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the insult of injuring Cæsar, as to set Psalms: The Morians' land shall soon free minds devoted to God from all stretch forth her hands unto GOD; human cares and duties, when He and, When the fulness of the Gentiles decreed that those things were to be be come in, all Israel shall be saved. given to Cæsar which were his.

Lesson VIII.
Lesson IX.

AND behold, a woman, which was if there remain with us nothing diseased with an issue of blood that is Cæsar's, we shall not be twelve years, came behind Him, and bound by the conditions of rendering touched the hem of his garment. In to him the things that are his. But the Gospel according to S. Luke it is if we lean upon what is his, if we written that the daughter of the ruler make use of the lawful protection of was twelve years of age. Mark therehis power, if we place ourselves, like fore that this woman, that is, the mercenaries, under the supervision of people of the Gentiles, began to be sick a foreign power, we have no just cause at the time when the Jewish people of complaint if we are required to believed. For, except by comparing render to Cæsar the things which are with virtue, vice does not appear. Cæsar's: but it behoves us also to render unto God the things which are

Lesson IX. His; namely, body, soul and will ; for THIS woman with the issue came these, though possessed by us, are, as to the LORD, not in the house, nor to their origin and increase, from in the city, because according to the Him; wherefore it is worthy that they law she was excluded from cities : but should render themselves entirely to as He walked by the way; so that, as Him, to Whom they acknowledge that He goes to one woman, another is they owe themselves both as to origin healed. Whence also the Apostles and increase.

say, It was necessary that the word of

God should first have been spoken to TWENTY-FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER

you, but seeing ye put it from you, TRINITY.

and judge yourselves unworthy of everLesson of the Holy Gospel according lasting life, lo, we turn to the to S. Matthew.

Lesson VII. Chap. ix.

The Sundays after Trinity cannot AT that time : While Jesus was be fewer than twenty-two, mor more behold, a certain ruler came and more than twenty-five, after the twentyworshipped Him, saying, LORD, my fourth are resumed the homilies for daughter is even now dead. And that those Sundays after Epiphany, which which follows.

in the current year have been omitted, A Homily of 8. Jerome the Priest. and they are used in the following

order : Book 1. Comm. on S. Matt. Chap. 9. It is the eighth miracle, in which

If there be 26 Sundays after Trinity, the ruler asks for his daughter to be the homily of the 25th shall be of the raised, unwilling to be shut out from 6th after Epiphany. the mystery of the true circumcision. If 27, the 24th Sunday shall be of But the woman with an issue of blood the 5th, and the 25th of the 6th after approaches by stealth, and is healed Epiphany. in the eighth place, so that the But on the last Sunday before Addaughter of the ruler being excluded vent shall always be used the office from this place, comes to the ninth, set down for the 25th Sunday after according to that which is said in the Trinity.


FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY. heretics and bad Catholics there is Lesson of the Holy Gospel according

this difference, that the heretics to S. Matthew.

believe falsehoods ; and the others

believe truth, but live not as they Lesson VII. Chap. xiii. believe. AT that time : Jesus, spake this

SIXTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY. parable unto the multitude : The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a Lesson of the Holy Gospel according man which sowed good seed in his

to S. Matthew. field. And that which follows.

Lesson VII. Chap. xxiv. A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. AT that time : Jesus said unto His On S. Matthew 11.

disciples: Then if any man shall When the rulers of the Church there, believe it not. And that which

say unto you, Lo, here is CHRIST, or became careless, or it may be, when

follows. the Apostles fell asleep in death, the devil came and sowed those whom the A Homily of S. Jerome the Priest. LORD's interpretation calls evil child- By an instance from nature, which

Bnt it is asked, are these we daily see, we are instructed in a heretics, or ill living Catholics ? For sacrament of CHRIST. Eagles and even heretics may be called evil vultures are said to scent dead bodies children, since they are begotten of even beyond sea, and to flock to feed the same Gospel seed, and in the upon them. If these birds, not having Name of CHRIST, before being turned the gift of reason, by instinct alone aside by wicked opinions to the main- find out where lies a dead body, distenance of false doctrines.

