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TOLLS: continued.
Owner of Goods to give Bill of lading, &c., to Company, when required, vi

Penalty for not giving Bill of lading, or for false account, . . , vil.
Proceedings before a Magistrate in case of dispute as to amount of

Tolls, . .
Disputes as to weights, &c.: detention of goods, examination and mea."
suring, . . .

vii. 11
Liabilities of sender and Company respectively,

vi. 161
Toll Collectors and Officers of Company liable for wrongful detention
of Goods, ,

: : . . . . vii la
Passengers practising frauds on Company, by evasion or non-payment of

Fares ; Penalty, .
Arrest and detention of offenders by Company's Servants, Police, &c., tikt
Limitation of Profits of Railways : and power to Treasury to revise Seale

of Tolls and fix new Scales, in cases where the profits upon an
average of 3 years exceed 10 per cent. after 21 years from passing

of the Company's Act, . . . . . . .
Option to Treasury to purchase the Railway in certain cases,
Such powers not to apply to Railways made or authorized before 194;

"nor to Branches in certain cases, (see further, under 'Treasury). Thi
Fares by Cheap Trains, see Parliamentary Trains. -- And see further, w.der








TOWN CLERKS; sec under Deposit.
I'rovisions in Railways Clauses Act, as to Carrying of Passengers and

Goods on Railway, and Tolls to be taken thereon, . vii, 86 et
Company may employ Locomotive Engines, &c., and carry Passengers

and Goods, . .
And may take Tolls not exceeding those allowed by Special Act, si
Company may contract with other Companies for their Carriages, &e.

to pass over Railway,
Regulation of Tolls in such case. .
But such Contract not to vary or affect Tolls, or parties other than

those contracting, .
Power to alter and vary Tolls, provided they be charged equally to all

persons under like circumstances and without favour, .
Company not liable further or otherwise tban common Carriers,

But entitled to same protection as Carriers (see Carriers),
Provisions of Cardwell Act, .

. . .
Definition of" Traffic;" includes Passengers, Luggage, Gouds, Animals,

Things, conveyed; and Carriages, Waggons, Trucks, Boats, Vehicles,

for running or passing on Railway or Canal, . .
Railway and Canal Companies to make arrangements for receiving and

forwarding Traffic on lines or navigations worked by them, without

partiality, preference, or favour,
And without unreasonable delay, preference or prejudice, where dif.
ferent Companies work together,

. :.. . ?
Tolls and charges to be at like rates for all, equally and without

favour or preference, . . . . . . vii. 90, viii."
Complaint of acts or omissions in violation of statute may be made, by

summary application, by parties affected, to Superior Courts named. yy)
And on Certificate of Board of Trade, Attorney General, &c. may take
proceedings (see under Board of Trade), . . . . w..

(TRAFFIC, -oontissa

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TRAFFIC : continued,
Powers and mode of inquiry by the Court,

. . . xv. 3
Judges may make Regulations for proceedings under this Act, . xv. 4
Engineer, Barrister, &c., employed by Court, may take Evidence on
Oath,. . .

. XV. 3
Injunction ; Attachment; Penalties; Costs,

. . . xv, 3
Court may order a re- hearing on application of a party aggrieved by

their order, . . . . . . . . . . xv. 5
See Canals, Farex, Tolls, &c.
TRANSFER of Shares or Stock; form of, . . . vi. 14, 62 (B.), p. 117
of Mortgage or Bond ; form, .

. . vi. 46 (E.), p. 118
Shareholders may sell and transfer Shares or Stock (see Shares, Stock), vi. 14,62

Transfer to be by staniped Deed, stating true consideration, . . vi. 14
Form of Transfer Deed prescribed, .

• vi. 14, and page 117
Want of Certificate not to prevent owner of Shares from disposing of

same (see Certifiontes),
Transfer Deeds to be delivered to officer of Company and kept by him, vi. 15
To be entered in Register of Transfers and entry endorsed on Deed, vi. 15, 62

Particulars and Form of Register, . . . vi, 15, 19, and page 397
And a new Certificate (see Certificates) to be issued to Purchaser, on
demand,. . . . . .

. . . . . vi. 15
Or Transfer to be endorsed on Share Certificate, instead of new Cer:

tificate being issued, . . .
Pee for registry, endorsement, and certificate, .

vi. 15, 62
Until Transfer delivered to Company's officer, Vendor liable for Calls (see

Calls), and Purchaser not entitled to dividends or to vote,. . vi. 15
After Call made, Shareholder not entitled to transfer Shares until he

shall have paid all Calls due on Shares held by him, . . . vi. 16
Register of Transfers may be closed for stated period before each
ordinary meeting (see Meetings), .

. . . . vi. 17
Seven days' notice to be given of closing of transfer books, . . vi. 17
Mode of publication of such notice, .

