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The Mails carried otherwise than by Railway appear, for the same year, as follows :

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8. d. d.
England, . . 19,097 | 21 1,451 5 67 46,643
Scotland, . . 5,297 21 1,376 113 § 10,068
Ireland, . . 8,603 2 52 0 54 | 6,721 / 1
United Kingdom, 32,997 2 2,879 | 5 61 $ 63,432 1}

It thus appears that out of the total number (129,480) of miles per week-day, mails are still carried over a greater number of miles by Coaches and Carts, &c., than by Railway; and the number of miles over which they are carried on Foot is about double that of either of the former modes of convey. ance, and more than both put together."

The foregoing figures would give (including an estimate of about one-half the week-day mileage for Sundays) the following numbers of miles over which mails are carried in the United Kingdom in a year:

. 10,228,308 miles per annum.
By other Conveyances, . .
On Foot, . . . . . . 21,503,448

Total, . . 43,893,720 ,
In regard to the Safety of railway travelling, from the
continued precautions taken, it is satisfactory to find it stated
in the last annual Board of Trade Report, that in 1856, “the

a The Post Office report in 1858 states that“ of the whole number of letters last year (1857), nearly a quarter were delivered in London and the suburban district; and counting those also which were dispatched, nearly one-half passed through the London Office."

By Railway, .


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. 12,161,964


degree of safety with which passengers have been conveyed is greater than in any year since 1851.” It appears from the same report, that out of the 130 millions of passengers who travelled by Railway in 1856 in the United Kingdom, only 1 in 16,168,449 was killed, and I in 458,370 injured, from causes beyond their own control."

The facts supply an antidote to unfounded panic. Before the very salutary requirements in regard to Railways, of 3 & 4 Vic., c. 97, § 3, and 5 & 6 Vic., c. 55, § 7, 8, there was no provision for reporting to any organized authority “moving accidents by flood and field,” or by coach and horses, by boats, &c.; and the majority of coach and car accidents, or the mishaps of ordinary bygone conveyances, were probably never heard of through “the usual channels of information.” The public, and usually the Companies too, are pretty sure to hear of every “alarming Railway accident." There are, however, no means of comparing the number of Railway Accidents with the number of accidents by other public conveyances; but it may be fairly predicated that the number of the former, as compared with the number of persons conveyed, is proportionately far smaller than of the latter°. No doubt the number would be still smaller if the public and the post office would be content with something less than the now common speed of Express and Mail trains.

a It has since appeared that in 1857, the numbers were, from causes beyond their own control, I killed in 5,560,355 of passengers, and 1 hurt in 220,299.

Since this was written, Dr. Lankester has expressed nearly the same idea in connection with another subject. He is reported thus:

** Were the same number of deaths to occur on a Railway, as happened every year in consequence of the state of the Serpentine, a great deal would be heard about it: bat because the Serpentine had been going on slowly destroying life for centuries, their forefathers not having cared about it, therefore it would seem to be inferred that they of the present generation ought not to care about it."-Times, 23 July 1858.

e Captain Galton's report to the Board of Trade, published since this was written, gives a return of accidents by the French diligences of the Messageries Impériales et Générales, from which it appears that the general average proportion of accidents to passengers by those conveyances gives 1 killed in 335,463, and I injured in 29,871.

The following is a summary of Railway Accidents in the United Kingdom in the year 1856" :





Accidents: 1856.

Killed. Injured Killed. Injured Killed. Injured Killed. Injured



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To Persons, from Causes beyond their own Control:

Passengers, . .
Servants of Companies,
or of Contractors, .
Total, . :

1 31

To Persons, from their own
Misconduct or Want of

Trespassers, . .
Servants of Company,
or of Contractors,

Total, . .
To Persons crossing at Level
Crossings, and from other
Causes, · · · ·
Total, from all Causes, 232 344


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a The Board of Trade Report for 1857 has since appeared, from which the following particulars for that year are obtained. Total number of Passengers in that year, 139,008,888; of Railway Servants, 153,697 ; total, 139,162,585 persons. Out of these, 25 Passengers are returned as having been killed by accidents from causes beyond their own control. The total numbers of accidents on Railways to persons of all descriptions, in 1857, were

In England: Killed, 190) Injured, 691) | Total, 881)
» Scotland, 24 236

1 » 65 974. » Ireland, 3 22)



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It may be useful to add the following summary of Fees Fees. allowed by the statutes herein contained, where other provi. sion is not made in the Special Acts of Companies.