tant at so great a space, how much

more ought the whole multitude of Lesson VIII.

believers to hasten to CHRIST, Whose BUT in that He speaks of them as lightning goeth forth out of the east,

being sown among the wheat, He and shineth even to the west! We would seem to signify those who are may understand by the carcase here, of one communion. Nevertheless, or corpse, an allusion to the passion since the LORD interpreted the field to of CHRIST's death. be, not the Church, but the world,

Lesson VIII. heretics may well be meant, since they are associated with the good in this THEY are called eagles whose youth world, not by the fellowship of one

is renewed as the eagle's, and who Church and one faith, but only under take to themselves wings that they the common name of Christians. But may come to CHRIST's passion. We the wicked who are of the same faith arc invited to flock to CHRIST's passion are rather to be considered as chaff wheresoever in Scripture it is read of, than as tares, since the chaff has the that through it we may be able to same foundation and the same root as come to God's word. the wheat.

Lesson IX.
Lesson IX.

you, Behold, He is in the desert, net enclosing bad and good fishes, go not forth ; behold, He is in the evil Catholics may not unreasonably be secret chambers: believe it not. If understood. For the sea, which then any one assert to you that CHRIST signifies this world, is one thing; and tarries in the desert of the Gentiles, the net which seems to show the or in the teaching of the philosophers, communion of the one Church and or in the secret chambers of the the one faith, is another. Between heretics, who promise the hidden

CLEARLY, in the parable of the WHEREFORE, if they shall say to

things of God, believe him not,

Lesson VIII. but believe that the Catholio faith shines from east to west in the By the two fishes again, we may

understand the two orders, the churches.

kingly and the priestly, whereby the

Jews were ruled and administered. TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER They sat down therefore, the men, to TRINITY, AND LAST BEFORE ADVENT. the number of five thousand; for five Lesson of the Holy Gospel according

are the senses of the body, that is to to S. John.

say, the sense of seeing, the sense of

hearing, the sense of tasting, the Lessom VII. Chap. vi. sense of smelling, and the sense of AT that time: When Jesus then touching; which senses, therefore,

lift up His eyes and saw a great ought we most religiously to guard, if company come unto Him, He saith we would have our part in the banquet unto Philip, Whence shall we buy of our LORD. bread that these may eat? (and this

Lesson IX. knee wanahaline would do). And that Them the miracle that Jesus did, which follows.

said, This is of a truth that Prophet A Homily of Venerable Bede the that should come into the world. For Priest.

He was Lord of the Prophets, fulfiller The record of Holy Scripture, that of the Prophets, hallower of the ProJesus lift up His eyes and saw a great phets, but also a Prophet Himself, for company coming unto Him, is a mark it was said unto Moses : I will raise of God's merciful goodness towards them up a Prophet like unto thee. us, inasmuch as the heavenly grace Like, according to the flesh, not acof comparison is wont to be forward in cording to dignity. And that this meeting all those who are seeking to promise of the LORD is to be undercome unto Him. The lad, moreover, stood of CHRIST Himself, is clearly who had the five loaves with him, explained and read in the Acts of the signifies the people of the Jews who Apostles. Moreover the LORD saith of had received the five books, the Himself, A prophet hath no honour in Pentateuch, at the hand of Moses. his own country. The LORD is a ProAnd well indeed are those loaves said phet, and the LORD is the WORD of to have been barley loaves, on account God, and no prophet prophecies withof the roughness of the law; seeing out the WORD of God; for the WORD that the law before the coming of the of God is with the Prophets, and the LORD, was to so great an extent under WORD of God is a Prophet. Former a veil, that not a man could spiritually times had Prophets inspired and filled understand it until He should come, with the WORD of God. We have had Who, having given the law, should give the WORD of God Himself as our the blessing likewise.






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