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be preached in the light, and that the water te oricus deeds, we intents:

By tee

to preach by night, nor to deliver his COMMON OF MARTYRS IN doctrine in the dark; but every

EASTER-TIDE. word of His is dark to the carnal mind, and His word is as night to

Inv. Let the Saints be joyful in the unbelievers.

LORD; * Alleluia. Rz. There is a crown. p. 84.

Ps. Venite, p. 3.

Hymn. (For one Martyr,) Deus Lesson VIII.

tuorum, as p. 78. So then He desires that His own (For many Martyrs,) words should be declared with

Eterna Christi munera, freedom of faith and confession. Therefore He commandeth that the

Et martyrum victorias.

eternal gifts of CHRIST King,

And while due hymns of praise we pay, secrets committed to the ear should

Our thankful hearts cast grief away. be heard upon the housetops, that is,

The terrors of the world despised, should be spoken with loud proclama

The body's torments lightly prized, tion. Continually therefore is the

By one brief space of death and pain knowledge of God to be brought for- Life everlasting they obtain. ward, and the deep secret of gospel To flames the Martyr Saints are haled: doctrine to be made known by the

of savage beasts as

iled: light of apostolic preaching, not fear

Against them, arm'd with ruthless brand

And hooks of steel, their torturers stand. ing those who, though they may have

The mangled frame is tortured sore; power over the body, yet have no

The holy life-drops freshly pour: authority over the soul : but rather They stand unmoved amidst the strife, fearing God, Who hath power to cast By grace of everlasting life. both soul and body into hell.

Redeemer, hear us of Thy love, Ry. This is the true. p. 84.

That, with the Martyr Host above,

Hereafter, of Thine endless grace,
Lesson IX.

Thy servants also may have place. Amen.
FEAR not them which kill the body. The above hymn always ends thus.
No chance therefore which can

FIRST NOCTURN. happen to our bodies is to be feared, neither must we allow any grief for the Ant. Then shall the righteous men destruction of the flesh: for when it stand * in great boldness before the is dissolved by reason of its own face of them that afflicted them. nature and origin, its substance is Alleluia. spiritual restored to the soul. In

Ps. for one or many Martyrs : order that they who are strengthened Ps. i., Beatus vir, p. 5; Ps. ii., Quare by such teaching should have bold con- fremuerunt, p.5; Ps. iii., Domine quid, fidence in confessing God, He addeth p. 6. the conditions whereby we are to be V. and Ry. and Ry Ry. to Lessons as in bound: that He will deny before His the Common of Apostles in Easter-tide. Father in heaven that man who The Scripture Lessons in Easter-tide denied Him among men upon earth : are from the office of the Season, or, but on the other hand, the man who when there are none such, from the confessed Him before men will be Common of one or many Martyrs, not confessed by Him in heaven, for in Easter-tide. according as we have been witnesses to His Name among men, so will His

SECOND NOCTURN. testimony profit us with Gro the Ant. Behold how they are numbered FATHER.

* among the sons of God, and their Te Deum, p. 15.

lot is among the Saints. Alleluia.


Pss. for one Martyr, as in Common of life, which beforetime was of one Martyr, p. 80, 81.

known to Him. Pss. for many Martyrs, p. 92. Ps. Rz. In His servants, Al. * GOD XV., Domine, quis habitabit, p. 10; Ps. shall be comforted. Al. xvi., Conserra, p. 10; Ps. xxiv., Do- y. The LORD shall judge His people, mini est terra, p. 92.

and His Saints, God shall. y. Ry. and Ry. as in Common

Lesson VI. Apostles in Easter-tidè, p. 77.

FOR before the advent of CHRIST

the way of life was unknown, on A Sermon of S. Ambrose the Bishop. which the footstep of no risen being

bad ventured. But when the LORD Lesson IV. Sermon 22.

rose it was made known, and trodden IT is meet and fitting, brethren, that by the feet of many.

Of whom the after the Easter joy, which we have holy Evangelist saith: Many bodies of celebrated in the church, we should the Saints arose with Him and entered discourse of our gladness with the into the holy city. Whereas, as the holy Martyrs: and should declare the LORD said in His Resurrection: Thou glory of the LORD's Resurrection to hast shewn Me the paths of life, we those who were_partakers of the too may now say unto the LORD : LORD's Passion. For those who are Thou hast shewn as the paths of life. companions in contumely ought to be He shewed us the paths of life, Who sharers in joy. Even as the blessed made plain the way to life. For He Apostle saith: As ye are partakers of shewed me the paths of life by teachthe sufferings, so shall ye be also of ing me faith, mercy, righteousness, the resurrection; if we suffer, saith chastity. By these roads salvation is He, we shall also reign with Him. attained. They therefore who endured evils for

Ry. Come forth, 0 ye daughters of Christ ought also to be glorified with Jerusalem, and behold the Martyrs CHRIST.

with the crowns, wherewith the LORD Ry. Light perpetual. p. 77. crowned them in the day of solem

pity and of gladness. Al. y. For He Lesson V.

hath made fast the bars of thy gates, LE ET us declare, I say, to the holy and hath blessed thy children within

