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he told him what intelligence was with him took him up, and put him into given of the money, and declared a litter. Thus him, that lately came wherefore he came, and asked if these with a great train and with all his things were so indeed. Then the guard into the said treasury, they high priest told him that there was carried out, being unable to help himsuch money laid up for the relief of self with his weapons: and manifestly widows and fatherless children: and they acknowledged the power of Gop: that some of it belonged to Hircanus for he by the hand of God was cast son of Tobias, a man of great dignity, down, and lay speechless without all and not as that wicked Simon had hope of life. misinformed: the sum whereof in all

Ry. They decked. p. cxxii. was four hundred talents of silver, and two hundred of gold : and that it

Lesson III. was altogether impossible that such so, the high priest,

suspecting lest wrongs should be done unto them, the king should misconceive that that had committed it to the holiness some treachery had been done to of the place, and to the majesty and Heliodorus by the Jews, offered a inviolable sanctity of the temple, sacrifice for the health of the man. honoured over all the world.

Now as the high priest was making an Ry. Open. p. cxxiii.

atonement, the same young men in

the same clothing appeared and stood WEDNESDAY.

beside Heliodorus, saying, Give Onias Of the 2nd Book of Maccabees. the high priest great thanks, insomuch Lesson I. Chap. iii.

as for his sake the LORD hath granted NEVERTHELESS Heliodorus exe

thee life: and seeing that thou hast cuted that which was decreed. been scourged from heaven, declare Now as he was there present himself unto all men the mighty power of God. with his guard about the treasury, the And when they had spoken these LORD of spirits, and the Prince of all words, they appeared no more. power caused a great apparition, so Ry. They praised. p. cxxii. that all that presumed to come in with him were astonished at the power of

THURSDAY. GOD, and fainted, and were If this week be the last in October, afraid. For there appeared unto on the three following days are read them an horse with a terrible rider the Lessons of the 5th Sunday, Monday, upon him, and adorned with a very fair and Tuesday. And if, the ensuing covering, and he ran fiercely, and week being the last, those lessons cansmote at Heliodorus with his forefeet, not be read on their proper days (on and it seemed that he that sat upon account of any occurrent Festival) they the horse had complete harness of are read on the next days following, gold.

according to the order of the history, Ry, The sun shone. p. cxxii. and the martyrdom of the Macca

bees. Lesson II.

Of the 2nd Book of Maccabees. MOREOVER two other young men appeared before him, notable in

Lesson I. Chap. iv. strength, excellent in beauty, and THIS Simon now, of whom we comely in apparel, who stood by him on spake afore, having been a be. either side, and scourged him con- wrayer of the money, and of his country, tinually, and gave him many sore slandered Onias, as if he had terrified stripes. And Heliodorus fell suddenly Heliodorus, and been the worker of unto the ground, and was compassed these evils. Thus was he bold to call with great darkness: but they that were him a traitor, that had deserved well



of the city, and tendered his own

FRIDAY. nation, and was so zealous of the laws.

Of the 2nd Book of Maccabees. But when their hatred went so far,

Lesson I. Chap. v. that by one of Simon's faction murders were committted, Onias see- ABOUT the same time. Antiochus ing the danger of this contention,

prepared his second voyage into and that Apollonius, as being the Egypt; and then it happened, that governor of Celosyria and Phenice, did through all the city, for the space rage, and increase Simon's malice,

almost of forty days, there were seen he went to the king, not to be an

horsemen running in the air, in cloth accuser of his countrymen, but seek- of gold, and armed with lances, like a ing the good of all, both publick and band of soldiers, and troops of horseprivate.

in array, encountering and

running one against another, with Ry. The LORD open. p. CXX.

shaking of shields, and multitude of

pikes, and drawing of swords, and Lesson II.

casting of darts, and glittering of FOR he saw that it was impossible golden ornaments, and harness

of all that the state should continue sorts. Wherefore every man prayed quiet, and Simon leave his folly, that that apparition might turn to unless the king did look thereunto. good. But after the death of Seleucus, when

Ry. Fear ye not. p. cxxi. Antiochus, called Epiphanes, took the kingdom, Jason the brother of Onias

Lesson II. laboured underhand to be high priest; Now when there was gone forth & promising unto the king by interces- false rumour, as though Antiosion three hundred and threescore chus had been dead, Jason took at talents of silver, and of another re- the least a thousand men, and suddenly venue eighty talents : beside this, he made an assault upon the city; and promised to assign an hundred and they that were upon the walls being fifty more, if he might have licence to put back, and the city at length taken, set him up a place for exercise, and Menelaus filed into the castle : but for the training up of youth in the Jason slew his own citizens without fashions of the heathen, and to write mercy, not considering that to get the them of Jerusalem by the name of day of them of his own nation would be Antiochians.

