Lays of Ancient Rome: Horatius, Battle of the Lake Regillus, Virginia, Prophecy of Capys

E. Maynard, 1891 - 107 Seiten
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Seite 38 - No sound of joy or sorrow Was heard from either bank ; But friends and foes in dumb surprise, With parted lips and straining eyes, Stood gazing where he sank ; And when above the surges They saw his crest appear, All Rome sent forth a rapturous cry, And even the ranks of Tuscany Could scarce forbear to cheer.
Seite 29 - Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, With all the speed ye may; I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play. In yon strait path a thousand May well be stopped by three. Now who will stand on either hand, And keep the bridge with me?" Then out spake Spurius Lartius; A Ramnian proud was he: "Lo, I will stand at thy right hand, And keep the bridge with thee.
Seite 39 - They gave him of the corn-land, That was of public right, As much as two strong oxen Could plough from morn till night ; And they made a molten image, And set it up on high, And there it stands unto this day To witness if I lie.
Seite 30 - Now while the Three were tightening Their harness on their backs, The Consul was the foremost man To take in hand an axe ; And Fathers mixed with Commons Seized hatchet, bar, and crow, And smote upon the planks above. And loosed the props below.
Seite 25 - Now, from the rock Tarpeian, Could the wan burghers spy The line of blazing villages Red in the midnight sky. The Fathers of the City, They sat all night and day, For every hour some horseman came With tidings of dismay.
Seite 30 - Then none was for a party ; Then all were for the state; Then the great man helped the poor, And the poor man loved the great : Then lands were fairly portioned ; Then spoils were fairly sold : The Romans were like brothers In the brave days of old.
Seite 34 - Then, whirling up his broadsword With both hands to the height, He rushed against Horatius, And smote with all his might. With shield and blade Horatius Right deftly turned the blow: The blow, though turned, came yet too nigh; It missed his helm, but gashed his thigh : The Tuscans raised a joyful cry To see the red blood flow.
Seite 38 - Tiber! father Tiber! To whom the Romans pray; A Roman's life, a Roman's arms Take thou in charge this day ! " So he spake, and speaking sheathed The good sword by his side. And with his harness on his back, Plunged headlong in the tide.
Seite 29 - Then out spake Spurius Lartius, A Ramnian proud was he: "Lo, I will stand at thy right hand And keep the bridge with thee." And out spake strong Herminius, Of Titian blood was he: "I will abide on thy left side, And keep the bridge with thee.
Seite 86 - Patient as sheep we yield us up unto your cruel hate. But, by the Shades beneath us, and by the Gods above, Add not unto your cruel hate your yet more cruel love ! Have ye not graceful ladies, whose spotless lineage springs From Consuls, and High Pontiffs, and ancient Alban kings ? Ladies, who deign not on our paths to set their tender feet, Who from their cars look...

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