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FOURTH EDITION:-12mo : Price 12s. 6d., cloth; 15s., law calf. HOMPENDIUM of the IRISH POOR LAW : containing the ACTS FOR

THE RELIEY OF THE DESTITUTE POor in Ireland, and many other Statutes connected therewith, including the MEDICAL CHARITIES ACT, &c.; also, GENERAL ORDERS issued by the

OR LAW in Ireland : INSTRUCTIONAL CIRCULARS, and FORMS ; a STATIS. TICAL TABLE of UNIONS, &c. With EXPLANATORY OBSERVATIONS, and NOTES, FORMS, and a copious ANALYTICAL INDEX By ARTHUR MOORE, Esq., late Assistant Secretary of the Poor Law Commission in Ireland, and formerly Secretary of the Central Board of Health for Ireland. - FOURTH EDITION: revised and brought down to 1858.-DUBLIN: ALEX. Thomas Sons; 1858.

This volume contains a comprehensive collection, in a convenient shape and compass, of the now numerous statutory provisions, and the general regulations which are in operation, relating to the Relief of the Poor under the Poor Law and Dispensaries Acts in Ireland, and the functions of Poor Law and Dispensary Officers; so as to furnish, chiefly for those concerned in the administration of these Laws, a ready means of reference to the enactments and instructions under which they are to exercise their functions. Explanatory notes and references, and numerous Forms, are added, and also a copious Index. The following is a general abstract of the contents of the volume :

Part I.-Statutes.-.-THE Ixign POOR RELIEF ACTS AND ACTS AMENDING THEM, 1838 to 1857; including also the Vagrant Act, 1847.-Evicted Poor Protection and Relief Act, 1848.-Dispensaries Act, 1851, &c.

2.-TEMPORABY RELIEF AND ADVANCES Acts, 1816 to 1849; AND SUBSEQUENT ACTS CONNECTED WITH THEM, comprising an Abstract of the relief measures passed during and in consequence of the famine ; Rate-in-Aid, Grants and Loans, Consolidated Annuities and their Remission, &c.

3.-OTHER STATUTES CONNECTED WITH OR REFERRED TO IN THE IRISH Poon RELIEF Acte. OR RELATING TO THE FUNCTIONS OF OFFICERS APPOINTED UNDER THOSE ACTS.-Houses of Industry, Foundling Hospitals, and the various statutes for relief of Foundlings or Deserted Children. Vaccination Acts.--Relief to Pensioners, and Families of Seamen, and repayment of same. -- Apprenticeship of Pauper Boys to Merchant Sea Service and in Royal Navy.Rates; Collection, Exemptions, Deductions, Justices' Powers, &c.: provisions from Grand Jury and various other Acts.- Tenements General Val

- Tenements General Valuation Acts, and statement of progress, &c.--Duties of Union Officers: Income Tax Valuations and Rate Books: Parliamentary Franchise and Municipal Acts; Marriage Act: Railway Bills Notices, &c.- Provisions of Municipal Acts concerning Boards of Guardians and their Officers : Towns Improvement Act, and list of places in which it is in force.- Ministers' Money Acts. - City of Dublin Valuation and Rating, &c. : Dublin Rates Collection Act and Improvement Act and other general and local provisions having relation to the Poor Law or Union Officers.

Sanitary Acts:-Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention Acts, and Forms for Proceedings; Common Lodging Houses Acts; Burial Grounds Act; Dublin Hospitals Act.

Part II.--Orders and General Rules and Regulations; and Instructions connected therewith.-For regulating the Election of Guardians, and Duties of Returning Officers :-for regulating the Meetings and Proceedings of Boards of Guardians and Administration of Relief, Management of Workhouses, Appointment and Duties of Officers, Collection of Rates, &c. - for Keeping and Auditing Accounts, with Forms of Accounts to be kept by the respective Union Officers for Adjustment of Liabilities on Alteration of Boundaries of Unions, &c., and on Consolidation of Annuities:-for making and publishing Rates, their Form and Collection, and mode of Accounting for same for combining Unions into School Districts :--for Regulation of Medical Relief and Vaccination, Management of Dispensaries, and Duties of Dispensary Officers.

