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is built on these two Points, the killing and destroying of the natural Man, the Man of Adam's Sin, and the renewing of the inner Man, the Seed of Christ, and feeding bim with the spiritual Flesh and Blood of bis own Begetter. The Ground and Reafon of this Work I bave sewn to be this, that it is the divine Substance for incorruptible Bodies to be formed from, and to be nourished with, till they are perfect. They are called Garments and Clouds in Scripture: A facred Hunger and Thirst is that Mouth, that Magnet and attractive Defire which draws the spiritual Ffluxes of our Lord's glorious Body into the new Temple and living House rebuilding in Man.

I would, in particular, give this Council to those who may have the Ear to hear this Interpretation, that they decline all Dispute with others who cannot favour this Kind of prophesying. It is enough for them to rejoyce in their new Man, that they have found Christ in them, the Lord in his Temple within, and that the (a) Spirit itself beareth Witness with their Spirit, that


(a) Rom. viii. 16.


they are the Children of God, and can cry, abba, Father. Let Men (b) dispute about the Nature of this Witness, till they, to avoid the Danger of Enthuhasm and Fanaticism, run into a worse extreme of explaining it away. False Pretences, which are indeed many, and the great Abuses of this Text, take not away one Tittle of its Truth.

Let not the Reader imagine, that I om so weak in Understanding as to throw fuch deep Ground of Interpretation before every

I preach not, as I write, because the greateft Part is to be considered as Babes. I am fenfible too, how much evil Report is raised at this Day against the fundamental Doctrine of Regeneration, Jo that the Word it self can scarce be mentioned, without the Gharge, or Sufpicion of Methodism or Fanaticism. It is, however, the Duty of a (c) good Scribe instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven, to bring out of his Treasury Things new and old ; and it is equally the Duty of the Teachers under the Gospel, to give (d) Itrong Meat to the Adult, as well as Milk


(b) Vid. Critici Sacri in Locum. (c) Matt. xiji. 52. (d) Heb. v. 12, 14.

to Babes. The frong Meat which the Apostle intends, does not fignify the plain Leffon of moral Duties, but the inner Ground of the Kingdom, and the Powers of Christ, 'and of his Spirit revealing in Man.

Å Reader of moderate Capacity may eafily conceive the principal Truths of this Work, wbich proves in a real and proper Sense, a new.Creation of immortal Bodies from the Water and Blood of Jesus Christ, and by the Power of the holy Spirit, the living Fire, or Light of Eternity. They may fee too, the glorious Extent of this most precious Blood, as well as the Principles and Powers, through which the Temple and House of the Spiritual Body is (e) gradually renewing by the continual Energy of our High Priest.

With Regard to myself, I know the World too well to expect any Favour from it, and all fond Errors and Delufions of Religionists. Had I consulted Fame or Profit, I would not have taken this unfrequented, and despised Path. And, I can perhaps write in a way, that would please, because it flatters; and be grateful to the many, because it gives forth


(e) II. Cor. V. 2.--ovi. I. Pet. ii. 5.'

fmooth Deceptions in the Language of Scripture mis-interpreted. But I seek not the Character of an ingenious Writer, nor the Patronage of the Great, which is seldom procured by a firm Adherence to facred Truths, in Opposition to the Errors of popular Religion, powerful by Length of Time, and by fupporting false Conceptions of the Mercy and Favour of God. Faith bas raised me above fuch mean Motives; I seek neither Honour, nor Reward from Men, but from him, who bas given me this Light, and enabled me to declare it to the World,

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By which the Law and the Gospel may be

more easily understood.

D A M by his Sin brought the Body of this

Flesh, called by St. Paul, the (a) Body of Sin, the (6) Body of Death, and the (c) Body of our Humiliation, when his paradisical Body died, and he became a Prisoner under the same Elements, and in the same temporary World with the animal Creation.

II. This paradisical Body, called the white Garment and the Glory, cannot be recovered,


(a) Rom. vi. 6. (6) Rom. vii. 24.--viii. 10. (c) Phil. iii. 21.

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