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Provisions of Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, . . xix. 81 en
“Grant:" effect of the word in Conveyances by the Company (see Sale), xix. 1
Covenants conveyed thereby,

. xix is
Forms of Conveyance of Lands, &c., to Company, . xix. 81 (A), F.
Conveyance on chief rent, .

. . xix, 81 (B), p. 3
May be in forms given, or other forms like them, . .
Costs of, to be borne by Company; what to be included therein, . . xil &

Taxation of Costs : costs of taxation to be borne by Company, except

where one-sixth struck off, , ,
Conveyances of Shares, &c.; see under Transfer, &c.

snares. &c. : see ander Transfer to

Form of, under Companies Clauzes Act, . . vi, 157, (G). p. 119

Form of, under Lands Clauses Act, . . . , xix. 144, (C), P.

. . . . xix. 95 & se.
Provisions of Lands Clauses Act, as to Copyhold Lands, . xix, 95 e ser
Conveyance of Copyhold Lands to be entered on Rolls of the Manor, xix. 35
And to be of same effect as Freehold, , , ,

xix. $5
But until enfranchised, Copyhold subject to customary Fines, &c., xix. $5
Enfranchisement of Copyhold Lands to be obtained by Company within

three months after cnrolment of Conveyance, or within one month
after possession, . ,

xix. 9
Compensation to Lord of Manor ; in case of dispute, to be settled by
Arbitration or a Jury,

xix. 9
Lord of Manor to enfranchise on payment or tender of Compeusation, ***

or deposit of same in Bank, .
Or in his default, Company may execute a Deed Poll, which is to have
same effect, . . .

. xix. 9:
Provision for apportionment of Copyhold rents, where only part of lands
subject to them is taken, . .

. . xix. 93
If not settled by agreement, to be settled by Justices,
Reservation of rights of Lord of Manor in respect of apportioned

rents, . . . . . . . .
Parties under disability enabled to sell and convey or release lands;

Corporations, Trustees, Guardians of Minors, Trustees, &c., . xix. 1
And to enfranchise Copyholds, and release from and apportion Rent-

charges or Incumbrances (see under Lands), . . . , xix. S
CORONER : see under Sheriff, Jury, Lands, &c.
Power to sell and convey Lands to Company, .

. xix. 1
Municipal Corporations not to sell Lands without approbation of the

Treasury, except Lands which the Company are empowered to
take compulsorily, · · · · · · · ·

xix. 13
Service of Notices to,

See under respective heads; as Lands, Shareholders, &c.
COSTS, Damages, or Forfeitures, and Penalties ; provisions for recovery of,
In Companies Clauses Act,

vi, 142 et se
In Railway Clauses Act, ...

vii. 140 ct sco.
In Lands Clauses Act,

xix, 136 et seq.
See under respective heads; as Dainages, Lands, Penalties, &c.

Includes Riding, Division, County of City or of Town, vi, s, vü. 3, xix. 9

COVENANTS implied in the word “Grant” in conveyance of Lands by the

Company (see Conveyance, Lands, &c.), . . . . xix. 182 CREDITORS of Company: Provisions as to remedies of, against Shareholders, . . . vi. 36, 37 Where Execution obtained against Company, if there be not sufficient

effects, same may be issued against any Shareholder to extent of his

Shares not paid up, . . . . . . . . . vi. 36 Upon order of Court for that purpose, .

. vi. 36 If shareholder, under such Execution, pays more than is due from him

for Calls, surplus to be reimbursed out of funds of Company, . vi. 37 Register of Shareholders (see Registry) to be open to inspection of Creditors, without fee, for this purpose, .

vi. 36 Rights of Bond Creditors (see Borrowing Powers, Mortgages), vi. 44, 51, 121 CROP :-Compensation for, where Lands taken (see Lands), , . . vii, 43 CROSSING of Roads or other interference therewith : provisions as to, vii. 46 et seq. Before existing roads interfered with, others to be substituted, . vii. 53-55 Restoration of roads temporarily interfered with, or formation of new

roads, (see under Roads), . . . . . . . vii. 56-58 Crossing of turnpike roads by Railway ; bridges and approaches, . vii, 46 Proviso for crossing on the level, with consent of Justices,

. . vii. 46 Power to Board of Trade to vary construction of Works,

. . vii. 66 Level Crossings over turnpike roads, . . .

vii. 47 Gates and Gate-keepers ; closing of gates, under Penalty, . . vii. 47 Power of Board of Trade in respect of closing gates, . . . vii. 47 At level crossings of turnpike roads adjoining stations, speed to be slackened, . . . . . . . .