. . vi. 17, 71, 138
Transfers made wbile books are so closed, to be considered, between

Company and party claiming, as made after the meeting, . . vi. 17
Transmission of interest in Shares upon Death, Marriage, &c., or other-

wise than by a deed of Transfer (see Transmission), . . vi. 18-20
IIolders of Mortgages or Bonds may transfer same,

vi. 46
Form of Transfer, . . .

. . . vi. 46, (E.) p. 118
By deed : stamp; consideration,

. . . vi. 46
Transfers to be produced to Company within 30 days after date or after
arrival in United Kingdom, .

. . . .

. vi. 47
And to be registered in same manner as original Bond,

vi. 47
Fee for registry, . . .

· · · · vi. 47
Until registry, Company no
y, Company not responsible to Transferee,

. vi. 47
And after registry, Transferee entitled to benefit of Bond, which can.

not be released or avoided by Transferor, . .
Interest on Moneys borrowed (see Borrowing Powers), transferable only
by stamped deed, . .

vi. 49
"RANSMISSION of Shares, otherwise than by Transfer :
Where interest in Shares is transmitted to another party, in consequence

th, Bankruptcy, Insolvency of Shareholder, or Marriage of
Fernale Shareholder, or otherwise than by sale or transfer (see
Transfer), same to be authenticated by a Declaration or as the
Directors may require, ..

. . vi. 18
Nature and mode of making such Declaration, .

. vi. 18, 19

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ning Powers), transferoni

vi. 19

TRANSMISSION: continued.
Declaration to be lodged with Company's officer; and name of person

entitled, to be entered in Register of Shareholders, . . . vi. 18 Fee thereon, .

. . vi. 18 Until such transmission so authenticated, person claiming thereunder not entitled to dividends, &c., or to vote. .

. . vi. 18 Where transmission is by Marriage of Female Shareholder, declaration

should contain copy of registry of Marriage, or other particulars

thereof, and state identity of party, . . . .
Where transmission is in consequence of death, Probate of Will or

Letters of Administration, or official Extract, with Declaration of
identity, required, , ,

. vi. 19 Declarations to be entered in Register of Transfers (see Transfers). vi. 19 Where Shares held in trust, Company not bound to see to execution of trust or application of money,

vi. 20 Whether the Company have had notice of Trust, or not, Receipt of party in whose name Shares stand, sufficient discharge for dividend, &c., . .

. vi. 20 Where Shares stand in names of more parties than one, receipt of one

of thein named in register of Shareholders, sufficient, . . .
Remuneration of, to be fixed in General Meeting (see Meetings), . . vi. 91
Duties of; see under respective heads of subjects, as Bankruptcy, &c.
Recovery of sums, from; (see Damages, Penaltics, &c.), vi. 143, vii. 141, xix. 140
TREASURY, Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's;
Powers of, for limitation of Profits of Railways; Treasury may revise

Scale of Tolls and fix new Scale, in cases where the profits upon an
average of 3 years, after 21 years from passing of the Company's
Act, exceed 10 per cent. . . . . .

. . v. 1 Three months' notice to be given to the Company by the Treasury,. v. 1 Revised scale to be accompanied by a guarantee of 10 per cent., . v. 1 And not to be again revised, or guarantee withdrawn, for further term of 21 years, except with consent of Company,

v. 1 Option to Treasury to purchase the Railwayin certain cases, after 21 years, v, 2-4

Upon 3 months' notice to Company, . . . . . . .
And at 25 years' purchase, upon average profits of 3 years,

. v. 2 But with proviso for Arbitration in case of difference where Company

think 25 years' purchase insufficient, . . But right to purchase not to be exercised by Treasury while their own

revised scale of Tolls is in force, . . Such powers not to apply to Railways made or authorized before 1841.

nor to Branches in certain cases, . . And notice for revision or Purchase, not to be given till provision made

by Act of Parliament authorizing same and providing funds for

Guarantee or Purchase money,
And 3 months' notice of intention to apply to Parliament for such

act, to be given to Company and recited in Bill,
For three years before the Option of Revision or Purchase becomes avail.

able, Accounts to be kept in manner directed, .
Half-yearly abstracts to be sent to Treasury at periods directed,

And books, &c., to be open to inspection on behalf of the Treasury,
TRINKETS, &c., carriage of; see Losses.
Act providing for conveyance of, by Railway ; 5 & 6 Vic. c. 55, . . iv.
And 7 & 8 Vic, c. 85,


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TROOPS: continued.
Officers or Soldiers of Her Majesty's Forces, of the Line, Ordnance, Marines,

Militia, or Police, with Baggage, Stores, &c., to be conveyed, . iv. 20
At usual hours of starting, and on production of a route or order for

conveyance, . . . . . . . . . 1V.
Prices and conditions to be agreed upon with Secretary for Var, on

Railways previous to 1844,
But in case of Companies obtaining any Act in or since 1844,--to be
carried at fares not exceeding rates specified and prescribed in

7 & 8 Vic. c. 85, for Troops, Wives, and Children, . . . v. 12
Carriage accommodation prescribed, .

