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COMMON OF A CONFESSOR Of the 1st Epistle of S. Paul to BISHOP.

Timothy. If in Easter-tide, the rubric, p. 91, is

Lesson I. Chap. iii. to be observed. Inv. The LORD, the King of Con- THIS is a true saying, If a man

desire the office of a bishop, he fessors, * O come let us worship.

desireth a good work. A bishop then Ps. Venite. p. 3.

must be blameless, the husband of HYMN. Iste Confessor. one wife, vigilant, sober, of good the Confessor of the LORD, with behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to triumph,

teach; not given to wine, no striker, Whom through the wide world celebrate the not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient,

faithful, He on this festal merited to enter

not a brawler, not covetous; one that Heavenly mansions.

ruleth well his own house, having his Pious and prudent, continent and humble,

children in subjection with all gravity; Sober he was, and gentle of behaviour, (for if a man know not how to rule While in his frame dwelt, animate with action, his own house, how shall be take care Earthly existence.

of the church of God ?) not a novice, Oft-times, in answer to his supplication,

lest being lifted up with pride he fall Bodies that sorely 'neath disease did languish, Gained health, and freedom from the domina: into the condemnation of the devil. tion

Moreover he must have a good report Of pain and anguish.

of them which are without; lest he Wherefore our choir, with willing hymns fall into reproach and the snare of the and anthems,

devil. Here, on his feast day, doth him fitting honour;

Ry. Well done, thou good and That in his glory we may have our portion, faithful servant; thou hast been faithEver and ever.

ful over a few things, I will make thee Glory and virtue, honour and salvation, ruler over many things : * enter thou Be unto Him That, sitting in the highest, Ordereth meetly earth, and sky, and ocean,

into the joy of thy LORD. Y. LORD, Onely and Trinal.


Thou deliveredst unto me five talents;

behold, I have gained besides them FIRST NOCTURN.

five talents more. Enter. Ben. The Ant. 1. Blessed is the man whose Only-Begotten. delight is in the law of the LORD: in His law will he exercise himself day

Of the Epistle to Titus. and night, and whatsoever he doeth it

Lesson II. Chap. i. shall prosper, Ps. 1; Beatus vir. p. 78. FOR bishop must be blameless, is *

the trusted in the LORD: he preached the willed, not soon angry, not given to law of the LORD, _and is set upon wine, no striker, not given to filthy His holy hill. Ps. ii. Quare fre- lucre ; but a lover of hospitality, a muerunt. p. 78.

lover of good men, sober, just, holy, Ant. 3. Thou art my worship, * o temperate; holding fast the faithful LORD, and my defender, and the word as he hath been taught, that he lifter up of my head: Thou heardest may be able by sound doctrine both me out of Thy holy hill. Ps. iii. to exhort and to convince the gainDomine, quid multiplicasti ? p. 79. sayers. For there are many unruly

Y. The LORD loved him and beauti- and vain talkers and deceivers, fied him with comely ornaments.

specially they of the circumcision : Ry. He clothed him with a robe of whose mouths must be stopped, who glory.

subvert whole houses, teaching things Abs. Hear, LORD. y. Sir, pray. which they ought not, for filthy lucre's Ben. The FATHER.


(D) VOL. II.

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Ry. This is the great priest, who in how excellent is Thy name in all the his days pleased God. * Therefore world : For Thou hast crowned Thy the LORD assured him by an oath boly one with glory and worship, and that he would multiply him in his made him to have dominion over the seed. Y. He established the bless- works of Thy hands. Ps. viii. Domine ing of all men with him, and the Dominus noster. p. 81. covenant upon his head. Therefore. . The LORD chose him as a Priest Ben. The grace.

for Himself. R. To offer the sacriLesson III. Chap. ii.

fice of praise. Our FATHER. Abs.

His pity. Ý. Sir, pray. Ben. GOD BUT speak thou the things which the FATHER. aged men be sober, grave, temperate, A Sermon of S. Maximus the Bishop. sound in faith, in charity, in patience.

Lesson IV. The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness,

Homily 59. not false accusers, not given to much BI endeavouring to add to, we take wine, teachers of good things; that

somewhat from the praises of our they may teach the young women to holy and most blessed Father N., be sober, to love their husbands, to whose feast we keep to-day; seeing love their children, to be discreet, that the beauty of his virtues is not to chaste, keepers at home, good, obe- be explained by words, but to be dient to their own husbands, that the approved by deeds. For when Scripword of God be not blasphemed. ture saith : A wise son is the glory of Young men likewise exhort to be his father ; how much greater is the sober minded. In all things shew- glory of this saint who rejoiceth in the ing thyself a pattern of good works: wisdom and devotion of so many sons ? in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, For in CHRIST JESUS he begat us by gravity, sincerity, sound speech, that the Gospel. cannot be condemned ; that he that is R. I have found David My servant, of the contrary part may be ashamed, with My holy oil have I anointed him. having no evil thing to say of you. * My hand shall hold him fast. Ý.

