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Hom. of S. Augustin Bp. whom, and to do away with whose unBook I. of the Sermon on the Mount. cleanness the LORD sent the apostolio Chapter vi. L. 4.

salt. And by the world should be unThe LORD sheweth that those are derstood, not heaven and earth, but to be esteemed as having lost their men who are in the world, and who love savour, who, seeking abundance of the world, and to enlighten whom the

A city placed temporal good things, or who fearing apostles were sent. a lack thereof, 'lose those which are upon a hill cannot be hid ; that is, eternal, which can by man be neither

built upon such great righteousness; given nor taken away. Therefore, if

which was signified by the very mounthe salt have lost its savour, where- tain upon which the LORD spoke. with shall it be salted ? that is to say,

Te Deum, p. 15. if ye, by whom, so to speak, the people were to be salted, lose the kingdom

COMMON OF A CONFESSOR NOT A of heaven by fear of temporal persecu

BISHOP. tions, what men shall there be to take All as in Common of Conf. Bp. p. 97, away your error from you, seeing that except that which follows. God has chosen you to take away error from all others.

For Doct. Bp. Ry. The LORD loved. Of the Book Wisdom.

Lesson I. Chaps. iv. and v.
For Doct. not Bp. Ry. This is he. P. BUT though the righteous be pre-
Lesson VIII.

be in rest. For honourable age is not THEREFORE the salt that has lost that which standeth in length of time,

its savour is good for nothing, but nor that is measured by number of to be cast out, and trodden under foot years. But wisdom is the grey hair of men. He is not truly trodden unto men, and an unspotted life is under foot of men, who suffers perse- old age. He pleased God, and was cution, but he who through fear of beloved of him: so that living among persecution becomes as the salt that sinners he was translated. Yea, has lost its savour. For no one can speedily was he taken away, lest that be trodden under foot unless he is wickedness should alter his underundermost, but he is not really under standing, or deceit beguile his soul. most, who, however much he may For the bewitching of naughtiness suffer in the body on earth, has his doth obscure things that are honest; heart fixed above in heaven.

and the wandering of concupiscence Ry. In the midst of the Church he doth undermine the simple mind. opened his mouth, and the LORD He, being made perfect in a short filled him with the spirit of wisdom time, fulfilled a long time : for his and understanding. V. Joy and soul pleased the LORD: therefore exultation He poured upon him. And. hasted he to take him away from Glory. And.

among the wicked. Lesson IX.

Rz. Well done. p. 97.

Lesson II. YE

are the light of the world. As above He said, salt of the earth; THIS the people saw, and undernow He says, light of the world ; but the earth above mentioned is not to be this in their minds, That his grace and taken as of the earth which we tread mercy is with his saints, and that he with our feet, but of men who live on hath respect unto his chosen. Thus the earth, and even sinners, to preserve the righteous that is dead shall con

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demn the ungodly which are living ;

Lesson IV. and youth that is soon perfected the Sermon of S. John Chrysostom. many years and old age of the un

From the Oration on S. Philogonius. righteous. For they shall see the end of the wise, and shall not un- The day of blessed N., whose derstand what God in his counsel

festival we celebrate, hath sumhath decreed of him, and to what moned us to declare his good deeds; end the LORD hath set him in to-day indeed did that blessed one safety. They shall see him, and pass to the life that is calm and free despise him; but God shall laugh from trouble, and land his vessel on them to scorn: and they shall here that shore, where henceforth he could after be a vile carcass, and a re

fear neither shipwreck, nor trouble of proach among the dead for evermore.

mind, nor sorrow. And what marvel For he shall rend them, and cast them if that place be free from all that down headlong, that they shall be may distress the soul, when Paul, speechless; and he shall shake them speaking to those living in this

present from the foundation ; and they shall world, saith, Rejoice evermore, pray be utterly laid waste.

without ceasing ?

Ry. The LORD made him honourable Ry. The righteous. p. 102.

and defended him from his enemies, Lesson III.

and kept him safe from those that

lay in wait, * and gave him perpetual THEY shall be in sorrow, and their glory. ¥. The Lord guided the just when they cast up the accounts of the kingdom of God. And.

man in right paths, and shewed him their sins, they shall come with fear : and their own iniquities shall

Lesson V. convince them to their face.

