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That the present work may not be considered merely as an addition to the numberless selections which have been published, under the title of “ Beauties," the Editor thinks it proper briefly to state the nature of the plan, on which it has been executed. In making selections it has been usual to consider the amusement of the reader as the chief, if not the sole, object; and, to accomplish this end, the most eloquent and splendid passages, of the author selected from, have been brought together. Mere amusement, however, is not the design of these volumes. They aspire to the superior praise of being useful. The writings of the good and great Mr. Burke are fraught, in every page, with lessons of the soundest practical wisdom. These, scattered as they are through eight volumes, it has been the aim of the Editor to collect, and arrange under various heads. By this means the sentiments of Mr. Burke, on any subject, may be seen at one glance. The task has not been without labour; with what success it may have been executed, the Public will decide.

That any passage, quoted in these volumes, may be readily found in Mr. Burke's works, the Editor has added an Index of Reference. The edition referred to, is that of 1803, in eight 8vo. volumes.

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