Ry. The LORD sware, and will not The enemy shall not be able to do repent: * Thou art a priest for ever him violence : the son of wickedness after the order of Melchisedech. y. shall not hurt him. My hand. Ben. The LORD said unto my LORD : Sit CARIST give us. thou on My right hand. Thou.

Lesson V. Glory. Thou.

As for whatever virtus, and grace SECOND NOCTURN. Ant. 1. When the godly man gregation, the purity of all the brooks called, he was heard * of the LORD :

flowed forth from him, as from & He heard him, and made him to dwell most clear well-spring. For verily, in safety. Ps. iv. Cum invocarem. Po strength of his purity, gloried in the

because he was eminent in the 80.

Ant. 2. Let all them that put their restraint of abstinence, was endowed trust in Thee rejoice,


for with the winning ways of gentleness, Thou hast given Thy blessing unto he called forth the love of all his the righteous, and with thy favourable fellow citizens towards God: because kindness hast Thou defended him as he shone in the administration of with a shield. Ps. V. Verba mea his episcopate, he left many disciples auribus, p. 81.

as successors of his priesthood. Ant. 3. O LORD our Governor, Ry. I have laid help upon one that



à man


is mighty, I have exalted one chosen | Lesson of the Holy Gospel according out of the people : My hand shall

to S. Matthew. hold him fast. Ý. I have found

Lesson VII. Chap. XXV. David My servant, with My holy oil have I anointed him. My hand. Ben. AT that time : Jesus spake unto His God kindle.

disciples this parable. For the

kingdom of heaven is as Lesson VI.

travelling into a far country, who WELL and fitly then upon this called his own servants, and delivered blessed Father N. to Paradise makes follows. joyful for us, we have been singing Homily of S. Gregory the Pope. this of the Psalm : The

Homily 9. on the Gospels. righteous shall be had in everlasting

This lesson of the Holy Gospel, remembrance. Right worthily is he had in remembrance of men who hath dearly beloved brethren, warneth us passed into the joys of angels. The to consider carefully whether we who divine word saith : Praise no man

are seen to have received somewhat during his life; as though it would more than others in this world, may say, Praise him after his life, magnify not, in this cause, be more severely him after his consummation.

Be judged by the world's Creator. For cause for a twofold reason it is more which we must render thereof becomes

when gifts are increased, the account profitable to confer praise upon the memory of men than on their life, that greater. A man ought therefore to be thou mayest most extol the merits of more humble, and ready to serve God holiness at that time when neither

in consideration of any gift bestowed flattery can prompt him that praiseth, upon him, just in proportion as he

sees himself more indebted in the nor vanity tempt him that is praised. Ry. This is he. p. 106.

account which he must give in. Be

hold, the man who travelleth into a THIRD NOCTURN.

far country, calleth his servants, and

distributeth to them talents, to trade Ant. LORD, this Saint * shall dwell

therewith. in Thy tabernacle, he hath done the returneth to reckon with them. Those

After a long time he thing which is right, he shall rest who have well done, he rewardeth upon Thy holy hill. Ps. xv. Domine, for the gain they have brought, but quis habitabit. p. 83. Ant. He asked life * of Thee, LORD,

the servant slothful in good works he

condemneth. and Thou gavest it him ; glory and great worship hast thou laid upon tified him with comely ornaments,

Ry. The LORD loved him, and beauhim: Thou hast set a crown of pure and clothed him with a robe of glory, gold upon his head. Ps. xxi. Domine, in virtute. p. 83.

* and at the gates of Paradise He Ant. He shall receive * the bless- crowned him. y. The Lord put upon ing from the LORD, and righteousness him the breastplate of faith, and from the God of his salvation : for beautified him with comely ornaments. this is the generation of them that And. Ben. He whose feast we celeseek the LORD. Ps. xxiv. Domine est


Lesson VIII. terra. p. 92.

Y. Thou art a priest for ever, R. WH0 then is that man who travel, After .

a Our Father. Abs. The Almighty. Redeemer, Who, in that flesh which He y. Sir, pray. Ben. The Evangelical had assumed, departed into Heaven ? lection.

