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y. This is the House of the LORD, | by faith in the Resurrection, transstrongly built. Ry. It is founded well cended the unfruitful glory of the on a strong rock. Our FATHER. Jews, even as by a certain corporeal Abs. The Almighty. y. Sir, pray. elevation. Zaccheus then was in the Ben. The Evangelical lection. sycamore; the blind man in the way : Lesson of the Holy Gospel according for one the LORD waits that He may to S. Luke.

have mercy upon him, the other He

ennobles by the glory of His abiding; Lesson VII. Chap. xix.

one He questions when about to 'heal AT that time : Jesus entered and him; to the house

of the other, un.

. hold there was a man named Zacchæus, knew that the reward for hospitality which was the chief among the pub- shown to Himself is abundant. But licans, and he was rich. And that though He heard not yet the voice of which follows.

one bidding Him, yet He saw his inA Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. ward affection. Book 8 on S. Luke.

R7. All thy walls are of precious Zacchæus, who was little of stature stones, * and thy towers, O Jerusalem, (that is, not great by dignity of noble shall be built up with jewels. ¥. The birth) and mean in merit, is like the gates of Jerusalem shall be built up Gentile nation, which, when it heard with sapphires and emeralds, and her of the Saviour's Advent, desired to walls round about with every prebehold Him Whom His own received cious stone. And thy towers. Glory. not. But none can easily behold And thy towers.

Ben. The King of JESUS: none can behold Éim who Angels. still tarry on the ground. And because

Lesson IX. it had no Prophets, nor the Law, it BUT lest we should seem disdainclimbed into the sycamore, as it were

fully to have quickly left the poor into the grace of natural order, spurn- blind man to pass on to the rich man, ing under foot the vanity of the Jews, let us wait for him, for the LORD and correcting the error of its own also waited for him : let us question earlier days; and therefore received him, for Christ also questioned him. JESUS as a guest into the inner We may ask, because we know not: He, chamber of the house.

because He knew. We may ask, that Ry. My House shall be called a we may learn how he was healed: He House of Prayer, saith the LORD : asked, that by this one, we, being many, herein everyone that asketh shall might learn how to become meet to receive : and he that seeketh shall behold the LORD. He questioned him find : * and to him that knocketh it that we might believe, for none can shall be opened. y. Ask, and ye be saved except he confess Him. shall receive : seek, and ye shall find.

Te Deum. p. 15.
And to him. Ben. The Divine help. SECOND DAY IN THE OCTAVE.
Lesson VIII.

In the first Nocturn, Lessons from AND

rightly did he climb up into a the occurrent Scripture.
tree, that the good tree might

SECOND NOCTURN. bear good fruit: and that being cut From the Treatise of S. Augustine the from the olive tree wild by nature,

Bishop on the Psalms. and being grafted contrary to nature

Lesson IV. into the good olive tree, he might bear the fruits of the law. For the

On Ps. cxxii. root is holy, though the branches be JERUSALEM which is built as a worthless : the people of the Gentiles, city. Brethren, when David said

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likened unto ten virgins; which took out of His kingdom, all things that their lamps, and went forth to meet the offend. Now in the kingdom of bedbridegroom. And that which follows. titude, in which is that highest of all A Homily of S. Gregory the Great. peace, there can be no offences whick Hom. 12 on the Gospels.

it were possible to gather together. I have often, beloved brethren,

Ry. At midnight there was a cry admonished you to fly from evil

made : Behold, the Bridegroom works, to avoid the defilements of cometh, go ye out to meet Him. y. the world; but, by to-day's lection in Wise virgins, trim your lamps. Bethe holy Gospel, I am compelled to hold. Glory. Behold. Ben. The remind you that the good things which King. ye do, ye should also hold fast, with

Lesson IX. great anxiety: to the end that your IN the five senses of the body, each good deeds should not be performed human creature has its existence. for the sake of any human grace or a doubled five makes ten. And befavour; and that the last of praise cause the whole multitude of the should not creep in, so that the out- faithful is gathered together out of side appearance should have no in- each sex, Holy Church is held forth terior reward. For here, by the to us, under the similitude of ten parable of the Redeemer, we are told virgins. In which, because the evil of ten virgins; all of whom are called are mixed with the good, the revirgins, and yet all were not received probate with tặe elect, she therefore within the portals of blessedness; be- is well compared to both wise and cause some of them, while from the foolish virgins. For there are, who world they looked for the glory of keeping watch over themselves from chastity, took no oil in their lamps. external desires, are borne up by hope

Ry. This is the wise virgin, whom to spiritual joys; who deny the flesh, the Lord found watching, who having and with their full yearning pant received her lamp, took oil with her; after the heavenly country: and who, *and when the LORD came, she went while they are pressing forward to in with Him to the wedding. Y. At eternal rewards, cannot away with midnight there was a cry made, Be

human praise.

