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she breathed, with equal and like brightest light and obtain a blessedardour of valour, for the maintenance ness greater than the bitterness of all of the strife, the glory of triumph unto their sufferings ; to which the apostle all them whom, as a noble army, the also testifies, when he saith : The penal dungeon shut in.

sufferings of this present time are not Ry. The LORD's forerunner cometh, worthy to be compared with the glory of whom Himself beareth witness : *

which shall be revealed. Among them that are born of women Ry. My saints, who, when ye were there hath not risen a greater than in the flesh, contended valiantly, John the Baptist. Ý. This is the I will give you the reward of your prophet, yea, more than & prophet, labours. y. Come, ye blessed of My of whom the Saviour saith. Among. FATHER, inherit the kingdom. I will. Lesson V.

Glory. I will.
TRULY blessed Mother Church,


whom the honour of divine Ant. O fear the LORD, dignity illuminates, whose ornament are His saints, for they that fear Him is the glorious blood of victorious lack nothing: the eyes of the LORD martyrs, whose clothing is the white are over the righteous, and His ears virginity of an inviolate confession! are open unto their prayers. Ps. Among her flowers neither roses nor xxxiv. Benedicam Dominum. p. 66. lilies are wanting. Let each one strive Ant. O LORD, * the hope of the now, beloved, in one honour or the Saints, and their strong tower, Thou other to gain the highest dignity, hast given an heritage unto those crowns, snow-white for chastity, or that fear_Thy Name, and they shall purple for passion. In the celestial dwell in Thy tabernacle for ever. Ps. camp, peace and battle both have Ixi. Exaudi, Deus. p. 69. their flowers, with which the soldiers Ant. O ye that love the LORD, of CHRIST are crowned.

rejoice in the LORD: and give thanks Ry. These be they, who, while for a remembrance of His holiness. living in the flesh, planted the Church Ps. xcvii. Dominus regnavit. p. 71. in their own blood;

they drank of y. But the righteous live for everthe LORD'S Cup,, and became the more. Ry. Their reward also is with friends of God. y. Their sound is the LORD. gone out into all lands, and their Lesson of the Holy Gospel according words into the ends of the world.

to S. Matthew. They.

Lesson VII. Chap. V.
Lesson VI.

T that time: JESUS seeing the FOR the unspeakable and infinite A? goodness of God also brought it tain: and when he was set, his

multitudes, went up into a moun. to pass that the time of their toils and disciples came unto him. And that conflict should not be lengthened out, or which follows. be made long or eternal, but short, and so to say, momentary; so that in this A Homily of S. Augustine the Bishop. short and little span of life they might Book 1. on the Sermon on the Mount. have their conflicts and labours : while If it is asked what the mountain in that life which is eternal, they signifies, it is well understood to might have the crowns and rewards signify the greater precepts of of their merits; that their labours righteousness, because the lesser were indeed might quickly be finished, but those which were given to the Jews. the rewards of their merits endure Nevertheless it was the same God, without end: that after the darkness Who, by His holy prophets and ser. of this world they might attain to the vants, according to a most orderly

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and ye

distribution of times, gave the lesser | made: Behold, the Bridegroom precepts to a people whom it behoved cometh, go ye out to meet Him. y. to be held yet under the bondage of Wise virgins, trim

your lamps. fear; and by Ais own son gave the Behold. Glory. Behold. greater precepts to a people whom He

Lesson IX. had now determined to deliver by love. Moreover, since the lesser pre- WHAT then does

He say ? Blessed cepts were given to the lesser people, are the poor in spirit, for theirs and the greater to the greater, they is the kingdom of heaven.' We read were given by Him Who alone knows that it is written, concerning the how in His own times to supply desire for temporal things : All is fitting medicine to the race of man.

vanity and presumption of spirit.

