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See Lon lon
Dock Act,

Section goods ; which deposit the directors of the dock company, &c. are hereby authorized and directed to receive and hold in trust, until the claim or demand for freight upon such goods shall have been satisfied; upon proof of which, and demand made by the person or persons entitled thereto, or by their executors, administrators, or assigns, and the rates and charges due upon such goods being first paid, the said deposit shall be returned to him or them by the said directors, or their agents in that behalf, with whom the said deposit shall have been made as aforesaid. $131. Holidays. § 134.

110. No fees to be taken by the company's officers.

143. Penalty five pounds. $ 135.

Extended to revenue officers. Recovery of penalties. $ 160.

146. Wicket-keeper's duty. S 138.

See East India Act, page 110. Regulating the time the gates and doors of the warehouses are to be opened and shut. From the 25th of March, (eight in the morning to the


till 29th of September,

four in the afternoon.

and Froni the 30th of September, (nine in the inorning to the


till 24th of March

four in the afternoon. Power of the company to enter goods, if not entered by the owners or consignees in twenty-four hours after the ship's 116. report.

Such entry to be made agreeably to the contents of the

report, such goods being allowed to be warehoused,
(see 6 Geo. IV. c. 107. § 53. Part II. Regulation
Act.) and the company may land and warehouse the
same, and retain them as a security for the duties, and
the rates and freight due thereon. 10 Geo. IV. c. 1.

§ 10.
Such goods not liable to seizure by reason of any in-

116. accuracy. 10 Geo. IV. c. 1. $11.

Goods to be detained till production of bills of lading, or notice in writing.—The company upon notice in writing from the master or owner of any vessel, to the superintendent of the docks, may detain any goods so entered till the person applying for the delivery or transfer thereof shall have lodged with the company a counterpart of the bill of lading, which shall have been signed at the port of lading ; but not to affect the sale of goods for payment of rates by the 6 Geo. IV. c. 105. 10 Geo. IV. c. 1. § 11.

Company empowered to prevent part of a cargo being landed till entered at the custom-house. 10 Geo. IV. c. 1. $ 12.

This clause verbatim as that in the West India Ducks,

10 Geo. IV. c. 1. $ 9.



page 99.

See London
Dock Act,

Section Goods of a dangerous nature. 10 Geo. IV. c. 1. § 13. 132.

Notice to be in writing. Goods landed in the docks, and lodged in the custody of the East India Company, to remain liable to claim for 119. freight. 10 Geo. IV. c. 1. § 16 and 17.

Notice to be given to the East India Company, or Dock

Officers of the company to be competent witnesses, $ 19.

Justices may proceed by summons for recovery of penalties, $ 20.

Damages and charges to be settled by justices, $ 21.


The lock is 180 feet in length between the gates, and 45 feet in width. The depth of water at the top of the tide on the sills of the entrance-lock-gates, spring tides, is 28 feet-neap tides 24 feet, Trinity datum.

A berth has been excavated between the principal dock-buoy and mooring-craft, where vessels drawing about 18 feet water may wait for orders.

Vessels may be docked or undocked during the day and night, at almost all periods of the tule. By the improved construction of the lock, a vessel muy in a few minutes be raised 12 feet in the lock to a level with the water in the basin, an arrangement which affords great and exclusive facility, security, and despatch, to shipping frequenting the St. Katharine Docks.

The following table exhibits a scale of the rise and fall of tides, and represents the depth of water upon the sills of the lock-gates at the entrance, during the flood and ebb tides therein referred to:


Showing the Rise and Fall of the Tides, off Sr. KATHARINE Docks, with the Depths of

Water on the Sills of the Outward Lock- Gates during Spring and Neap Trdes.

[blocks in formation]

The spring tides frequently lift 9 feet during the first hour flood,

[blocks in formation]

The rise and fall of tides are subject, in a great degree, to the influence of winds and weather : upon very lofty springs, upwards of 30 feet depth of water has existed at the entrance to the lock. The stream generally runs up from 25 to 40 minutes after the flood-tide has made its mark.


Steam boats will be furnished by the dock company, in certain cases, to vessels (not laden with corn or timber) proceeding to these docks, arriving from America, the West India Islands, the Cape of Good Hope, and all ports to the eastward thereof, upon application to the secretary, the superintendent, or the agent of the company.

Upou the entrance into the docks of a vessel or craft with goods to land, a copy of the manifest, or lighter-note of the goods, foreign, must be lodged at the manifestoffice, within twelve hours from entering the dock.

No person will be allowed to be employed in the unloading or loading of vessels within the docks except the crews thereof, and the servants of tho dock company; or in any work and labour to be performed within the dock premises, whether on board or on shore, (stowers on board of ships loading outwards excepted,) without permission in writing from the superintendent.

The dock company will not be responsible for any loss or injury sustained whilst goods are on board a vessel or craft, -or in the breaking out or slinging of the same on board, unless the whole of the work performed shall be executed by their servants; nor will the company be responsible in any case for goods received into a ship, by lighter, or discharged from on board a ship into lighter.

