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occasion to do good, and hide not thy Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus.

wisdom in her beauty. Lesson I. Chap. iv.

Rz. O LORD, FATHER. p. lxxiv.

Lesson II. My son, defraud not the poor of his

living, and make not the needy FOR by speech wisdom shall be eyės to wait long. Make not an known : and learning by the word hungry soul sorrowful; neither of the tongue. In no wise speak provoke a man in his distress. Add against the truth; but be abashed of not more trouble to an heart that is the error of thine ignorance. Be not vexed: and defer not to give to him ashamed to confess thy sins; and that is in need. Reject not the force not the course of the river. supplication of the afflicted: neither Ry. Great are. p. lxxiv. turn away thy face from a poor man.

Lesson III. Rz. Give me. p. lxxiii.

STRIVE for the truth unto death, Lesson II.

and the LORD shall fight for thee. TURN not away thine eye from the Be not hasty in thy tongue, and in

needy, and give him none occasion thy deeds slack and remiss. Be not to curse thee: for if he curse thee in as a lion in thy house, nor frantick

Let not thy the bitterness of his soul, his prayer among thy servants. shall he heard of him that made him. hand be stretched out to receive, and Get thyself the love of the congrega

shut when thou shouldest repay. tion, and bow thy head to a great man.

Ry. Thine eyes. p. lxxiv. Ry. The fear. p. lxxiii.


Lesson III.

Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus, LET it not grieve thee to bow down thine ear to the poor, and give

Lesson I. Chap. v. him a friendly answer with meekness. SET not thy heart upon thy goods ; Deliver him that suffereth wrong from

and say not, I have enough for my the hand of the oppressor; and be not life. Follow not thine own mind and faint-hearted when thou sittest in thy strength, to walk in the ways of judgment. Be as a father unto the thy heart: and say not, Who shall fatherless, and instead of an husband controul me for my works ? for the unto their mother: so shalt thou be LORD will surely revenge thy pride. as the son of the most High, and he Say not, I have sinned, and what shall love thee more than thy mother harm hath happened unto me? for doth.

the LORD is long-suffering, he will in Ry. Remove. p. lxxiv.

no wise let thee go.

Concerning propitiation, be not without fear to SATURDAY.

add sin unto sin. Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus. Ry. The LORD possessed. p. lxxii. Lesson I. Chap. iv.

Lesson II. OBSERVE the opportunity, and bed AND say not, His mercy is great ; evil;

he be when it concerneth thy soul. For tude of my sins: for mercy and wrath there is a shame that bringeth sin; come from him, and his indignation and there is a shame which is glory resteth upon sinners. Make no tarryand grace. Accept no person against ing to turn to the LORD, and put not thy soul, and let not the reverence of off from day to day: for suddenly any man cause thee to fall. And re- shall the wrath of the LORD come frain not to speak, when there is forth, and in thy security thou shalt be destroyed, and perish in the day wilt thou not labour in this present of vengeance. Set not thine heart life, which is but short and momentupon goods unjustly gotten ; for they ary: but actest so idly, and so shall not profit thee in the day of listlessly, as if thou wert looking for calamity. Winnow not with every one shorter than even this ? Do not wind, and go not into every way: for those daily revels, 'those banquets, so doth the sinner that hath a double those harlots, those theatres, those tongue.

riches bear witness to the unsatisfied Rp. I alone. p. lxxiii.

desire of evil? Think well, that as

often as thou hast committed a sin of Lesson III.

profligacy, thou hast condemned BE stedfast in thy understanding; thyself ; for this is the nature of sin,

and let thy word be the same. that as soon as it has been committed, Be swift to hear; and let thy life be the Judge passes sentence upon it. sincere; and with patience give Ry. The fear. p. lxxiii. answer. If thou hast understanding,

Lesson VI. answer thy neighbour; if not, lay thy hand upon thy mouth. Honour and HAST thou been drunken ? Hast shame is in talk: and the tongue of

thou indulged thine appetite ? man is his fall. Be not called a Hast thou plundered ? · Check thy whisperer, and lie not in wait with thy steps.

Turn thee another way: tongue, for a foul shame is upon the render thanks to God that He took thief, and an evil condemnation upon thee not away in the midst of thy the double tongue.

wickedness : seek not aught to prolong

the time of thine evil deeds. Many, Rz. Send, O LORD. p. lxxiii.

while they were living in sin and evil, SECOND NOCTURN.

have suddenly perished, and departed A Sermon of S. John Chrysostom.

into manifest damnation ; beware lest Lesson IV.

the same thing should happen to thee. Hom. 22 on 2 Cor. x.