Then BUT if in this life, where disease, shall the righteous man stand in great untimely deaths, railings, backboldness before the face of such as bitings, envyings, strifes, wrath, inhave afflicted him, and made no ordinate affections, countless snares, account of his labours. When they daily anxieties, are to be found: where see it, they shall be troubled with a continued succession of ills brings terrible fear, and shall be amazed at innumerable sorrows on every side : if the strangeness of his salvation, so here Paul said that it was possible to far beyond all that they looked for. rejoice evermore, if any one would lift And they repenting and groaning for up his head but a little above the anguish of spirit shall say within waves of this troublesome world, and themselves, This was he, whom we order his life aright: much more shall had sometimes in derision, and a pro- we be able to enjoy that blessing after verb of reproach: we fools accounted we have departed hence, when all his life madness, and his end to be these hindrances have been removed : without honour: how is he numbered ill-health, disease, occasion of sin; among the children of God, and his lot when there shall no longer be that is among the saints !

harsh distinction between mine and Ry. He knew righteousness. p. 103. thine, which brings upon us whatever

ills we suffer in this present life, and SECOND NOCTURN.

is the source of innumerable wars. y. The mouth of the righteous is

Ry. The LORD loved. p. 99. exercised in wisdom. Ry. And his

Lesson VI. tongue will be talking of judgment. WHEREFORE I above all things

am glad in the happiness of Sir, pray. Ben. God the FATHER. this Saint, because albeit he is taken

away, and hath left this city, which is gird the loins when we repress the ours, yet nevertheless he is gathered luxury of the flesh by continence. into another city, to wit, that of God: But it is of small profit to do no evil, and though he hath departed from unless we also study to labour exthis church, he hath attained unto ceedingly in good works, and so next that, which is of the firstborn, whose it is added : And your lights burning names are written in heaven: and in your hands. We hold burning though he hath left feast days here, he lights in our hands when we shew hath passed to the solemnities of the unto our neighbours by our good angels. And of a truth what that works, the example of our light. city above may be, what that church, of which good works, indeed, the what that solemnity, hear Paul say- LORD saith : Let your light so shine ing: Ye are come to the city of the before men, that they may see your Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, good works, and glorify your FATHER to the church of the firstborn, whose which is in heaven. names are written in heaven, and to Ry. This is he who worked great an innumerable company of angels. righteousness before God, and with

Ry. This man did according to all his whole heart praised the LORD: * that God commanded him, and He may he intercede for the sins of all said unto him, Enter thou into My the people. y. This is a man with. rest :

* for thee have I seen righteous out blame, a true worshipper of God, before Me in this generation. Ý. This abstaining from every evil work, and is he who despised the life of this abiding in his innocence. May he. world, and attained to the heavenly Ben. He whose feast. kingdom. For. Glory. For.

Lesson VIII.

BUT two things are commanded, Ý. The law of his God is in his

to gird up our loins, and to mouth. Ry. And his footsteps shall

hold our lamps ; that there may

be the pureness not slide. Our FATHER. Abs. The

of chastity in Almighty. Ý. Sir, pray. Ben. The

our body, and the light of truth in

our works. For the one without Evangelical.

the other can in no wise please Lesson of the Holy Gospel according our Redeemer, if, for example, he to S. Luke.

who does good works forsake not AT T that time: JESUS said unto His the pollutions of riotous living, or if

disciples : Let your loins be he who excels in chastity does not girded about, and your lights burn- exercise himself in good works. For ing. And that which follows.

chastity is of no avail without good A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope.

works, and good works without chas

tity are nothing worth. But for one 13th Hom. on the Gospels. who practises both, whoever he be, it The lesson from the Holy Gospel, is also necessary that he journey on in dearly beloved brethren, which has hope towards the heavenly country, been read to you, is plain. But lest and not keep himself pure from sin the plain should perchance seem to merely for the sake of his good reputaany to be a mountain, we will briefly tion in this world. go through it, in such a manner as to

Ry. Let your loins. p. 100. make the explanation intelligible to those that know it not, and yet not

Lesson IX. burdensome to those who already AND yo yourselves like unto men understand it. The LORD saith, Let that wait for their lord, when he your loins be girded about. For we will return from the wedding; that

when he cometh and knocketh, they HYMN (for & Virgin not a Martyr). may open unto him immediately. The LORD cometh indeed, when He

Vos ô virginei cum citharis chori. draweth nigh for judgment; but He Y Most" cherishes of the Lamb's' dear

E choirs, with harps , knocketh when by the disquiet of sick

fold, ness, He sheweth death to be already Laud with pure voice your Bridegroom's at hand. To Him we open im

Name, mediately, if we receive Him with Who from a Virgin's bosom came. love. For to open unto the Judge With filled and shining lamp, to-day that knocketh he willeth not who To join the Bridegroom, and to sing,

A Virgin hasted on her way, trembleth to go forth from the body: Close to His throne, the Virgins' King. he feareth to behold Him as Judge, Seeking her Spouse in heaven above, Whom he remembereth that he hath She spurned earth’s ties, and pledged her despised. But he who is safe, both To God alone, Whom then she found by hope and by works, openeth im- To her in willing troth-plight bound. mediately unto Him That knocketh, That no imaginations

vain because with joy he receiveth his Judge. Her modest heart might ever stain, And when the time of speedy death is Her soul withdrew itself within, at hand, he is exceeding glad because And eyes and ears were closed to sin. of the glory of his reward.

Vouchsafe, O CHRIST, that we may tread

The path by which Thy Virgin sped,
Te Deum. p. 15.

And make us live, a holy race,

To Thee alone, in truth and grace.

