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one description of shares. If there be more descriptions of shares than these columns suffice for, additional columns can be used accordingly.

Columns 4 and 8 are for the aggregate number of the respective kinds of shares held by each proprietor, as 20, 50, &c. Columns i and 6,--9 and 10,—are for the numbers of the respective shares themselves; and can be filled either by entering the number of every share, or by entering the first and last number held by the proprietor, where they run in an uninterrupted sequence of numbers: thus, the entries in columns 4, 5, 6, may be 20, 121, 140, respectively, meaning 20 shares, from No. 121 to No. 140; and columns 8, 9, 10, may be filled in like manner, according to circumstances.

Columns 7 and 11 are for the amounts of Calls paid up in each case.

The Register is to be made up to one fortnight before each hallyearly ordinary meeting, and is to be sealed at such meeting ; (99,17).

Subsidiary to this register, so made up to a specific date, and which cannot be altered after it is sealed, some other book or books must be kept, as a “Working Register,” &c., in nearly similar form, for entering up from day to day, the changes by Transfer or Transmission of Shares, in the intervals between the half-yearly meetings.

The following is a corresponding form of Register where the Shares have been consolidated into Stock, under $ 62 of the same act: and the foregoing observations apply generally, mutatis mutandis, to this form likewise.


Register of

No. 2.-Form of Register of Stockholders : 8 Vic. c. 16, § 63.

CONSOLIDATED Stock, on - th of — 185-

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Common Seal, &c.

(L. S.)
See observations on Form No. 1.
No. 3.–Form of Shareholders Address Book :-

8 Vic. c. 16, § 10.


Description or Designation. |

Place of Address.

The Shareholders Address Book may most conveniently be an Index-Book, with a sufficient number of leaves for each letter of the alphabet, giving space to admit of the list of Shareholders and their Addresses being kept always written up in the book.

The names should be entered in the alphabetical order of Surnames, as nearly as additions and alterations from time to time will admit. In the case of Corporations, the corporate name is to be entered ($ 10); and in the case of Joint Shareholders, they should be arranged according to the alphabetical precedence of the first pame ($ 78, 137).

A sufficient description and address should be given for identification of the party, including his post town. In the case of Corporations, their place of business is to be entered (§ 10).

No. 4.–Form of Register of Transfers of Shares : 8 Vic. c. 16, § 15.


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No. 5.–Form of Register of Transfers of Stock :

8 Vic. c. 16, § 62. The Form No. 4, for registering Transfers of Shares, may be adapted to the registry of Transfers of Stock, by a slight alteration from the “Numbers of Shares' to the “ Amount of Stock;" and the Forms may be modified to suit the circumstances and requirements of different Companies :-(see Forms 1 and 2, and Observations thereon.) No. 6.-Form of Notice of Receipt, for Registry, of a Transfer

of Shares or Stock : addressed to the Person by whom the Transfer purports to be made, on receipt of same.


, 185—. SIR, I have to inform you, that a Deed bearing date the day of — 185—, transferring from your name [Twenty Original Shares or Preference Shares, or £— of Stock, as the case may be,] in this Company, has this day been lodged in this Office for Registration.

Your obedient servant,

-=, Secretary. (the Transferor.)

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Examined and


Transfer Clerk.

Date of No. 7.-Form of Certificate of Registry of a Transier of Deed of Transfer.

Shares : 8 Vic. c. 16, § 15. b Ten, Twenty, or

- RAILWAY COMPANY. other num.

SHARE TRANSFER CERTIFICATE.-No, ber transferred. (Original or Preference – Per Cent. Shares, as the case may be.] • Specify the

I hereby Certify, that a Deed of Conveyance bere numbers of the shares

date the 0- day of — , in the Year of our Lord Use transferred.

Thousand Fight Hundred and Fifty-, of — [0 . Name,

ginal or Preference - Per Cent.] Shares in the BaitAddress, 1 Profession

way Company, numbered (o)- from - te or Descrip

- 0 , to ()- , of (6) - (1)- has beat tion, of

deposited in the Office of the said Company, and registered Transferor. Name,

in their Books on the — day of — 1857 b Address,

- Secreters. i Profession or Des

NOTE.—The Purchaser should be careful to receive the sealed Certificates cription of Shares; and to see that the Numbers correspond with the above. Transferee. 1 Date of lodgment

No. 8.-Forms of Certificates of Stock, or of Registry of a and registry

Transfer of Stock :-8 Vic. c. 16, § 62.
Of Transfer.