a most unhappy day for him; but Ry. The LORD hear. p. CXX. thinking they had been his enemies,

and not his countrymen, whom he Lesson III.

conquered. Howbeit for all this he WHICH when the king had granted, obtained not the principality, but at

and he had gotten into his hand the last received shame for the reward the rule, he forth with brought his of his treason, and fled again into the own nation to the Greekish fashion. country of the Ammonites. And the royal privileges granted of

Ry. The heathen. p. cxxi. special favour to the Jews by the

Lesson III. means of John the father of Eupo: In the end therefore he had an an:

, went to Rome for amity and aid, be took away ; Aretas the king of the Arabians, and putting down the governments fleeing from city to city, pursued of which were according to the law, he all men, bated as a forsaker of the brought up new customs against the laws, and being had in abomination law.

as an open enemy of his country and Ry. Our enemies. p. cxxi.

countrymen, he was cast out into Egypt. Thus he that had driven conform themselves to the manners of many out of their country perished in the Gentiles should be put to death. a strange land, retiring to the Lace- Then might a man have seen the demonians, and thinking there to find present misery. succour by reason of his kindred : and

Ry. They decked. p. cxxii. he that had cast out many unburied had none to mourn for him, nor any

Lesson III. solemn funerals at all, nor sepulchre FOR there were two women brought,

. Rz. Thine, O LORD. p. cxxii. dren ; whom when they had openly

led round about the city, the babes SATURDAY.

hanging at their breasts, they cast Of the 2nd Book of Maccabees.

them down headlong from the wall. Lesson I. Chap. vi.

And others, that had run together into NOT long after this the king

sent caves near by, to keep the sabbath day an old man of Athens to compel secretly, being discovered to Philip, the Jews to depart from the laws of were all burnt together, because they their fathers, and not to live after the made a conscience to help themselves laws of God: and to pollute also the for the honour of the most sacred day. temple in Jerusalem, and to call it Now I beseech those that read this the temple of Jupiter Olympius; and book, that they be not discouraged for that in Garizim, of Jupiter the these calamities, but that they judge Defender of strangers, as they did those punishments not to be for desire that dwelt in the place. The destruction, but for a chastening of coming in of this mischief was sore our nation. and grievous to the people : for the Ry. They praised. p. cxxii. temple was filled with riot and revelling by the Gentiles, who dallied FIFTH SUNDAY IN OCTOBER. with harlots, and had to do with

FIRST NOCTURN. women within the circuit of the holy

Of the 2nd Book of Maccabees. places, and besides that brought in things that were not lawful.

Lesson I. Chap. vi. Ry. The sun shone. p. cxxii. ELEAZAR, one of the principal

scribes, an aged man, and of a Lesson II.

well favoured countenance, was conTHE altar also

was filled with pro- strained to open his mouth, and to fane things, which the law forbid- eat swine's flesh. But he, choosing

Neither was it lawful for rather to die gloriously, than to live a man to keep sabbath days or ancient stained with such an abomination, feasts, or to profess himself at all to spit it forth, and came of his own be a Jew. And in the day of the king's accord to the torment, as it behoved birth every month they were brought them to come, that are resolute to by bitter constraint to eat of the stand out against such things, as are sacrifices : and when the feast of not lawful for love of life to be tasted. Bacchus was kept, the Jews were But they that had the charge of that compelled to go in procession to wicked feast, for the old acquaintance Bacchus, carrying ivy. Moreover they had with the man, taking him there went out decree to the aside, besought him to bring flesh of neighbour cities of the heathen, by the his own provision, such as was lawful suggestion of Ptolemee, against the for him to use, and make as if he did Jews, that they should observe the eat of the flesh taken from the sacrisame fashions, and be partakers of fice commanded by the king: that in their sacrifices: and whoso would not so doing he might be delivered from



death, and for the old friendship with forthwith being heated, he commanded them find favour.

to cut out the tongue of him that Ry. The LORD open. p. CXX.

spake tirst, and to cut off the utmost

part of his body, the rest of his Lesson II.

brethren and his mother looking on. BUT he began to consider discreetly. Now when he was thus maimed in all

and as became his age, and the his members, he commanded him beexcellency of his ancient years, and ing yet alive to be brought to the fire, the honour of his grey head, where and to be fried in the pan: and as the unto he was come, and his most vapour of the pan was for a good space honest education from a child, or dispersed, they exhorted one another rather the holy law made and given with the mother to die manfully by God: therefore he answered ac- Ry. Our enemies. p. cxxi. cordingly, and willed them straightways to send him to the grave. For

