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April 10, 1833.


Of the select committee on the petition of inhabi

tants of the town of Steuben, Oneida county, for leave to levy a tax on said town to build a townhouse.

Mr. I. C. Baker, from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of the inhabitants of the town of Steuben, in the county of Oneida, praying for the passage of a law authorising a tax to be levied on said town, for the purpose of building or purchasing a town-house, REPORTED:

That by a certificate of the town clerk of said town, accompanying said petition, at the late annual town-meeting in said town, the following votes or resolutions were taken, viz:

“Voted, That a committee of five be appointed with instructions to petition to the Legislature for the grant of a bill for the inhabitants of this town to buy or build a town-house, and that said committee report to the next annual town-meeting what they shall have done.

“Voted, That William Francis, Benjamin Smith, D. M. Crowell, Russell Fuller and James Bacon be the said committee."

That said committee have accordingly presented their petition praying for the passage of such a law; and from the examination your committee have given the subject, and from their knowledge of the situation of said town, and as it is a matter which alone concerns them, your committee see no reason why the

prayer of the petitioners should not be granted, and have directed their chairman to ask leave to introduce a bill accordingly. [Asgem. No. 301.]



April 11, 1833.


Of the Comptroller, relative to the sums received for

fees, and paid to clerks of the supreme court, under the act of 1810.


Albany, April 10, 1833. To W. BAKER,

Speaker of the Assembly, SIR,

Herewith is presented an answer to the resolution of the 'Assembly of the 9th inst. on the subject of fees of the clerks of the

supreme court.

Respectfully, your ob't serv't.


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Albany, April 10, 1833. To the Assembly :

The Comptroller, in answer to the resolution of the Assembly of the 9th inst. requiring him “ to report a statement of the sums received into the treasury of this State, under the act concerning the clerks of the supreme court of this State, and for other purposes, passed April 6, 1810, and the act amending the same, and also of the sums paid out under the said act, to the clerks of the supreme court, for their salaries and clerk hire," presents the following statement taken from the books of this office, to wit:

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