Goods landed in the St. Katharine Docks, and lodged in the custody of the dock company, may be detained for freight, upon due notice, and prior to the issue of dockwarrants. Notice to stop such goods until the freight has been paid, or deposit made, may be lodged at the manifest-office, or at the cargo-ledger-office, in the long room, dock-house.

Application for a survey upon goods, whilst on ship board, must be made to the warehouse-keeper, or wharfinger; for which survey a charge of five shillings will be made, under the authority of the 125th section of the 6 Geo. IV. c. 105.

Freight books will be supplied to ship-owners or brokers, on application at the manifest-office.

A ship's book inwards is deposited in the long room in the dock-house, for the inspection of the public ; in which are alphabetically arranged the names of the vessels inwards, also showing the names of their masters,—the place from whence,—where stationed, -and whether discharging, or discharged. Also a ship's book outwards, containing the particulars of ships loading outwards.

Lists of vessels in dock and where stationed are lodged for general information with the gate-keepers at the several land entrances; and also in the dock-master's office, pier head.

Lights and fires are ouly allowed on board ships or craft in the docks, during the under-mentioned hours and at the periods stated :From 220 September to 20th March inclusive .. From 7 o'clock A.M.

to 4 o'clock P.M. From 21st March to 21st September inclusive

S From 6 o'clock A.M.

to 4 o'clock P.M. The dock-master has authority to grant permission for fires in cabouses, or in the forecastle, if no cabouse on deck, until 6 o'clock in the evening, from Lady-day to Michaelmas (inclusive) and until 5 o'clock in the evening from Michaelmas to Ladyday; as also to use candles in lanterns, and coal-fires in cabins until 8 o'clock during the whole year; such permission to be subject to revocation, if circumstances shall render it necessary.

The wicket-gate at the principal entrance in East Smithfield will be open, for foot passengers, during the hours and periods specified below, viz. :


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All inclusive

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(21st March to 21st May, open at 6 o'clock, A.M. shnt at 7 o'clock, P.M.
2:21 May
21st Aug.

224 Aug.
21st Sept.

1-220 Sept.
20th March, ,

6 Ships loading outwards are permitted to take in goods from the quays, cleared by the searchers, until dark.

Visitors on Sundays, or public holidays, admitted only under special circumstances.

In case of illness or accident, permission may be obtained from the superintendent for admission, or egress, after the wicket-gate has been closed for the night.

A crane, capable of raising thirty tons, peculiarly adapted for the landing of marble, and the shipping of steam engines, or other heavy machinery, has been erected on the quay of the basin.

Shipowners and others desiring general knowledge of the detailed regulations reLetiaz to shipping in these docks, will please to apply to the superintendent or the duck-master for a copy thereof,


Secretary. December, 1831.

Per Ton


Table of Tonnage-Rates chargeable on Vessels entering the St. Katharine

Company, from

Subject to such revision, from time VESSELS INWARDS. On Vessels laden, arriving



by the Dock COMPANY.

Use of the docks to vessels arriving from First Class—Any port of the

Hambro' or from any port in the MediterUnited Kingdomn, Isle of

ranean for six WEEKS-from the date of Man, Jersey, Guernsey,

entrance-if arriving from any other port Alderney, Sark, or other

FOUR WEEKS, from the date of final DISEuropean ports outside

CHARGE, with liberty to LOAD OUTWARDS, the Baltic, between the

for any port or place, and to quit the Ducks North Cape and Ushant. 06 for repairs, and re-enter,-the period of

absence from Dock for such purposes not

to affect the privilege. Second Class.- Any other

Vessels whose Cargoes are DISCHÅRGED port


by THEIR CREWS. The like privilege,—but to commence from the date of ENTRANCE.

Per Ton Register.

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Rent, in each case after the expiration of the Privilege, per week....
For partial rernissions and exemptions on Vessels partly laden or

arriving from Spain or Portugal, Wool or Cork laden, or Vessels
with Corn, see annexed Table.

Cargoes, consisting in the whole or in part, of Sugar in hogsheads or

tierces including Ship-cooperage.
Cargoes, consisting of Sugar in chests of five cwt. and upwards, in-

cluding Ship.cooperage Cargoes, consisting of Sugar, in bags, mats, or chests, under five cwt.

or other Goods, (not being Hemp, Tallow, Ashes, Wood-Goods, Corn, Pitch, Tar, Hay or Straw,) contained in casks, bales, serons, chests, cases, bags, baskets, or similar packages : also, Spelter, or Metal in

pigs, bars, rods, plates, &c Cargoes, consisting of Heup only, or Merchandise in BUIK,wholly or in

part Cargoes, consisting of Tallow only

d. Heinp.

1 Mixed Cargoes of Tallow

0 Ashes..

0 6)
Blue Gum Wood or Large Timben, additional for every loud
No charge upon excess landed beyond à Ship's Register

Oil, additional for every tun delivered into craft........tun 06


10 0 6


3 6

Per Ton of Goods, Charge in no case to erceed the Re. gister Tonnage of the Vessel.



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