No. -

This is to Certify, that — , of — ,— , is the Proprietor of -
Pounds, [Original or Per Cent. Preference, &c., as the case may
be,] Consolidated Stock of the - Railway Compary, subject to the
Regulations of the said Company

Given under the Common Seal of the said Company, the — day of — , in the year of our Lord, 185-. (L. S.)

By Order of the Board, - Secretery.


Transfer Clerk.


- RAILWAY COMPANY. I hereby Certify, that a Deed of Conveyance bearing date the day of , in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty--, of Pounds [Original or - Preference, &c., as the case may be, ] Consolidated Stock in the Railway Company, from - to -, has been deposited in the Office of the sail Company, and registered in their Books on the — day of

- Secretary.

· State kind
of Stock,
where there
are diferent
See notes on
Form No. 7.

Examined and

Transfer Clerk.

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No. 9.-Forms of Declaration on Transmission of Shares by

Death, or otherwise than by Transfer Deed :-8 Vic. c. 16, $ 18, 19.

I , of , in the — , - , do solemnly and sincerely declare, that I am one of the Executors of — , late of - aforesaid, — deceased, who, at the time of his death hereinafter mentioned, was

the Proprietor of — Shares, in the Company, numbered re. spectively , and which said several Shares were then standing in bis name in the books of the said Company. And I further solemnly and sincerely declare, that the said - duly made and published his last Will and Testament, bearing date the day of —, One Thousand Eight Hundred and -, and thereby appointed -- , Executors: and that the said - departed this life on or about the

- day of — One Thousand Eight Hundred and — , without revoking his said Will, and the same was duly proved by the said

-, and Probate duly granted on the day of —, One Thousand Eight Hundred and -, by the Court of , and an office copy of the said Will was duly lodged, [and, in case of shares in an Irish Company held by u person who resided out of Ireland, an Irish Probate granted to the said in respect of the said -- Company's shares, on the

- day of — One Thousand Eight Hundred and —, at the -Office, No. 11, Henrietta-street, Dublin, or the District Registry Office at — as the case may be:) and I further solemnly and sincerely declare, that I have been informed and believe that by the means aforesaid the said several Shares in the said — Company, have now become vested in the said — , all of whoin are now living, as such Executors as aforesaid. And I make this solemn declaration, conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of an Act made and passed in the Sixth year of the reign of his late Blajesty King William the Fourth, intituled “ An Act, &c." ()

(Signature.) The above Declaration was made and subscribed by the before. named - at - , in the —, the day of , One Thousand Eight Hundred and before me.

(Siynature,) A Conimissioner to administer Oaths in Chancery.

Another Form. 2 I, - , of , , do solemnly and sincerely de

clare, that I know , of , , Administrator for to wit. Executor) of the late - , of — , - , and that the said

is the person to whom administration (or Probate, &c.] to the said - was granted in the Court of — ; and that I further declare that the said — , deceased, was the same person as described in the Books of the -- Company, as Proprietor of shares in the said Company, numbered — And I make this solemn declaration, conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of an Act made and passed in the Sixth Year of the reign of His late Majesty, intituled “ An Act, &c." ()

(Signature.) Declared before me at — 2 this — day of —, 1845

(Signature) ---, J.P.

*5 & 6 Wm, 4, c. 62, “An Act to repeal an Act of the prosent Session of Parliament, intituled (b) An Act for the more effectual Abolition of Oaths and Afirmations taken and made in various Departments of the state, and to substitute Declarations in lieu thereof, and for the more entire Suppression of voluntary and extraJudicial Oaths and Afidavits; and to make other Provisions for the Abolition of unnecessary Oaths.”

(b) 5(& 6) Wm. 4, c. 8.

No. 10.–Form of Register of Mortgages or Debenture Bonds,


[blocks in formation]

Observations. The foregoing form (No. 10) is adapted to the Registry of Bonds and of Transfers of them in one and the same book, so as to simplify and concentrate the registry, and in strict compliance with the Act, which requires in regard to a Transfer “an Entry or Memorial thereof to be made in the same manner as in the case of the original Mortgage,”—(8 47).

But where the transactions are too extensive for this, the registry can be made in two books, one for the original bonds, and one for transfers, though this necessarily involves a repetition of some of the particulars, which must be entered in both books so as to identify the Bonds trarisferred.

A sufficient number of lines should be left for each Bond entered, to admit of transfers being entered after it.

The Columns for “ Act, 185—," can be used to distinguish Bonds

Register of Mortgages and Bonds :-8 Vic. c. 16, § 45.

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