. Vil. 48 And Board of Trade may make regulations. .

. .

vii. 48 Application to Justices for consent to Railway crossing on the level, over

Footways or Bridleways ; Notice, and proceedings thereon, .vii. 59 Appeal to Quarter Sessions against decision of Justices,

vii. 60 Approaches and Fences to Bridleways and Footways crossed on the level,

. vii. 61 Proceedings to enforce Approaches and Fences; application to Justices; Penalties, ...

. . vii. 62 Where Railway crosses public or private roads, &c., Board of Trade

may authorize Company, instead of Level Crossings, to substitute

bridges or archways, or other arrangements for greater safety, . iv. 18 CULVERTS, &c., for accommodation of Lands adjoining Railway, (see Accommodation Works),

vii. 68 Over Mains and Pipes crossed by the Railway, : : : : :

.xix. 22 CURVES, &c. : deviations from plans and sections, (see Deciations), . vii, 14 CUTTINGS: making of Tunnel in lieu of, (see Works, &c.), . . xix. 14 DAMAGES: Damage or Loss of Goods, &c., carried by Railways and Canals (see under Carriers), . . . .

. xv. xvii. Recovery of Damages and Penalties, where not specially provided for ; provisions in Companies Clauses Act, .

vi. 142 et seq. In Railways Clauses Act, . .

. . vii. 140, 145 In Lands Clauses Act,

. xix. 136 et seq. Damages, Costs or Expenses not otherwise provided for, to be ascer

taived and determined by two Justices, . . vi. 142, vii, 140, xix. 136 And may be recovered by distress from Company or other party liable, if not paid within 7 days after demand, . vi. 142, vii. 140, xix. 137–8


DAMAGES: continued.
Distress against Treasurer, where there are not sufficient goods of
Company, .

. . . . vi. 143, vii, 141 vix. 140
After 7 days previous notice,

. vi. 143, vii, 141, xix. 1a
And recovery by Treasurer from Company, . . si. 143, vii. 141, xis, 10
Mode of proceeding before Justices in questions of Compensation,

Damages, Costs, &c., , . . vi. 144, vii, 142, xix, 186 ct se
One Justice may, on application, summon party before Justice or

Justices, who may hear and determine, examining parties and wit-
nesses on oath, .

. vi. 141, vii. 145. xix. 13
Costs in discretion of Justices,

. vi. 144, vii. 145, xix. 14
Appeal to Quarter Sessions against decision of Justices (see Appeal),

vi, 159, vii. 157, xix. 146
Tender of amends for damages or injury ; provisions in
Companies Clauses Act, .

. vi. 141
Railways Clauses Act,

vü. 159
Lands Clauses Act,

And see under respective heads, as Actions, Offences, Penalties, de.
DANGEROUS GOODS :- Aquafortis, Gunpowder, Lucifer Matches,

Vitriol, &c., not to be sent by Railway without notice, &c.: Penalty, vii. los
DEATH, dc., of Shareholder; proof of title to shares (see Transmission), vi. 18-9
DEBENTURES: see Borrowing Powers, &c.

Form of Bond; Mortgage or Debenture, . , . . vi. 41 (C), p. 113
Form of Money Bond, .

. vi. 41 (D). P. 115
DEBTS: see Bankruptcy, Creditors, Borrowing Powers, &c.
DECLARATION to be made by Arbitrators, Surveyors, &c. : see under

Arbitrators and respective heads.
Declaration on transmission of Shares by Death, Marriage, dc.: see

DEEDS : (see Conveyances).
Transfer of Shares by, stamped, (see Transfers),

. . vi. 14, 15
Form of, . . .

