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Lesson IV.

Lesson of the Holy Gospel according

to S. Matthew.
MATTHEW, who is also Levi, an
Apostle and Evangelist, of

Lesson VII. Chap. ix.
Capernaum, when he was sitting ATM that time : Jesus saw a man
at the receipt of custom,

called Matthew sitting at the re-
called by CHRIST and immediately ceipt of custom, and he saith unto
followed Him, Whom with the rest him, Follow me. And that which
of the disciples he entertained follows.
at & feast. After the resurrection A Homily of S. Jerome the Priest.
of CHRIST, before he travelled to
the province which had fallen to Book I. Comment. on S. Matt. ch. 9.
his lot for preaching the gospel,

The other Evangelists from respect
he first, in Judæa, wrote the gospel and honour to S. Matthew would not
of JESUS CHRIST in Hebrew, for call him by his common name, but
those of the circumcision whó had say Levi, for he had both names.
believed. Afterwards he went into But Matthew himself (according to
Ethiopia, and preached the Gospel, that which Solomon says: The
and confirmed his preaching by many righteous man accuses himself in the

beginning of his speech; and in Ry. I saw. p. 70.

another place : Confess thy sins,

that thou mayest be justified) calls Lesson V.

himself both Matthew and publican, AND by that miracle especially in to show his readers that none ought

which he raised the daughter of to despair of salvation who tum to the king from the dead, he converted better things, since he from a pubthe king her father and his wife, lican was suddenly changed into an together with the whole province, to

apostle. the faith of CHRIST. After the death

Ry. These be they. p. 72. of the king, Hyrtacus bis successor

Lesson VIII. commanded Matthew to be slain at PORPHYRY_and the Emperor Jar

altar while celebrating the lian assert in this place either Mysteries, because by means of him that the historian was ignorant and Iphigenia, the king's daughter, whom false, or that those who immediately he wished to obtain in marriage for followed the Saviour were foolish, as himself, had made a vow of virginity if they followed without reason any to God, and persevered in her holy one who called them; although such purpose. It was on September 21st mighty works and signs preceded, that by a glorious martyrdom he per- which no doubt the apostles had seen fected the Apostolic office. His body before they believed." Yea, truly, the was translated to Salerno, and was brightness and majesty of the hidden afterwards buried in a church dedi- divinity which shone even in His cated to his name during the pontificate human countenance, might attract of Gregory VII., and is honoured by them at first view as they beheld the devotion of many who resort Him. For if, as it is said, there is thither.

such power in the loadstone and in Ry. Blessed are ye. p. 70.

amber as to attract to themselves iron

ings and straws and litter, how much Lesson VI.

more could the LORD of all creatures THE four holy living creatures draw to Himself those whom Ho of . p

? Ry. These are they. p. 71.

Ry. These are holy men. p. 73.

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p. 83.


Lesson IX.

FIRST NOCTURN. AND it came to pass as He sat at Ant. The sea was troubled, and the

meat in the house, many publicans earth shook, when Michael the Archand sinners came and sat down with angel came down from heaven. Ps. JESUS. They saw how a publican, viii. Domine Dominus noster. p. turned from his sins to better things, 81. had found a place of repentance; and Ant. Let us praise the LORD, Who on this account they did not despair is praised by Angels, whom Cherubim of salvation themselves. For they do and Seraphim proclaim Holy, Holy, not come to Jesus while they remain Holy. Ps. xi. In Domino confido. in their former sins, as the Pharisees and Scribes complain; but in penitence: Ant. And the smoke of the incense as the words of the LORD that follow ascended up before God out of the prove, when He says, I will have mercy, Angel's hand. Ps. xv. Domine, quis and not sacrifice ; for I am not come habitabit. p. 83. to call the righteous, but sinners. For

y. An Angel stood at the altar. the LORD went to feast with sinners,

Rz. Having a golden censer. that He might have an opportunity of teaching them, and bestowing spiritual

Of Daniel the Prophet. food upon those who had invited

Lesson I. Chap. vii. Him.


BEHELD till the thrones were Te Deum, p. 15.

cast down, and the Ancient of days SEPTEMBER 29.

did sit, whose garment was white as

snow, and the hair of his head like the FESTIVAL OF S. MICHAEL AND ANGELS.

pure wool: his throne was like the

fiery flame, and his wheels as burning Double of the Second Class.

fire. A fiery stream issued and came Inv. The LORD, the King of Arch- forth from before him : thousand angels : * O come, let us worship. thousands ministered unto him, and Ps. Venite. p. 3.

ten thousand times ten thousand stood HYMN. Tibi, Christe, splendor Patris. before him: the judgment was set,

and the books were opened. I beheld THE CHRiskulhot the healesplendour, then because of the voice of the great In the presence of the Angels

: Sing we now with tuneful art:

even till the beast was slain, and his Meetly in alternate chorus

body destroyed, and given to the Bearing our responsive part.

burning flame. Thus we praise with veneration

Ry. There was silence in heaven, All the armies of the sky:

till the dragon fought with Michael Chiefly him, the warrior Primate Of celestial chivalry :

the Archangel : * I heard the voice of Michael, who in princely virtue

thousands of thousands, saying: SalCast Abaddon from on high.

vation, and glory, and honour, and By whose watchful care, repelling,

power, unto the LORD our God. y. King of everlasting grace !