Part III.-Circulars of Instructions and Information concerning the Duties of Officers ; Legal Opinions, &c.-Rates and Collection, Revision of Valuation; Instructions, Legal Opinions, Forms, &c. --Relief; Functions of Guardians and Officers;

Instructions, Suggestions, and Legal Opinions.-Duties of Union Clerks and Collectors ander Parliamentary Voters Act, &c.

Part IV,-Forms.--1. Forms prescribed by Statutes.-2, Forms prescribed by the Commissioners' Orders.--3. Legal and Miscellaneous Forms.

Part V.-Tables,-1. Statistical Table of Unions and Dispensary Districts, in Counties and Provinces.-2. Alphabetical Table of Unions, with Counties in which situate; serving as Index to Unions in Table 1.-3. Alphabetical List of Dispensary Districts, with Unions in which situate ; serving as Index to Districts in Table 1.

NOTICES OF THE “COMPENDIUM OF THE IRISH POOR LAW." A well digested work, published by Mr. Arthur Moore, contains, in one volume, all the Acts of Parliament on the subject, and all the General Orders of the Commissioners, together with other useful information.--M'Culloch's Account of the British Empire, Srd Ed., vol. 2, p. 702-3.

A revised and enlarged edition of this useful compilation, Mr. Moore has exhibited consider. able skill in the manner in which he has arranged the numerous statutes which form our Irish Poor Law code. A very copious and well digested Index renders the book particularly useful, not only to those persons immediately connected with the administration of the Poor Law, but also to the members of the legal profession.-Saunders' News-Letter.

One of the most complete manuals of the kind which we know of, and must be of incalculable use to persons engaged in the administration of the Poor Law in Ireland. The wbole is so well digested, arranged, and annotated, and furnished with so copious an Index, that the quantity of matter is not felt as an incumbrance, and is in all parts easy of reference.- Freeman's Journal.

The manner in which this work has been brought before the public is highly creditable, as evidencing not only a thorough knowledge of the subject he treats of, but also tact in the

is, which is so necessary to render a book of this description valuable as one of reference. To the Magistrate, the Poor Law Guardian, and also the legal practitioner, it must be such . . . We must also remark the evident care that has been bestowed in preparing that very important portion of the work, the Index, and feel satisfied that, as now before us, it will prove of considerable value to the public.—Daily Espress.

This most admirable work has reached a third (fourth) edition, in which new and valuable matter has been introduced. It includes every enactment directly or indirectly connected with the relief of the Irish Poor ... with explanatory Notes, Forms, a copious Analytical Index, &c. In fine, this work is a complete handbook, embracing every thing connected with the allimportant subject of the Poor Law, arranged in so clear and intelligible a manner that it must prove invaluable to all concerned or interested in the administration of the relief of the poor,Evening Post,

This excellent compilation is a very voluminous work... He has arranged every thing in so lucid a manner, that, with the aid of a very copious Index, the precise information required on any point may be obtained without the slightest dilticulty or delay . . His work is one of the best books of reference we have seen .. Sections, or parts of sections, which have been repealed or superseded, are distinguished in an ingenious manner by means of type having a line scored through the words, which are still perfectly legible, the contrivance at once striking the attention and saving the unlearned from falling into error in this respect. The work has evidently been executed with great care, and is highly creditable to its author; it will, beyond doubt, be a valuable guide for all Poor Law Guardians and Magistrates, as well as members of the legal profession. --- Evening Mail.

The Acts for the relief of the destitute poor are given in full, and abstracts of such statutes as are connected therewith are judiciously presented. The improved mode of pointing attention to repealed portions of statutes has been adopted, we believe, for the first time in any Irish legal publication. It consists of a line passing through the middle of each letter, which distinctly shows the object for which it has been ingeniously contrived.-- Dublin Evening Packet.