But, to many, thou wilt say, God has

given a space for repentance, so that BE not slow to turn to the LORD, and they made

their confession in extreme defer not from day to day: for old age. What then? Will He give it thou knowest not what the day that thee? Perhaps He will give it, sayest cometh will bring forth. For there is thou. Why sayest thou, Perhaps ? It danger and fear in delay ; but salva- has sometimes happened. Remember tion is certain and secure, if there be that thou art weighing the chances of no putting off. Therefore practise thy soul; think then of the contrary, virtue; for thus, even if thou die young, and say: But what if He should not thou wilt depart securely; and if thou give it 2 Art thou saying, But what if shouldest arrive at old age, thou wilt He should give it? Be it so, no doubt depart with much readiness, and no He does give it; but the other view is regret for life; and thou shalt have surer and safer. double pleasure, both because thou

Ry. Remove. p. lxxiv. hast kept from the evil of life, and

Rz. vii. O LORD, FATHER. p. lxxiv. hast practised virtue. Say not, The

Ry. viii. Two Seraphim. p. xxviii. time will come, when I can be converted; for these words provoke God exceed

MONDAY. ingly.

Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus,
Ry. Give me. p. lxxiii.

Lesson I. Chap. vii.
Lesson V.

no evil, so shall no harm come

unto thee. FOR why, since God Himself has

Depart from the promised eternal ages to thee, I unjust, and iniquity shall turn away


from thee. My son, sow not upon the | The power of the earth is in the hand furrows of unrighteousness, and thou of the LORD, and in due time he will shalt not reap them sevenfold. Seek set over it one that is profitable. In not of the LORD preeminence, neither the hand of God is the prosperity of of the king the seat of honour. Justify man: and upon the person of the not thyself before the LORD; and boast scribe shall be lay his honour. not of thy wisdom before the king.

Ry. My son. p. lxxy.
Ry. Leave. p. lxxiv.

Lesson II.
Lesson II.
SEEK not to be judge

, being not BEAR not hatred to thy neighbour

for every wrong; and do nothing able to take away iniquity; lest at all by injurious practices. Pride at any time thou fear the person of is hateful before God and man: and the mighty, and lay a stumblingblock by both doth one commit iniquity. in the way of thy uprightness. Offend Because of unrighteous dealings, innot against the multitude of a city, juries, and riches got by deceit, the and then thou shalt not cast thyself kingdom is translated from one people down among the people. Bind not to another. Why is earth and ashes one sin upon another; for in one proud? There is not a more wicked thou shalt not be unpunished. Be thing than a covetous man: for such not fainthearted when thou makest an one setteth his own soul to sale; thy prayer, and neglect not to give alms. because while he liveth he casteth Ry. Great are. p. lxxiv.

away his bowels. Lesson III.

Rz. The fear. p. lxxiii SAY not, God will look upon the

Lesson III. multitude of my oblations, and THE physician cutteth off a long when I offer to the most high God, he disease ; and he that is to-day a will accept it. Laugh no man to king to-morrow shall die. For when scorn in the bitterness of his soul : a man is dead, he shall inherit creepfor there is one which humbleth and ing things, beasts and worms. The exalteth. Devise not a lie against thy beginning of pride is when one debrother; neither do the like to thy parteth from God, and his heart is friend. Use not to make any manner turned away from his Maker. For of lie: for the custom thereof is not pride is the beginning of sin, and he good. Use not many words in a that hath it shall pour out abominamultitude of elders, and make not tion; and therefore the LORD brought much babbling when thou prayest. upon them strange calamities, and Ry. Thine eyes. p. Ixxiy.

overthrew them utterly.

Ry. Remove. p. lxxiv.
Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus.

Lesson I. Chap. X.

Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus.
WISE judge will instruct his

Lesson I. Chap. xiii. people; and the government of a HE that toucheth pitch shall prudent man is well ordered. As the be defiled therewith: and he judge of the people is himself, so are that hath fellowship with a proud his officers; and what manner of man man shall be like unto him. Burden the ruler of the city is, such are all not thyself above thy power while they that dwell therein. An unwise thou livest ; and have no fellowship king destroyeth his people; but through with one that is mightier and richer the prudence of them which are in than thyself: for how agree the kettle authority the city shall be inhabited. I and the earthen pot together? for if the one be smitten against the other, ( Blessed is he whose conscience hath it shall be broken. The rich man not condemned him, and who is not bath done wrong, and yet he threaten fallen from his hope in the LORD. eth withal : the poor is wronged, and Riches are not comely for a niggard : he must intreat also. If thou be for and what should an envious man do his profit, he will use thee: but if with money? He that gathereth by thou have nothing, he will forsake defrauding his own soul gathereth for thee. If thou have any thing, he will others, that shall spend his goods live with thee: yea, he will make thee riotously. He that is evil to himself, bare, and will not be sorry for it. to whom will he be good ? he shall not RY. O LORD, FATHER. p. lxxiv. take pleasure in his goods. Lesson II.