Thousand thousands ministered unto Every ghostly adversary,

Him, and ten thousand times ten All things evil, all things base.

thousand stood before Him. I Grant us of Thine only goodness In Thy Paradise & place.


Lesson II. Chap. X.
Laud and honour to the FATHER;
Laud and honour to the Son;

AND in the four and twentieth day Laud and honour to the SPIRIT;

, Ever Three, and ever One: Consubstantial, Co-eternal,

the side of the great river, which is While unending ages run. Amen.

Hiddekel ; then I lifted up mine eyes,

and looked, and behold a certain man, there with the kings of Persia. Now clothed in linen, whose loins were I am come to make thee understand girded with fine gold of Uphaz: his what shall befall thy people in the body also was like the beryl, and his latter days : for yet the vision is for face as the appearance of lightning, many days. and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his

Ry. In the presence of the Angels arms and his feet like in colour to will I sing praises unto Thee: I will polished brass, and the voice of his worship toward Thy holy temple, words like the voice of a multitude. and praise Thy name, O LORD. y. And I Daniel alone saw the vision: Because of Thy loving-kindness and for the men that were with me saw truth : for Thou hast magnified Thy not the vision ; but a great quaking name and Thy word above all things. fell upon them, so that they fled to And. Glory. And. hide themselves. Therefore I was left alone, and saw this great vision,

SECOND NOCTURN. and there remained no strength in Ant. Archangel Michael, come to me: for my comeliness was turned in the help of the people of God. Ps. me into corruption, and I retained no xix. Cæli enarrant. p. 66. strength.

Ant. Michael is set chief in Ry. An Angel stood at the altar, paradise, whom the Angelic citizens having a golden censer; and there honour. Ps. xxiv. Domini est terra. was given unto him much incense : * p. 92. and the smoke of the incense as- Ant. Thou appearedst glorious in cended up before God out of the Angel's the sight of the LORD, therefore the hand. y. In the presence of the LORD hath decked thee with beauty. Angels will I sing praise unto Thee : Ps. xxxiv. Benedicam Domino. p. I will worship toward Thy holy temple, 66. and praise Thy name, O LORD. And. y. The smoke of the incense

ascended up before God.
Lesson III.

Ry. Out of the Angel's hand.
YET heard
I the voice of his words :

A Sermon of S. Gregory the Pope. and when I heard the voice of his

Lesson IV. words, then was I in a deep sleep on my face, and my face toward the

Homily 34. ground: And, behold, an hand touched WE say that there are nine orders me, which set me upon my knees and of Angels, because we know this upon the palms of my hands. And from the testimony of Holy Scriphe said unto me, o Daniel, a man ture: Angels, Archangels, Powers, greatly beloved, understand the words Authorities, Principalities, Dominions, that I speak unto thee, and stand Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim. upright : for unto thee am I now For that there are Angels and Archsent. And when he had spoken angels almost every page of holy this word unto me, I stood trembling. scripture testifies ; and Cherubim and Then said he unto me, Fear not, Seraphim are, as is well known, often Daniel: for from the first day that spoken of in the books of the Prophets. thou didst set thine heart to under. Paul the Apostle in his epistle to the Stand, and to chasten thyself before Ephesians mentions the name of four thy God, thy words were heard, and I orders, when he says, Above all

come for thy words. But the principality, and power, and might, prince of the kingdom of Persia with and dominion.

And writing to the Svend me one and twenty days : but, Colossians he says again, Whether

Vichael, one of the chief princes, thrones, or dominions, or principal. build to help me: and I remained ities or powers. While therefore to those four of which he speaks to heaven, the Spirit of wisdom and the Ephesians are joined Thrones, understanding. That. there are five orders: to which if Angels, Archangels, Cherubim, and

Lesson VI. Seraphim are added, it is quite A

ND as

often as any work of clear that the orders of Angels are

wonderful power is performed, found to be nine.