Martyrs, the grace of the LORD'S thee. In. Glory. In. Passover : while we proclaim the opened shrine of His sepulchre, their

THIRD NOCTURN. sepulchres also shall be opened : while we tell of the veins of His dead Body

Ant. Perpetual light shall shine suddenly glowing with life, their upon Thy Saints, O LORD, limbs now cold shall be warmed with eternity of time. Al. the heat of immortality. That will

Pss. for one Martyr, Ps. xl., In raise the Martyrs which raised the Domino confido, p. 9; Ps. xv., Domine, LORD. For since they learned the quis habitabit? p. 10; Ps. xxi., Domine, way of His Passion, they shall learn in virtute tua, p. 15. that of his life also. For it is Pss. for many Martyrs, Ps. xxxii., written, in the Psalms: Thou shalt Exultate justi, p. 19; Ps. XIxiv., shew us the path of life. But this is Benedicam, p. 20; Ps. xlvi., Deus said in the Resurrection, in the person noster refugium, p. 28. of the Saviour: that He who after y. and R. and RzRz. to Lessons as death returns above from below, Common of Apostles in Easter-tide, begins to take knowledge of the path p. 78.

* and an

Lesson of the Holy Gospel according | Al. They gave splendour to God. Al. to S. John.

And they were curdled like milk. Al. Lesson VII. Chap. xv.

Al. y. They are whiter than snow, they

are purer than milk, they are more A T that time: Jesus said unto His ruddy than rubies, they are fairer than

disciples: I am the true Vine, sapphires. And. Glory. And. and My FATHER is the Husbandman. And that which follows.

Lesson IX.

I AM, saith He, the true Vine, and My A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. Father is the Husbandman. Are Tract 80 on S. John.

then the Husbandman and the Vine This place of the gospel, brethren, one and the same ? Christ is the Vine, where the LORD calls Himself the according to that He saith: My FATHER vine and His disciples branches, He is greater than I. But according to saith in sense, because the Head of the that His other saying, I and My FATHER Church, and Mediator between God are one : He Himself is the Husbandand man, is the Man JESUS CHRIST ; man; not such as those who perform and we are His members. Forasmuch their ministry by external work, but as the vine and the branches are of such that he giveth increase.

For one nature. Wherefore, being God, neither is he, that planteth anything, of Whose nature we are not, He was neither is he that watereth ; but He made man, that in Him the Vine, that giveth the increase from within, being of human nature, we likewise, God. But verily Christ is God; for being men, might be branches.

the Word was God: whence He and Ry. I am the True Vine, and My is made Flesh, which He was not before,

the FATHER are one: and if the Word FATHER is the Husbandman ; that dwelleth in Me, and I in him, the nevertheless, He remains what He was. same bringeth forth much fruit. Al.

Te Deum, p. 15. Al. ¥. As My FATHER hath loved

2. OTHER LESSONS. Me, even so have I loved you. He. Ben. He (or they) whose feast.

For Martyrs in Easter-tide.

Lesson VIII.

From the Epistle of S. Cyprian, B.M., WHAT then is this : I am the true

to the Martyrs and Confessors. Vine? By adding the word true,

Lesson IV. doth He point to that vine from whence this similitude is drawn? For He is

Book 2. Ep. 6. so called a vine by way of similitude, WITH

what praises shall I speak not, by reason of quality, like as He of you, most mighty Martyrs ? is called a Sheep, a Lamb, a Lion, a with what proclaiming voice shall I Rock, a Corner-stone, and other such extol the valour of your minds, and things from which these similitudes, perseverance of your faith? Ye en. though not any qualities, are derived, dured to the end the most hard quesand which are in themselves true. tion of glory: nor yielded ye from torBut when He saith : I am the true ment, but rather the torments yielded Vine, He distinguishes Himself from to you. The end of your sorrows, which that, to which it is said: How art thou torments gave not, your crowns did turned into bitterness, into a strange give. The butchery lasted long and vine? In what way is that a true vine the more severely, not to cast down of which grapes are expected, but it steadfast faith, but the more rapidly brings forth thorns ?

to send the men of God to GOD. Rz. Her Nazarites were made white. Ry, Light perpetual. p. 77.

Lesson V.

THIRD NOCTURN. THE multitude of bystanders won. Lesson of the Holy Gospel according deringly beheld the heavenly

to S. John. conflict, the conflict of God, the

Lesson VII. Chap. XV. spiritual conflict, the battle of CHRIST: while His servants stood AT that time: Jesus said to His with free speech, incorrupt mind,

disciples : I am the vine, ye are divine strength, exposed indeed to the branches: He that abideth' in Me, worldly weapons, but clad in the and I in him, the same bringeth forth armour of burning faith.

much fruit : for without Me ye can do

The tortured abode stronger than the tor nothing. And that which follows. turers : and the bruising and lace- Homily of S. Augustine, Bp., rating hooks were overcome by the

Tract 81 upon S. John. bruised and lacerated limbs. Cruel and reiterated wounds could not quell branch might bear at least some small

Lest any should think that the unconquerable faith, although, the outer bands and sinews being broken, fruit of itself