Ry. The LORD possessed. p. lxxii. BEWARE that thou be not de

Lesson II. ceived, and brought down in thy THERE is none worse than he that jollity. If thou be invited of a mighty envieth himself; and this is a man, withdraw thyself, and so much recompense of his wickedness. And the more will be invite thee. Press if he doeth good, he doeth it unthou not upon him, lest thou be put willingly; and at the last he will back; stand not far off, lest thou be declare his wickedness. The envious forgotten. Affect not to be made man hath a wicked eye ; he turneth equal unto him in talk, and believe away his face, and despiseth men. A not his many words: for with much covetous man's eye is not satisfied communication will be tempt thee, with his portion; and the iniquity of and smiling upon thee will get out the wicked drieth up his soul. A thy secrets : but cruelly he will lay wicked eye envieth his bread, and he up thy words, and will not spare to do is a niggard at his table. thee hurt, and to put thee in prison. Ry. I alone. p. lxxiii. Ry. Great are. p. lxxiv.

Lesson III.
Lesson III.

My son, according to thy ability do OBSERVE, and take good heed,

for good to thyself, and give the thou walkest in peril of thy over- LORD his due offering. Remember throwing: when thou hearest these that death will not be long in coming, things, awake in thy sleep. Love the and that the covenant of the grave is LORD all thy life, and call upon him not shewed unto thee. Do good unto for thy salvation. Every beast loveth thy friend before thou die, and accordhis like, and every man loveth his ing to thy ability stretch out thy neighbour.' All flesh consorteth ac- hand and give to him. Defraud not cording to kind, and a man will cleave thyself of the good day, and let not to his like. What fellowship hath the part of a good desire overpass the wolf with the lamb? so the sinner thee. Shalt thou not leave thy with the godly. What agreementis there travails unto another? and thy labours between the hyena and a dog? and what to be divided by lot? Give, and take, peace between the rich and the poor? and sanctify thy soul; for there is no Ry. Thine eyes. p. lxxiv.

seeking of dainties in the grave. THURSDAY.

Rz. Send, O LORD. p. lxxiii.
Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus.

Lesson I. Chap. xiv.

Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus.
BLESSED is the man that hath not Lesson I. Chap. xxi.

slipped with his mouth, and is My son, bast thou sinned? do so not pricked with the multitude of sins.

no more, but ask pardon for thy

former sins. Flee from sin as from down. And when thou hast done all
the face of a serpent: for if thou thy office, take thy place, that thou
comest too near it, it will bite thee: mayest be merry with them, and re-
the teeth thereof are as the teeth of a ceive a crown for thy well ordering of
lion, slaying the souls of men. All the feast. Speak, thou that art the
iniquity is as a two edged sword, the elder, for it becometh thee, but with
wounds whereof cannot be healed. sound judgment; and hinder not
To terrify and do wrong will waste musick.
riches: thus the house of proud men RY. O LORD, FATHER. p. lxxiv.
shall be made desolate.

Lesson II.
Ry. Give me. p. lxxiii.
Lesson II.

POUR not out words where there is

& musician, and shew not forth A

PRAYER out of a poor man's wisdom out of time. A concert of

mouth reacheth to the ears of musick in a banquet. of wine is asi do God, and his judgment cometh speed- signet of carbuncle set in gold. Asa ily. He that hateth to be reproved signet of an emerald set in a work of is in the way of sinners : but he that gold, so is the melody of music with feareth the LORD will repent from his pleasant wine. Speak, young man, heart. An eloquent man is known far if there be need of thee: and yet and near : but a man of understanding scarcely when thou art twice asked. knoweth when he slippeth. He that

Ry. Great are. p. lxxiv. buildeth his house with other men's

Lesson III. money is like one that gathereth himself stones for the tomb of his burial. LET thy speech be short, compreThe congregation of the wicked is like hending much in few words ; be tow wrapped together: and the end as one that knoweth and yet holdeth of them is a flame of tire to destroy his tongue. If thou be among great them.

men, make not thyself equal with Rp. The fear. p. lxxiii.

them; and when ancient men are in

place, use not many words. Before Lesson III.

the thunder goeth lightning; and The way of sinners is made plain before a shamefaced man shall go

with stones, but at the end there- favour. Rise up betimes, and be not of is the pit of hell. He that keepeth the last ; but get thee home without the law of the LORD getteth the under- delay. There take thy pastime, and standing thereof: and the perfection do what thou wilt : but sin not by of the fear of the LORD is wisdom. proud speech.

And for these things He that is not wise will not be taught: bless him that made thee, and hath but there is a wisdom which multipli- replenished thee with his good things. eth bitterness. The knowledge of a Ry. Thine eyes. p. lxxiv. wise man shall abound like a flood : and his counsel is like a pure foun


Here beginneth the Book of Job Ry. Remove. p. lxxiv.

Lesson I. Chap. i.


HERE was a man in the land of Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus.

Uz, whose name was Job; and

that man was perfect and upright, and Lesson I. Chap. xxxii. one that feared God, and eschewed IF thou be made the master of a evil. And there were born unto him

feast, lift not thyself up, but be seven sons and three daughters. His among them as one of the rest: take substance also was seven thousand diligent care for them, and so sit sheep, and three thousand camels, and

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