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So, the number of such lives remaining insured; the average length of time such lives will continue, according to the tables used by the company; the amount of premiums payable annually to the company on such insurances; and the amount which will become due from the company upon the deaths of such persons.

10th. The amount due for arrears of annuities, which have become due and payable.

11th. The amount received upon the sale of annuities, where the annuities still continue: specifying also, the number of such annuities; the average time of the continuance thereof, according to the annuity tables, and the total amount payable therefor, annually.

12th. The amount of all dividends, unpaid to the stockholders entitled to the same.

13th. The amount received on trust to be invested at the risk and for the benefit of the persons from whom the moneys were received, or other persons designated in the trust; including the interest or income received thereon by the company, and remaining in its hands; deducting the expenses and commissions on such investments and trusts, as agreed on by the parties, or as fixed by the by-laws or regulations of the company, at the time of the creation of the trust, where no special agreement as to such expenses and commissions was made by the parties.

14th. The amount of all other debts or demands against the company; specifying particularly the nature of such debts, respectively, designating between such as are absolutely due, and such as may become payable on some contingent event; and such as are claimed, but not admitted by the trustees to be due.

15th. The amount of all bad debts included in the account of debts due to the company, for loans or otherwise, with the interest thereon; including all debts known to be bad or believed to be uncollectable; also, allo debts not in suit, on which no interest has been paid for more than one year after it became due; and debts on which judgments have been obtained and have remained unsatisfied for more than two years.

And which statements shall also exhibit and set forth, the amounts of dividends declared during the preceding year : the names and residences of all the trustees and other officers of the company; the salaries or annual compensations paid to each of the officers of the company who receive a salary or annual compensation; and all the by-laws and regulations adopted by the trustees and remaining in force. It shall also contain such other facts and details as the trustees may think proper to insert therein; and which they may deem necessary to enable the Chancellor to form a correct opinion of the manner in which the affairs of the said company have been conducted and managed for the preceding year. And that the same be verified by the oaths of the president and secretary of the company. (Copy)



Of the New-York Life Insurance and Trust Company, for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two, to the Chancellor's Order of the 19th November, 1831.

The Trustees of the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, in compliance with the Chancellor's order, respectfully answer the inquiries as arranged in the order; each answer referring , to the 1st day of January, 1833.

Inquiry 1st. The amount of capital loaned out on bond and mortgage, exclusive of interest, was, on the first day of January, 1833, 81,000,000 00.

In every instance, it is believed that the value of the property mortgaged is at least double the amount of the loan, and of this fact satisfactory evidence has been required, in all cases where the property did not come under the immediate cognizance and observation of the Trustees.

The amount loaned in each county of the State, is as follows: New-York,......

$110,174 00 Oswego, ........ $15,400 00 Albany,...

84,669 98 St. Lawrence,.. 2,300 00 Westchester, 11,000 00 Saratoga,

22,500 00 Oneida, 25,965 75 Allegany,

1,750 00 Tompkins, 32,400 00 Greene,..

3,000 00 Erie,.... 101,958 00 Orleans,

15,250 00 Delaware, 4,100 00 Niagara,

9,800 00 Monroe,... 93,782 00 Chautauque,..

3,500 00 Columbia, 53,203 50 Jefferson,

4,731 72 Ontario, 67,256 05 Chenango,

3,150 00 Clinton, 3,500 00 Schoharie,

700 00 Orange, 1,000 00 Onondaga,

12,274 00 Ulster, 21,857 00 Genesee,

40,084 00 Livingston, 54,000 00 Schenectady,

3,000 00 Steuben, 6,200 00 Washington,.

3,000 00 Franklin, 6,800 00 Wayne,...

71,347 00 Cayuga,.. 14,724 00 Tioga, ...

11,250 00 Broome,

1,000 00 Montgomery, 14,366 00 Dutchess, 3,800 00 Otsego, ..

4,152 00 Seneca, 18,200 00 Herkimer,

8,700 00 Sullivan, 1,500 00 Kings,....

4,000 00 Yates, .... 26,550 00 Richmond,

1,500 00 On the above amount no interest has been due over six months.

2d. The amount of loans on bonds and mortgages not included in loans on capital and other than loans to monied corporations, or to their officers or agents for their use and benefit, was, on the first day of January, 1833, $1,101,560.02.

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The amount loaned of this character in each county of the
State, is believed to have been nearly as follows, on the first day
of January
New-York,....... $411,932 40 | Allegany,...

89,433 00
34,950 00 | Livingston,

14,294 00 Kings,.. 5,247 69 Cayuga,

42,815 00 Columbia, 11,582 22 | Herkimer,...