But Rz. Let your loins be girded about,

presumption of spirit signifies and your lights burning :

insolence and pride. In common yourselves like unto men that wait for speech too the proud are said to have their lord when he will return from also is called spirit. Whence it is

a great spirit: and rightly, since wind the marriage. y. Watch therefore,

written : Fire and hail, snow and for ye know not what hour your LORD doth come.

Who And. Ben. They whose. vapours, spirit of storms.

indeed does not know that proud men Lesson VIII.

are said to be puffed up, swollen NOR is it strange that the greater as if by wind ? Whence also the

precepts are given for the king- apostle says : Knowledge puffeth up, dom of heaven, and that the lesser but charity edifieth. Here therefore, were given for an earthly kingdom, by by poor in spirit, are rightly underthe self-same God Who made heaven stood lowly men, fearing God; that and earth. Concerning this righteous-is, not having a puffed-up spirit. ness therefore, which is the greater, it

Te Deum. p. 15. is said by the prophet: Thy righteousstandeth like the strong

NOVEMBER 29. mountains. And this rightly signifies

VIGIL OF S. ANDREW. that the doctrine on the mountain is

If the Festival of S. Andrew fall on taught by the one Master Who alone is Monday, the office

of the Vigil is said fit to teach such great things. More

on the preceding Saturday. over He teaches sitting, which belongs to the prerogative of the Master. And Lesson of the Holy Gospel according His disciples come unto Him, that

to S. John. they who in spirit approached more

Lesson I. Chap. i. nearly to keeping His commandments; AT that time: John stood, and two with their bodily presence for hearing upon JESUS as He walked, he saith, His words. And He opened His Behold the Lamb of God. And that mouth and taught them, saying. This which follows. expression in which it is said: And A Homily of S. Augustine, the Bishop. He opened His mouth, perhaps suggests to us, by the pause it makes,

Tract 7 on S. John. that the discourse will be longer than SINCE John was so much the

friend usual; unless, perchance, it is not with- of the Bridegroom, he sought not out the meaning that He now is said his own glory, but bare witness to the to have opened His 'mouth, because in truth. Did he then wish his disciples to the old law He was wont to open the remain with him, so that they should mouths of the prophets.

be hindered from following the LORD? Ry. At midnight there was a cry Nay; he rather showed his disciples




Whom they should follow; for they was Peter's brother: and we know regarded him as the Lamb. And he from the Gospel that the LORD Baith ; Why do ye regard me? I am called Peter and Andrew from the not the Lamb. Behold the Lamb of ship, saying, Follow Me, and I will GOD. And concerning Him he had said make you fishers of men; and from before, Behold the Lamb of God. And that time they so joined Him that what profit is the Lamb of God to us ? they went not back. Behold, he saith, Him who taketh away the sin of the world. When they

Lesson III. heard this, the two who were with THOSE two therefore do not now RzRy. of the feria.

no more going back, but they wished

to see where He dwelt, and to do that Lesson II.

which is written : Let thy foot wear LET us consider what follows. Be the steps of his door; arise and make

hold the Lamb of God. These haste to come unto him, and ba are the words of John. And the two instructed by his precepts. He disciples heard him speak, and they sheweth them where He abode; they followed JESUS. They did not now 80 came, and abode with Him. What & follow Him as to be joined to Him, blessed day and night they spent ! for it is clear at what time they and who shall tell us what things were joined to Him, namely, when they heard from the LORD ? Let us He called them from the ship. too build in our hearts and make Him One of these two was Andrew, as an house whither He may come and you have just heard. And Andrew teach us, and commune with us.


ar: and we knee

that the LORD Andrew from the ow Me, and I will of men; and from

joined Him that k.

con Ill.
Derefore do not nem
with the intentioad
back, but they wished
dwelt, and to do that
2: Let thy foot wear
door; arise and make

unto him, and be
his precepts.
where He abode; they
do with Him. What
od night they spent
1 tell us what things
om the LORD! leto
s hearts and make HIT
ther He may come mi
communs with us.

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