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ance of the Almighty from on high ? | this that darkeneth counsel by words Is not destruction to the wicked ? and without knowledge ? Gird up now thy a strange punishment to the workers loins like a man : for I will demand of iniquity? Doth not he see my of thee, and answer thou me. Where ways, and count all my steps? If I wast thou when I laid the foundations have walked with vanity, or if my of the earth ? declare, if thou hast foot hath basted to deceit; let me understanding. Who hath laid the be weighed in an evil balance, that measures thereof, if thou knowest? or God may know mine integrity. who hath stretched the line upon it? Ry. O that Thou. p. xcv.

Whereupon are the foundations there

of fastened ? or who laid the corner Lesson II.

stone thereof; when the morning stars IF my step hạth turned one of the sang together, and all the sons of God

way, and mine heart walked after shouted for joy? mine eyes, and if any blot bath cleaved

Ry. Shall we. p. xciv. to mine hands; then let me sow, and let another eat; yea, let my offspring

Lesson II. be rooted out. If mine heart have OR who shut up the sea with doors, been deceived by a woman, or if I

when it brake forth, as if it had have laid wait at my neighbour's issued out of the womb?'when I made door; then let my wife grind unto the cloud the garment thereof, and another, and let others bow down upon thick darkness a swaddlingband for it, her. For this is an heinous crime; and brake up for it my decreed place, yea, it is an iniquity to be punished and set bars and doors, and said, by the judges. For it is a fire that Hitherto shalt thou come, but no consumeth to destruction, and would further; and here shall thy proud root out all mine increase.

waves be stayed ? Hast thou comRy. O that my. p. xcvi.

manded the morning since thy days ;

and caused the dayspring to know his Lesson III.

place; that it might take hold of the IF I did despise the cause of my ends of the earth, that the wicked

maríservant or of my maidservant, might be shaken out of it? when they contended with me; what Ry. My sighing. p. xciv. then shall I do when God riseth up ?

Lesson III. and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him ? Did not he that made me IT is turned as clay to the seal; and in the womb make him ? and did not from the wicked their light is with

they stand as a garment : and one fashion as in the womb.? If I have holden, and the high arm shall be withheld the poor from their desire, or broken. Hast thou entered into the have caused the eyes of the widow to springs of the sea ? or hast thou fail; or have eaten my morsel myself walked in the search of the depth ? Have alone, and the fatherless hath not the gates of death been opened unto eaten thereof : (for from my youth he thee? or hast thou seen the doors of was brought up with me, as with a the shadow of death ? Hast thou perfather, and I have guided her from my ceived the breadth of the earth ? mother's womb.)

declare if thou knowest it all. Where Ry. How forcible. p. xoiv.

is the way where light dwelleth ? and THURSDAY.

as for darkness, where is the place Of the Book of Job.

thereof, that thou shouldest take it to

the bound thereof, and that thou Lesson I. Chap. xxxviii. shouldest know the paths to the house THEN the Lord answered Job out thereof?

of the whirlwind, and said, Who is Ry. How forcible. p. xciv.


Of the Book of Job.

Lesson I. Chap. xli.
Lesson I. Chap. xl. A

ND it was so, that after the LORD THEN answered the LORD anto

had spoken these words unto Job, Job out of the whirlwind, and said, the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, Gird up thy loins now like a man: 1 My wrath is kindled against thee, and will demand of thee, and declare thou against thy two friends : for ye have unto me. Wilt thou also disannul my right, as my servant Job hath.

not spoken of me the thing that is judgment? wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous ? Hast Therefore take unto you now seven thou an arm like God or canst thou bullocks and seven rams, and go to my thunder with a voice like him? Deck servant Job, and offer up for yourselves thyself now with majesty and ex

a burnt offering: and my servant Job cellency; and array thyself with glory

shall pray for you: for him will I and beauty.

accept: lest I deal with you after your Ry. My flesh. p. xciv.

folly, in that ye have not spoken

of me the thing which is right, like my Lesson II.

servant Job.

Rz. O that Thou. p. xcv. CAST abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is proud,

Lesson II. and abase him. Look on every one So Eliphaz the Temanite and Bildad that is proud, and bring him low; and the Shuhite and Zophar the tread down the wicked in their place ; Naamathite went, and did according hide them in the dust together; and as the LORD commanded them : the bind their faces in secret. Then will LORD also accepted Job. And the I also confess unto thee that thine LORD turned the captivity

of Job, when own right hand can save thee. Behold he prayed for his friends : also the now behemoth, which I made with LORD gave Job twice as much as he

he eateth grass as an ox. Lo had before. Then came there into now, his strength is in his loins, him all his brethren, and all · his and his force is in the navel of his sisters, and all they that had been of belly.

his acquaintance before, and did eat Ry. My days. p. xcv,

bread with him in his house: and they

bemoaned him, and comforted him over Lesson III. Chap. xlii.