. ri. 14 (B.)p. 117
Vesting of Lands in Company upon a Deed Poll being executed, (see
Lands), , . .

xix. 75, 77, 97, 100, 107, 109, 111, 113, 117
Carriage of Deeds, &c.; see Losses.
DEPOSIT of Documents and Moneys under Standing Orders, &c. :
Act of 1837, to compel local officers to take charge of Maps, Plans, Sec-
tions, Books of Reference, &c., under Standing Orders,

, riii.
Clerks of Peace, Sheriff Clerks, Parish Clerks, Schoolmasters, Town

Clerks, Postmasters, and other Persons to receive, take charge ot,
and give certificates, &c., of same, .

xxii, 1
Also Clerks of Unions in Ireland, under Standing Orders, xxii. I, 2 note
Clerks of Peace, &c., to permit such documents to be inspected, and
copies or extracts taken by parties interested, . .

xxiii. 2
Fees thereon, . . . . . . . . xxiii. ? and note
Penalty for non-compliance with Act, .

xxiii. 3 and note
Act of 1846, providing for Custody of Moneys paid or deposited under

Standing Orders by subscribers to Railways and other Works, , xxis
Repeal of previous Act, 1 & 2 Vic. e. 117,.

xxiv. 1
Authority to deposit money in Bank, and to what account,

xxiv. ?
Under Warrant from Clerks of Parliament or of Private Bills, xxiv. ?
Mode of Payment of deposit, ·

· ·

· ·

Investment of deposit, ..

. . xxiv.
Repayment of deposit, on termination of session, or on passing or re-
jection of Bill, doc.,

xxiv, 3
[DEPOSIT, - continued.

DEPOSIT : continued.
Act of 1851 (Railways Act, Ireland); Clerks of Peace and Clerks of

o retain documents to be deposited with them
under that Act (see Lands, Ireland), • .


xx. 11
And permit inspection, and copies or extracts, to be had by parties

Upon like Terms, or under like Penalties, as in above Act of 1837, . xx. 11
Of Plans, &c., of Lands in Ireland required to be purchased, and of

Accommodation Works, with Board of Works, Clerks of Peace,
and Clerks of Unions,

· xx. 4
Of Copies of Draft Award and of Award, as to Compensation to Land-

owners in Ireland, . . . . . . . . XX, 9
Xotice to be published in Gazette and newspapers, .

. XX. 8
Deposit of Plans and Sections of departures from original Plans and

Sections, with Clerks of the Peace, Parish Clerks, &c., . vii, 8 et seq.
Of Certificate of Justices, as to errors in Plans and Books of Reference, vii. 7
Deposit with Clerks of Peace of Certificates of Justices, stating particu-
lars of errors and omissions in Plans and Books of Reference,

. vii, 7
Of Copy of Annual Accounts, . . . . . . vii. 107

Of Verdicts and Judgments for Compensation for Lands, . . xix. 50
Deposit of Special Acts in Company's office, and with Clerks of the

Peace, and Town Clerks, (see Special Act), vi, 161-2, vii. 162-3, xix. 150-1
Limitations of Deviation from datum line described on sections, . . vii. 11
Consents to deviations, .

. vii. 11
Notice of Petty Sessions for giving consent, . .