FATHER, teach us Thy Name to praise,
Inv. The LORD, the King of Virgins, CHRIST, make us follow in Thy ways,
* O come let us worship.

O crown of Virgins ; SPIRIT Blest,

Light with Thy flame our frozen breast. Ps. Venite. p. 3.

Amen. HYMN (for a Virgin and Martyr).

FIRST NOCTURN. Virginis proles, opifexque matris. Ant. O how fair is the chaste CHHother the Virgin, Maker of Thy generation with glory. Ps. viii. Do

mine, Dominus noster. p. 7. Virgin-engendered, of the Virgin Son, Virgin is she, of whom we sing another

Ant. His left hand * is under my Victory won.

head, and His right hand doth em. Double the palm of triumph which she brace me. Ps. xix. Coeli enarrant.

beareth, Strove she to vanquish woman's fear of death;

Ant. Return, * return, O Shulamite; Quelled now the hand of death and hell return, return, that we may look upon appeareth

thee. Ps. xxiv. Domini est terra. Her feet beneath. Death won no conquest, nor the thousand y. In thy beauty and thy glory.

terrors, Kindred of death, fierce torments bravely

Ry. Go forth and reign. Our borne,

FATHER. Abs. Hear, O LORD. y. Gave she her blood: that blood the radiance Sir, pray. Ben. The FATHER Eternal. mirrors Of life's new morn.

Of the first Epistle of S. Paul to the When she pleads for us, at her sweet

Corinthians. petition,

Lesson I. Chap. vii. That we may sing with conscience pure of sin,


concerning virgins I have no From debt of guilt O grant us thy remission, commandment of the LORD: yet And peace within.

I give my judgment, as one that hath Glory to thee, O FATHER, Son, and SPIRIT, obtained mercy of the LORD to be Glory co-equal on the throne on high,

faithful. Equal in power, in unity of merit,

I suppose therefore that Eternally. 'Amen.

this is good for the present distress,

p. 14.

p. 92.

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I say, that it is good for a man so to ye may attend upon the LORD withbe. Art thou bound unto a wife ? out distraction. seek not to be loosed. Art thou Rz. Full of grace are thy lips : loosed from a wife ? seek not a wife. because God hath blessed thee for But and if thou marry, thou hast not ever. y. In thy glory and thy beauty, sinned ; and if a virgin marry, she go forth and reign. Because. Ben. hath not sinned. Nevertheless such The grace of the Holy Ghost. shall have trouble in the flesh: but I

Lesson III. spare you. But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that But if any man think that he

behaveth himself uncomely toboth they that have wives be as though ward his virgin, if she pass the flower they had none; and they that weep, of her age, and need so require, let as though they wept not; and him do what he will, he sinneth not: they that rejoice as though they let them marry. Nevertheless he rejoiced not; and they that buy, that standeth stedfast in his heart, as though they possessed not; and having no necessity, but hath power they that use this world, as not over his own will, and hath abusing it: for the fashion of this decreed in his heart that he will keep world passeth away. For a Martyr. Rz. Come, Bride of that giveth her in marriage doeth

his virgin, doeth well. So then he CARIST, receive the crown, which the well ; but he that giveth her not in LORD hath prepared for thee for ever :

marriage doeth better. The wife is for Whose love thou didst pour forth bound by the law as long as her thy blood; * and thou hast entered husband liveth ; but if her husband with Angels into Paradise.. y. Come, be dead, she is at liberty to be married My elect, and I will set thee on My to whom she will; only in the LORD. throne, for the King hath had pleasure But she is happier if she so abide, in thy beauty. And thou.

after my judgment: and I think also For one not a Martyr. Ry. Come, that I have the Spirit of God. My elect, and I will set thee on My

Ry. In thy glory and thy beauty throne; * for the King hath had plea- go forth and reign. y. Full of grace sure in thy beauty. y. In thy glory are thy lips, because God hath blessed and thy beauty, go forth and reign. thee for ever. Go. Glory. Go. For. Ben. The Only-Begotten.

Lesson II.

Ant. In Thy glory * and thy beauty BUT I would have you without care. so forth and reign. Ps. xlv. Eruc

that careth for the things that belong to Ant. God hath given her * the help the LORD, how he may please the of His countenance : God is in the LORD : but he that is married careth midst of her, therefore shall she not for the things that are of the world, be removed. Ps. xlvi. Deus noster how he may please his wife. There refugium. p. 28. is difference also between a wife and Ant. Many waters * cannot quench a virgin. The unmarried woman love. Ps. xlviii. Magnus Dominus. careth for the things of the LORD, p. 29. that she may be holy both in body ¥. God hath given her the help of and in spirit: but she that is married His countenance. careth for the things of the world, Ry. God is in the midst of her, how she may please her husband. therefore shall she not be removed. And this I speak for your own profit: Our FATHER. Abs. His pity. y. not that I may cast a snare upon you, Sir, pray. Ben. GOD the FATHER but for that which is comely, and that Almighty.

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