, because He had said, not the limbs, but rather the wounds The same bringeth forth much fruit:

He saith not, For without me ye can of God's servants, were tortured. There flowed blood, fit to quench Whether therefore it be little or much,

do but little ; but, ye can do nothing. the fire of persecution, and appease it cannot be done without Him, withwith its glorious drops the fires of out whom nothing can be done: hell.

because even though the branch Ry. In His servants. p. 88.

bear little, the Husbandman purgeth

it that it may bear more. Howbeit Lesson VI.

except it abide in the vine, and draw

life from the root, it can bear no fruit HOW noble was that sight in the whatsoever. For although CHRIST had O

LORD's eyes! how sublime, how not been the Vine except He had been great, how well pleasing in the sight of

man: nevertheless He could not have God the faith and loyalty of His sol- bestowed this grace upon the branches, dier! As it is written in the Psalms, except He had been Ġod also. the Holy Ghost speaking to us likewise and teaching us : Right dear in the

Ry. I am the True Vine. p. 89. sight of the LORD is the death of His

Lesson VIII. Saints. Right dear is that death, which bought immortality with the BOT although it be thus that it is price of its blood, and received the this grace, yet also is death in the

impossible to be alive without crown of consummated virtue. How joyful was CHRIST, being there present: abide not in Me, saith He, he is cast

If a man

power of the free will. with what alacrity He fought and con- forth as a branch and is withered ; quered in these His servants: the and men gather them and cast them Protector of the faith, giving to into the fire and they are burned. believers as much as the recipient The sticks therefore of the vine are as believed himself to have received : worthless if not abiding in the vine, He was present in his conflict, and

as they would have been glorious had raised up, strengthened, and

they abode there. Then also concerncouraged the warriors and champions ing these the Lord_speaketh by of His name. And He who once con Ezekiel the Prophet: When they are quered death for us, ever conquers cut off they are meet for no use of in us.

the husbandmen, neither are they Ry. Come forth. p. 88.

reserved for any work of the carpenter.


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One of two things chanceth to the Ant. Though they were punished branch, the vine or the fire; if it be in the sight of men, yet is their hope not in the vine it will be in the fire ; full of immortality. Ps. iii. Domine, therefore that it be not in the fire let quid multiplicasti, p. 6. it be in the vine.

y. Be glad, O ye righteous, and Ry. Her Nazarites. p. 89.

rejoice in the LORD. Lesson IX.

Ry. And be joyful, all ye that are

true of heart. Our FATHER. Abs. IF , He . , pray. words abide in you, ye shall ask The FATHER Eternal.

Ben. what ye will, and it shall be done unto 'you. By abiding in CHRIST, what can Of the Epistle of S. Paul the Apostle they wish save that which agreeth

to the Romans. with CHRIST? What can they wish

Lesson I. Chap. viii. when abiding in the SAVIOUR, save that which is not foreign to salvation? THEREFORE, brethren, we

debtors, not to the flesh, to live For we desire one thing because we after the flesh. For if ye live after the are in CHRIST, and another because we flesh, ye shall die : but if ye through are yet in this world. For while we the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the dwell in this world, it is sometimes body, ye shall live. For as many as suggested to us to ask a thing which are led by the Spirit of God, they are we are not aware is inexpedient for us, the sons of God. But God forbid that that thing should received the spirit of bondage again to

For ye have not be done for us if we abide in CHRIST, fear; but ye have received the Spirit who, when we ask, doeth nothing, save of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, what is expedient for us.

Father. The Spirit itself beareth witTe Deum, p. 15.

ness with our spirit, that we are the In the Common of Confessors, Vir- children of God: and if children, then gins, Holy Women not Virgins, and De- heirs ; heirs of God, and joint-heirs dication of a Church, in Easter-tide, with CHRIST; if so be that we suffer the Office is as hereafter set down for with Him, that we may be also gloriother times : but Alleluia is said after fied together. For I reckon that the the Inv. Ants., yy. and RÖRY. of sufferings of this present time are not Lessons.

worthy to be compared with the glory

which shall be revealed in us. For COMMON OF MANY MARTYRS the earnest expectation of the creature Not in Easter-Tide.

waiteth for the manifestation of the Inv. The LORD, the King of Mar- sons of God. tyrs, * O come, let us worship. Ps. Ry. God shall wipe away all tears Venite, p. 4.

from the eyes of the Saints, and there Hymn. Eterna Christi munera

shall be no more death, neither sorrow Et martyres victorias, as p. 87. nor crying, neither shall there be any

more pain ; * for the former things are FIRST NOCTURN.

passed away. ¥. They shall hunger Ant. By the rivers of waters * He no more, neither thirst any more, planted the vineyard of the just, and neither shall the sun light upon them, in the law of the LORD was their nor any heat. For. Ben. The Only delight. Ps. i. Beatus vir., p. 5. Begotten.

Ant. As gold * in the furnace the LORD proved His elect, and, as a whole

Lesson II. burnt sacrifice, He received them for AND we know that all things work ever. Ps. i.

Quare fremuerunt gen- together for good to them that tes, p. 5.

love God, to them who are the called

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