Most useful, not only to Poor Law officers, to whom it must be indispensable, but to Magistrates and Professional men, to Landlords, Receivers, and others; and in expressing this opinion, a not unimportant consideration is, that the work, which is printed in first rate style, is

rublished at such a reasonable price as to place it easily within the reach of all who may require it.-Dublin Evening Herald.

We have no doubt that the present edition will be equally successful, containing, as it docs, the whole of the law upon the subject, put forward in the clearest manner. To any person connected with the administration of the Poor Law the work is indispensable.--Advocate.

For purposes of reference on all topics connected with the Irish Poor Law, it stands unri. valled alike for comprehensiveness and completeness. The volume is elucidated throughout with notes of reference, and others explanatory of the construction of the law. The arrangement of the work is excellent, and with the help of a full and well digested Index and other aids, any specific topic can be turned to at once, although the book fills upwards of 1000 pages.- Warder.

This is an admirable reference book for the purposes of all interested in the administration of the Poor Law, as who is not? The whole contents form a thick closely printed volume of 1000 pages, yet so neatly got up as to prevent any objection to its size. It does great credit both to compiler and publisher.-Belfast Ners-Letter.

The whole is embraced in a volume of moderate dimensions, and being plentifully supplied with notes and references, any information connected with the Poor Laws, or their adminis. tration in Ireland, can be obtained at a glance.-Belfast Northern Whig.

It is a book of indispensable utility to Boards of Guardians, Professional men, and all others concerned in the working of the Poor Law.--Newry Telegraph.

To every one connected with Poor Law management, the inost complete book of general reference that could be desired ... Such being the intention of the compiler, we must say that he has redeemed the pledge thus given in a very creditable manner.. In addition to all these matters, or rather in connection with them, is a very judiciously compiled Index, covering no less than 93 pages, from which any subject in the body of the work can be found with the greatest facility: it is in fact an abstract of the whole work. A number of valuable foot notes are also added. ... Will be found to be a most valuable manual of every thing connected with the Irish Poor law, down to the latest date. Armagh Guardian,

It embodies all possible information on the subject. . . To Poor Law Guardians, Clerks of Unions, and all officials, it must be an invaluable manual. --Southern Reporter, Cork.

A very useful Compendium of the Irish Poor Law.-Cork Constitution.

It appears to us to be an invaluable book to all those connected with the administration of the Poor Laws in Ireland, as well as to the legal profession.-Leinster Express.

This useful volume presents a complete collection of the Irish Poor Laws, and will be found valuable to legal practitioners, and to Magistrates and Sessions Clerks, Agents, and Receivers. while to Poor Law officers it must be a very necessary manual. The extensive notes of reference throughout the book, and the explanations and legal opinions on doubtful points, . greatly increase the value of the work, which also contains a large number of forms of legal process, &c. The arrangement of the work is excellent, and a clear and very detailed Index afiords the means of turning directly to any topic in this comprehensive volume. Much care appears to have been bestowed on the work; and an ingenious mode, tending greatly to the convenience of the reader, has been adopted for distinguishing those portions of the law which have been repealed or altered. The volume is well printed and well got up.- Mayo Constitution.

This valuable work, which should be in the hands of every person interested in the working of the Poor Laws.---The Telegraph, or Connaught Ranger, Castlebar.

Large 8vo, price 128. 6d.

1 IRELAND, and the BARONIES in which they are situate ; showing their POPULATION, AREA, and NET ANNUAL VALUE : With SUMMARIES of the Unions, Counties, and PROVINCES and a List of the MARRIAGE REGISTRARS' DISTRICTS, showing their Population, Area, Counties in which situate, &c. Compiled from Official Returns, by ARTHUR MOORE, Esq. DUBLIN: Hodges and SMITH, Agents for the sale of the Ordnance Survey Maps ; 1847.

