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my body.

because of thy displeasure : neither is good are against me : because I follow
there any rest in my bones, by reason the thing that good is.
of my sin.

21 Forsake me not, O LORD my
4 For my wickednesses are gone GOD : be not thou far from me.
over my head : and are like a sore 22 Haste thee to help me : 0 LORD
burden, too heavy for me to bear. God of my salvation.

5 My wounds stink and are corrupt: Ant. Commit thy way : unto the
through my foolishness.

6 I am brought into so great trouble

Advent. ¥. Out of Sion bath God
and misery : that I go mourning all appeared in perfect beauty.
the day long.

RY. Our God shall come.
7 For my loins are filled with a sore Through the year. ¥. I have
disease : and there is no whole part in thought upon Thy Name, O LORD, in

the night season :
8 I am feeble, and sore smitten : I

Ry. And have kept Thy law.
have roared for the very disquietness Lent. Ý. He shall deliver thee
of my heart.

from the share of the hunter:
9 LORD, thou knowest all my desire: Ry. And from the noisome pesti-
and my groaning is not hid from thee. lence.

10 My heart panteth, my strength Passion-tide. ¥. Deliver my soul
hath failed me : and the sight of mine from the sword :
eyes is gone from me.

Ry. My darling from the power

11 My lovers and my neighbours the dog.
did stand looking upon my trouble : Easter-tide. ¥. The Lord is risen
and my kinsmen stood afar off.

from the grave. Alleluia.
12 They also that sought after my Ry. Who did hang upon the Cross
life laid snares for me : and they that for us. Alleluia. Alleluia.
went about to do me evil talked of

Abs. and Ben, as in the 1st Nocturn
wickedness, and imagined deceit all

on Sunday.
the day long.
13 As for me, I was like & deaf

man, and heard not : and as one

Begin as p. 3. that is dumb, who doth not open his

Inv. Let us heartily rejoice: in the

strength of our salvation.
14 I became even as a man that
heareth not : and in whose mouth are

no reproofs.

Consors paterni luminis.
15 For in thee, O LORD, have I put MHOU sharer of the FATHER's Light,
my trust : thou shalt answer for me, Thou Very Light of light and day,
O LORD my God.

The night is broken by our songs;
16 I have required that they, even

Look on Thy suppliants as we pray. mine enemies, should not triumph Scatter the darkness of our hearts,

Drive back the armies of our foes;
over me : for when my foot slipped, Let us not yield to slothful ease,
they rejoiced greatly against me. Nor let soft sleep our eyelids close.

17 And I, truly, am set in the LORD, grant that they who trust in Thee,
plague : and my heaviness is ever in And now the prophet chorus swell
my sight.

In psalms and hymns, may one day share
'18 For I will confess my wicked- Grant this, O FATHER, LORD most Fligb,

In those good things their songs foretell.
ness : and be sorry for my sin.

Co-Equal, Sole-Begotten Son:
19 But mine enemies live, and are And HOLY SPIRIT, PARACLETB:
mighty : and they that hate me GOD, while eternal ages run. Amen.
wrongfully are many in number.

Ant. That I offend not.
20 They also that reward evil for EASTER-TIDE. Ant. Alleluia.

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our God.

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Ps. xxxix. Dixi, custodiam.

Ps. xl. Expectans expectavi.
I SAID, I will take heed to my I WAITED patiently for the LORD :

ways : that I offend not in my and he inclined unto me, and tongue.

heard my calling. 2 I will keep my mouth as it were 2 He brought me also out of the with a bridle : while the ungodly is in horrible pit, out of the mire and clay : my sight.

and set my feet upon the rock, and 3 I held my tongue, and spake ordered my goings. nothing : I kept silence, yea, even

3 And he hath put a new song in from good words; but it was pain and my mouth : even a thanksgiving unto grief to me.

4 My heart was hot within me, and 4 Many shall see it, and fear : and
while I was thus musing the fire shall put their trust in the LORD.
kindled : and at the last I spake with

5 Blessed is the man that hath set my tongue;

his hope in the LORD : and turned not 5 LORD, let me know mine end, unto the proud, and to such as go and the number of my days : that I about with lies. may be certified how long I have to 6 O LORD my God, great are the live.

wondrous works which thou hast done, 6 Behold, thou hast made my days like as be also thy thoughts which are as it were a span long : and mine age to us-ward : and yet there is no man is even as nothing in respect of thee; that ordereth them unto thee. and verily every man living is alto- 7 If I should declare them, and gether vanity.