Michael is said to be sent ; that by Rz. This is Michael the Archangel, his very doing of it, and by his name,

* whose

it prince of the angelic hosts ;

be understood that no one is

may honour brings benefits to the nations, able to do that which God has all and whose prayer leads to the king- power to do. Whence also, that dom of heaven. V. Michael the

ancient enemy, who through pride Archangel, chief in paradise, whom wished to be like God, saying: I will the angelic citizens honour. Whose.

ascend into heaven, I will exalt

my throne above the stars of God, I Lesson V.

will be like the Most High ; whilst at BUT you must know that the name the end of the world he will be left

Angels is a designation of office, in his own strength to be destroyed not of nature. For those holy spirits by the most extreme punishment, is of the celestial country always indeed spoken of as about to engage in continue spirits, but cannot by any conflict with Michael the Archangel ; means

be always called Angels; as it is said by S. John: There was because then only are they Angels war with Michael the Archangel. when through them some tidings are Gabriel also, who is called the Strength made known. Whence also it is of God, is sent to Mary: for he came said by the psalmist : Who maketh to announce Him Who, in order to His spirits Angels. As if he plainly subdue the powers of the air, thought said : Who, when He willeth, maketh fit to appear in a lowly form. Rathose to be also Angels, whom He phael also, as we have said, is by always hath as spirits. Moreover interpretation, The Healing of God; those who make known small tidings because, while he touched the eyes of are called Angels, but those who make Tobias, as if in performance of his *known the greatest, are called Arch- office of healing, he removed the darkangels. For hence it is, that to the ness of his blindness. Virgin Mary is sent, not any Angel, but Ry. At that time shall Michael the Archangel Gabriel. For on this stand up, the great prince which ministry it was worthy that the highest standeth for the children of thy Angel should come, who announced people : * and there shall be a time the Highest of all things. And for of trouble, such as never was since this reason also they are described by there was a nation even to that same particular names, in order that, by the time. y. And at that time thy people meaning of their names, it may be shall be delivered, every one that declared what they are in power and shall be found written in the book. operation. For Michael signifies, And. Glory. And. Who is like God? And Gabriel, The strength of God; and Raphael, The

THIRD NOCTURN. healing of God.

Ant. The Angel and Archangel MiRy. Michael the Archangel cometh chael, the messenger of God for with a multitude of Angels, to whom righteous souls, Alleluia, Alleluia. GOD bath committed the souls of Ps. xcvi. Cantate .. cantate. p. 53. the saints: * that he may lead them Ant. There was given unto him into the paradise of joy. y. Send much incense, that he should offer it forth, O LORD, Thy holy Spirit from upon the golden altar which was before the throne. Ps. xcvii. Dominus reg- ! causes the offence to arise. Wherenavit, exultet. p. 54.

fore all affection is cut off, and our Ant. Mighty are the deeds of whole kindred is severed from us, Michael the Archangel, who, strong lest under occasion of duty any in battle, won the victory. Ps. ciii. believer should be exposed to offence. Benedic :::, et omnia. p. 57.

If, He says, any one is united to thee . In the presence of the Angels will as closely as a hand, a foot, or an eye, I sing praise unto Thee, my God. and is useful to thee, and anxious, and

Ry. I will worship before Thy holy quick to discern, and yet is a cause temple, and praise Thy name. of offence to thee, and by reason of Lesson of the Holy Gospel accord- the unmeetness of his behaviour is ing to S. Matthew.

drawing thee to hell : it is better that

thou be without his kindred and his Lesson VII. Chap. xviii.

profitableness in carnal things; lest AT that time : The disciples came to while

thou seekest to win thy relations Jesus saying, Who is the greatest and friends, thou shouldest have cause in the kingdom of heaven? And that of falling. which follows.

Ry. Michael the Archangel came to A Homily of S. Jerome the Priest. the help of the people of God; * He Book 3. Comment. on S. Matt. 18.

stood up for the help of righteous After the finding of the piece of having a golden censer.

souls. Y An Angel stood at the altar,

He. Glory. money, after the payment of the

He. tribute, what means this sudden

Lesson IX. question of the Apostles : Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? I SAY unto you that in heaven their Because they had seen one piece of

Angels do always behold the face

The LORD had said money paid for Peter and the LORD,

of My FATHER. they thought, from the equality of before, that under the figure of the payment, that Peter was preferred hand and the foot and the eye, all before all the Apostles, since in the kindred and friendships which could payment of the tribute he had been cause scandal must be cut off. He put on a level with the LORD. There accordingly tempers the harshness of fore they as

Who is the greatest in this declaration with the following the kingdom of heaven ? Ånd Jesus precepts, saying: See that ye despise perceiving their thoughts, and under- not one of these little ones. I enjoin standing the cause of their mistake, severity, He says, and I likewise shew would heal their desire for pre-emin- you that mercy is to be mingled with ence, by leading them to strive after it: because their Angels in heaven lowliness.

always behold the face of My FATHER. Ry. In the sight of strangers be ye from its very birth has an Angel set

Great dignity of souls ! that each not afraid: but in your hearts worship in charge over it. Whence we read and fear the LORD, * for His Angel in the Apocalypse of John: To the

Ý. An Angel stood at Angel of Ephesus, and the rest of the altar, having a golden censer. the churches, write these things. The For.

apostle also commands that the heads Lesson VIII.

of the women should be veiled in the Α'

ND if thy hand or thy foot offend churches because of the Angels. thee, cut it off, and cast it from

Te Deum. p. 15. thee. For it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man,

FEASTS OF OCTOBER. who, because offence must needs be in On the first day unhindered is said the world, through his own fault the Office of the Dead.

is with you.

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