.

Carpenter's Shop Two saw horses; one shaving horse; one work bench; one mortice bench; one hand saw; set bench planes; two fine saws; drawing knife; sash plane; two augers; brace bits; one lathe and tools; two iron clamps; two try squares; one tool chest; one grind-stone; one broad axe; one cross-cut saw; four settees; one stove, and twenty feet pipe.

Sundries. One gallows stove; one box stove; one cook stove; six pistols; six muskets; six globe lamps; one large bell; five pigs; six wells and one pump; three ladders. State of Michigan, County of Jackson, ss :

David Adams, the agent, and Samuel W. Whitwell, the clerk of the state prison at Jackson, severally make oath and say, that the foregoing statement, or inventory, is correct and true in every respect, to the best of their knowledge and belief.

DAVID ADAMS, Agent State Prison.

SAMUEL W. WHITWELL, Clerk. Subscribed and sworn to, this 26th day of November, A. D. 1840, before me.

WM. R. DELAND, Notary Public.

[No. 3.]
Annual report of the state treasurer.


December 30, 1840. I have the honor to present to the legislature, my account current, showing a balance in the treasury, of $80,102 30

Of this amount, there was received from my predecessor, which was unavailable, the sum of 12,941 50

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Leaving, in available funds,

$67,160 80

I have prepared abstracts, exhibiting more in detail, the receipts and expenditures, to which I refer, as containing all the information required from this department. All of which is respectfully submitted.

ROBERT STUART, State Treasurer.

Robert Stuart, Treasurer, in account with the State of Michigan,

DR. To balance in the treasury, November 30, 1839, after deducting amount deposited in the Michigan state bank,

$45,495 95 Amount received on account of general fund, 114,000 57 do do

internal improvement furd,

953,893 26 Amount received on account of delinquent tax fund,

90,904 15 Amount received on account of bank fund,

280 00 do do school fund,

27,210 23 do do

contingent fund, 2,078 62 do

geological surveys, 12,000 00 do do state buildings,

950 20 do do library,

1,000 00 do do

the several counties, being one half of office charges,

1,131 80


$1,248,944 78


$80,102 30

CR. By amount of payments on account general fund, $141,352 81 do

do internal improvement fund,

920,537 01

Carried forward,

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