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TWELFTH CONGRESS, First Session.—4 Nov. 1811-6 July, 1812.

TWELFTH CONGRESS, Second Session.—2 Nov. 1812-3 March, 1813.

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1814, Jan. 27. Chap. 7. An act making further provision for filling the ranks

of the regular army, encouraging enlistments, and authorizing the

re-enlistments, for longer periods, of men whose terms of service are

about to expire..........


" Jan. 28. Chap. 9. An act authorizing the President of the United States

to cause certain regiments therein mentioned to be enlisted for five

years, or during the war.......


Feb. 10. Chap. 11. An act to raise three regiments of riflemen.... 251

“ March 30. Chap. 37. An act for the better organizing, paying, and sup-

plying the army of the United States...............


April 18. Chap. 67. An act fixing the salary of the paymaster of the

army of the United States, and allowing a sum for the employment of

additional clerks in his office, for the year one thousand eight hundred

and fourteen, and providing for the appointment of assistant district


........... 256

" April 18. Chap. 78. An act to provide for the collection and preservation

of such flags, standards, and colors as shall have been, or may hereafter

be, taken by the land and naval forces of the United States, from their



April 18. Chap. 80. An act in further addition to an act entitled “An

act more effectually to provide for the national defence, by establishing

an uniform militia throughout the United States”.


April 18. Chap. 82. An act in addition to the act entitled “An act to

provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union,

suppress insurrections, and repel invasions, and to repeal the act now

in force for these purposes”


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