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Share certificate to replace share certinca.
Share certificate, . i certificate lost or


Table of Fees. 8 Vic., c. 16, § 10. · Copy or extracts from shareholders' address book,

6d. per 100 words.

. . 2s.6d.

§ 15, 62. . Registry and certificate of transfer of shares or stock,

28. 6d.
„ $ 18, 19.. Registry of probate of will and declaration, or

of transmission of shares otherwise than by

. . . . 58. , § 47. . Registry of transfer of mortgages, . . 28. 6d. 8 Vic., c. 18, 50. . Inspection of verdict and judgment of jury awarding compensation for land,

1s. Copy or extracts from ditto, : 6d. per 100 words. 14 & 15 Vic., c. 70, Inspection of plans and sections, and books of refer84,9, 11.

ence, &c., deposited with clerks of peace, clerks 1 Vic., c. 83, 82.

of unions in Ireland, and other local officers, ls. And for every hour after first hour of such inspec

tion, : : : : : :

Copies or extracts therefrom, 6d. per 100 words. 14 & 15 Vic., c. 99, § 14, . Copies or extracts from public documents admissible

in evidence, . 4d. per folio of 90 words. 9 & 10 Vic., c. 28, § 19. . Inspection of returns to Registrar of joint stock companies,

... 2d. 6d. Certificate from Registrar of joint stock companies,

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28. 6d

The following is a summary of Stamp Duties required on Stamp
bonds, transfers, proxies, &c.
On Bonds and Mortgages ; under 13 & 14 Vic., c. 97: On Bonds:
Bonds and MORTGAGES in England and Ireland, and personal Bonds in

Scotland, given or made as security for the payment of any definite
and certain sum of money,
Not exceeding £50, .

Sono .

. . . Exceeding £50, and not exceeding £100, .

150 200

250, . . . . .

300, . .
Exceeding £300, then for every £100 or fractional part of £100,

the sum of, . . . . . . . . .

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200, •


a owococo

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as on a Mort

set for




as on a Mortgage or Wadset for such

Stamp Duty: On Transfers of Mortgages; under 13 & 14 Vic. c. 97:-
on Transfers
of Mortgages: Any TRANSFER or Assignment, Disposition, or Assignation of

any Mortgage or Wadset, or of any such other Security as
aforesaid, or of the benefit thereof, or of the Money or Stock
thereby secured ;
Where no further sum of Money or Stock shall be added
to the Principal Money or Stock already secured,

The same Duty

gage or Wad. If such Principal Money or Stock already secured shall not exceed in amount or value in the whole the sum total Amount

or Value of of £1,400, . . . . . . . .

pal Money or

Stock. And if such Principal Money or Stock shall exceed in amount or value in the whole the sum of £1,400, . £1 15s.

The same Duty And where any further sum of Money or Stock shall be added to the Principal Money or Stock already secured,

further Money

or Stock only. And in every other case not hereinbefore expressly provided

for, such Transfer, Assignment, Disposition, or Assigna

tion shall be chargeable with the Duty of, . . . £1 15s. on Transfer On Transfers of Shares or Stock; under 13 & 14 Vic. c. 97 :of Shares,

CONVEYANCE, whether Grant, Disposition, Lease, Assignment,

Transfer, Release, Renunciation, or of any other kind or de-
scription wi atsoever, upon the Sale of any Lands, Tenements,
Rents, Annuities, or other Property, real or personal, heritable
or moveable, or of any Right, Title, Interest, or Claim in, to,
out of, or apon any Lands, Tenements, Rents, Annuities, or
other property, that is to say, for and in respect of the Princi-
pal or only Peed, Instrument, or Writing, whereby the Lands
or other Things sold shall be granted, leased, assigned, trans-
ferred, released, renounced, or otherwise conveyed to or vested
in the Purchaser or Purchasers, or any other Person or Persons
by his, her, or their direction ;

£ s. d.
Where the purchase or consideration money therein or there-
upon expressed shall not exceed £25, .

And where the same shall exceed £25, and not exceed £50,



150, .



Cocott EarorNOGET Saverioso

300, 350,




500, 550,

500, 550, 600,

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