speak of them : they should be more 7 For man walketh in a vain shadow, than I am able to express. and disquieteth himself in vain : he 8 Sacrifice, and meat-offering, thou heapeth up riches, and cannot tell wouldest not : but mine ears hast who shall gather them.

thou opened. 8 And now, LORD, what is my hope : 9 Burnt-offerings, and sacrifice for truly my hope is even in thee. sin, hast thou not required : then said

9 Deliver me from all mine offences: I, LO, I come, and make me not a rebuke unto the 10 In the volume of the book it is foolish,

written of me, that I should fulfil thy 10 I became dumb, and opened not will, O my GoD : I am content to do my mouth : for it was thy doing. it; yea, thy law is within my heart. 11 Take thy plague away from me:

1i I have declared thy righteousI am even consumed by the means of ness in the great congregation : lo, I thy heavy hand.

will not refrain my lips, O LORD, and 12 When thou with rebukes dost that thou knowest. chasten man for sin, thou makest his 12 I have not hid thy righteousness beauty to consume away, like as it within my heart : my talk hath been were a moth fretting a garment: every of thy truth, and of thy salvation. man therefore is but vanity.

13 I have not kept back thy loving 13 Hear my prayer, O LORD, and mercy and truth : from the great conwith thine ears consider my calling : gregation. hold not thy peace at my tears.

14 Withdraw not thou thy mercy 14 For I am a stranger with thee : from me, O LORD : let thy lovingand a sojourner, as all my fathers kindness and thy truth alway preserve 15 O spare me a little, that I may

15 For innumerable troubles are recover my strength : before I go come about me; my sins have taken hence, and be no more seen.

such hold upon me that I am not able

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Suliislai x 1909. asa IT JED - 18 m m m me smi
twu u Ime MBA LA

BIAI vai en.

IT IS A SOL arrest ha to

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Luis zu the water-
my w z ir : 50 annet mat sal after

2 WT Besisi is God. yes, Am, Tich I and not : in mi iz Spar Go:when shall I

1988 to Ezzen beide the presence of And, y wl

IGO? Dem Burns qui inte liśnit.

3 VF tears have been my meat day

svi su se na daş say unto BHD 2. smederets beste Were is

im Ly : the Lo sban 4 Norwben i iting thereupon, I

Door oat my bean by myself : for I
% 11% 14k, raskrse him, and keep sent with the maltitode, and brought
hinh 46, that he may be blessed them ionth into the bouse of GOD;
til mart and deliver thou not him 5 In the voice of praise and thanks-
jut, huby
, Wilt bis enemies.

giving : among such as keep holy-day. % 114, 1D bort him, when he 6 Why art thou so full of heariness, lieth eink wrin his bei : make thou O my soul : and why art thou so disil #bus in his sicknche.

quieted within me? 4 | Emin, Lan, be mercifal unto 7 Put thy trust in God : for I will 14; al my soul, for I have sinned yet give him thanks for the help of winst thee,

bis countenance. 't Mind enemies speak evil of me :

8 My God, my soul is vexed within When shall be dis, and his name me : therefore will I remember thee perich?

concerning the land of Jordan, and 6 And if he come to see me, he the little bill of Hermon. epenketh vanity; and bis heart con- 9 One deep calleth another because ceivelhi falsehood within himself, and of the noise of the water-pipes : all when he cometh forth he telleth thy waves and storms are gone over me.

10 The LORD hath granted his 7 All mina enemios whisper toge- loving-kindness in the daytime : and ther uninst me : oven against me do in the night season did I sing of him, they imagine this ovil.

and made my prayer unto the God of 8 1.ot the sentence of guiltiness my life.

within me:


11 I will say unto the God of my 10 But now thou art far off, and strength, Why hast thou forgotten puttest us to confusion : and goest not me : why go I thus heavily, while the forth with our armies. enemy oppresseth me?

11 Thou makest us to turn our 12 My bones are smitten asunder backs upon our enemies ; so that they as with & sword : while mine ene- which hate us spoil our goods. mies that trouble me cast me in the 12 Thou lettest us be eaten up like teeth;

sheep : and hast scattered us among 13 Namely, while they say daily the heathen. unto me : Where is now thy God? 13 Thou sellest thy people for

14 Why art thou so vexed, O my nought : and takest no money for soul : and why art thou so disquieted them.

14 Thou makest us to be rebuked 15 O put thy trust in God : for I of our neighbours : to be laughed to will yet thank him, which is the help scorn, and had in derision of them of my countenance, and my God. that are round about us. Ant. Heal my soul : for I have

15 Thou makest us to be a byword sinned against Thee.

among the heathen : and that the Ant. My heart is inditing.

people shake their heads at us.

