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he cried, saying, LORD, save me. | devil, it was the more gloriously And.

loosed by CHRIST. Lesson V.

Ry. Thou art shepherd of the THESE are thy fathers, and true sheep, prince of the Apostles : to

shepherds; who were far happier thee hath God committed all the and far better founders of thee, by kingdoms of the world : * and to thee planting thee in the kingdom of are also committed the keys of the heaven, than they were, by whose kingdom of heaven. y. Whatsoever exertions the first foundations of thy thou shalt bind on earth shall be walls were made. One of them who bound in heaven: and whatsoever gave thee thy name, defiled thee with thou shalt loose on earth shall be his brother's slaughter. These are loosed in heaven. And. Glory. And. they who brought thee to such a pitch of glory, that, becoming an holy

THIRD NOCTURN. nation, a peculiar people, a royal and Lesson of the Holy Gospel according priestly city, and made the capital

to S. Matthew. of the world, by the sacred chair of blessed Peter, thou shouldst

Lesson VII. Chap. xvi. have wider pre-eminence through. ATthat time: When Jesus came into divine religion, than through earthly

the coasts of Cæsarea Philippi, He sovereignty. For although, enriched asked His disciples, saying, Whom do by many victories, thou didst extend men say that I the Son of man am ? thine imperial sway by land and sea, And that which follows. yet that which the toil of warfare A Homily of S. Jerome the Priest. subdued before thee, is less than that Book 3. Comm. on S. Matthew, c. 16. which Christian peace brought under

Well does He ask, Whom do men thy control.

say that I the Son of man am ? For Ry. Arise up, Peter, cast thy gar- they who speak of the Son of man are ments about thee, receive strength for

men ; but they who understand His the saving of the nations : for the Godhead are not called men, but chains fell off from thy hands. V. gods. The Angel of the LORD came upon that Thou art John the Baptist : some,

But they said : Some say him, and a light sbined in the prison: Elias. and he smote Peter on the side, and commentators bave inquired into the

I am surprised that some raised him up, saying: Arise up causes of each mistake, and have quickly. For.

spun out a tedious discussion why Lesson VI.

some thought that our LORD JESUS FOR it was most in accordance with CHRIST was

John : why some thought the divinely ordained plan, that Him to be Elias, others, Jeremias, or many kingdoms should be united one of the prophets : seeing that they together in one empire; and that could err, concerning Elias or Jeuniversal preaching should have quick remiah, as Herod did with regard to

to nations, who are held John, saying: It is John, whom I together by the rule of a single city. beheaded : he is risen from the dead, For this city, knowing not the author and mighty works do shew forth of its own advancement, when it bore themselves in him. rule over almost all nations, was a Ry. I have prayed for thee, Peter, slave to the errors of all nations; and that thy faith fail not: * and when counted itself to have acquired a great thou art converted, strengthen thy religious character, because it did not brethren. ¥. Flesh and blood hath reject any falsehood. Wherefore, as not revealed it unto thee, but My it was the more closely bound by the FATHER Which is in heaven. And.


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Lesson VIII.

FEASTS OF JULY. BUT, whom say yo that I am? On the first day unhindered is said the Thoughtful reader, give heed :


for the Dead. that from that which follows, and the

JULY 24. form of the discourse, the Apostles

VIGIL OF S. JAMES, are not called men, but gods. For

As in the Vigils of Apostles, p. 65. when it was said : Whom do men say that I the Son of man am ? He

JULY 25. added : But whom say ye that I am ? FESTIVAL OF S. JAMES, APOSTLE. As they, because they are men, form Double of Second Class. a human judgment, ye, who are gods, All of the Common of App. p. 66. whom do ye think that I am?. Peter, except that which follows. in the person of all the apostles, confesseth, Thou art the CHRIST, the Son a man, as in the Common, p. 68.

In the first Nocturn, Lessons, Let of the Living God. He calls Him Living God, to distinguish Him from

SECOND NOCTURN. those who are counted to be gods, but

Lesson IV. are dead.

JAMES, the son of Zebedee, brother Ry. Whom do men say that I the

of the apostle John, a Galilæan, Son of man am ? said JESUS to His was called with his brother among disciples. Peter answering, said, Thou the first apostles ; and having left his art the CHRIST, the Son of the Living father and the nets he followed the God: * And I say also unto thee, LORD; and they both were called, by that thou art Peter, and upon this Jesus Himself, Boanerges, that is, rock will I build My church. y.

sons of thunder. He was one of the Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona : three apostles whom the Saviour most for flesh and blood hath not re- loved, and willed to be witnesses of vealed it unto thee, but My FATHER His transfiguration, and to be present which is in heaven. And I. Glory. at the miracle when He raised the And I.

daughter of the ruler of the synagogue

from the dead, and to be with Him Lesson IX.

when He withdrew to the Mount of ANDJesus answered and said unto Olives to pray to His Father before him, Blessed art thou, Simon