. vii, 11
Proviso as to deviations in case of embankments and viaducts. vii. 11
Public notice to be given before making greater deviations, . . . vii. 12
Owners of adjoining Lands may, after notice, appeal to the Board of

Trade against such deviations, and Board of Trade may decide, . vii. 12
Limitations of deviations, from Gradients, Curves, Tunnels, &c., de-
scribed in plans and sections, . .

vii, 14
Limitations of lateral deviations of line of Railway,

. . . vii. 15
Definition of, in Companies Clauses Act; includes Directors, Managers,

Committee, or other Persons having direction of undertaking, . vi, 3
Qualification: none but Shareholders having prescribed number of

shares eligible as Directors, . . . . . . . vi. 85
Contractors and officers disqualified for Directors of same Company, . vi. 85
And Director, while such, not to become contractor or officer of same

Company, . . . . . . . . . . vi. 85
On becoming an officer or contractor, or ceasing to hold requisite

shares, Director thereby vacates office and incapable of acting, vi, 86
But Shareholder in a Joint-stock Company not disqualified by his in-
terest in a contract between the Companies, . . . . vi. 87

But not to vote on questions relating to such contract,
Remuneration of, to be fixed in General Meeting(see Meetings of Company), vi, 91
Number of Directors, and power to Company in general meeting to vary
same, in certain cases, . .

• vi. 81, 82
After due notice, and within prescribed limits,
ribed limits, ·

· vi. 82
Appointment and Rotation of, . .

vi. 81-89
Term of office of Directors ; first election, until first ordinary meeting
after special Act, .

vi, 83
And may be re-elected,

. . . . . . . . vi. 88


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DIRECTORS: continued,
Rotation of Directors, retirement and election, how to be regulated, ri

The whole number to go out in rotation in 3 years; but re-eligible, .
Rotation of Directors may be determined in general meeting, in certain

cases, . .
Election of a proportion of the whole number, at first ordinary meet

ing in each year, . .
Directors to continue in office until election of successors, removal,

resignation, or disqualification,
Vacancies in number of Directors, may be filled up by appointment by

remaining Directors, if they think proper, ..
Director so appointed, to hold office for so long only as his predecessor

was appointed for, .
Provisions as to Powers of Directors, and powers to be exercised only
in general meeting (see under Meetings), . .

vi. 90, 91
Proceedings and Liabilities of,

. vi. 92-104
Powers and duties of Directors: Directors to have management and super.

intendence of Company's affairs, and exercise all the powers of the
Company, except such as are to be exercised only by general meeting

(see under Meetings, Accounts, Dividends, &c.) .
Making of Bye-Laws, &c. (see Bye-Laws), . vi. 124 ct 869 vii. 108 ct sq.
But powers to be exereised by Directors in accordance with Acts,
And subject to control and regulation by general meeting specially

convened, . .
But not so as to invalidate acts of Directors prior to resolution of

general meeting, .
Meetings of, to be fixed by themselves. .

• vi. 92
Two Directors may require Secretary to call a meeting of, .
Quorum of, may be determined in general meeting in certain cases,

Not less than three, .
Majority of votes binding; and in case of equality, Chairman to have

second or casting vote, . .
Chairman of; election of annually at first meeting of Directors after

annual appointment of Directors,
Deputy-Chairman may be elected, .
Vacancies in Chair and Deputy-Chair,

. . . vi. 93
Temporary Chairman in absence of Chair and De

. vi, 94
Committees of Directors may be appointed by them, .

vi. 95
Powers of Committees; to do any act which the Directors may do, if so

authorized by them, . . . . . . . . vi. 25
Meetings of Committees; Quorum; Chairman,

vi. 96
Majority binding ; second or casting vote to Chairman,
Contracts by Directors or Committees, how to be entered into, . . vi. 97
Contracts in conformity with Act, binding on Company and parties, . vi. 97

And actions or suits maintainable thereon as between private persons, vi. 97
Minutes to be entered in books, of proceedings at meetings of Directors

and Committees; and of Appointments; Contracts; Orders, . vi. 98
To be signed by Chairman of meeting; and then to be evidence, (see
Evidence), . .
. . . . .

• vi.98
Acts of Directors or Committee, not invalidated by informality or defect

in appointment or qualification of any Director, . . . vi. 99
Indemnification of Directors for acts done by them or damages in.
curred, .

liable for actioni :
Individual Director not to be personally liable for acts of Directors, . vi, 100

.Fi, 100
Report of Directors, to be read at balf-yearly ordinary general meet.
ings, .

. . . . . . . . vi. 108

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