. v. 12
Luggage and Public Baggage; regulation of quantity and charge, . v, 12
Exception as to carriage of Gunpowder and other combustibles, which

Railway Companies are only bound to carry on terms and condi-

tions to be agreed upon with Secretary for War,. . . iv, 20, v. 12
Shares held in trust; Company not bound to see to execution of trust or

application of money, ..
Whether the Company have had notice of Trust, or not, . . . vi. 20
Receipt of party in whose name Shares stand, sufficient discharge for

dividend, &c., . . . . . . . . . . vi. 20
Where Shares stand in names of more parties than one, receipt of one
of them named in register of Shareholders, sufficient,

. vi. 20
See under Shares, Transmission, &c. Lands, &c., in trust; see under Lands.
TUNNELS, &c. :

To be shown on deposited Plans, &c. (see Plans, Works, Deposit, &c.), . vii. 13

Deviations from plans and sections (see Deviations, &c.), . . . vii. 14
TURNPIKE ROAD: meaning of term as used in regard to Ireland, . vii. 3
UMPIRE : see under Arbitrators, Board of Trade, &c.
UNDERTAKING : Meaning of the term, . vi. 2, vii. 2, xix. 2, ix. 29
UNION CLERKS in Ireland; see under Deposit.
USE or ternporary occupation of lands near Railway during Construction

of Works, (see under Landa), . . . . . vii. 30 et seq.
USHER'S POUNDAGE : Moneys paid into Bank of Ireland exempt from,

vii, 161, xx. 19
VALUABLE GOODS : Liability of Company for losses or injury of; limita-
tions (see under Carriers,) . . .

. xv. 7, xvii. 1-4
TALUATORS, Appointment of; see under Lands, &c.
TALUE of Goods, Cattle, &c., carried by Railway: see Losses.
"IADUCTS, &c. :

To be shown on deposited Plans, &c. (see Plans, Works, Deposit, &c.), .vii. 13
Deviations from plans and sections (see Deviations, &c.), . . . vii. 14
ITRIOL and other dangerous goods not to be sent by Railway without

notice, dc.; Penalty, . . . . . . . . vii, 105
Provisions as to General Meetings (see Meetings) of Company, and right

oting by Shareholders, . . . . . . vi, 66 et seq.
Every Shareholder entitled to vote, .

. vi, 75
But not unless he has paid all Calls due upon Shares held by him, vi, 75


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VOTING : continued.
Scale of Votes, according to Number of Shares, .
Rights of Voting, &c. of Stockholders (see Stock), same as Share.
holders, . .

. .

. . . . . Vanner of voting in Person

. Or by Proxy, who must be a Shareholder appointed in Writing in Form

prescribed, . . . . . . . vi. 76 and page IN Appointment of proxy by a Corporation, under their Seal, . , vi Proxy not entitled to vote unless his appointment be transmitted to

Secretary of Company 48 hours before meeting, .
Joint Shareholders; first-named in Register, to vote as if sole proprietor, Fi. 71
Lunatics and Idiots may vote by Committees, . .
Minors may vote by Guardians, . . .
Majority of votes present, including proxies, binding. . .

Presiding Chairman to have an additional or casting vote in case of
equality, . . . . . . . . . . . .

. Nature of proof of special majority, where such is required.


. Voting at Meetings of Board of Directors, or Committees; majority of rotes

binding (see under Directors), . .
But a second or casting vote to Chairman, in case of equality, • vi.
WAGGONS and Carriages :
Limitation of Weight of Carriages and Waggons, with their Loads, to

Four Tons, repealed,
Carriages and Waggons weighing, with their loade mome the

Tons, may be used on Railways, subject to future provisions, ir. it (See Carriages.) WASTE OR COMMON LANDS: (see Commons),

. xix. 99 & Waste or surplus lands taken by Companies ; see Surplus Lands. WATCHES, &c., carriage of ; see Losses. WATER PIPES : Alteration of Water or Gas Pipes (see Works), .

vii, 18 as Consent of Proprietors of Waterworks, &c., to alterations of Levels of Railway, in certain cases, · ·


vii, 11, 1: WATER POWER: Provisions for encouragement of Manufactories worked by Water Power

in Ireland, . .
Formation of Watercourses for manufacturing purposes ; power to

Drainage Commissioners to decide as to execution of Works, or to
execute works for carrying watercourses across Railway, at cost of

parties desiring same,
Construction and alteration of Watercourses,

. . vii. 16, L Watercourses and watering places for Cattle, &c., on lands adjoining

railway (see Accommodation Works), . . . . . . VİL. Navigations, &c.; see Canals, Drainage, &c. WILLS, Probate of ; see Transmission of Shares, &c. WITNESSES:

May be examined on oath, (see Oath), . . . vii, 132, vii. 133, sis. 48, 149 Making default or giving false evidence, . vi. 155, vii, 159, 160, xix. 103, 16

(See under Offences and Penalties.) WOODS and Forests, Commissioners of:

Consent to execution of Works below highwater mark (see Works), v.: Power to abate Railways of improper guage, (see Guage,) . .

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