The STATISTICAL TABLES of which this volume is composed were designed to accompany a general Map of Ireland, exhibiting the boundaries of the Poor Law Divisions, and of the County Divisions, Baronies, &c.; the numbers prefixed to the names of the Electoral Divisions referring

to corresponding numbers on the Map. The tables were equally applicable to Maps for separate
Counties, Unions, &c. : and the volume of statistics was also published and obtainable separately
from the map. The population was necessarily taken from the last previous census, that of 1841,
the work having been published in 1847 ; the area from the last survey, according to the then
existing boundaries; and the value from the last Poor Law Valuation then in force. The
tables had reference to the old unions, as existing before the more recent alterations of bound-
aries. The valuation was compiled from returns obtained for the purposes of the Labour
Rate Act and the Relief Works in 1846-7.

These tables exhibited the Poor Law Valuation in Baronies and Counties, for the first time; this
being the first time the Poor Law Valuation was ever ascertained and exhibited in County Divisions,
as well as Poor Laro Divisions, throughout Ireland.

12mo, price 23. 6d : 1856.

1 Vic. c. 103 :— With Provisions of Acts incorporated therewith, and Acts amending the
same. Arranged, with INTRODUCTION, NOTES, and INDEX, by ARTHUR MOORE, Esq., late
Assistant Secretary of the Poor Law Commission, and formerly Secretary of the Central Board
of Health for Ireland ; Editor of “Sanitary Acts for Ireland, 1846-1848,” “Compendium of
Irish Poor Law," &c. DOBLIN: Alex. ThoM & Sons; 1856.

12mo, price 28. 6d.
6 & 7 Wm. IV. cap. 85, and cap. 86:— With an ABSTRACT of their provisions, and NOTES;

R-GENERAL and the Poor LAW COMMISSIONERS for England and

SECOND EDITION, 12mo, price 28. 6d.
A and REGISTERING MARRIAGES in IRELAND : showing the Requirements of the Act
as regards the several Modes of Proceeding in the due Celebration of Marriage, and the
Functions of Persons Ministering thereto; also, the provision made for the Registration of
Marriages, and for Access to the Registers. WITH THE ACT, 7 & 8 Vic. c. 81 ; also, 5 & 6 Vic.
c. 113, and 6 & 7 Vic. c. 39 : and NOTES, and a copious ANALYTICAL INDEX. By ARTHUR

Printed in 1856 : folio.- Revised and Reprinted, Jan. 1860.
A PLAN, in the form of a DRAFT BILL, for the REGISTRATION

1 of BIRTHS and DEATIS in IRELAND, and for the more general REGISTRATION of
MARRIAGES in that Part of the United Kingdom. With Introductory Observations, and
Explanatory Notes on the proposed Bill, By ARTHUR MOORE, late Assistant Secretary of
the Poor Law Commission in Ireland, and formerly Secretary of the Central Board of Health for
Ireland ; Author of Digests of the Marriage and Registration Acts, England and Ireland; Com.
pendium of Irish Poor Law; Statistics of Poor Law and County Divisions in Ireland ; &c.
1856. SECOND EDITION, revised, Jan. 1860.

8vo, price 2s. : 1857.
TU Ireland: A PAPER read at the Meeting of the BRITISH ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCE-
VENT of SCIENCE, held in TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN, on Tuesday, 1st September 1857. By
ARTHUR MOORE, Esq., MEMB, BBIT. Assoc., &c. DUBLIN : ALEX. Taon & Sons; 1857.

8vo, price 23. : 1860.
IU IRELAND ; and the GOVERNMENT BILL of 1859:-A PAPER read at the STATIS-
TICAL Society in Doblin, 27 January 1860; with an Appendix. By ARTHUR MOORE,
Esq., MEMB, STAT, Soc., &c. DUBLIN: ALEX. Tuom & Sons ; 1860.

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