For flesh dwelleth specially on the

earth, and is as it were led into a far 2.-OTHER LESSONS FOR BISHOPS country when it is set by our Re

AND CONFESSORS. deemer in Heaven. But that man

If a Feast of many Bps. and Confs. travelling into a far country delivered be celebrated, the office is to be as unto his servants his goods, for He above : but in the 1st. Nocturn are bestowed spiritual gifts on the faithful. read the following Scripture Lessons. And unto one He gave five talents, to another two, and to another one. Now

Of the Book of Ecclesiasticus. there are five bodily senses : viz., sight, Lesson I. Chap. xliv. hearing, taste, smell, and toucha By LET us now praise famous men, gift of the five senses, i.e., the know- The LORD hath wrought great glory ledge of external things. By the two by them through his great power from talents, understanding and action are the beginning. Such as did bear rule set forth. By the mention of one in their kingdoms, men renowned for talent, the understanding alone is their power, giving counsel by their signified.

understanding, and declaring proRy. Let your loins be girded about, phecies. Leaders of the people by and your lights burning; * and ye their counsels, and by their knowyourselves like unto men that wait ledge of learning meet for the people, for their lord when he will return wise and eloquent in their instrucfrom the wedding. y. Watch there- tions : such as found out musical fore, for ye know not what hour tunes, and recited verses in writing. your LORD doth come. And. Glory. Ry. Well done. p. 97. And. Ben. The King of Angels.

Lesson II.
Lesson IX.

RICH men furnished with ability, BUT he who had received five tations: all these were honoured in

talents gained other five. For their generations, and were the glory there are some who know not how of their times. There be of them, . to search into things deep and that have left a name behind them, mystical, and yet with hearts intent that their praises might be reported. on the heavenly country, teach rightly And some there be, which have no those whom they are able to teach, meinorial; who are perished, as concerning those external things which though they had never been; and are they understand ; they bear a double become as though they had never been talent: whilst they keep themselves born ; and their children after them. from wantonness of the flesh, from unlawful longing after earthly things,

Ry. This is. p. 98. from taking pleasure in that which is

Lesson III. seen, and restrain others also from such BUT these were merciful men, whose there are some possessing intellectual gotten. With their seed shall conand active powers, endowed as it were tinually remain a good inheritance, with two talents, who have a subtle and their children are within the understanding of inner truth, and shew covenant. Their seed standeth fast, a wonderful activity in external things. and their children for their sakes. Since they preach to others by the Their seed shall remain for ever, and exercise of their understanding and their glory shall not be blotted out. active powers, they obtain as it were Their bodies are buried in peace; but & double gain by trading.

their name liveth for evermore. The Te Deum. p. 15.

people will tell of their wisdom, and the congregation will show forth their already dead, buried and sepulchred praise.

beneath a mound of iniquities, did he Rz. The LORD sware. p. 98.

make alive again unto God, by calling

them forth to amendment, as to the SECOND NOCTURN.

light; so, worthily following in the A Sermon of S. Maximus the Bishop. steps of his LORD, would be make Lesson IV.

those who were already dead to God,

die again, contrariwise, to sin by a Homily 59.

living death? LE

ET us with confidence magnify the Ry. This is. p. 106.

good works of our blessed father N. already laid up in safety. Manfully

THIRD NOCTURN. grasping the helm of faith, already has Lesson of the Holy Gospel according he cast the anchor of hope in a calm

to S. Matthew. barbour, and brought his ship full of heavenly riches and eternal rewards to Lesson VII. Chap. xxiv. the desired shore.

Against all his AT that time : Jesus said unto His adversaries, he grasped with unweary- disciples : Watch therefore ; for ye ing hand the shield of the fear of God, know not what hour your LORD doth until he attained unto victory. For come. And that which follows. what was the whole course of his life, save one conflict with a watchful foe?

Homily of S. Hilary the Bp. Ry. I have found David. p. 98.

Comment. S. Matt. C. xxvi.

Not without reason are we ignorant of Lesson V.

that day which is kept secret from all, To how many blind ones, erring seeing that silence is profitable for

from the way of truth, hanging us. That we may know this, the from the verge of a precipice over the LORD hath exhorted us to watch, beabyss beneath, did he restore the cause the thief cometh, to continue sight they had lost ? In how many fervent in prayer, and to cleave to all did he quicken again that power of the works of His commandments. perception whereby CHRIST is beheld ? For He shews us that the thief is the Into how many deaf ears, doomed devil, who is ever watehing to spoil to be closed through unbelief, did our goods, and lying in wait around he pour the precious gift of hearing, the houses of our bodies, that, when enabling them to understand the we are not watching, but given up to sound of the divine commands, so that sleep, he may break in upon us by the when God called them to taste of His weapons of evil counsels and enticing mercy they might respond by obedi- snares. Therefore it behoves us to ence ? How many inwardly wounded be ready, because our ignorance of that did he cure of their infirmity by the day stirs up in us the intense anxiety power of his angelic discourse, and his of breathless expectation. prayers ?

Ry. The LORD loved him. p. 99. Ry. I have laid help. p. 98.

Lesson VIII.
Lesson VI.


wise servant, whom his LORD carelessness, with stain of sin, hath made ruler over His Household ? covered with a kind of leprous conta- Although He exhorteth us in general gion, did he purify by chastisements to unwearied carefulness in watching, and exhortations, and cleanse by the yet He commands the princes of the power of God working in him? How people, that is the Bishops, to be par. many souls, alive in the body, yet ticularly anxious in waiting, and look

How many, enfeebled, through long WHO then is that faithful and

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