These put not their hold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye glory in the talk of men ; but hide it out to meet Him. And. Ben. She, in the recesses of their own hearts. (or They) whose feast we celebrate. And there are too, who afiflict their Lesson VIII.

bodies by abstinence, but by reason of

that very abstinence are on the look BUT we must first inquire what is out for human applause, the ,

Te Deum. p. 15. it should be compared to ten virgins ; which virgins are also divided into OTHER LESSONS FOR VIRGINS. the wise and the foolish. For, if it is certain concerning the kingdom of of the 1st Nocturn are read as follows.

For a V. M. or M. only, the Lessons heaven, that none of the reprobate have admission there, why should it

Of the book of Ecclesiasticus, be compared to the foolish as well as

Lesson I. Ecclus. li. to the wise ? But we must understand I WILL thank thee, O LORD and that often, in Holy Writ, the Church

King, and praise thee, O God, my of the present time is called the SAVIOUR. I do give praise unto Thy kingdom of heaven: concerning which, Name; for Thou art my defender and in another place, the LORD saith; helper, and hast preserved my body The Son of Man shall send His | from destruction, and from the snare angels, and they shall gather together of the slanderous tongue, and from

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the lips that forge lies, and hast been they fill, is the interest they excite. mine helper against mine adversaries: They are the flower of the Church's“ and hast delivered me according to growth, the charm and ornament of the multitude of thy mercies and spiritual grace, a happy nature, a greatness of thy Name from the perfect and inviolate work of praise teeth of them that were ready to and honour, an image of God fashioned devour me, and out of the hands of after the LORD'S sanctity, the more such as sought after my life, and famous portion of the flock of CHRIST. from the manifold afflictions which I Through them doth rejoice, in them had; from the choking of fire on doth richly flourish, the glorious fruitevery side, and from the midst of the fulness of mother Church, and as her fire which I kindled, not; from the numerous virginity multiplies, depth of the belly of hels, from an grows the mother's joy. To these we unclean tongue, and from lying words. speak, these we exhort, in affection Ry. Come, Bride. f. 108.

rather than by authority, not that we Lesson II.

who are last and least, and very conB? an accusation to the king from scious of unworthiness, would claim a

an unrighteous tongue my soul liberty of censure, but because the drew near even unto death, my life growing interest which we feel is was near to the hell beneath. They attended by an increase of fear of the compassed me on every side, and assaults of Satan. there was no, man to help me; I

Ry. Ride on. p. 109. looked for the succour of men, but

Lesson V. there was none.

Then thought I upon thy mercy, o Lord, and upon IT is not a vain caution, nor a

groundless fear, that turns its thy acts of old; how Thou deliverest regard unto the way of salvation, and such as wait for Thee, and savest guards the LORD's living precepts, to them out of the hands of the enemies. the end that they who have dedicated RZ. Full of grace. p. 108.

themselves to CHRIST, and, drawing Lesson III.

back from carnal desires, vow themTHEN lifted I up my supplication selves to God in flesh and spirit, may

from the earth, and prayed for complete this work of theirs which is deliverance from death. I called upon destined to high reward and aim' no the LORD, the FATHER of my LORD, more at adornment, or to please any that he would not leave me in the save their LORD, from whom they days of my trouble, and in the time look for the reward of their virginity, of the proud, when there was no help. as He Himself hath said, All men I will praise thy name continually, cannot receive this saying, save they and will sing praise with thanks to whom it is given. For there are *giving; and so my prayer was heard: some eunuchs which were so born

for thou sayedst me from destruction, from their mother's womb; and there and deliveredst me from the evil time: are some eunuchs which were made therefore will I give thanks, and praise eunuchs of men; and there be euThee, and bless thy name, O LORD.

nuchs which have made themselves Ry. In thy glory. p. 108.

eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's


Ry. Thou hast loved righteousness. From the Book of S. Cyprian, Bp. M. on the discipline and dress of Virgins.

Lesson VI.
Lesson IV. Chap. ii.

AGAIN, in these words of the Angel ()UR present discourse is to virgins ; the condition of purity is held

proportioned to the high place forth and virginity is preached. These

p. 109.

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are they which were not defiled with | whithersoever He goeth. But first
women, for they are virgins; these comc to Him Whom ye desire to
are they which follow the Lamb follow, and learn that He is meek
whithersoever He goeth. Not that and lowly of heart. Humbly come
to the male sex only doth God to the Humble One, if ye love;
promise the grace of continency, and depart not from Him lest ye
passing over women, but, seeing fall.
woman is part of man, from him

Ry. At midnight. p. 110.
taken and made, God in Scripture
generally does name the first formed

Lesson IX.
as being two in one filesh, so that FOR whoso fears

to depart from
also. If then continency is a fol- the foot of pride cast me down.
lowing of CHRIST, and virginity has Follow the way that leadeth on high,
its destiny in God's kindom, what on the foot of humility. For He
have they to do with this world's exalteth those who humbly follow
apparel, and adornings, wherewith Him, the Same Who thought no
while seeking to please men they scorn to descend to them that were
offend GOD?