16 My confusion is daily before Ps. xliv. Deus auribus.

me : and the shame of my face bath

covered me; We have heard with our ears, 0 17 For the voice of the slanderer

God, our fathers have told us : and blasphemer : for the enemy and what thou hast done in their time of avenger.

18 And though all this be como 2 How thou hast driven out the upon us, yet do we not forget thee : heathen with thy hand, and planted nor behave ourselves frowardly in thy them in : how thou hast destroyed the covenant. nations, and cast them out.

19 Our heart is not turned back : 3 For they gat not the land in pos- neither our steps gone out of thy session through their own sword : way; neither was it their own arm that 20 No, not when thou hast smitten

us into the place of dragons : and 4 But thy right hand, and thine covered us with the shadow of death. arm, and the light of thy counte- 21 If we have forgotten the Name nance : because thou hadst a favour of our God, and holden up our hands unto them.

to any strange god : shall not God 5 Thou art my King, O GOD : send search it out? for he knoweth the help unto Jacob.

very secrets of the heart. 6 Through thee will we overthrow 22 For thy sake also are we killed our enemies : and in thy Name will all the day long : and are counted as we tread them under, that rise up sheep appointed to be slain.

23 Up, LORD, why sleepest thou : ? For I will not trust in my bow : awake, and be not absent from us for it is not my sword that shall help ever.

24 Wherefore hidest thou thy face : 8 But it is thou that savest us from and forgettest our misery and trouble ? our enemies : and puttest them to

25 For our soul is brought low, confusion that hate us.

even unto the dust : our belly cleaveth 9 We make our boast of God all unto the ground. day long : and will praise thy Name 26 Arise, and help us : and deliver

helped them;

against us.


us for thy mercy's sake.

for ever.

4 Por the word of the LORD is 19 Our soul hath patiently tarried true : and all his works are faithful. for the LORD : for he is our help, and

5 He loveth righteousness and our shield. judgement : the earth is full of the 20 For our heart shall rejoice in goodness of the LORD.

him : because we have hoped in his 6 By the word of the LORD were holy Name. the heavens made : and all the hosts 21 Let thy merciful kindness, O of them by the breath of his mouth. LORD, be upon us : like as we do

7 He gathereth the waters of the put our trust in thee. sea together, as it were upon an heap: and layeth up the deep, as in a trea

Ps. xxxiv. Benedicam Domino. sure-house.

I WILL alway give thanks unto the 8 Let all the earth fear the LORD : LORD : his praise shall ever be in stand in awe of him, all ye that dwell my mouth. in the world.

2 My soul shall make her boast in 9 For he spake, and it was done : the LORD : the humble shall hear he commanded, and it stood fast. thereof, and be glad.

10 The Lord bringeth the counsel 3 O praise the LORD with me : and of the heathen to nought : and maketh let us magnify his Name together. the devices of the people to be of none 4 I sought the LORD, and he heard effect, and casteth out the counsels of me : yea, he delivered me out of all princes.

my fear. 11 The counsel of the LORD shall 5 They had an eye unto him, and endure for ever : and the thoughts of were lightened : and their faces were his heart from generation to genera- not ashamed. tion.

6 Lo, the poor crieth, and the LORD 12 Blessed are the people, whose heareth him : yea, and saveth him GOD is the LORD JEHOVAH : and out of all his troubles. blessed are the folk, that he hath 7 The angel of the LORD tarrieth chosen to him to be his inheritance. round about them that fear him : and

13 The LORD looked down from delivereth them. heaven, and beheld all the children 80 taste, and see, how gracious of men : from the habitation of his the LORD is : blessed is the man that dwelling he considereth all them that trusteth in him. dwell on the earth.

9 O fear the LORD, ye that are his 14 He fashioneth all the hearts of saints : for they that fear him lack them : and understandeth all their nothing. works.

10 The lions do lack, and suffer 15 There is no king that can be hunger : but they who seek the LORD saved by the multitude of an host : shall want no manner of thing that is neither is any mighty man delivered good. by much strength.

11 Come, ye children, and hearken 16 A horse is counted but a vain unto me : I will teach you the fear of thing to save a man : neither shall the LORD. he deliver any man by his great 12 What man is he that lasteth to strength.

live : and would fain see good days ? 17 Behold, the eye of the LORD is 13 Keep thy tongue from evil : and apon them that fear him : and upon thy lips, that they speak no guile. them that put their trust in his 14 Eschew evil, and do good : seek mercy;

peace, and ensue it. 18 To deliver their soul from death: 15 The eyes of the Lord are over and to feed them in the time of the righteous : and his ears are open dearth.

unto their prayers.

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