6,637 00 Ontario,.. 41,226 94 Otsego,

4,800 00 Oneida, 15,935 25 Seneca,

22,225 00 Tompkins, 18,300 00 Tioga,

1,500 00 Erie, 94,050 00 Yates,

11,175 00 Monroe, 92,580 00 Sullivan,

2,000 00 Oswego, 19,450 00 Montgomery,

2,500 00 Niagara,... 48,975 00 Wayne,....

26,928 00 Chautauque, 12,050 00 Washington,

4,768 00 Jefferson, 24,390 00 | Orleans,

24,850 00 Onondaga, 26,160 00 Broome,

500 00 Genesee, 26,025 00 Lewis, ...

350 00 Clinton,.... 570 00 Rensselaer,.

ļ4,000 00 Orange,

3,000 00 | Morris, N. J., 4,000 00 Ulster,... 2,320 00 | Madison,

1,000 00 St. Lawrence,.... 6,700 00 Cattaraugus,

1,600 00 Steuben, 10,092 52 Cortland,

650 00 The interest remaining due on the first day of January, 1833, on the whole amount of bonds and mortgages, whether capital or otherwise, due the company, was $18,724.62; since reduced to $13,758.17; of which last sum, $5,437.50 is due in the city of New-York.

In a few cases the whole, amounting to $643.06, there has been a failure longer than six months, of payment of interest due on those loans not considered capital, and the company have been obliged to place the bonds and mortgages of the defaulters in the hands of the counsel to the Board for foreclosure.

In making the above loans, satisfactory evidence has been required, that the value of the mortgaged premises, is at least, double the amount of the loan, except in some few instances, where loans have been made on real property in the city and county of New-York, where, on account of its ready sale, and the greater facility of determining the actual value of the property, so great an amount is not often required. It should be remarked too, that in a great number of cases, where especially the property is of a changeable character, a much less sum has been loaned, frequently not over one-third the value.

The payments of interest to the company are semi-annual, on the first days of June and December.

Aware of conducting their system of loaning with the greatest prudence, the trustees appointed one of their own body, a gentleman possessed of their entire confidence, and one whose residence in the western country had made him intimately acquainted with the value of land and property of all kinds, to visit those counties

in which their chief loans have been made to examine the property which the company hold as security, and to have intercourse with those gentlemen through whom their loans have been made, to ascertain their practices in recommending loans, and to urge upon them the attention, prudence and caution which influence the board in their own conduct. Nicholas Devereaux, of Utica, was the gentleman appointed, and having spent between two and three months of the past summer, in performing the duty imposed upon him, he delivered to the board a detailed account of each loan he had examined, and his sentiments and opinions as to the course which the trustees had pursued, and ought to continue to pursue. He also presented a more general report, a copy of which is annexed to the one which the trustees now make.

3. The amount, exclusive of interest of loans on stock securities, on the first day of January, other than loans to or for the use of moneyed corporations, was $619,549.51.

tions, was $619,549.51. The following table shows the amount loaned on each kind of stock, the number of shares, and the nominal and market value thereof, and the amount payable on demand at the time of the loan, the amount loaned for limited periods less than six months, and the amount loaned for six months or more.

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60 Above par.

17 Above par.

Phænix fire insurance company,
Utica bank,..
Bank of America, ...
New-York State marine,
Mechanics' and Farmers' bank, Albany,
Rochester bank, .
Jackson insurance company,
Howard insurance company,
Mohawk rail-road company,
Phønix bank,
Butchers' and Drover's bank,
Ocean insurance company,
New-York life insurance and trust company,
American insurance company, (marine,)
Mechanics' bank, Newark,
Oswego bank,
National bank,
Traders' insurance company,
Camden and Amboy rail-road company,...
Onondaga bank,
United States bank,.
New-Orleans banking company, ....
Bank of Mobile,

$15,450 000

1,432 30
1,505 00
13,021 001
26,350 00
20,000 00
16,499 00

9,500 00
83,550 001

1,200 00
13,400 00
24,063 00
3,600 00
3,500 001
4,050 000
5,000 00
3,500 00

775 001
35,000 001

2,000 00
37,000 00
25,000 00
25,000 pol

397 $407 per cent ds.
18 100 12) advance.
405 50 22 discount.

4001 50 do
480 50122 discount.

5022 advance.
844 100 171 do
25 33

508 25/13 do
537 35 42

30 100 40 do
701 5018 do

40 Above par,
100 501 do
70 50.13 advance.
31 25 15 do
392! 10040 do

40 50 Above par.
377| 100 54 abvance,
250 10019

2501 100 12



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