cast down. Commit His gifts to Him
By, The virgins. p. 109.

to be preserved for you, treasure up

all your fortitude for Him. For your THIRD NOCTURN,

strength, so far as it is tried, be not, Lesson of the Holy Gospel according

because ye can bear some things, to S. Matthew.

puffed up: so far as it is untried, pray

that ye may not be tempted above
Lesson VII. Chap. xix.

that ye are able to bear.
T that time: The Pharisees also

Te Deum. p. 15.
came unto Him tempting Him
and saying unto Him, Is it lawful for COMMON OF A HOLY WOMAN,
a man to put away his wife for every

cause? And that which follows.

A Homily of S. Augustine. Inv. Let us praise our God * in
From the Book of S. Augustine, Bp., the confession of blessed N. Ps.

concerning Holy Virginity. Venite. p. 3.
Since the whole Church is a virgin

HYMN. Hæc rita mundi gaudia.
espoused to one Man, even to CHRIST,
as saith the Apostle, of how great Tswain

and passing she eschewed,
honour are those His members worthy | And therefore, with Angelic bands,
who preserve that in the body which In endless joys for over stands.
the whole keepeth in faith? which Grant then that we, O gracious God,
thus imitate the mother of their May follow in the steps she trod;
Husband and LORD; for the Church And freed from every stain of sin,
is also both mother and virgin.

As she hath won, may also win.
Ry. This is the wise virgin. p. 110. To Thee, O CHRIST, our loving King,

All glory, praise, and thanks, we bring;
Lesson VIII.

All glory, as is ever meet,

The .

But virginal purity is the portion Ants., Pss., & ÝÝ. of Nocturns as
of angels; and incorruptible flesh is į above in Common of V.V. p. 107.
a meditation on perpetual incorrup- The Lessons of the 1st Nocturn for a
tion. This then do, this then do, Martyr are also read with RZRT. as
virgins of God, follow the Lamb above : I will thank Thee. p. 110.

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For one neither Virgin nor Martyr, done virtuously, but thou excellest as follows.

them all. Favour is deceitful, and Of the Proverbs of Solomon.

beauty is vain : but a woman that

feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. Lesson I. Chap. xxxi.

Give her of the fruit of her hands; can find & virtuous woman? | and let her own works praise her in for her price is far above rubies.

the gates.
The heart of her husband doth safely

Ry. In thy glory. p. 108.
trust in her, so that he shall have no
need of spoil. She will do him good

and not evil all the days of her life. From the book of S. Ambrose the
She seeketh wool, and flax, and work-

Bishop on Widows. eth willingly with her hands. She is

Lesson IV. like the merchant's ships; she bringeth her food from afar.' She riseth I PERCEIVE this field of the Church also while it is yet night, and giveth the flower of virginity, now flourishing

to be fertile; now blooming with meat to her household, and a portion with the sober tints of widowhood, to her maidens. She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of now also abounding with the fruits of her hands she planteth a vineyard. nevertheless are they all the fruits of

wedlock. For though they differ, yet She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.

one field ; there are not so many lilies

as ears of growing corn, or grains of Ry. Come, My elect. p. 108.

harvest: more ground is being preLesson II.

pared for receiving seed than lies SHE perceiveth that her merchan- fallow after having borne crops. Good

dise is good: her candle goeth not therefore is widowhood: mistress of out by night. She layeth her hands faith, mistress of chastity. to the spindle, and her hands hold RY. Ride on. p. 109. the distaff. She stretcheth out her

Lesson V. hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to tắe needy. She is WHEREFORE they who reverenced

the adulteries and shameless not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed deeds of their gods, decreed penalties with scarlet.

She maketh herself against celibacy and widowhood; eager coverings of tapestry; her clothing is followers of evil, they would punish silk and purple. Her husband is all endeavours to cultivate these known in the gates,

when he sitteth virtues, in pretence seeking to secure among the elders of the land. She fruitfulness, but in truth striving to maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and Now the soldier whose term of service

do away with the intent of chastity, delivereth girdles unto the merchant. Rz. Full of grace. p. 108.

has expired, layeth aside his weapons,

and having resigned the post which Lesson III.

be held, the veteran is sent back to STRENGTH and honour aro her his country home, that both he himself

clothing; and she shall rejoice in may gain rest from the toils of his wartime to come. She openeth her mouth like life, and that the hope of future with wisdom; and in her tongue is repose may make others more ready the law of kindness. She looketh to undergo service. The husbandwell to the ways of her household, man, in like manner, when advancing and eateth not the bread of idleness. in years, leaveth the guidance of the Her children arise up, and call her ploughshare to others, and, overborne blessed; her husband also, and he with the labours of youth, occupies praiseth her. Many daughters have himself now with the forethought of


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