He was taken by the Jews. Bar-jona. He makes a return for the

Rz. I saw. p. 70. apostle's witness to Him. Peter had

Lesson V. said : Thou art the

Christ, the Son of AFTER the Ascension of Jesus the Living God. His true confession CHRIST into heaven, he preached received its reward. Blessed art thou, His divinity in Judæa and Samaria, Simon Bar-jona. Wherefore ? Because and brought very many to the Christian flesh and blood hath not revealed it faith. Afterwards he went into Spain, unto thee, but the FATHER bath and there he converted some to revealed it. That which flesh and CHRIST. Of these, seven were after-: blood could not reveal, was revealed wards ordained bishops by the blessed : by the grace of the Holy SPIRIT. Peter, and were the first that were . Therefore, because of his confession, sent into Spain. Then he returned he obtains a title, which denotes a to Jerusalem ; and when he had imrevelation of the Holy SPIRIT Whose pressed Hermogenes the magician, son he was to be called. For Bar-jona, among others, with the truth of the in our language, signifies son of the faith, Herod Agrippa, in the reign of dove.

the Emperor Claudius, being raised Te Deum, p. 15.

to the kingdom, in order to gain

favour with the Jews, condemned | clearly perceive what they were James to death, boldly confessing suddenly made by grace. Whence it JESUS CHRIST to be God. And when is clear that they were seeking nothing the man who had led him to the spiritual and had no thought of a tribunal had seen him suffer martyr- kingdom above. However let us condom bravely, he likewise immediately sider how they draw near to the professed himself a Christian.

LORD, and what they say: We will, Ry. Blessed are ye. p. 70.

say they, that Thou shouldest do for Lesson VI.

us whatsoever we shall ask. To which AS

S they were being led to execution CHRIST answered : What will ye? not

he asked pardon of James: and indeed as being ignorant, but that He James kissed him, and said, Peace might compel them to give an answer ; be to thee. And so both of them and that He might uncover their were beheaded, James having just be- wound, and so apply the remedy. fore healed a paralytic. His body was

Ry. These be they. p. 72. afterwards translated to Compostella,

Lesson VIII. where it is honoured with very great BUT since they were prevented by solemnity, strangers coming thither from all parts of the world to perform come thither led by human desire, they their devotions. The memory of his took CHRIST apart from the other disbirthday is kept by the church to-day, ciples, and made their request. For which is the day of his translation, al- they went forward, he saith, that they though it was about the time of Easter might not be seen by them : and so that he, first of the apostles, gave tes at last they told what they wished timony to JESUS CHRIST at Jerusalem for. For since they had heard that by the shedding of his blood.

the disciples were to sit on twelve Ry. These are they. p. 71.

thrones, they wished, I imagine, to THIRD NOCTURN.

obtain the primacy of this seat, and Lesson of the Holy Gospel according they knew, indeed, that they were to S. Matthew.

preferred to the rest; but fearing that Lesson VII. Chap. xx.

Peter was preferred before them, they

ventured to say: Grant that one of AI that time: Came to JESUS us may sit on Thy right hand, and the

the mother of Zebedee's children other on Thy left. And they are urwith her sons, worshipping him, and gent, saying, Grant. What then does desiring a certain thing of him. And He say? That He might declare they that which follows.

are seeking nothing spiritual, and that A Homily of.S. John Chrysostom. they do not even know what they are

Homily 66 on S. Matthew. asking for: (for they would not have Let not any one be troubled if we

dared to ask had they known) Ye say that the Apostles were so far) know not, He says, what ye ask; ye imperfect; for the mystery of the know not how great a thing this is, Cross had not yet been consummated ;

how wonderful, and how it exceeds the grace of the SPIRIT had not yet even the higher powers. been poured into their hearts.


Ry. These are holy men. p. 73. if you desire to learn their virtue,

Lesson IX. consider what they were after the grace AM

ND He added : Can ye drink of of the SPIRIT

given, and the cup which I shall drink of, you will see that all perverse affection and be baptised with the baptism had been overcome by them. For on which I am baptised with ? Consider this account is their imperfection how immediately He draws them now revealed, in order that you may away from this expectation, by speak


ing to them of things quite different. I versities, he came into greater ArFor ye, He says, are asking me of menia. honours and of crowns ; but I am Ry. I saw. p. 70. speaking to you of conflict and travail. This is not the time for rewards, nor

Lesson V. will My glory immediately appear; T:

THERE he brought over Polymius the present is the time of blood and the king and his wife, and twelve of dangers. And mark, too, how He cities besides, to the Christian faith. encourages and draws them on by the This roused against him much envy on the very form of the question. For the part of the priests of that nation. He said not: Are ye able to endure For they so inflamed Astyages, the being put to death ? Are ye able to brother of king Polymius, against the shed your blood ? But: Are ye able Apostle, that he cruelly ordered Barto drink the cup ? and then drawing tholomew to be flayed alive and them on, He says: Which I shall beheaded; and in this martyrdom he drink; that by sharing in His la- gave up his life to God. bours they might be made the more Ry. Blessed are ye. p. 70. ready. Te Deum. p. 15.