all the evil that the LORD had brought T PHEN Job answered the LORD, and upon him: every man also gave him a said, I know that thou canst piece of money, and every one an ear

ring of gold, do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee. Who is Ry. O that my. p. xcvi. he that hideth counsel without know

Lesson III. ledge ? therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful! So the LORD blessed the latter end

of Job more than his beginning: for me, which I knew not. Hear, I for he had fourteen thousand sheep, beseech thee, and I will speak; I will and six thousand camels, and a thoudemand of thee, and declare thou unto sand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she I have heard of thee by the

He had also seven sons and hearing of the ear: but now mine three daughters. And he called the

Wherefore I abhor name of the first, Jemima; and the myself, and repent in dust and name of the second, Kezia; and the ashes.

name of the third, Keren-happuch. Ry. Then will I. p. xcv.

And in all the land were no women




eye seeth thee.

found so fair as the daughters of Job: father Nephthali, sacrificed unto the and their father gave them an inherit- heifer Baal. But I alone went often ance among their brethren. After this to Jerusalem at the feasts, as it was lived Job an hundred and forty years, ordained unto all the people of Israel and saw his sons, and his sons' sons, by an everlasting decree, having the even four generations. So Job died, firstfruits and tenths of increase, with being old and full of days.

that which was first shorn; and them Ry. How forcible. p. xciv.

gave I at the altar to the priests the

children of Aaron. The first tenth THIRD SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER.

part of all increase I gave to the sons FIRST NOCTURN.

of Aaron, who ministered at JeruHere beginneth the Book of Tobit. salem : another tenth part I sold Lesson I. Chap. i.

away, and went, and spent it every THE book of the words of Tobit, year at Jerusalem : and the third I

son of Tobiel, the son of Ananiel, gave unto them to whom it was meet, the son of Aduel, the son of Gabael, as Debora my father's mother had of the seed of Asael, of the tribe of commanded me, because I was left an Nephthali; who in the time of Ene- orphan by my father. Furthermore, messer king of the Assyrians was led when I was come to the age of a man, captive out of Thisbe, which is at the I married Anna of mine own kindred, right hand of that city, which is called and of her I begat Tobias. properly Nephthali in Galilee above Ry. Bless the LORD thy God alway, Aser. I Tobit have walked all the days and desire of him that thy ways may of my life in the way of truth and be directed, * and that all thy paths justice, and I did many almsdeeds to and counsels may prosper. y. Seek my brethren, and my nation who that thou mayest do such things as came with me to Nineve, into the are pleasing unto Him in truth, and land of the Assyrians. And when I with thy whole strength. And. was in mine own country, in the land

Lesson III. of Israel, being but young, all the tribe of Nephthali my father fell AND when we

were carried away from the house of Jerusalem, which

captives to Nineve, was chosen out of all the tribes of brethren and those that were of my Israel, that all the tribes should kindred did eat of the bread of the sacrifice there, where the temple of

Gentiles. But I kept myself from the habitation of the most High was with all my heart. And the most

eating; because I remembered God consecrated and built for ages. Ry. If it please not thee that I Enemessar, so that I was his purveyor.

High gave me grace and favour before should die, command some regard to And I went into Media, and left in be had of me, and pity taken of me, trust with Gabael, the brother of that I hear no more reproach. Remember not my sing, nor the sins Gabrias, at Rages a city of Media, ten

talents of silver. Now when Eneof my fathers, neither take Thou

messar was dead, Sennacherib his son vengeance on our sins, for Thou, o

reigned in his stead; whose estate LORD, deliverest such as wait for Thee. I was troubled, that I could not go into y. Thou art just, and all thy works Media. And in the time of Enemessar and all thy ways are mercy and truth; I gave many alms to my brethren, and now,

O LORD, remember me. and gave my bread to the hungry. Remember.

Rz. Fear not, my son, if we are Lesson II.

made poor :

* for thou hast much Now all the tribes which together wealth, if thou fear GoD... Be

revolted, and the house of my mindful of the LORD, and let not thy

all my

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will be set to transgress His com- I the things which He hath done unto mandments. For. Glory. For. you * in the sight of all that live. SECOND NOCTURN.

W. Wherefore praise Him for ever, A Sermon of S. Leo the Pope.

and give Gon thanks. In.
Lesson IV.