SECOND NOCTURN. it becometh not our age, said he, in

A Sermon of S. Gregory Nazianzen. any wise to dissemble, whereby many

Lesson IV. young persons might think that Eleazar, being fourscore years old

20th Oration on the Maccabees. ando ten; were now gone to a strange ELEAZAR was the first-fruits of religion; and so they through mine those who suffered before CHRIST hypocrisy, and desire to live a little in this world, as Stephen after CHRIST. time and a moment longer, should be He, a priest and an old man, hoary deceived by me, and get a stain to in his head, and hoary in his prudence, mine old age, and make it abomin- was aforetime wont to sacrifice and to able. For though for the present pray for the people; but now he time I should be delivered from the offered himself up, a wholly perfect punishment of men: yet should I not oblation to God, in atonement for all escape the hand of the Almighty the people, the fortunate beginning of neither alive, nor dead. Wherefore the conflict, to which he encouraged now, manfully changing this life, I them alike by speech and silence. And will shew myself such an one as mine he also offered his seven sons, the age requireth, and leave a notable fruits of his training, as a sacrifice, example to such as be young to die living, holy, and acceptable to GOD, willingly and courageously for the more splendid, and more pure, than honourable and holy laws. And when any legal oblation. For we may most he had said these words, immediately rightly and fitly refer to the father the be went to the torment.

good deeds of the sons. Ry. The LORD hear. p. cxx.

Ry. Fear ye not. p. cxxi.
Lesson III. Chap. vii.

Lesson V.
came to pass also

, that seven THERE also those noble and hightaken, and compelled by the king noble mother, those glorious champions against the law to taste swine's flesh, of truth, too lofty for the days of and were tormented with scourges and Antiochus, true disciples of the whips. But one of them that spake Mosaic Law, most observant of the first said thus, What wouldest thou rites of their fathers, their number ask or learn of us? we are ready to being that which was held in veneradie, rather than to transgress the laws tion by the Hebrews, and sacred on of our fathers. Then the king, being account of the mystery of the sabbath in a rage, commanded pans and rest, breathing one desire, looking to caldrons to be made hot: which one goal, acknowledging as the one


way to life, the endurance of death for asked him, Wilt thou eat, before thou the cause of God: brothers no less in be punished throughout every member soul than in body, emulous only in of thy body? But he answered in their common death ; and, O wonder- bis own language, and said, No. ful history ! eager for turments as for Wherefore he also received the next treasures, facing perils for their mis- torment in order, as the former did. tress, the Law: perils, which they not And when he was at the last gasp, he only did not dread, when close at hand, said, Thou like a fury takest us out of but sought when left out, and fearing tbis present life, but the King of the nothing but this, lest the tyrant should world shall raise us up, who have died cease his tortures, lest any among them for his laws, unto everlasting life. should be deprived of his crown, and After him was the third made a brothers should be unwillingly se- mocking stock: and when he was parated the one from the other : lest, required, he put out his tongue, and snatched from the tortures of their con- that right soon, holding forth his flict, they should conquer in an hands manfully, and said courageunhappy victory.

ously, These I had from heaven; and Ry. The heathen. p. cxxi.

for his laws I despise them ; and

from him I hope to receive them Lesson VI.

again. Insomuch that the king, THERE was their brave, and noble and they that were with him, mar

mother, loving her children, and velled at the young man's courage, for at the same time loving God, whose for that he nothing regarded the pains. maternal feelings were lacerated be

Ry. Judas said. p. cxxii. yond the ordinary course of nature. For she pitied not her sons, who were

Lesson II. in torments, but was harassed by fear, Now when this man was dead also, lest they should shrink from them, they tormented and mangled the and instead of regretting those who fourth in like manner. So when he had departed out of this life, she was was ready to die he said thus, It is instant in prayer that the rest should good, being put to death by men, to be joined to them: for she was more look for hope from God to be raised anxious for her living sons, than for the up again by him: as for thee, thou dead. For these were as yet in a shalt have no resurrection to life. doubtful conflict; the close of life had Afterward they brought the fifth also, come safely to the others, and had and mangled him. Then looked he already joined them to God, but for unto the king, and said, Thou hast these she was anxious as to what way power over men, thou art corruptible, God should receive them. O manly thou doest what thou wilt; yet think spirit in a woman's body! O marvel- not that our nation is forsaken of God; lous growth of a lofty spirit !

but abide a while, and behold his Ry. Thine, O LORD. p. cxxii. great power, how he will torment Ry. vii. The sun. p. cxxii.

thee and why seed. After him also R. viii. Two Seraphim. p. xxviii. they brought the sixth, who being

ready to die said, Be not deceived MONDAY.

without cause : for we suffer these Of the 2nd Book of Maccabees.

things for ourselves, having sinned Lesson I. Chap. vii. against our God: therefore marvellous So when the first was dead after things are done unto us. But think

this manner, they brought the not thou, that takest in hand to strive second to make him a mocking stock: against God, that thou shalt escape and when they had pulled off the unpunished. skin of his head with the hair, they Ry. They decked. p. cxxii.

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