Lesson VI.

HIS body was buried at Albanus,

which is a city of greater Armenia, On the first day unhindered is said the where he had suffered: afterwards it office for the Dead.

was removed to the island of Lipari,

and thence it was translated to BeneAUGUST 23. VIGIL OF S. BARTHOLOMEW, APOSTLE. by the Emperor Otho III., and laid in

ventum: lastly it was carried to Rome The three lessons are of the Homily an island of the Tiber in a church on the Gospel : This is my command- dedicated to God in the Apostle's ment, as in the Vigils of Apostles, p. name. His festival is kept at Rome 65, with Ry. Rz. of the feria.

on the 25th of August, and during the . AUGUST 24.

eight following days that basilica is FESTIVAL OF S. BARTHOLOMEW,

thronged with a great concourse of


Rz. These are they. p. 71.
Double of Second Class.
All of the Common of Apostles,

THIRD NOCTURN. except that which follows.

Lesson of the Holy Gospel according In the first Nocturn, Lessons, Let a

to S. Luke. man. p. 68.

Lessom VII. Chap. vi.


T that time: JESUS went forth

into a mountain to pray, and Lesson IV.

continued all night in prayer to God; BARTHOLOMEW the Apostle, and when it was day He called His

Galilæan, having travelled into disciples. And that which follows. western India, which had fallen by lot to him as a part of the world in which A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. he was to preach the Gospel of JESUS Book 3. Commentary on S. Luke, CHRIST, preached to those nations the

chap. 6. advent of the LORD JESUs according to All the great, all the exalted go ap the gospel of Saint Matthew. And into the mountain. For it is not to when he had converted very many in every one that the prophet says, O that province to JESUS CHRIST, and thou that tellest good tidings to Sion, efter enduring, many toils and ad- get thee up into the high mountain :

O thou that tellest good tidings to prudence, to redeem them by riches, or
Jerusalem, lift up thy voice with to draw them to His grace by the
strength. Not by literal footsteps, influence of power and rank; that
but by sublime deeds, ascend thou into the force of truth, not the grace of
this mountain and follow CHRIST, that oratory, might prevail.
thou mayest thyself be a mountain.

Te Deum, p. 15.
For the hills stand round about Him.
In the gospels therefore, you will find

FEASTS OF SEPTEMBER. that the disciples alone ascend the On the first day unhindered is said the mountain with the LORD. The LORD

Office for the Dead. therefore prays, not that He may ask

VIGIL OF S. MATTHEW. petitions for Himself, but that He may obtain blessings for me.


Lessons as in the Common, p. 65, though the FATHER has put all things except the 3rd, which is as follows. in the power of the Son, yet the Son, Ben. May our sins. that He might fill the form of man, Lesson of the Holy Gospel according considers that the FATHER should be

to S. Luke. entreated for us, because He is our

Lesson III. Chap. v.
Ry. These be they. p. 72.

AT that time: Jesus saw a publican

named Levi sitting at the Lesson VIII.

receipt of custom; and he saith unto AND He continued all night in him. Follow me. And that which

follows. prayer to God. A character is given, a form is prescribed for thee, A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. O Christian, which thou shouldest Book 3. Comment. S. Luke, chap. 5. imitate. For what oughtest thou to do for thine own salvation, when

mystical; for CHRIST bids him follow CHRIST continues all night in prayer Him, not with bodily step, but with for thee? What does it become thee the soul's affection. And so he who to do when thou wishest to begin any formerly derived covetous gains from work of piety, when CHRIST before sending out Éis Apostles prayed, and toils and perils of sailors, being called

bribes, and cruel gains wrung from the prayed alone ? Nor in any other

by the WORD, left his own, he who was place is He found (if I mistake not) to wont to seize the things of others; have prayed with His Apostles ; every and abandoning that base seat of where he prays alone; for human

custom, he follows after the LORD with wishes comprehend not the purpose his whole mind, and he makes ready & of God; nor can any one be a sharer great banquet. For he who receives of the secrets of CHRIST.

CHRIST into his inner chamber is fed Rp. These are holy men. p. 73. with the greatest delights of overLesson IX.

flowing pleasures. HE called His disciples, and chose

SEPTEMBER 21. twelve of them, whom He

FESTIVAL OF S. MATTHEW, APOSTLE destined as sowers of the faith, to be

AND EVANGELIST. *the instruments of spreading salvation of man through the world. And now

Double of the 2nd class. mark the heavenly counsel. He All of the Common of Apostles, p. chose to give this charge not to wise | 66, except that which follows. men, not to the rich, not to the noble, In the 1st Noct., Lessons, Now it but to fishermen and publicans, that came to pass, of the Common of EvanHe might not seem to turn any by gelists, p. 74.

to This calling of the publican is

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