Lesson VI.
Sermon 9 on the fast of the 7th month. LET the conscience of the merciful
I KNOW, beloved brethren, that very

rejoice in the fruits of liberality; many of you are so devout in those and, bestowing gladness, thou shalt things which pertain to the observance receive that whereby thou shalt reof the Christian faith, that they stand joice. The love of our neighbour is in no need of our exhortations. For the love of God, Who hath appointed what tradition has long since decreed, that the fulness of the law and the and custom has confirmed, those that prophets should consist in the unity are learned are not ignorant of, and of this double charity: so that no one those that are pious do not pass by. need doubt that in giving anything to But since it is the priest's office to man he is offering it to God; achave the same over all the cording to that saying of the Rochildren of the church, we stir them deemer, when He was speaking of up alike, to do what is equally good feeding and helping the poor, Inasfor the ignorant and the learned, much as ye have done it unto one of whom we equally love ; that we may the least of these, ye have done it keep with zealous faith, in chastise- unto Me. Let us, therefore, fast on ment of soul and body, the fast which the Wednesday and Friday, and keep the return of the seventh month an

vigil on the Saturday, so that by our nounces to us.

fast and devotion we may please the

merciful God,
Ry. That which the LORD hath
given us to live with, doth suffice us ;

Rp. I go up to Him that sent me: be not greedy to add money to money, Praise Him for the things which He

now, therefore, give God thanks. y. but let it be as refuse in respect of our hath done unto you in the sight of all the staff of our hand. y.

that live.
Now I care for nothing, my son, since

Now. Glory. Now.
I have let thee go, the light of mine tions of the cities, what things they

Ry. vii. We have heard the tribulaeyes. The staff.

have suffered, and our hearts do fail: Lesson V.

fear and heaviness have fallen upon THE observance of a fast is ap- us and upon our servants : yea, the

pointed for the four seasons, to mountains will not receive our flight: this end: that as the whole course of * LORD, have mercy. y. We have the year always comes back to the sinned with our fathers, we have done same point, we may know that we amiss, and dealt wickedly. LORD. unceasingly need purification; and Ry. viii. Two Seraphim. p. xxviii. must always endeavour, while we are

tossed on the changes of this life, that
the sin which is contracted by the

Of the Book of Tobit.
frailty of the flesh, and by the stain

Lesson I. Chap. ü. of desire, may be done away by fasting Now when I was come home agaiend while, beloved, and let us, for a little unto me, with my son Tobias, in the while, diminish from our usual ex- feast of Pentecost, which is the holy penses that which may advantage us feast of the seven weeks, there was a in helping the poor.

good dinner prepared 'me, in the Ry. Bless God, and praise Him for which I sat down to eat. And when



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I saw abundance of meat, I said to Ito cry, I said unto her, From whence
my son, Go and bring what poor man is this kid ? is it not stolen ? render
soever thou shalt find out of our it to the owners; for it is not lawful
brethren, who is mindful of the LORD; to eat any thing that is stolen.
and, lo, I tarry for thee. But he came

Rz. That which. p. civ.
again, and said, Father, one of our
nation is strangled, and is cast out in

Lesson II.
the marketplace. Then before I had BUT she replied upon me, It was
tasted of any meat, I started up, and
took him up into a room until the wages. Howbeit I did not believe
going down of the sun.

her, but bade her render it to the Ry. If it please. p. ciii.

owners : and I was abashed at her.

But she replied upon me, Where are Lesson II.

thine alms and thy righteous deeds ? THEN I returned, and washed my behold, thou and all thy works are

self, and ate my meat in heavi- known. Then I being grieved did
ness, remembering that prophecy of weep, and in my sorrow prayed,
Amos, as he said, Your feasts shall be saying, O LORD, thou art just, and all
turned into mourning, and all your thy works and all thy ways are mercy
mirth into lamentation. Therefore I and truth, and thou judgest truly and
wept: and after the going down of justly for ever. Remember me, and
the sun I went and made a grave, look on me, punish me not for my
and buried him. But my neighbours sins and ignorances, and the sins of
mocked me, and said, This man is my fathers, who have sinned before
not yet afraid to be put to death for thee.
this matter: who fled away; and yet, Ry. Bless God. p. civ.
lo, he burieth the dead again.

Lesson III.
Ry. Bless the LORD. p. ciii.

OR they obeyed not thy command.

Lesson III.

ments: wherefore thou hast defrom the burial, and slept by the tivity, and unto death, and for a wall of my courtyard, being polluted, proverb of reproach to all the nations and my face was uncovered : and I among whom we are dispersed. And knew not that there were sparrows in now thy judgments are many and the wall, and mine eyes being open, true : deal with me according to my the sparrows muted warm dung into sins and my fathers’: because we mine eyes, and a whiteness came in have not kept thy commandments, mine eyes; and I went to the physi- neither have walked in truth before cians, but they helped me not: more- thee. Now therefore deal with me over Achiacharus did nourish me, as seemeth best unto thee, and comuntil I went into Elymais.

mand my spirit to be taken from me, Ry. Fear not. p. ciii.

that I may be dissolved, and become TUESDAY.

earth: for it is profitable for me to

die rather than to live.
Of the Book of Tobit.

Ry. I go up. p. civ.
Lesson I. Chaps. ii. and iii.

AND my wife, Anna did take

women's works to do. And when Lesson of the Holy Gospel according she had sent them home to the

to S. Mark. owners, they paid her wages, and

Lesson I. Chap. ix. gave her also besides & kid, And AT that time : One of the multitude


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